6 Person Toothbrush Challenge Ft. 5SOS

(rooster crowing) (lion roaring) (wheel clacking) – Alright, welcome to Good Mythical More – Could you guys pass me that? Rip it right off of there

– Who you talkin' about? – Okay, we'll let you guys guess So this is a comment that a fan made and you have to guess whether they were talking about me or Link Emma Wood says, "Hey, at least Blank's feet aren't super hairy "and hobbit like anymore!" – Anymore – Anymore – Well, I mean you've got a ferociously beautiful beard

– Right, thank you – I just feel like that may travel down – It might – One could only hope – But then I also think that the comment's meant to throw us off, and it could be Link

– Shaved (all laughing) It's him – I think the real question is, who would shave their foot hair? Because that's what it sounds like it's happened – Seems like it's a big problem – And that's why I know who it is

– Oh, it's because – I think Rhett shaves his feet You're a foot shaver – You're a foot shaver, he's a foot shaver – Gotta be Rhett

– It's gotta be Link right? Who is it? – Oh – No – Link, yes It's 'cause Link you started trimming your legs and your feet – Yeah we did a video where we had to paint our bodies, and they had to remove our body hair, and I was like, "I'm never going back

" – Oh no – I'm like an Olympic swimmer, everywhere – So aerodynamic – Wow – Yeah

– Wow – Yeah – Amazing – And if that wasn't bonding enough, we are gonna get you guys to freshen your breath, I mean I think after the blood – Please

– We need a little bit of that so– – Well we know you guys like to brush your teeth together but have you ever brushed your teeth with one toothbrush? – No – No – No – Never – We're gonna make that possible

– Maybe that one time – You guys are like Oprah – So go ahead and bring that in guys – I'm so happy the smoothie's back – The toothbrush

– Bring in the brush – So the blender is for our consequence – Right now the blender has smelt, snake, cockroach, and blood – That sounds delicious – Who's complaining about that? – Will there be any other ingredients though? – So let's sit this on the table for now

– Anybody lactose intolerant? – Uh no, toss that in – I'ma say yes – I was when I was a child but – I won't die – Well you either get milk or water I think milk makes it more like a smoothie so – Milk would make it delicious I think – It feels like it's gonna cover up some of the badness

– Oh yeah, that looks so good – Oh it looks like beetroot – And – Oh some bananas – Banana – It's good – Whoa – Get all of that in there

– I feel like that would just make it worse – Could be doable – Well we'll find out, you'll find out And you guys wanna chop it, puree it? – Ah, puree it please – Puree yeah

– [Michael] I'm not drinking that – [Ashton] Oh the snake (blender whirring) – Is the snake just dancing around in there? – No I think it's getting it – Maybe you need to turn it up a bit Can we put some ice cubes in it? (blender whirring faster) Yeah that's looking nice now

– Okay Now, guys you've been tremendous sports Especially my teammates – Oh – You put it all on the line

– Thanks mate – And so I'm willing to take one for the team I don't wanna put you through anything else besides having to brush with one toothbrush, so I'm willing to just take a little swig, on the behalf of both of you guys Unless you wanna taste it – Ah man, no that'd be so gracious of you

(all laughing loudly) I mean – I love how you put that – I mean you've drunk blood once, you've – I don't know if you should even do that – Can I have a sniff? – Do you have to have like a doctor's physical before this? – Is it mostly banana? Tell me please – It's cockroach like, outer shell? – It actually does smell like milk and banana – I'm good – Calum's like, "Nah I'm good

" – Oh it is a lot of banana – Okay, you changing your mind? You wanna try it? – Oh, oh, oh – You're crazy man, you're crazy (Link gags) – Ooh – Wow you took like– – Is it bad? – You took it like a champion

– It was just liquid and then it was banana And then I breathed out and it was that fish – You got cockroach in your teeth – I know the fish, right? – Oh I forgot about the fish – And there's some cockroach in my teeth

– Oh the smell is the most overpowering – Everyone forgot about the fish – Where's the cockroach? – I think you got it – I got it? – I think so – Alright let's put the lid on this

Oh Oh no – The snake – Freakin' got it on my pants Get this out of here

Thank you Dave (Ashton, Calum and Luke clapping) – Wow – Okay, not we gotta somehow – Alright let's freshen up – Alright, yes please

Mine has hair on it, is this part of the challenge? – Yeah we can't take it off – Oh – Do I put my mouth on this? – You know guys, mouths go like this Just, note to art department – Like, are we gonna move the board or our faces? – Faces

– I think it's easiest to move the faces – Ready? – Which button do you push? The top button? – You ready? – Push the top button – There's a button? – Oh yeah – Oh – Crash baby

– Oh yeah – That's nice – It's so good – Don't forget the molars – Just angle it

– Calum, that looks crazy (laughs) You're going ham – Okay, okay – Oh I can't stop Okay great guys

– It actually works pretty well – Much better than blood – Oh (beep) there's cockroach in there as well – Here's some tissues – Thank you

– Thank you very much – That's for your mouth and also for weeping – I want this to be over – Get us off the show – We got some water if you wanna swish

– Thank you – This has This has been quite an ordeal for you guys, and another day at the office for us

Yeah, if you wanna come back for multiple episodes, I mean, you're more than welcome – I'm coming back for lunch tomorrow – Feel free to take that giant toothbrush with you – Thank you – Alright so we got this water here

– Oh we got something else – No I'm just giving you guys water – No, no, we have something else 'cause to actually brush your teeth – Oh really? – Oh my God

– Wow that's actually – Huge production – Wow

– Move these out of the way – Mouthwash – This is awesome – This is gonna be tricky guys – Wait they don't come off the table? – No, we're gonna have to do this– – We're gonna all do it at the same time okay

– Alright, load her up – It's like we went on vacation together Doing shots on this journey – So we got some ♪ Listerine ♪ – Oh sh ♪ Listerine ♪ – Is that too much? ♪ Listerine

♪ – Probably – But now it has to be equal (Calum laughs) – He's a team player – Yeah, it's good – Rhett do the honors

– Thank you sir Guys this has been a great day – Whoa somebody just got a lot – So who is in charge of lifting? – Us – Sorry mate

– It's 'cause of that bronchitis – That's gonna burn – I wanna clear it up (all laughing) – Thanks man – Doctor's orders

– He told me to – Drink mouthwash – give you twice as much

– Okay – And do you swallow this? – No – Do you swallow this? – I mean you can, but you shouldn't – Is this part of the challenge? – So we gotta get into position here – Okay, yeah, yeah, yeah

We'll squat – Is it a squat? – I think it's like a squat and then you– – I think you gotta get your mouth on it – Can we not go all the way? Because I don't wanna have to do the entire– – Oh yeah mouth on, then lift – Mouth on and then we lift – One, two, three

(gargling mouthwash) – There's mouthwash coming from my eyes – Thank you guys – How generous – Ah, lovely – Yeah now you're not gonna get bronchitis in your eyes

– Yeah that is the perfect after wash to blood – Darlings – Anybody else want a? – Thank you You got mouthwash all over me – That could be quite effective

– Was that your one? – Now that we got to do that I feel like it was all worth it Of course, I didn't have to eat any bad stuff – No you didn't – Yeah I feel like maybe you were the one who came up the idea for that game – Hold on

One more, we got to floss Rhett Take that end – Okay here we go – And we go together? – What teeth are you guys doing? Middle front tooth or? – I'm doing like, underbite – I've still got my wisdom teeth so I'm going for the back

– I'll go for the fangs – Yeah the fangs are good – Remember to make eye contact – Drinking blood then flossing the fangs It's good

This is actually probably the most productive like dental care we've done – If I pull really hard it's gonna probably take out one of your teeth – This looks like a really disturbing children's show It's like, lots of teeth in the front – I wish I flossed this morning

– Sixth men just – There's a lot of stuff in that – Hey kids

– And now we're tasting more blood The real issue is, how do we get this in a trash can? – I think me and you, we come from the ends – Yeah you come from both ends and then you – Hold on I'm not finished – There's like a bunch of white dangly stuff in the middle, I don't know who that came from – That was me That was snake – Bit of snake in the teeth

– And we just lower it – That's good – The snake was chewy (upbeat music) – Look at that So, meet tomorrow at 6am and do this again? – I think we should

– Breakfast edition? Maybe? – Good work guys, very impressive – [Rhett] We wrote a novel It's called "The Lost Causes of Bleak Creek" to celebrate, we're hosting some very special, intimate conversations about the book Tickets are available at bleakcreekcom

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