99 Cents Store Pool Toy Haul

(rooster crows) (lion roars) (loud boom) (spinning wheel clicks) – Welcome to Good Mythical More Superpower

Daniel? – Yes – Rhett would grab this and he'd read it So, I'll let you do the honors Welcome to Good Mythical More to you and to Richard as well – Thank you for having us

Don't tell anyone but we're actually superheroes, and our names are Bob and Tom And our power is dot, dot, dot That's all it says – And this is when we make it up So, I am Bob! And my superpower is to turn any word onto itself backwards and it'd still be the same word

Like racecar Or porcupine pibe porcipoop Por And what about you? Tom – I'm Daniel, I like to have fun

– But if you were to pretend to be Tom, what would your superpower be? – This makes me nervous – Okay, you know what? We don't have to do it I didn't do a great job either, it's fine – I don't like to pretend – It's fine

You know what? Let's just have fun – I pretended one time – What happened? You didn't have fun? – I bought you a gift – Really? I actually brought – I've been, I've been – I brought you a gift too

I got a 99 cent store haul of pool toys and other summer goodies that maybe we could play together But what's your gift? – I've been thinking about you In our time – Yeah – That we have here

– Okay – And I wanted to make the most of it – Well, that makes me feel good So what's the you want to give it to me now? – I have a few things – Okay, so this looks like some Scotch tape, not sponsored

Translucent tape, taped upon itself Like taped against itself, right? – Cool, huh? – Yeah, it's great Was it off of something that you had taped? – A tape dispenser (clears throat) – Sometimes when you pull tape over the tape dispenser and it like sticks to itself, then it renders the tape useless And then you – That's not what happened

Richard thought it would be a good idea to just give you that – So Richard's thinking about me, too – It's mostly Richard who's thinking about you – I didn't even know Richard liked me – He thinks about you

– Did he just tell you that? – He said that was all he was willing to share – Okay You have anything else for me in your pocket? Because I got some stuff here for you – Yes – I'll put this in my pocket

Daniel, it really looks like a used Kleenex Not a sponsor A facial tissue Do you use this? – Yes, twice – Okay, you want me to throw it away for you? Or what's your expectation? – To make you happy

– Well, I'm happy It's just not, it's not sanitary to give you mind if I throw this away? Do you mind if I keep this in my trashcan? – Sure – Okay I'll keep it right down here – That sounds nice

– And you know what? I got some stuff for you Like I said, I went to the 99 cent store Who are we kidding? I didn't go anywhere I was just given this sack of stuff from the 99 cent store – It looks like a fun sack

– Right, let's open it So right here, look at this Check that out, man Hello Summer Jumbo Bow Set Look at the other side

– Oh, right – You want to open it? – Yes This is an amazing value (paper scrapes) – How much does it say? That's right It says that it's $1

99 right there Amazing new value (rips) 'Kay (crinkles) (rips) 'Kay (rips) – There you go

Ready to go – Okay, that's very good You look like sporty today This seems to be – I'm glad you asked that – a new look for you

– I'm glad you asked me about my tracksuit – It (laughs) You've been, have you been running track or something? – I joined a track team – Oh, really? Really? – I'm the timer – Okay

You're the timer That you use the stop watch – Richard times Test, test me, do something I'll tell you how long it was

– All right Well I've got this Hello Summer inflatable joust stick – It took you eight seconds to say that – Well, I was gonna suggest that I could blow it up and you could time that – It took you three seconds to say that

– Okay, so, unravel that And in here we've got, we've got a pumper So I'm gonna pump this up – Have you heard of Ben Johnson? – Yeah, the runner – I'm timing him

He's very old – You're like personal timer to Ben Johnson? Really? – Mm-hmm – He went through some controversy, I think – Steroids That was all a lie

It's what Ben told me – We already have one that's blown up So this is what it's going to look like after you I thought I was gonna blow it up and you were gonna time me But you can blow it up – I'll time you

– Your nose itchy? You want Richard to blow it up? – He could try – I'll hold it here so so it'll fill there (growls) Let me try – That took 14 seconds – Let's see, this really doesn't want to go in here

– I have another gift – Oh, let me see it (pumps) Is this from you or Ben Johnson? A sock Whose, thank you, whose sock is this? – Yours – Do you have the other one? – What do you mean? – The other sock

Typically come in pairs like feet – Are you disappointed? – I love it (pumps) Can you hold this out so that it can not be impeded from inflation? – I feel like you don't, I feel like you don't like my gifts – I think it's special that you gave me gifts (pumps) Oh yeah! Look at that, Daniel! Pumping it up

You think that's good? – It took you 17 minutes to do that – That's (laughs) What does Ben Johnson say about your timing? All right, so, at this point we can joust with these – I'm not having fun anymore – What do ya, come on, have fun – I had fun with Ben Johnson

– Well I know I'm no Ben Johnson, but let's joust, man – Ben Johnson has the other sock He liked it He wears it He's worn it on his left and his right foot

I'm disappointed in you – I'm sorry, man, the last thing I want is for you to be disappointed I love the sock I'll wear the sock – Give me the sock back

– You're gonna give it to Ben? – Yes I'm going to give it to someone who appreciates it Give me the tissue And the tape – Can I keep the tape? – Would you like to fight now? – Yeah, it will be fun, man

(bops) (smacks) – Wait, stop, don't (bops loudly) Ouch, Daniel You got, okay You can have these (upbeat music) And Ben

Johnson Stick to what you love and stick our pins on things you love Collect all three Mythical Enamel Pins now at mythicalstore

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