Applebees Kids Menu Vs. Chili’s Kids Menu Taste Test

(rooster crowing) (lion roaring) – Welcome to Good Mythical More – Ten word story! Link, why don't you start this one? – Dude

– You – Have – To – Explore – My

– Gaping – [Crew Member] Oh my – Cave – That – Rules

(both laughing) – Okay, so in this Good Mythical More, it's a s'more because we have blood in the bundt cake – Hold on, let me just – I'm sorry

I said I thought I had to apologize preemptively because I thought someone's gonna taste like blood – And I think we might need to like legally apologize There's no blood – It tasted a little metallic – There's no blood in the Applebee's bundt cake

– I feel like if I go into an Applebee's now like they're gonna like– – They're gonna put your blood in the bundt cake – They're gonna, and it'll be like, "Code 486," and then all of a sudden they're gonna like bring out, they're gonna like carry me – [Crew Member] (laughs) To where? – Like Carrie, like the girl from the movie with the blood all over (crew laughing) – Oh, I was like– – Like Carrie me out Okay, so– – There's no blood in it

And actually, like I said, the second bite wasn't that bad I mean, it was still a little bloody but (crew laughing) Sorry

– Why'd you get so tickled about it? It just seemed inappropriate to say Like, it just seemed like– – Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah – You can't be that– – Yeah, any chance for an Applebee's sponsorship, out the door But Chili's, I mean Didn't work last time, maybe Chili's is smart enough to figure this out

– Nothing that we ate from your restaurant tasted like blood So, hit us up Okay, so in this More, we put it to the Mythical Society members to vote on what we're gonna do We call that a s'more – 46% of you voted that we wear conjoined cowboy hats for the whole episode

– So let's do it – Oh, we're gonna have to move – Hi, my name's Mutt – My name's Butt (crew laughing) – You know, they say that cowboys, a true cowboy's born with a hat on his head

He comes out of the, he comes out that way, with a hat on It makes it harder to come out, but you know he's a true cowboy And that means that we're true cowboys and also conjoined twins – Yeah, well and you know that they say that cowboys are not comfortable with the physical touch of another man – Right

– But we are – Right, but only in the hat area And maybe the shoulder area Right now my right elbow is on his left pectoral muscle – We're breaking stereotypes left and right

Mutt and Butt, breaking stereotypes – Brokeback Mountain Two – Oh gosh – I haven't seen Brokeback Mountain One It's got that guy from the Marvel movie in it

– But it's a little bit different because we are brothers, so we should probably just move on (crew laughing) to something else It's a totally different thing – They're clamoring for– – 'Kay, bring in the food! – We have children We each have our own wife and our own kids – I'm very familiar with his wife

– There's a curtain involved – That curtain didn't do too good of a job – And we like to order food for the children when we go to Chili's and Applebee's – I peeked over that curtain a measure of times What do we have here? – So this is the Pepper Pal's cheese pizza

This is on the kid's menu – And this is our just kid's cheese pizza on the Applebee's menu – You don't have a funny name for it? – No, no we don't – Just kids? – But just if you don't, if you don't finish all of it, I feed the crust to my kids It's their dinner, so

– Where is the sauce? There's no sauce – Kids don't like sauce – Bring your kid out to dinner and this is what they order My kids have gotten to an age where– – My kids are little punks, man They would not order off of the kid's menu

– That's exactly what I was gonna say – One of my kids can't 'cause he's too old, but one of my other kids, the younger one, he still can but he won't He's a little punk – My kids, they order things like "I'll take the tuna tartare for an appetizer" I'm like, you need to slow your roll

– Shepherd got steak tartare for his entree at a restaurant recently and I said "I have failed "I have failed as a father" As soon as he has to start supporting himself though, he won't be able to buy that – That's right, that's what you tell him He goes into like the cafeteria at college

He's like "where's the beef tartare?" It's like "God man, we've done a horrible thing" – This is a lot better Neither are great But I'm not a kid – This one is a lot better

What else you got? – This right here is the Pepper Pal's cheeseburger bites – [Rhett] Oh gosh – It's delicious and a noticeable lack of blood – It's true – This is our kid's cheeseburger

Whatever you don't eat goes to my cat named Christmas It's the only Christmas my family's ever had – She's very sad, she's really a downer – But that looks good This does not look as good

Let's try these first – It is cool though that it's little You know, I like little burgers I like little cupcakes, too – I got it plain too

Any kid who orders a plain cheeseburger – Going nowhere in life – Any kid who orders beef tartare, thinks he's going somewhere in life but gotta slow his roll

– That's pretty good, by the way – I think it's horrible – No, that was pretty good Like, for a kid's cheeseburger – Oh, I've hit my, I've hit a wall

– Hit your burger wall? What is wrong with that? I didn't know I didn't like Applebee's as much as I don't like it – There's not enough blood in it It actually needs blood – The beef is legitimately horrible What is happening? I've had the quesadilla burger from there like back in North Carolina

– The what? – The quesadilla burger, you don't know about this? – Is that a burger that's like a quesadilla or? Or a quesadilla with cheeseburger in it? Whisper the answer to me – I think both of those things are the same It's a quesadilla with burger in it – You can have a burger– – I don't remember this burger being so bad Why is it so bad? – Oh, and look at this

– [Male Crew Member] That's Kraft mac and cheese – [Female Crew Member] That's also Kraft mac and cheese – Kraft mac and cheese got a deal with both places? – They got good marketing (crew laughing) – Thank you guys Let's see if somehow Applebee's has screwed up the Kraft mac and cheese, because based on my experience thus far, it will not be as good as the Chili's

– That's horrible – I mean, it is what it is – It is what it is, horrible – I wouldn't say it's horrible – It's like tasteless

– Is it in my mind that this is better? – Yeah, yeah Don't do it Don't do it – I'm just telling you, they did something wrong – Did you actually order these from the different places? – [Crew Member] Oh yeah

– You didn't just make one box of mac and cheese and put it in two bowls? – [Crew Member] Oh no, we paid like $6 for each of those – Listen, I'm not joking They put more cheese on it at Chili's Look, you can look at it and see They held back some of the cheese at Applebee's

What do they do with the extra cheese? You think I'm crazy? – I'm just, I've been so harsh to Applebee's, I'm just, I'm plum out – This is not a place I wanted to go emotionally where I admitted that one restaurant who serves the same thing as another restaurant doesn't do as good of a job at it But that's where we're at And that's it – I feel like we need to offer Annie and Applebee's corporate all like, counseling

– I'm afraid to, hold on, can we look at each other like this? (crew laughing) Hold on, quit pulling back so much – I don't want to be this close to you – Hold on, no, no, no, rotate back See if you can slide this way No

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