Are These Famous People Related? (GAME)

(rooster crows) (lion roars) – (chuckles) I'm not gonna hit you Welcome to Good Mythical More

– Ooh, 10 word story – Yes! Okay we each contribute one word until we get to 10 and hopefully it'll mean something amazing – Okay – When – Turn that way

– I – Rip – The (Link chuckles) – Money (Link giggles) – Paul

– Goes For? (Rhett laughs) – I know where you're going with that – Nuts – And (Link sighs) – When I rip the money, Paul goes nuts and flies

– Ah, gosh – Didn't do it? – So much promise – I know, what were you gonna say? – Dies would have worked Smiles – Cries

– Smiles – Cried – Smiles, let's go with smiles We're amending it to smile – When I rip the money, Paul goes nuts and smiles

– Good ol' Paul – Man – Now don't forget these – No they're up here– – Yeah so that you don't forget it – So I don't forget them

– Okay so we're gonna play a game where we see a picture of two celebrities and we guess if they're related Now we're doing this because of the little tale that you used to tell – Mm-hmm – About, tell us what it was – [Link] Tell us a tale you used to tell

– [Rhett] Tell us a tale you used to tell – Well a tale I used to tell, so I, when I was in elementary school, rode the bus You had like bus friends – I was on bus 55 – I was on bus 52

– Whoa My mom took me – And then it turned to 50 (Rhett laughs) – All right well, then you're not gonna understand this story – Right

– So I don't know why I convinced a couple people on the bus for a long time that Elijah Wood was my cousin – Cousin? – Yeah – Oh that's good – What'd you get out of that, respect, clout, cigarettes? – Truly nothing – Oh

– Truly just like I could lie and– – It felt good – It felt good – But if anyone was thinking about picking on you, they'd be like no no, she's Elijah Wood's cousin – Yeah and this was around the time of like "The Good Son" – Huh

– And like, what else? – Frodo? – No, this is way pre-Frodo – Okay – What was his big, he was big – I didn't know him before that – "North

" – Okay, yeah – "The Good Son," "North" – Yep – Come on, shout it out – Right, when he– – He's got some credits before Frodo

– Yeah when he was a kid – I'd have to get on IMDb I guess – When he was like a believable cousin age – Yes and then I even put my actual cousin's really young picture like behind the magazine clipping to prove that my mom had changed it out It was, it's not really that exciting but– – No yes it is

– It's pretty thoughtful – That is deep – Okay well let's see– – You are not to be trusted – We'll see if that translates to guessing if people are related Hold on, so we got Courtney Love

– [Abbi] You're gonna have to tell me who the person on the left is – And, she does all the songs everybody likes – [Stevie] I'm gonna wait for you to figure this out – Hilarious, I don't know a lot of people – I knew her name until– – Billie Eilish

– [Stevie] Correct – Oh – Billie Eilish – [Rhett] Okay, is she related to Courtney Love? – [Link] I didn't know that was Courtney Love – [Abbi] Really? – That's Courtney Love, right? – Courtney Love– – That's not the Courtney Love that I remember

– Looks great – Well okay, I know a few things I know that Billie Eilish is like, she grew up in Los Angeles, in the Los Angeles area So that – Okay that's enough for me – I know, name, can you give me a song? Who is this person? ♪ My strange addiction ♪ (crew laughs) ♪ I'm a bad ♪ (murmuring rhythmically) ♪ Strange addiction ♪ – [Stevie] Okay demonetized ♪ Strange addiction ♪ – She's like dark, it's like– – She's dark – It's dark

– Just like Courtney Love – I'm gonna say this feels like a, I'm like basing on like the pairing of someone is like a trick where you're like we're gonna be like no way but then it means it is obviously yeah – Yeah right, I'm gonna go with that as well, yes – So we're all saying yes – Yeah

– [Stevie] You are all wrong – Great, cool, uh-huh – They're not related – Well who are they related to then? Is that how it works? – [Link] All right let's see another one Okay, – [Rhett] Colin Powell

– Colin Powell – And Kerry Washington – [Abbi] Okay I feel like we would know this – [Rhett] Yeah, yeah, just because she's on the show about the president

– Do-gooder Also she's like, I believe very liberal – You can't be related to people who have different political affiliations? – No you can be but I feel like we would know – She can't go home for, you can't go home for holidays – You can't go home to holidays but I feel like we would maybe know

– Well he's not her dad – No, but maybe it is – But this is like that click bait, you scroll to the bottom of an article and then you're like find out who Kerry Washington is related to – I click on those all the time though – I feel like, I feel like the trick of this game is like, yeah they are

'Cause we were like no I keep guessing wrong though so you guys make your own – Well we've only done it once though – I know and it went bad – I'm saying no

– I keep guessing wrong – I'm saying no I'm saying no – Don't be defeated You got one wrong, this si the second one

– I'm saying no too, I think I would know, you're right – But every one you get wrong, I take one of these shoes (chuckles) – Okay so I should start to say no – I'm saying yes Yes they are related– – And I'm saying no

– And then there's click bait associated with it Yes? – [Stevie] What is Abbi saying? – Oh I said no – Oh They are related – They are related? Yes! – They are related

– What's the relation? – Brother and sister – They're cousins – Oh man – Cousins – What number? – [Stevie] Also they both graduated from George Washington University, fun fact

– What number cousins? – [Stevie] I think first cousin – Wow, Kerry Washington keeps that– – How do we now know this? – Really, really secret Not anymore! – Not anymore! (all laugh) – Colin Powell is going around telling everybody Ben Affleck– – Ben Affleck and Chris– – Captain America – Chris Evans, is that his name? – Yeah

– [Abbi] They kinda have a similar look a little – Chris Evans is the nicest angry person on Twitter I'm just gonna say it – He's angry? – He'll get angry about something but he's so nice about how angry he is and I love that about him He'll get worked up about something but he'll be nice

– And Affleck is, he's just mean in general? – Well, he's crotchety, isn't he? – Now just to look a little deeper, look at this hat over here, says Boston – Boston Oh but you know what, they're trying to throw us – [Abbi] They're trying to throw us because we know from the very popular film "Good Will Hunting" that this guy is from Boston – Right, right

(crew laughs) I don't think these guys are related, I'm sorry – I don't either, this is a trick – We would have heard No they're not – Yeah yeah yeah

– [Stevie] Okay, yeah, they're not related – They're not related – Good – The reveal in this game is kinda, there's not a lot of umph to it It's just kinda like wah

– All right, more – [Link] John Cena and Bruce Willis – [Rhett] Hmm – [Link] Father-son? – [Rhett] It could be a father-son And look how proud Bruce Willis looks of him

(laughs) It's like yeah, you're doing well, son – Well they are at Comic Con together That's the same place I'm saying – Dad, do you love me now? – I love that you can pick that up from the blurry black and yellow in the background – Mm-hmm, yeah, they're together at the same place, the lighting exactly the same

They definitely look like father and son but we Know they're not father and son – [Abbi] You think they look like father and son? – Yeah – Yeah old white guy, young white guy (chuckles) – I think they are, yeah – He's not that young

I guess they could be – Cena could be Willis's son – I think maybe his age is like could be 15 years – Well Willis was probably, he was sowing his wild oats at like 12 – Have you ever met Bruce Willis? I bet you have

– I haven't I just, okay, is he a Trump supporter? – I don't know – I just heard this – I don't know what he is He's had multiple lives

– He does look like one – I don't believe in reincarnation except for Bruce Willis – Hmm – I don't think they're related but the last two white guys weren't related – They are related

I'm saying yes – So we're saying that they are related – I'm gonna say no to play it all around – We're using thumbs now – They are not related

– Not related All right Abbi gets the point Okay, let's see the next one Okay, here's that– – The duchess – One chick and then the other one

– [Rhett] The duchess and then, who's on the right? – I think it's what's her face Fanning It's a Fanning – Is that a Fanning? – Oh is that a Dakota Fanning? – It is – It's a Fanning – It's a Dakota Fanning

– Gotta say, I am not, I don't know what is, I cannot curse, right, and I'm being very good – No– – I'm being so good I'm very proud of myself – Be expressive – I could give two (beep) about the royal family

Like I don't care – I don't care either – What is it? What is it? What are we doing? – We're just showing respect, Abbi – There's so much energy – I think it's what are they doing? – But we, they're everywhere

– It gives people something to believe in A lifestyle where they're sheltered from real things – I mean I guess – And there's lots of interbreeding and that's cool – Yeah that's great

That's good stuff I don't know, wouldn't we know if the Fannings were– – This seems like the kind of thing that would be true It's like oh you know the Fannings are related to the royal family – [Abbi] But she married into it, right? – [Rhett] Oh she married into it – That's right

– Who is it? What's her name? – She's American – She is Kate Middleton – Kate Middleton – Isn't she American? – Oh I should know that one She's American? – Yeah yeah, you know the Fannings– – No

– Are related to– – Ooh she's not – To the girl who married into the royal family? That sounds like something I'd hear – The other one's American and she was on that reality show – The other one that married what's his face – The other one, right

– Yeah she's not American – Harry, Harry – I'm so glad we don't– – I got it – No no Kate's not from American but she's like from, she's from questionable lineage, right It's like ah, I don't know how I feel about that

– She is? – I think so – [Stevie] Literally everyone back here said that she was American which is why I said it but I don't think it's true – She seems very– – No the new one– – She seems very British or like she seems very like– – [Stevie] Meghan Markle's, yeah – Yeah Meghan Markle's American – Hey, they're definitely related

I bet everything on it (crew chuckles) (Abbi sighs) – I mean, sure – They are related – Yes! – Whoa! – How are they related? – [Stevie] They're distant cousins and descendants of King Edward the Third – Ancestry

com? – We're all related at some point – And so are we – Come on – [Stevie] It was from Ancestrycom

– Yeah, really? – [Link] Oh, look at this, we've got– – I know these guys I know both these guys – [Rhett] The Rokfurt and the Kravitz – The Rokfurt? – That's what I call an Al Roker, yeah – Okay

– I think Al Roker, talk about second life This guy really had a comeback – He did, he's just a good dude – He slimmed down, he's all over the place He's everywhere

– Yeah you asked me if I met Bruce Willis, haven't But guess who I have met – Al Roker – Al Roker – So have we

(laughs) – I never met Al Roker – Yeah you did You met him at what was it, The Shortys, what was that that we accepted that award and he came up and he said, "That was the strangest acceptance speech "I've ever heard" – Well we didn't meet him just because he made fun of us on a stage – No no, no

No, we shook his hand as he got up there – That's meeting him – Okay, okay – I'll never, listen– – It might not be like a– – I haven't washed my hand since the Rokfurt touched it I will remember this

– How was your Roker? – I love Roker – Did he rock your world? – He's great, sweet guy – Yeah – I love his glasses game He's got good– – Right, yeah

– He mixes it up a lot – He knows his brand – Kravitz on the other hand – The weather, just the weather, he brings it – Does he still do weather? – I wouldn't just limit him to weather

– No he– – But I think he still brings it – I think what he does is he tells other people to do weather He's like here's the weather that someone else is going to do – You're right, he does that – In your area

'Cause I'm sure as hell not gonna do it (chuckles) – I would say style-wise, they don't seem related – [Rhett] Right, this is the opposite end of the spectrum style-wise – [Link] Mm-hmm – Not related, guys

– I would say not – [Stevie] They are related – Yes! – In what way? – [Stevie] They're second cousins – Wow – Second cousins

– Second cousin, I mean you go to like a reunion and they're both there – The talent in that family, wow – Roker's playing the marimba – No – Oh Michael Jordan, Michael B

Jordan, come on – [Link] Michael Jordan, Michael B Jordan – Get out of here – That's not how it works, guys

– No no no no – [Stevie] This is your last one – [Rhett] Looks like Michael B Jordan just found out he is related to Michael Jordan (laughs) – He's like what? – He's like, I didn't know

– Now I met Michael B Jordan once – You did – How was that? – He never stopped walking (crew laughs) – And then you– – I shook his hand and everything, he never stopped walking

– Yeah and then you met the elbows of three of his security detail – Yeah – Wait he has three security detail? – Oh yeah – Wow – He did at this particular place

– You met him? – No Who would I rather meet? – Oh, B B Jordan, yeah, you don't wanna meet the real Jordan – You don't? – No

(crew laughs) – Why not? – Is there like bad things? – No, I mean, he's just, you know He's not known for being the kinda guy that you'd wanna meet – Warmth, he's not warm – No he's not known but he is like Michael Jordan – Yeah he's kinda known

– That's true I mean yeah you're right – For awhile I felt bad for B because he's truly B – Right, it's like, and exhibit B

Jordan (Link chuckles) – I mean he's great, don't get me wrong I love me some Michael B Jordan But I'm like that does kinda suck for awhile that your name is Michael Jordan, right? – Yeah I think so

– Yeah I was very confused for awhile – Yeah – As I was trying to meet him – Yeah (laughs) You open with that, right

It sucks your name is Michael – He was gone Don't put it past me – They're not related No chance

– Yeah no chance – No – No chance – [Stevie] They're not related – Okay good

I still have some faith in humanity (Rhett claps) – Woo – Wow I think I should have taken a few of your shoes but I forgot that bit so, okay you can have two Freshen up your wardrobe with all new GMM graphic tees, available now at Mythical


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