Are They Holding A Cactus? (GAME)

(rooster crows) (lion roars) – Okay, here we go, slowing down – Welcome to Good Mythical More

– Ah ha! – What's the word? This is where we are given a word and we have to guess what the definition is – Cool – This word is bever – Spell it – It's like beaver without an A

– Hm – B-E-V-E-R – A bever is, I know what this is, it's a tiny beaver (Rhett laughs) (Rhett coughs) – Oh no, oh no, Rhett – I believed you for a second

– Rhett! – I actually feel like I need to cough too (Link coughs) I agree, tiny beaver – Tiny beaver – What, what is it? – It is a light repast? – A light repast be- – Repast – Between

– A light repast – Between meals, a lunch – Get lost – A bever – Call it a lunch

– What's a, first of all, what's a repast? – Like a- – Like a retrieve? – [Ellie] A meal, yeah – Like a little snack – Say meal (crew laughs) – A light snack is a bever – The word should be repast next time

– Give me a second, I'm gonna go enjoy a bever (Link coughs) – Oh no – It's just a tiny beaver – Why am I coughing? – Okay, here's what we're gonna do, now – You alright? Take a sip of your water

– Good idea – You might recall – Cheers – When Janet on The Good Place malfunctioned and could only make cacti appear – You remember that? – I do recall

– That was cool – So what we're gonna be doing is we're gonna be playing a game where we've got a picture of someone, and what they're holding is going to be censored out – Okay – And we have to guess whether or not they're holding a cactus, which would be cact-aye, or not holding a cactus, cact-nay – Cact-nay

– Cact-nay – Cact-aye – And the winner wins no cactus (crew laughs) – Ooh, look at her – Oh, that would be a little cactus

– [D'Arcy] Oh, okay, okay, okay – [Link] I think she's holding hand cream – Yeah, I think she's- – Yeah, I would think she's holding some sort of beauty product – Yeah, she's holding a beauty product, 'cause look at that gorgeous, smooth, creamy skin – So you're, so you guys are all saying cact-nay

– She's almost blending in with the background – Yeah – Right, and I'm changing my answer at the last second – Wow! – Cact-aye – Because

– Woo! – Yes, a ha, I gotcha! I know how these stock photos can surprise – What, why is she naked holding a cactus? – Because it's a stock photo, people search for that – You're only assuming that she's naked – She could be wearing a tube top – [Rhett] Oh, nobody looks at a cactus like this

– [D'Arcy] He is not, that's a cact-nay – [Link] Business man, look at him overlooking the city – He's holding a- – I think he's looking at his phone – Yeah, I think he's looking at an old BlackBerry – Again, you guys, you guys are a little too on the nose, these stock photos are gonna be cray cray

– Really? – He's- – But is it a cactus? – He's looking at a porcelain piggy bank that's shaped like – A pig? – A Metamucil tablet – Okay, yeah, that's right, ready? – So this would be, but we're both agreeing that it's cact-nay – I'm saying cact-nay – Oh yeah, that's right, but you did put in an extra little

– Yeah – Some flair on that – Oh, it's just a little man – A tiny man – [Link] Just a little dude

– [Rhett] Aw, a little man – [D'Arcy] Just a tiny little man So we all said cact-nay, yes, we got it right, okay – Oh, wow, okay – The thing about these stock photos is that I feel horrible 'cause I always end up hating the models

– Right – Yeah – But it's not their fault – Poor guys – They hate themselves

– Struggling, trying to pay the bills – [Link] This guy's got a, this guy's got a body – [D'Arcy] Oh, he's got a beautiful body – [Rhett] He also has a crazy widow's peak – I love it

– Yeah, it's gorgeous, man, this guy knows what's up – Man – Alright, so in one hand he's got a dumbbell – Yeah – The other hand is a cactus

– I don't know, I'm kind of feeling – I think he's got a cactus – I do too – Yeah, I, yeah – I feel like he's holding a weird cactus

– Because yeah, look at the face he's making – I think he's, I think it's just a thumbs up – You do? – Yeah – No, it's a cactus – He's like this? – But a fake thumb

– It's a cacti – Okay, I'm gonna say, I'm gonna say cact-aye – Well then turn your paddle around – Oh, turn – Whoops

– Oh, a dude holding a banana – It's a banana? – [D'Arcy] Oh, you never could've known that – [Link] He's trying to not get those cramps – Right – Wow Link, three for three

– Potassium – You've found your game – Yes – Okay, oh, I thought that was me – Ooh, it looks like

(crew laughs) – [Link] The sultry look here – [D'Arcy] Thought it was me Yeah, she's holding a cactus I'm holding a cactus in that one, yeah That's gonna be D'Arcy holding a cactus

– You think so? – Yeah I do – I feel like it's time for a cactus – But 'cause you – Oh right – Yeah

– You thought that was you, and I just don't think it is, based on that alone, I'm not agreeing with you – That makes sense – Okay, this is a cactus – Okay, ready? Ooh, it is a cactus! – On a cone – In an ice cream cone

– It's a cactus in a cone – D'Arcy, don't lick it (crew laughs) – Is that future you or past you? – Huh – Ooh Different dimension me

– Okay – We'll never meet – Huh, who is? – Okay – [Link] Out of focus dude – [Rhett] Look at that guy's haircut

– I know – He could be cradling a cactus – I think he's holding like, an ostrich egg – I think he's got a big pile of truck nuts – Hm? (crew laughs) – Pile of truck nuts? – What does that mean? – You know, you know how like you're following a rig, and they got these like, oh, dangling truck nuts

– Ew, okay – But what's a pile? – But they're made of like – What's a pile of truck nuts? – Well when you're in your hand, it looks kinda like a – Okay, but just one truck nut – But he's going like this, he's not going like this

– No, he's going like this – No, I think he's holding something, it's gonna be like that, like it's gonna be smaller, so like maybe it's just a truck nut – That could be a truck nut, one truck nut – I'm gonna say it's just one truck nut – So he, okay, pile of truck nuts, one truck nut, ostrich egg, so that's all nay

– Fine, I'm gonna say a cactus (crew laughs) Yes! (laughs) – You're really good at this – Yeah, look at y'all – I'm trying to figure out what is being sold, like what brochure did this legitimately end up in? – Yeah Wow, okay

– This guy's excited, surprised – This feels, this feels like it could be cactus-y, even though I know we just had a cacti Did we just have two in a row? – I don't know, you can't play that game – I'm not going to – You start doing that

– That's cheating, yeah – And everything, it just derails everything I think that this man looks, everyone so far has been pensive or sexy with their cactus – True – And this guy is excited

– I know what this guy's holding – Do you really? – Yeah – What do you, what? – You guys need to vote first – Truck nuts – 'Cause do you really know? – I have just a strong feeling

– Oh my – Stronger than when I talked about the Metamucil pill – Okay, but that was a strong feeling too? – It kinda was, yeah – Huh – This is more emphatic

– I think he's holding a barista application (laughs) – I think he's holding one cupcake with one candle in it – He is holding a pregnancy test – Oh, okay – If you're right, you win no matter where this game goes

– Yeah, that's a real Brian move – What's your vote? (crew laughs) – I'm gonna say cact-nay, I think he's holding a birthday cake – Yeah, this is not a cactus – We all agree – [Rhett] It's a piggy bank Link, you were talking about earlier

– What, you did talk about – [Rhett] Have you seen these pictures and you forgot who was holding what? – I'm just premonitioning – Wait, that's wild, is anybody freaked out about that? (crew laughs) – Me, yeah, I – Hold on, hold on – You said porcelain piggy bank

– He said porcelain pig, piggy bank – But then unfortunately, he did go the weird Metamucil route or whatever – Yeah, I kept going, I should've shut up – You should've shut up – It's not the first time that's true

– Oh, that's very strange – That's so weird – Do you know that guy Link? – No – I'm tripping – What do I do with this power that I almost have? – Okay, let's shake it off

– It's the last one – Link, what does this woman have her mouth on since you're so good at figuring that out? (crew laughs) – God – Oh, Link might be good at something – Golly – Anybody feel threatened? – Golly, okay

– Yeah, how do you interpret that? – Oh, a way – I don't think she interpreted it the same way that you do – I, yeah, I don't think I did either – Oh – No

– I just took it personally, and you meant it sexually? – I am sorry – Yeah – But that is true – [Ellie] Oh, just, stakes are high on this one, it's worth two points, see if it can help you guys – Oh, wow, wow

– Whoa, that's, okay – [Ellie] So there's like a tie and, yeah – Yeah, it could be a tie situation, okay – Well we did see an ice cream cactus earlier – Yeah

– So we know that people are willing to eat cactus You can get cactus, you can get cactus like in a taco – Yeah – That's true – I mean, it's not prickly

– And I don't like it – You don't like it? – I don't like it, I ask for a no – It's not great – I say no please – No cactus

– I say no please – Now you're gonna say cact-nay please (laughs) – I'll be like – You're gonna, you know what – That doesn't make sense

– Take the paddle with you – Yes, yes, yes – When you order your cactus taco (laughs) – Could be a handful of pregnancy tests (laughs) – Oh gosh

– [Link] Like eight of 'em – [Rhett] I think this is a cactus – Do you really? – Yeah – [D'Arcy] Yeah, I mean, she's being like Not

– Yeah, yeah, yeah (crew laughs) And she's like checking in with the photographers, like is this close enough? – Yeah, and she's like, am I gonna hurt myself? – Right, 'cause any closer and I will actually be contacting this cactus – Yeah She's like, can you believe I'm doing this? Aren't I crazy? – Really, you want me to keep going? – Yeah – She's saying all that with her eyes

– Yeah (laughs) – She kinda is – The camera guys are loving this – Oh yeah – Like, can you believe she's actually doing this? – Okay

– It was a joke – I'm gonna say cact-aye – Yeah, yeah – I'm thinking it's a cacti – I'm just saying, odds are it's anything but a cactus

– Oh, 'cause we've had so many cactuses? No, no, no, oh! – Oh, it is a cactus! – Okay – That means we tied – We tie! – And we beat Link – But I think we tied all the way around – No, it was worth three

– Oh, yes we did, we tied all together – It was worth two points – That's right – Okay, hey – Yay! – We tied, and we beat Link

(laughs) – Best friends – I thought you said it was worth three points – Three brothers, we all won – Together – [Rhett and Link] Yeah, we did

– [Rhett] It's been a while, so we're dropping new styles Prime members get free shipping on our latest releases at amazoncom/mythical

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