Are Your Bathroom Habits Normal? Quiz

Okay well one suggested itself we're gonna go with one phrase Cheer Emily you win the GMM shirt Emily that is quite a face its deserving of a shirt Don't Google that we'll have to we'll have to reapply that later, okay, I'm going to set my Listerine down and don't Don't um don't spill it now Oh Gosh yeah, I guess Now You're gonna get you I've got sweaty feet

You know you know me Yeah, you got something right now I can tell you you were looking at something Oh, what is that? I don't know crusty Yeah, man you crusty today You're in a crusty day I have a costume yes Everybody has a little crusty day okay, I Have sweaty feet Do you so Listerine about a wet feet? Holy moly? It's cold Is it no it is co Mmm

That's good I don't have any open source They are green because I don't feel any stinging What are you total people? No? They're still real There you go We're not using the old Listerine now

We're gonna play in flames at the end of the game We're gonna check back in with rats feet to see if they're sweaty So maybe halfway through the game you take them out, and you just see Cuz obviously they've changed the formula from when it was for your feet But let's see what happens because they might my feet my this my discoveries I might come off Yeah, you might just be bones down there Okay, so we're gonna play a game Where we guess in different bathroom behaviors of the crew now what we did is we use Google Forms to take a survey of the mythical crews bathroom habits And then we're gonna show you the results for each one of these questions there will be pie charts Oh, yeah Oh, yes there will be pie charts you ready for the first one yeah Does the majority of the mythical crew wipe sitting down ours up sitting down I? Don't understand how any person wipes standing up I heard that Jerry Seinfeld does that? Bless you I do my last wife standing up just just on the way out just just for a good measure I don't know

It just feels like I cover all the bases I don't understand I mean listen if we need to get into the mechanics here when you stand up your cheeks go together Not after you stand up them and keep in a squat position It's also like an exercise within your squatty But definitely the answer is sitting down Let's see that pie chart 70% okay yes, I feel vindicated, but I still understand the 30 percent I mean if if someone speak My standard as a person who stands for one Yes, you have to squat, but there's nothing restricting your access like my angles you got full access You're you're fighting a little hole to go in that little hole in your hands in the bowl It's not yeah There's reason I get that reasons to stand up okay next and you get a good look at yourself in the mirror Does the majority of the medical crew wait the whole minute for conditioner to work or just a few seconds well hold on oh? There's a whole minute to wait oh No Here's what I do, and I can't believe you don't have a system because this is some I have a system if I do conditioner

I don't do conditioner every single time, but when I do conditioner I'm too much conditioned I put conditioner first thing I do when I get in the shower I wet myself down Wet my hair down the conditioner on my head The conditioner in my beard and then I proceeded to leave that in the entire shower And it's the last thing I washed out with my face wash Did you just tell me that you don't shampoo your hair you only condition it Oh, sorry I'll wash my hair Yeah Yeah I wash my hair and then right after I washed my hair conditioner leave-in in and then I leave it in as I wash my body I Knew that and then I wash my face and then when I wash my face wash off

I watch the conditioner I get it three four minutes of conditioner Okay, but, but we didn't answer the question I don't care I'm sorry I just learned something about you Hold on link you said you do the same thing, but you don't do I need any an from you I said oh yes I do the same thing III let the conditioner go in but I actually I Guess I didn't know you're supposed to leave it in oh Just a minute what about the meth cookers I? Just wash it wash it right out I think I would say the majority of people just wash it right out is that your final answer, okay? I'll go with that Let's see oh No wait most people do understand to wait the whole minute you got the same bonus scent when they wipe They put conditioner in and then they stay in all right And then they watch the conditioner again is the majority of the mythical crew put their toilet paper over or under? Over under we had a whole episode devoted to this and I was disappointed in its performance many years ago I was an over arguer, and I think by default then you had to take under you and in the debate yeah But I may don't care really so it's like however it gets on there my wife's the same way But I think prot the proper

I do believe the proper way is over So we're gonna go with over I would say more people because if you care you go over, and if you don't care It's 50/50 well Let's see Your yes my ass majority, but I've indicated All right, give me give me a little good pie chart by the way does the majority of the mythical Google storms everybody Yeah, we clarify we use Google Forms for this and that's how we got those results and now we're showing you another one Does not dirty of the miskolc rupee in the shower or hold it until after pee in the shower No self-respecting person Waste the water in this state let me just say that's the thing I do first before shampoo Speaking of pee in the shower How are your feet feeling burning? They're burning burning a little bit

I've noticed two spots on the right foot two spots on the but the toes is work It's working its way under the nails Oh really you can feel it under the nails like the cuticles are telling me hello We can't be here all day, but I'm telling those cuticles to shut up How many Jon you want you to take it out? I didn't give you the answer for that Yeah, damage our most people pee in the shower Yeah, absolutely It's so efficient There's no good reason To not be in a shower because you're already there you can do other things while peeing You it saves water because you're not having to flush, and I think it cures things you're already There and it gives you a game, okay? I feel like you're gonna like this one does the majority of the mythical crew look at their poop before they flush Or do they flush blindly? Wow Now I flushed blindly I do it I flushed blindly and then I turn around and see it go down You can't have it both ways You know I don't look while it's going down

You never get a good view of it You'd like to see it gone now because I want to just check in on my personal health for a second and they don't want to make sure that none that it all makes it down there, right ah Those are people that leave a little turd floating for you to come in some of y'all do that Yeah, I do think that most of the people here based on what I've seen flush blindly Okay, let's see I talked about this on the podcast and you should listen to that hello seventy six point five percent of you look At your poop I think this is one of those things where you think you look, but you don't Listen when you look and you see that it didn't go down do something about it and listen Also, if you see that it left streaks on the side do something about mash a freaking again We will pay that water bill there's a brush we put a brush by the thing and if you need to save your pee for the end to like do a little power wash go for it – Okay, here's another debate You've had, but does the majority of the mythical crew a shower in the morning or at night I'm gonna take my feet out Yeah, cuz I'm gonna see as they dry off as they air dry I want to know how it feels at the end of this Shower in the morning or at night I used to be a night shower Just a few years back, but I'm now a morning sometimes I'll treat myself to a nice shower I think most people are morning showers

Yeah, that's got to be it's got like most people Let's see it Yeah, you gotta you gotta wake yourself up You know um Let me see and peruse we we are 100% on this by the way No we miss one which one Are we miss miss two really Okay no 100% means Because we heard approximately 66

6% right now I need to see a pie chart in order to understand What a hundred percent means this when you show me a 100 percent pie chart the last one Does the majority of the mythical crew blow their nose in the shower, okay? You better You yeah you mean a face like you don't do that I don't know something about that seems grosser than peanut you don't blow your nose in the show good gracious if I didn't do that You'd want to hang around me I mean The ha Nevers like I never Zane come on man I never think about it How farmers blowing I get rid of so much stuff you would not want to be my dream Was I up for that position What the hell I've been asked if you write your application oh please be your dream, please your application it last week I just won't be my dream I thought I didn't want to be a giant Let's see the church Yes, yes, thank you people most people do but oh and you know pissing in the shower wife and standing Yellow Cooper winters yes, turn around and look at you pooping We're good together

Go you're going places

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