Bacon Bacon Bacon Lettuce & Tomato Sandwich Taste Test

– ( rooster crows ) – ( lion roars ) Welcome to Good Mythical More – Thanks for hanging around

– Winface! Congratulations to "Say-rah" You win a GMM t-shirt, "Say-rah" You win a GMM t-shirt We'll find out your size, I'm sure That's what my grandmother-in-law calls people who are named Sarah– "Say-rah

" – Say-rah – Say-rah She's old North Carolina Say-rah ♪ Sarah, Sarah ♪ ( vocalizing ) Um, here we go, guys

Listen Rhett, you know what? I want– what is that? Bring it in Let me see it to decide if I want it – So, uh – ♪ The BBBB


♪ So this has some of the ingredients from before, right? Tess: Yeah, it has caramelized, or candied bacon, regular bacon, and a pork belly So it's basically another one of the burgers that I just ate? The burger had Canadian bacon and pancetta on it – Oh, so it doesn't have those – So what's my choice? You can either eat this, or you can get all the Star Wars presents, because you're the winner, man Hmm, should I get the Star Wars presents because I named my kid after Star Wars and not the butter? – Tub of butter

– And I know you like eating, so I would gladly be showered with Star Wars gifts What if somebody named their kid Country Crock? Remember those commercials I wonder what this is? Yeah, buddy, my kids– my kids are gonna love my gifts I'm gonna give them to my kids ( laughter ) I hope they like balls, Link

'Cause there's two of them, a little one and a big one The balls don't even look BB-8 I mean, you could've bought balls that look like BB-8 ( laughter ) Davin! Mmm! Mmm! I mean, really, the dipping the lettuce and the tomato in bacon grease, it's just a tad excessive Just a tad excessive

Just hit myself in the head I meant to do that I'm gonna take one real bite, and then I'm gonna deconstruct it It makes squishy noises ( laughter ) I mean, I can take it

I'm getting so lubricated on the inside right now Getting lubed up Give me another gift Give me a gift! That's how I was as a child 'cause I was the only child Wonder what this is

– Well – Actually– I've got an idea of what it's supposed to look like R2-D2 trash can

No, just a trash can ( laughter ) Golly, that's so rich It could have been an R2-D2 trashcan I mean, I'm gonna give this to Lando They could have painted it

I'm not even gonna unwrap this all the way I'm gonna wrap it back up, I'ma give it to Lando, and when he opens it, be like, "Once you color it, it becomes a R2-D2 trashcan Yeah, it's a create-your-own R2-D2 Lando loves art stuff I went to an art– have I told this story? I told it to you and your brother, but I didn't tell it to them

I was at a Blick art supply store– – Blick! – In Pasadena Get your Blick on And– that's not their slogan And right when I walked in with Lando and Jade, an employee recognized me and he came up to me and was like, "Hey, a fan of the show" And I'm like, "Great to meet you

Lando's a fan of art" He's a fan of art stuff I introduced him to Lando and to Jade, and then we're walk– he says, "What do you want?" And I was like, "I think he wants some canvasses Some little canvasses" He takes us over to the canvasses and then he says– and I'm making conversation, I'm like, "So, how long you worked here?" He's like, "Three days, but I'm a magician

" He's like, "Hey, don't get me confused with just a regular employee" "Three days, but I'm a magician" "I'm three days into this gig, but–" "I just want to know I'm a magician," which is great "I could disappear at any moment" Ooh, oh, look at this one, y'all

Uh-huh I know what's up with this That could only be one thing It cannot– It couldn't be anything else Now this is all bacon

That is one thing over here – I really can't eat anymore – Hard to open Seriously? It's freakin' baguettes It's something to cut the grease with my bacon meal

I'm trying to keep it intact because this is actually kinda awesome A bacon wi– a Breadwing It's a Bag-X Wing Ooh, yeah, take that home to your kids My kids love bread

They were fighting over bread the other night You know what, this is actually an incredible idea for a video To wrap things as certain things, and then give it to kids and film their reactions – We should re-wrap this – You know what I'm saying? Let's do it

This is how we come up with ideas, guys Or at least that idea That's how we came up with that idea We're gonna do it "Hey, it worked for Link

He's stupid I bet we can fool some kids" – He's very childlike – Look at that Pretty great, guys

Good work on that And good work on this I'm a little disappointed, but– I'm done with this, though You guys can share this amongst yourselves That needs to go out like that

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