Baseball Stadium Salad Hack Taste Test

( rooster crows ) ( lion roars ) Welcome to Good Mythical More – Comment takeover! – This one fell off

This is when we send you to a relatively undiscovered video and have you comment on it We're sending you to "Fearless cat caught on blink" – Caught on blink? – Blink Comment with what score out of 10 you would give this cat for its stunt Oh, cool

Don't tell 'em we sent you, but just be kind and make their day with a barrage of comments You can be mean to the cat Come on now You know what? With all the stuff that we made earlier in the ballpark to hack it up and enjoy ourselves, we've got some residual ingredients left over – Yeah

– And it'd be a shame not to turn them into something – that's healthy – Yeah And you can't get a– And you can't get a salad at the ballpark, right? – Well, some places sell it – Not like this one – But when you've done the other stuff, – Right

you need not buy a salad when you can make one So we've got lettuce from the burger Lettuce, onion, and tomato from the burger We got sauerkraut, and of course, we've got a fork and knife I'm gonna start chopping this mess up – and dropping it into a bowl

– All right And I'm gonna make some Thousand Island dressing using some sweet relish, of course, some mayonnaise, some ketchup, and some ketchup, and some mayonnaise, and some sweet relish, and an empty beer cup All right, so here I go I've– I've been to baseball game– I've been to some baseball games Whoops! "I've been to some baseball games

" I was so bad at tee-ball and Little League as a kid that, like, I think it just– It kind of hurts me to my core to go there Like, it brings up a lot of insecurities That stand in the outfield– where is the least desirable place to play? – The left field? – Right field – That's where you– – Right field Well, that's where I was

And I would literally pray that the ball would not be hit to me – That's the spirit! – I would– I had my most religious experience playing right field in Little League I did not wanna be put on the spot It's, like, when that ball's coming– You know everybody's watching And don't even get me started with being at bat

Same thing, except even worse You got a stick in your hand and somebody's trying to pummel with you– pummel you with a little ball I learned pretty quick the only way I was gonna get on base is if I got hit – "Beaned," they call it – Right

I would hug the base so close Home base, they call it Home plate, they call it You know, you know a lot about baseball for somebody who was scared of playing it And I would– I would hug that plate so as to get hit

That's the only way I got on base But you know what? I got on base a lot, it just hurt I mean, that took– That took some courage Balls, man! Baseballs! You want some sauerkraut on your salad? 'Cause you got it I also don't want tomatoes

Coach Crow Yeah Coach Crow – Coach Crow – Ken Crow

– He– – What a jerk He taught us– Or maybe he just liked baseball, so I didn't like him He taught us baseball He coached baseball, and then he also– – He wasn't a jerk – He was the karate guy

But he was intense – I learned– – And so I did not respond well to him I learned baseball and karate from the same man in the same year That explains why you batted like this It was very confusing time for me

I was a yellow belt – Boy, don't mess with me – Yellow belt? Don't mess with me! I'll block you That's all I learned, and then I quit I never learned how to throw any punches or anything else, but I can block you! – But you were– – Just like that

– You were pretty decent at– – You had to punch me You had to be coming down right– If you come in here, you got me every time, 'cause this is the only block I learned No matter where they were coming, you'd– I was exposed in many other places You're pretty good at baseball, though Uh, I had some– I had some moments

Compared to me Whenever I saw you out there in right field in practice, I was like– I'd stand up and point – Beatitude – Be like, "Why is he kneeling in prayer?", is what you would ask How's that Thousand Island coming? I haven't mixed it yet

Are you ready? Yeah, I got– I mean, my salad is basically made over here Give me some chatter Give me some batter chatter Hey, salad– salad dressing man! Hey, salad dressing man! ( speaking gibberish ) Why doesn't that happen in the Majors? Why's there no chatter? It does They just can't– You can't hear it

They're being– They're not miked – Watch their– Watch their mouths – They're chattering? – Nobody ever– – Hey, batter, batter, batter – Swing! – That really wasn't– I don't think that really was a thing I think it was only– I think Ken Crow taught us that

I don't know if that ever happened in the Major Leagues Oh, that really looks like Thousand Island – Oh, good Let me– – Dump it All right, here we go

Um, who was Ken Crow's assistant coach? – Shorter guy? – Shorter guy – That's what I called him – Ken Crow– I liked him He was nice He took pity on me

They came into Buies Creek They came into Buies Creek for a year – Yeah, and then they were gone – Taught us karate and baseball and then left Kind of like Bruce Banner

I like to imagine they went to the next town and taught other kids karate and baseball, but just enough to confuse 'em and then leave And then left Yeah, like– I loved that about those guys Do you want your salad tossed? Because I'm already doing it – Yes

– Okay All right, grab a fork – Go to town – Oh! You know what? – We forgot the main ingredient – Oh, yeah

– Freaking sunflower seeds – Sunflower seeds to add a little crunch here

Of course– Be generous There you go – Yeah There– – Now, the shells are still on 'em I don't know if that's gonna be a problem

That's perfect All right Let's see if I can find some salad in there Yeah Might as well– You know, waste not, want not

This is for you, Ken Crow You weren't a jerk I'm– – Yeah– – I was just a timid little child that– You burned me I will say, you did start talking about some, you know– You started talking about the dragon and stuff like that in karate, and all the parents said, "I don't know about that" What does that mean, "the dragon"? "We're Baptists

" I don't know We didn't– the Baptists didn't like the dragon talk They're like, "What do you mean? Is that Satan?" Oh, man, I'm hungry Now, it's gonna be difficult to not get some sunflower seeds Well, I don't care about those

I just don't want tomatoes – Okay – Here we go – Here we go – Dink it

Uh, too late No It was halfway in your mouth It's crunchy Salad dressing's good

Mmm! It's gonna be really hard to separate these Well, we're gonna take the next 45 minutes to meticulously crack these sunflower seeds I've just sort of indiscriminately crunched all of them – Oh, I didn't – Really? There's a seed

I got it out I'm gonna have to leave it in my cheek and they'll think I've got a chaw That's outlawed in baseball now You can't have chaw in baseball anymore? – No – Since when? Uh, 1998

– Wow – Isn't that true? – Josh: Yeah, it's true – It is true I think Tony Gwynn dying of lip cancer was a big thing – Oh, really? – Yeah

– See, Josh knows – Are you making that up? No! No! Why would I joke about that? Why you joking about Tony Gwynn's lip? I'm not! I'm not joking It happened It was sad Man! Mm

Just like chaw, I'm spitting it out See how cool I am? I really like sunflower seeds, though It gives you something to do with your mouth, besides talk, which I need to do more of My mouth's gotta be doing something – Yeah

– You know? True It's good when you're fishing Good when you're playing baseball The majority of playing baseball is not playing baseball – That's the thing

– Right You play baseball about one percent of the time while you're playing baseball It's that one percent that really matters, though

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