Blind Cereal Licking Game

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All right, we're gonna get blindfolded up and then we're gonna be given a spoon that has one singular cereal piece attached to it We're gonna have to lick it, not bite it, and see if we can identify what it is Now, pressure's on me because I've really– You're the cereal master I've really built up the fact that I love– You should not let me win this! You should not let me win this, okay? Rhett, I do normally let you win everything but I'm not gonna let you win this That would explain a lot

Okay, so– and we'll just do a three, two, one, lick, and then whoever says it first gets it So you can go ahead and hand us– Stevie: Oh, you want a countdown for the lick? – Yeah – Okay I'll give you a lick countdown Three, two, one, lick! – Um– – Apple Jacks

You got it Seriously? I was just enjoying it I was like I like this Yeah! – It's got that sweet– – I actually tasted it now – but I didn't taste it the first– – Appley and cinnamony All right, I'll take another Hey, man Cereal master, don't let me win this, man

I was– Okay – Here we go – Here we go Three, uh– – Man: Flip it Yeah

Three, two, one, lick Frosted Flakes Cinnamon Toast Crunch Uh, nope, this is vanilla This is Honey Bunches of Oats! – Yep

– Oh, it's good, too Oh, I love Honey Bunches of Oats What kind of glue did y'all use? – Man: Elmer's – Elmer's You expect somebody to say, "Oh, it's, you know, food glue

" Elmer's Okay, turn it around to get the– Yep Three, two, one, lick – Froot Loops – You got it

Oh, cereal boy's back! Cereal boy's back! Now we get as many guesses as we want right? Hold on, I gotta cleanse my palate – Is that true? – Sure I mean, whoever guesses it first gets the point Can you put some water in there 'cause it's totally– It's totally dry – How many total do we have? – You only have two more

– Oh, wow! – You're really racing through Yeah, we are Let's– let's savor this one No – And then this is right? – Man: Yep

Three, two, one, lick Oh, that's little – Rice Krispies – Grape-Nuts Yep, Rice Krispies

Dang it! Grape-Nut– Grape-Nuts, they kept changing their recipe Just like Cracklin' Oat Bran My dad used to eat Cracklin' Oat Bran 'cause of, you know, old man issues And, um, I used to get into that Cracklin' Oat Bran and just eat it up! – I've never eaten Cracklin' Oat Bran – And then they– 'cause it would make the milk Cracklin' Oat Bran flavored

It was one of those cereals that really changed the profile of the milk Uh-huh But then they changed the recipe and ruined it – Have you ever had Grape-Nuts? – Yeah – That's like– – They need honey, but they're kinda good like that

The crunch of 'em is magnanimous But it's almost like training for eating rocks – You know what I'm saying? – Don't– Don't– Don't– – What? – You licked it! Okay, here we go Ready? This one's the last one and you guys are tied I almost feel like we don't have a predetermined punishment but maybe you guys wanna mutually agree upon one if one of you wins this

Just a real hard thump on the hand Why can't it just be a prize for the guy who wins? – Okay – Don't we have these– Do we have full cereal boxes? You can decide on the prize I like a thump on the hand– – Okay, a thump on the hand – Oh! Also I'd like a bowl of the cereal of my choice

Hold on, but wasn't Link already– – No, you're tied – Am I facing it myself– No You both need to turn 'em Okay, so the punishment is a thump on the hand by the other person? – Yeah Thumps

And the cereal of choice Okay, three, two, one, lick – Uh– – Frosted Flakes! Yep – Wow! – I was literally just– I literally got so caught up in licking it, – even though I'd already licked it – It's good

I licked the frosting right off of it – Uh-huh – What's your cereal of choice? What we got? Everything that I just ate? Man: Everything that you just ate Is Cinnamon Toast Crunch one of them? – No – Oh

Is that what you want right now? I want Frosted Flakes What I would want would be the Honey Bunches of Oats – That's what I would've wanted – You know what? I wanna mix both of them together 'cause I'm making my own rules today So we used to play thumps

– We should do this for our kids, though – That was too easy I thought that it would be something harder than Frosted Flakes at the end – You guys– – Before I thump you– You guys went too easy for Rhett Now, here's what I'll say

I don't really let my kids eat these kinds of cereals But I would definitely let my kids lick these kinds of cereals – Just get the sugar – Yeah Like Shepard's always wanting sugary things

I'd be like, "Shepard, I brought some spoons home for you" And just let him lick 'em Are you gonna thump me or–? Yeah, but I wanna– I wanna begin– Have you guys played the thumps game? That's something we did in grade school You'd hold your hand like this and then you'd thump right there and it would make a satisfying noise if it was a really good thump Honey Bunches of Oats is good cereal

Mixed with Frosted Flakes If Tim Duncan can do it, so can I Let me just get a bite of this so I can power up Pretty jealous right now Man, look at that

Oh! It's amazing when cereal tastes like – Good –

it was made in the past year – ( moans ) – You only get one thump So you gotta make it count and you do have to be blindfolded

– He missed – Hold on, that doesn't count 'cause I didn't even hit it, right? You gotta give me another one – Can I have a bite of cereal? – Yeah Okay Cue me up some Honey Bunches of Oats

Untainted Oh, you missed again Can I have another bite? Two bites I'm gonna aim over here 'cause it'll correct itself ( thumps ) – Oh! – Ooh! Did you hear that? – Yeah! I got ya

– It hurt – You hit me way over here, though – Yeah – 'member Zack West– – Zack West would hold it– – He would hold it in the air – He would really pull that– Both: Bam! He was the king

All right Here it– Here it comes Oh, yeah I mean, it's one of my favorite cereals Of course, Frosted Mini-Wheats are another one of my favorites

This is so good I should– I should do this more I should eat sugary cereal more often Every time I eat it I realize that – How's your finger? – Oh, it's great now

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