Blindfold Makeup Challenge w/ Safiya Nygaard & Tyler Williams

(rooster crows) (lion roars) (wheel clicking) – Okay Gift cality

Gifticality, there you go, I can read We're donating $1000 to Children International to aid in their mission to make a long-term impact by helping kids and young adults living in poverty Please join us in giving at childrenorg/gmm That's awesome

– That's legit – That's very cool – Yeah – Okay – That's much better than what we just did

– That's it, yeah tarantulas, eaten That's a good spin All right very cool – All right, so welcome to Good Mythical More So I've been known to do a lot of ill-advised activities while blindfolded, and today, I'm gonna give Tyler a makeover

– Blindfolded A lot of good blindfolded action here – I know – Yeah Ooh

That's a little tray there – Ooh, all right – This is gonna look good – So I'm assuming this is my tray of tools – That's a good guess

– And Tyler, stay in the same place until I ask – All right – Can you come a little closer? Is that okay or no? – Yeah, I'll come over Actually my chair doesn't have wheels on it actually – Ooh, all right, so there's actually a lot of stuff on here

Mm – [Tyler] Let me take a second to get your bearings and guess a little bit, 'cause I'm gonna be wearing this for the rest of the day, of course – All right so this look like, I mean looks, ha, this feels like brushes – That's a good guess – Small brush

Fan brush or highlighter – Yeah – Blush brush of some kind Let's keep these brushes over here – Saf takes her blindfolded makeup guessing like really seriously, so, we want ya to dig in here

– This could be, it's a dropper, it could be a foundation This is like a beauty sponge, I'll keep this nearby, because we're gonna want this, soon – There's gonna be a– – This is an open palette I am touching all the powders – I think this is yours, this is okay

(chuckling) – Oh these are mine? – No, but like, I think it's okay if you use your fingers, right? – [Safiya] The only thing I'm nervous about are all the little tubes That's the only thing I'm nervous about – I'm not supposed to tell you any of this stuff, so– – No yeah you're not supposed to– – Just see where we end up, yeah – This is giant – It is quite the palette

(chuckles) – Sometimes makeup smells like chocolate – Yeah (crew laughing) – It does Usually Two Faced stuff smells like chocolate – Do you think you could guess the types of makeup by smelling them? – I haven't done it yet, but that doesn't mean it's not possible

– We might have to make a video about that – Do we think that this is like a primer oil or this is a foundation? – Well I know what it is, so – Well I'm talking to myself, I guess – We got it, yeah – I'm gonna keep this

I think this is foundation, but, I'm gonna like see See, I'm gonna try and see if I can feel another foundation type thing 'Cause I don't think I can (humming softly) (chuckles) – Are you going into a little bit of the Dexter's Lab theme song right there? I feel like that's, what are you doing? You're like a conductor – This is a lip gloss

I believe that from the shape of this, I think I have this, this is a mascara – You're like the kid that does the Rubik's Cube with the blindfold on, right? (chuckles) – It's fine This is also a mascara – I don't know what to say – That's an eyeliner, yes

That's gonna be hard – You're just kinda like placing them down again – No no, I know, I know which one's which, don't worry – I'm worry free – Okay I think that this is the only foundation type thing we have, I'm gonna go with it, okay? – Ready to proceed

– Yes Are there any makeup wipes? – Yes – Yeah? Thank you Just because I can identify the objects doesn't mean I'm gonna be very good at placing them, but at least I'll know which is which – If you do a good job it's gonna be very annoying

(chuckling) – All right – All right – This is my beauty sponge – You want me to give you my facial bearings? There you go, okay – Mhm

Mhm, absolutely – Yeah – Yep All right, okay, so I'm gonna start off with what I believe is foundation Feels like a little Nyx Total Control Drop Foundation

– I think you spend too much time buying makeup – This is impossible And I'm gonna put this on the sponge which, to me feels like a Morphe sponge but, that's just what I'm saying – Annoying – Where is your face? You can't keep moving away

– People are just throwing dislikes at you right now – I can literally feel people unsubscribing – Oh sorry (chuckling) – All right so, I don't know how much I have on my sponge – Have you done my makeup before? – [Safiya] I actually don't think I have

– I think I did your makeup before, like not well – This is actually incredibly difficult – Yeah? – The plains of your face are a mystery to me – There you go – I need to do the other side of your face

– [Tyler] Okay – Can I ask you yes or no questions, is anything coming off onto your face? – Yeah – Oh really? – Yeah I think so I don't have a mirror just to let you know, so I'm kinda winging it too – I'm trying to get into the creases around your nose

(chuckles) – Yeah that's my eye – Oh sorry Okay close your eye – No no no I meant that as like you're doing a good job (crew laughing) – All right here close your other eye

– Yeah I got it – The thing is, you don't even need that much foundation – No? – You've got pretty good skin, yeah – Thank you – All right, the thing that's gonna be really, oh sorry

The thing that's gonna be really tough I think is figuring out the different face powders 'cause I have a bunch of palettes over here and we're gonna have to figure out probably by like pan size I would say – Okay – All right do you feel foundationed? – Sure – Is it all over your eyebrows? Just tell me – I have no idea

Is that something I was looking out for? I think you did a good job I think you were dabbing my eyelid It feels good Am I allowed to look, no? – No don't look yet – All right I'm not gonna look

So yeah – This, oh, what is this? – I think I know what that is actually – I think this is just face powder Either it's face powder or it's like bronzer or blush This could be eyeshadow

Oh yeah, I think this is eyeshadow, there's like a ton of them and they're small Yep absolutely – Wanna go for a cut crease? (chuckles) – I don't know I don't know, I– – (chuckles) I like how you looked at me You were like, uh, no, it's not gonna go with the look

– Do we have any eyeshadow, this is quite big for an eyeshadow brush but I guess, you know, we should just do a little sweep probably – A little sweep, yeah – All right where do we think the neutral tones are? – Jesus (chuckles) I don't think anyone is expecting this level of granularity – Yeah this is not interesting to anyone else

– Just keep going – All right I'm just going for this top right shade I don't know what that means – I feel like you have a reputation of blindfolded makeup discovery that you have to maintain right now, you know? I feel like you feel like– – Keep your eye closed – I feel like there was some degree of controversy on your blindfolded full face video where people were guessing maybe that you had been looking or kinda cheating so I think this is like your confirmation that you are– – [Safiya] Insane

– That was the word I was gonna say something more loving than that – (chuckles) That's sweet – Give them any set of implications – Oh wow I just put eyeshadow above your

Oh sorry, I'm sorry, hold on Wait stay there, don't move – That was definitely unibrow territory – No, no it wasn't, it was above your eyebrow right here – That's a look, right? You're like highlighting my unibrow

– I feel– (sighs) All right, okay, so that's eyeshadow I feel like we don't really have any, do we have any smaller brushes? – You only do one color for the eyeshadow? – Do you feel like that eyeshadow color wasn't exciting enough, 'cause then I can do more – Let's go in for more– – So what I used was this one, this color I call this, I guess it's actually top left Top left, so how about bottom left? – Okay, sure

– It's probably a pretty different color – Yeah Yes (chuckles) – [Safiya] Oh there you are, there you are You thought you could hide from me

– This feels like your Oscar masterpiece It's like A Scent Of A Woman, but with makeup – There we go – It's a very delicate brush right there, I think you're getting a feel for it – I'm painting with broad strokes is what we're doing here

– Yeah Okay – All right this is the eyeshadow brush, and it'll go back here Oh but you know what's interesting is that they've given me sort of like a fan brush, which makes me think that they've given me a highlighter – Right

(crew chuckles) – This is sneaky This is, you sneaky moms All right, all right (sighs) Oh no – I got it, I got it, I got it, I got it

– You got it, okay thank you So Oh

Here's the question If this is a contour palette, which side is contour and which side is highlight? – It is a question, yeah – I think this color is gonna be the contour color And I think that this side's the highlight (chuckles) – I have no way– – What am I supposed to say? Anything I say could give it away

– This is true – It's not an easy one It's not really clear which one is which Maybe I don't– – What if I just did your entire face in the shade in the middle? – It's probably a good hedge – All right well either way, so I'm gonna go in with this color on the end, which is think is the contour color with this sort of, I guess we've got a blush brush right now

– You want me to suck in my cheeks? – Yes please – I've watched your tutorial – All right here we go, ready? I'm gonna try and contour those cheek bones Yes? – Mhm – All right and then give me the other side

– Mm – Okay – Mhm – Here we are There we go

– Mhm – Absolutely – Mm – Yes, and then we do a little chin action with your chin – Mhm

– Oh yeah – Mhm – Oh yeah – Mm – Oh yeah

– Mhm Pretty good – Yeah, am I doing them all? – It's good aim there There goes my double-chin – Yes, that's what we want

And then I guess that this side is the, this side is the highlighter, right? Oh but where's my fan brush? Is it sparkly? No one's gonna tell me 'Cause it could just be like a lighter highlight, you know what I mean? All right where are your cheek bones? – Yeah Now that it's basically on, I don't think that you're reading the right one – No? – Well, you know, you gotta keep going with the same one though – I can't tell you

– Was it the opposite? – You've committed to it, it's okay? – Was it the opposite? – No, it wasn't the opposite – Well, well, it's fine – Yeah It doesn't matter – All right okay, so now that I've done that

I wonder if they've given me any brow product – I don't know (chuckles) – I think that's mascara Unless this is like a clear brow gel Oh

– Uh – Oh I could probably use this for your brows – Yeah, yes – It smells interesting

Hmm, the thing is, I'm gonna sound completely insane When it comes out, it sounds like the formula isn't very thick Which means that it could be not a mascara, because oftentimes mascaras make more like a popping sound when they come out (crew chuckling) All right, ready? – Okay – Where are your eyebrows? Oh hold on, hold on

Oh no, the thing is I'm so terrified of that face powder I kind of just don't want to set you down – I don't think you need to I feel like, listen, I'm not trying to– – Do you feel oily? – No, well, I'm always sweating I'm not trying to set you up for failure, I'm just trying to let you know, I'm trying to be the blank canvas here, you know, just wanna clarify the rules of the game

– [Safiya] I really hope that this is clear – Yeah me too – The thing is, you've got such nice, oh (crew chuckling) I feel like it is clear Oh, God

I don't know, is it like blue? (chuckles) It's blue, huh? – I don't think I'm at liberty to say – It feels like oil I don't know, it's fine Come over here, it's happening now – Yeah, just gotta commit to it, right? Gotta be Joe this look, right? – There we go, all right

That's the vibe, and then let's go for, this is I think an eyeliner – So you're gonna eyeliner me with a blindfold on – Yes – Okay, well (crew chuckling) This will be a true test

– Oh what's this? – What is that? Remember things are just moving around in your tray (crew laughing) – Oh I think this is the same thing – Yeah (chuckles) – All right so I think this is an eyeliner I don't know obviously if they've given me a colored eyeliner or not, but, yeah, it feels like a liquid eyeliner to me

All right, this is definitely the hardest part – All right use your fingers, do a little presetting – All right where are you? – There you go – Okay, I'm sorry One

– Is that it, you're not gonna fill it in? – Fill it in? – I don't know (chuckles) – All right, show me number two Oops sorry, sorry, sorry Oops sorry Two

(crew chuckling) That placement is really, it landed where it landed – No we got out without a casualty, so I think that's the win – All right ready for mascara? – Okay – Oh Tyler, I'm actually very scared – Why? – [Safiya] Because, just don't let me poke you in the eye

– I'm gonna try not to – All right there we go Show me the other one – Yeah bring it on – Oh I have mascara all over my fingers

– Yeah you have swatches on your hand – Is it wiping on your face? – No I'm just saying, watch out, right? We don't want any collateral damage here – All right there you go Lashes number two – No pokage

That was good – I know We don't wanna lose an eye – No we don't – Not fully at least

– That would be bad, yeah – All right, and then, I had a lipstick Oh but I had a lip gloss as well, we should do both – What do you mean, can you do both? – Yes All right so we should do lipstick first for sure

– How do I do that, do I need to make a kissy face? – No, you do like Oh Look at me – All right – Oh, oh no

– Mhm – See lip gloss is lower stakes – Mhm – [Safiya] Rub your lips together – Now you're a little bit on the inner water line

– Oh I was? – Yeah – Did I not get enough on your lips? – I would do another round – [Safiya] Oh sorry, I think I hit your tooth – You did – All right so that is lipstick

Rub your lips together, please – Mhm – And this is lip gloss – Oh you're gonna coat it with lip gloss – Exactly

– All right go for it, ready? – Okay, I also sound crazy I'm pretty sure this is the Katy Perry lip gloss from Cover Girl – I don't know how you know that – 'Cause it smells like vanilla and the head feels like a cat (mumbles) All right rub your lips together

Okay so I feel like I've used pretty much everything that we've got Cool, so how does he look, everyone? – [Stevie] Why don't you remove your blindfold and take a peek– – That's a strong vote of confidence right there – Just the laugh? – I haven't seen it yet, so I don't know really know, yeah – Do we have a mirror? – I have a mirror in my hand I haven't seen it yet– – [Stevie] You can take off your blindfold

– Wanna do this simultaneously? – Should he see it first, should I see it first, what should we do? – Wanna do a three, two, one? – [Stevie] Yeah let's do a three, two, one – All right ready, three, two, one – Oh! – Oh wow (crew laughing) You did worse than it felt (chuckles) – I was actually gonna say that I actually think I did better than I thought I did

– It's kinda like a Joker look Kinda like a Harley Quinn vibe, right? – Oh, oh– – Little DIY Harley Quinn with candy – You know, what threw me for a loop actually, 'cause I just got very confused, is that these are completely different colors – Yeah – Oh

– You know what, it's kinda like, it's got like a candy vibe to it though, right? It's colorful – This is definitely not brow gel – That was your main mistake – Yeah – Nor did you apply it very gracefully

– Well if it had been clear – If it had been clear, sure– – It would have been great – But it wasn't – But it kinda gives you sort of like an Effie Trinket vibe – There you go, yeah it's very Capitol

– Yeah a little Hunger Games – Billions that will be in your favor – [Rhett] Make sure your endless summer is not an endless bummer Grab our classic summer merch at mythicalstore

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