Bug Nugget Taste Test

( rooster crows ) ( lion roars ) Oh! Check your voicemail – We have a voicemail

– Love this Let's check it Boy: Hey, guys, it's little chicken nugget here Um, just wanted to say I'd eat those chicken nuggets when I– McDonald's every day of my life Schezwan sauce

Boy 2: Hey, guys, little chicken nugget here You know, at school playing a game, two brains smash one sauce Let's go What? – Well, hold on– – What are the chances– First of all, we don't plan this – I mean– – The wheel is random

They've got one ready to go They've got a voicemail ready to go But only when we land on it at random What are the chances we would land on one about nuggets? On the "Will it nugget?" episode Well, they probably have that one ready to go just in case we land on it

– But still what are the chances? – The fact that we landed on it – The chances are– – Stevie: It was completely random, actually – Yeah Oh! – It was completely random? – Yeah – That's crazy! – But the chicken nugget broccoli was– – Let's call that kid back

That was planned, yeah – That was planned But the voicemail was just a message What should we do now? What does this mean? That's the question Quit

– While we're on top – Go into nuggets It's peak nugget We did achieve peak nugget today Maybe we make ourselves into nuggets

Think about that You first Shall we do a Good Mythical More? Shall we taste some more of "Will its"? – "Will it nuggets?" – Wow! I'm still trying to wrap my mind around a nugget Mind blown, guys! All right, so am I right in saying that we have a Pad Thai nugget? – Yes, you are correct – You are correct

I was told it was a bug nugget Whoa! Yeah, we got a Pad Thai nugget and we got a couple buggets – Yeah – The peanut sauce for the Pad Thai – and then we got honey and dirt – Yep

Both: Honey and dirt Let's try the Pad Thai nugget first Oh, you wanna start with the pleasant ones first – And then– – Yeah, I would do that – Josh, please

– What are you eating? I'm eating the best nugget in the group, the Caesar salad nugget Out of spite because you've been misinforming the people This is– Everyone loved this Universally, we're like this is a home run – Really? – I'm so mad

It actually is better with the sauce It is not better with the sauce – And also– – You got Caesar dressing in your pocket? Yeah, you guys can do what you want I'm gonna be eating this delicious Caesar salad nugget – Out of spite

– It's nice that you say you did it out of spite but you shouldn't– you shouldn't do things out of spite I mean, it's not good for you, for your health Long-term to do– to be– to live in spite – This is true – That's fair enough

I'll stop after I finish this delicious nugget – You look so happy, though – I'm eating the nugget! I would never guess that you're doing that in spite Yeah, 'cause you're not inside my heart Terrible and black

So what is this an hourglass? – It's a bow tie – Oh! Oh, I get it! It's just– Oh, look at it! – It looks good on you! Yeah! – It looks so good on me There you go! – And that's my peanut sauce, too – Please meme me – That's a scratch sauce

– Oh! Man! You're not supposed to say "Please meme me" That's like the most desperate thing – you could ever say on the internet – Oh, yeah Unless you're like 13 than it's okay – It's so bad

– I'll do it if you want me to – I don't know how but– – Well, please– Oh, yeah, I don't know I don't know how to eat it Peanut sauce– So there's noodles and egg and chicken Also shrimp Pad Thai

– Oh, shrimp – Yeah – This is pretty correct – We paid that three dollar extra It kinda just tastes like Pad Thai

Yeah, but like and a fry thing – That's fun – Ooh! Can I grab a corner? You don't have to Are you gonna grab it out of spite or? Not unless you want me to I can grab it out of love, I can grab any– any emotion you want me to put on the grab

Grab it out of discomfort – That is good – Did you dip it in the peanut sauce? – I did and that made it okay – Oh, that's nice – It's good, right? – Okay? You like Pad Thai just normal? You know what? It isn't bad at all

– I double dipped – This is where TGI Friday's is gonna be in three years – 'Cause they have like fried mac and cheese right now, – Oh, they're watching but like in three years they're gonna be on to like, you know, the more kinda upscale And they're gonna have fried Pad Thai nuggets, too

It's just like Trump watching the news channels – TGI Friday's watches our show – That's right It's the Trump of like, you know, fast food mid-market chains Well, TGI Friday's, that is their slogan for a while

It was "Three years behind" – That's what it was – Back to my sauce – Not a sponsor – Do you know the secret ingredient? It's Skippy

Peanuts – Butter – You went with– – Is that a relative? – Peanuts Butter – Yeah, he is

Not a sponsor – No, not a sponsor – Not a sponsor – This is honey and dirt? – And dirt – Mm-hmm

– Yeah, pine soil? I'm sorry, but this– This is gonna be real rough for all of us – What kind of bugs are in here? – What insects are we getting? We have cockroach, we have scorpion, crickets, two types of– actually two types of scorpions Oh, two types of scorpions? Dubia cockroaches, black crickets, other bugs You know what? I'm catching that spite – Yeah! – that you mentioned earlier

You seemed confused about it first but I was like we're literally feeding you scorpions Like how is that not a spite nugget? – I'm totally– – I'm so sorry You guys are gonna taste this, right? Hey! Oh, oh! Don't apologize I'm dividing this up so we each have half Half a nugget

We– We did test this in the kitchen – And I screamed – Eating it It did go more poorly for one of us I won't name names

Tess So I'm really excited to see where this is going Because the sight of the claws of the cockroaches– No, just steel your emotions Just grit your teeth – I don't know how to do that

– You can get through this – Oh no, I see so many different parts – Oh, wow! Look at the inside! Can you see the inside, anyone? Yeah Oh, they've seen it It kinda looks like, you know, the Thai jeweled rice

– Like the wild rice with the– – Yeah, yeah – You had that for lunch on Friday – It's just rice I'm just gonna dip into some honey and dirty – That'll make it better – Yeah

– Yeah – Ooh, I don't feel like a shrimp any more I think one of the claws came out into the dirt so I'm excited that this is one less claw – Okay We can do it

– All right, get dip there, Link – Link: Bugs have a certain– – Rhett: Oh, wow! You really went for it with your dip Bugs have a real distinct scent to them – Yeah – Dink it

How much are you gonna eat? I'm gonna just eat half of this – Okay – Yeah, I'll commit to half I got a hard piece That honey helps

Helps a lot Right at first you get some honey – Man, I got one– – Keep it away from the back of your throat I got one really grabbing on to the side of my cheek – ( whimpers ) – I've had that happen

I feel like that's what happened to her – The little legs grab on – Yeah, yeah It's like eating fishing hooks – Mm-hmm

– Yeah – Hold on – That's gonna do nothing There's just more nuggets in there – Like what's this guy? – When you reach for that– – That came out of my mouth

– How can you do this? – That's a whole leg – A whole leg – Ow! – If you've eaten one bug I think you've eaten all of them I got like all legs And I hate the legs, too

Like I hate drumsticks It's a bad piece of chicken I've been handed water Oh, sure I'll have it ( groaning ) The wings! The wings

Those are the best part Those are hairy and crispy I don't like this It tastes horrible – It is a little traumatic

– It's got an earthiness to it It does I'm still stuck on this flavor 'cause it's not terrible Like mushrooms and honey, you know Like you ever had like a wild forage morel? – Tess, you ever had morels? – Of course I have, Josh

It's like that, but with honey – Morel? – Yeah – Little wild mushroom – Oh ( whimpering ) You're not gonna do well in the apocalypse

( gagging ) You can vomit in that Drink that and then you can vomit in it A little hard to swallow I promise I won't puke on you Those were you first words to me when I started working here

Oh! I got one stuck in my throat Mm-hmm I know, it's very sticky – but again– – That's awful I think that's a little better than the slug nugget – Yeah

– And, um– – How can you say that? – It's better Yeah, definitely better than the testicle Yeah, the testicle again, there's just a– a testicle in this two testicles – A beaver testicle – Yeah

Testicles have a real testicleness Is there irony in that? That was my nickname in high school – Testicleness – Yeah And my best friend's mom was French, so she'd say, "Testicule! Do you want a snack after school?" – What? – Why was that your nickname? 'Cause my name's Tess! – Oh, I get it! – Tess-ticle

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