Building Sandcastles With Baking Supplies

(rooster crowing) – [Both] New selfie face – So normally you would take that, but that's all right

– Yeah you can do it – Okay, new selfie face, selfies are fun and important and we want to be on the cutting edge Today's new selfie is called The Pincher All right, The Pincher – This is Blue Steel

– No but, you have to be in more pain, yeah? That's it! – Okay – We got it – We nailed it! – All right, try out this selfie face yourself with the hashtag GMMnewselfieface Woo! – Woo! – That's fun You want that? – [Male Voice] Sure

– Great So, today we are going to be making sand castles (grunting) – Here we go Woo! – I'm glad that that was hard for both of us – I know, right? It was both upper body strength

So I think I'm just going to start putting the sand on here Do you have a lot of experience making sand castles? – I have a little bit of experience I haven't done it in a long time We are also gonna be using baking supplies to do it Which is roughly in theme with what our main episode was of products

And I think that's fun – Should I just pour this all out? Can I do that? – First things first, we didn't get to have the wine from before, and I thought that it was only fair that we do now – All right, I'm gonna do the red, I think – Okay – You want the white? – I want the white

– I'll pour for you – Of course I want the white – There's a little, little bit of the foil in there for ya – That's okay, baby – You know what, it's fine

I'm gonna pour out this Cheers – Cheers

– Cheers I'm gonna pour this sand out – We did it, we did a GMM episode – We did do a GMM episode I like making sand castles

I've made quite a few as a child Not as an adult though I did more of like covering someone in sand – So everyone should know that this is kinetic sand, which is literally one of my favorite things in the entire world – I've never used kinetic sand

– It's magnetic and it remolds itself – So it's like cheating, kind of – Well, it's like we made sand better and I think we should not be afraid of innovation, you know what I mean? – Pass me that cake tray – The cake tray? – That one, the round one Yeah, momma wants a layered cake

– You have a concept in mind? – Yeah, I think I'm gonna start this as a base – Okay I do like the foil at the very bottom – Yeah? – So I thought another thing we could do, 'cause I find sand castle making to be sort of like a chill, kind of meditative art – This is very romantic

– It's kind of like a date, right? – It is very much a date – We've got our wine, – We got our wine, building sand castles – We got our sand, it's like we're on a beach vacation – I know – So I thought we would also maybe answer these, do you know the 36 questions from the New York Times, to fall in love? – You're talkin' to a romantic here, so yeah I do

– And I just think that's a very dramatic headline, but I think they're just good questions to ask, – Friends – to get to know anyone The whole point is that it accelerates the get to know you process And we are good friends, so it's not like we don't know each other But I feel like you can always do better

– Get to know each other deeper – So the first one is, oh, this is easy When did you last sing to yourself? And then to someone else? We sang to each other moments ago – I sing to each other all the time Yes, we did

– Just moments ago – I just sang, to myself though? Probably this morning in the shower I sing in the shower I'm not good I whistle too much

I had a boss once ask an employee to tell me to stop whistling 'cause I, (whistles) I like to whistle – You're good at whistling – Thank you It's like, I can't sing, but if I could, baby boy, my life would have been different – I truly believe that I could be a great singer, still

I've never had any training, and I think that's the only thing that's holding me back – Training? – Listen to this tone (sings) Pretty good (screeches) – Ugh, not so good – That's good too

I like that Okay, the next question is, if you're able to live to the age of 90 and retain either the mind or body of a 30-year-old for the last 60 years of your life, which would you want? – This one's easy – Mind, mind – Body – Mind

– I don't think the mind changes that much I don't think my 30-year-old mind is going to be that groundbreakingly interesting, ya know? – Yeah, but I feel like you can get dementia You can start forgetting things – But that's partially body, right? That's like illness – Yeah, but I feel like, I mean your mind is part of your body, so I feel like, if I was gonna live– – There's no wrong answer, but we are disagreeing

– Okay – I wanna have a tight thirty year old body when I'm 90 – That's true, I guess body is better I used to volunteer a lot at a nursing home, I'm so giving, and dementia is very scary – It is very scary

I guess we're in disagreement about whether or not that constitutes as a body problem or not 'Cause that's like, synapses aren't working or something I'm a medical doctor – Do you have a secret hunch about how you will die? Just a casual conversation making – I feel like I'm not gonna die in an interesting way

I feel like I want to, like if I'm drunk I'd be like, "Oh yeah, it's gonna be something cool that's gonna happen, "and unexpected" Like tragic, but not too tragic But now I just think, normal, normal style Just like in a bed, surrounded by my grandchildren – I feel like I'm for sure gonna die in like a weird way

– What makes you think that? – I don't know, I have lots of weird things happen in my life – Okay – I'm not gonna go into complete detail I don't know, my family has– – Have you had a premonition? – I've had premonitions – No way! – Like maybe I'll get taken out by a trash truck, making an illegal U-turn

– Really? You had a premonition about that specific situation? – I mean, not, yes, no – You don't have to be self-conscious This is a safe space – It's only the Internet – It's moreso, who's gonna watch? Like 20,000 people? Sometimes it gets up there but, ya know? – I feel like my sand castle is goin', it's goin'

I mean, its not good but its goin' – I'm making a little bit of an avant garde situation – Okay So name three things that you and your partner appear to have in common – Oh my God, beauty

Taste Style – Okay, wow, okay Mine would be caustic wit – Oh yeah, I feel like I could be more caustic if I wanted to be but I've been slowly pulling back from that

– And then a little bit of spontaneity I need that – Yeah – Yeah – We're both kinda chill, down to clown, we went on vacation together, no big deal

– Oh yeah, it's gonna be fun One more last thing for me that I have in common with my partner? – That's me – That's you? – Just, the partner that you're doing the questions with – Oh, okay, I didn't know that I was just talking about in general

– It's okay Oh, so caustic wit was for someone else – If I wanted, that's what I would want – Oh, no no I think it's what we share right now

– Okay, well we do have wit, but just, you know, not right now Style and taste, yeah – Okay Okay, very good – I feel like I've, I've kind of given up making the sand castle

Now I'm just making a blob 'cause this feels good in my fingers – Right! – It does feel good! – Squeezing sand – Yeah, that's one thing that we share Another thing, is enjoying good texture, which is very special – Just do this

Like right, this is ASMR – Hold on, I have sort of a thing going on – Yeah you do Yours is cool I regret this blob, it's not very good

– You don't have to regret it For what in your life do you feel most grateful? My health? – My health – Yeah – Yeah – 'Cause as soon as that breaks down, that's what I was talking about that with body, as soon as that breaks down, it's very hard

– You're gone, it's very hard – You cannot, you know it's– – But you can still go on, but it's just gonna be, I think having good health makes everything, good mind and body health – Yeah – Yeah Mind, body

Mind, face, body, hair – Face, body, hair Eyes, lips, face – If you could change anything about how you were raised, what would it be? – Skip, skip, skip, skip – Okay, all right

If you could wake up tomorrow having gained any one quality, or ability, what would it be? – To sing very well – That's a good one – No I think it would be extremely multi-lingual – Really? Why? – But I don't know if that's what I want, or if it's something I've heard other people say and it makes them seem intelligent and empathetic and like person of the world, do you know what I mean? I don't have that much money to travel constantly, so like, how much would I get to use it? But I would like to A, travel constantly and then being multi-lingual would help with that, right? – Yeah I'm not making, I'm just using, it just feels good on my body, the sand, this is what I'm doing, have you used your elbows? – You don't have to make anything specifically

– I think, if I could have one thing in my life, or add something to my, a quality I guess I would want to be able to, can we do a super power? – I guess I mean, we're making the rules – I guess I wouldn't want to be able to read people's minds 'cause, – Dark Are you not scared of that? Did you read "Twilight"? – I don't want to be able to read people's minds

I think that's a scary thing because– – You just said that that's what you would pick – No I said I wouldn't, but I would want to, maybe, I'd be able to fly I'd want to fly – Okay, but does that not also scare you? – Not more than being able to read people's minds Imagine if I was sitting here, and you were just thinking horrible thoughts about me

– I'm not – You could be – I promise What do you think I'm thinking right now? – You're like, Christine is brown (laughing) – No! – No? Okay, I don't know

– No Anyway, – What do you value most in our friendship? – I like how you're so open – Awe – I feel like, when we first started working together, I knew you before from comedy, but it's like, we immediately had this one day where we had lunch together, – And we cried? – and we cried in a empty office – And then we went for a long walk

– And we went for a long walk and literally, you can't do that with everyone – No – You know, certain people are built to just be open and receiving my mental distress Everything's fine now – I think I'm a bit of an empath

– Nothing gold can stay and nothing gray can also stay You know what I mean? Everything is moveable – [Producer] I don't mean to ruin the moment, but did you guys ever mention that these are Brandless cooking, baking things by chance? – I thought they weren't? – [Producer] Oh no, they are – Oh – Oh

– [Producer] That's the tie-in Go back to intimate questions, (laughing) I just wanted to say that for those watching – I think I said in the beginning we're making sand castles with cooking products and that's very themed to our episode because it was about products And I was sort making a rye joke about how it's not super connected, so maybe we should just pick that up – [Producer] Oh that's good, I didn't hear that part

Yeah, products – But I didn't say Brandless products – Well, these are Brandless products I like that these products, – Okay, we'll take a question, maybe we'll work it in – [Producer] Yeah, we're leaving all this in by the way

But I do like you restating what I'm saying – What is your most terrible memory? – Is that literally the question? – That's the question! – Oh no! – Queen, go off! No I'm joking – Oh, oh! – Let's do a different one – Yeah, sad – Alternate, sharing something you consider a positive characteristic of your partner

Share a total of five items This is a lot of– – Empathy – Awe, thank you Ability to open up – Thank you

Joie de vivre – Awe! Thank you! I can't pronounce that but I love it – I've been to Paris once – Oh, I went once, I did vomit there You're just funny

You're funny and you throw great parties – Oh my God, thank you! – You're a fun girl, you're a fun girl – Thank you so much You're also, you're an incredibly good joke writer, and you are like a light You know, when you walk into a room, you're extremely bright

And you make people brighten up – You're gonna make me cry Ellie! – Yeah, well, I love you so – I love you too! – Did we fall in love? – Did we fall in love? I think we fell in love, it also could be the wine – [Producer] Well, I'm not gonna cut until you guys fall in love – I think we fell in love

– I think we fell in love – Cheers – [Male Voiceover] Hi daddies, I'm a pin now I still spend most of my time in hell, but you can also find me at mythicalstore

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