Bull Testicle Donut Taste Test

– Welcome to Good Mythical More and welcome Damnyell and is this, this is Richard? – Richard, yes – Now, typically if Fred's here, he'll take this off and you take that and nope, you read it, read the back of it and then we're gonna do this, okay? Just me and you, read that

– 10 word story Create a 10 word story on the spot by each saying one word at a time – Right, so yo Now you say a word Say a word

– Bus – Why? – Cakes – No, don't say another, that word didn't make sense with the sentence We're trying to create a thought, one complete thought – Yo, bus why cakes

Continue the story – You get it Okay, if – Beef – Then – Clouds – Because – Spirit – Therefore – I think that's 10 words – I wasn't counting – Yo bus why cakes if beef, then loud cloud because spirit

– I'm glad you're here, Damnyell And Richard, does he speak? He speaks right? – He speaks to me – Okay, okay And that's fine – But I don't believe that other parties can hear it

He's the one who gave me the words Thank you, Richard That's why it was taking me a second because there's a process – Well you know what, you're in for a treat – Part of the base of his brain is directly connected to a part of my brain but it is a part of my brain that is not typically utilized for speech

So it goes to my pituitary gland and then I have to do some pituitary interpretation which is something that took many years – Well, it didn't take that long – For many years, when Richard spoke to me it just made weird parts of my body grow to different sizes because that's what the pituitary gland does – Gland does – That's why I'm such a large man

And then once I silenced him, I just learned to let it pass through to my speech part of my brain somewhere in the cerebral cortex, I began to stop growing – Great I have a donut here that Rhett was supposed to eat because I don't know if you saw that but I won the dart game I rarely do but– – I was in the audience This is a very, the dynamic is very engaging

– Thank you – Yes, I'm especially fond of the narrative of you being so bad at things and then it builds a special tension, is he going to ever win and then you did, you did – Right, I did and something about the way you described it kind of takes the wind out of the sails – But it's like a release I understand why people watch

But now that you've won, why would they watch? I believe that was the mistake – Well, if I'm gonna win, I can't not win You know what, I have a treat for you What are you into? What do you like? – Fun – Perfect

– I've been doing cold yoga – 'Cause this donut is lots of fun It's got cow testicles inside of it and on the topping which is on top of it – What exactly is a testicle? – What's a testicle? – Yes, is that some sort of, I don't enjoy being quizzed I get test anxiety

That's why I always avoided normal school I was in a Montessori environment where they accepted me and Richard, they gave us each our own reviews It was not report cards We don't get grades, grades are for savages and they induce anxiety so they would give us just a review and I would not listen to when they told Richard how he did but then he would tell me later through my pituitary gland – Well, testicles are your nuts

They're like your– – Ah, like almonds – No, like your balls – Ah, yes, dodgeball's one of our favorites – No, like in between your legs so as to be able to, the temperature needs to be regulated independent from your body temperature so that the sperm will live so that you can procreate So in the scrotum, there are two testicles

Why am I doing this? And each one of those contains the reproductive seed – But what do you do with the seed? What is the seed for? You plant trees with it? – You eat it on donuts, okay It's for donuts – Those things in the satchel are for donuts? – I don't want to talk to you about it – I try to avoid them at all costs because it feels as if Richard is part of it, you know? So I tend to focus most of my energy from the nipple up

– Well, I'm sure it'll be fun eating it So give it a taste – Okay – I thought Richard made noise when he ate – He's smelling

– Oh, he wasn't eating? – He's now communicating with me – He got a little on his– – Oh Richard says this may not be pleasant

– Well, there's only one way to find out The people love you, by the way They talk about you on the internet – Who are the people? – The commenters They enjoy your dynamic, you and Richard

– These people aren't saying anything, what do you mean? – On the internet, on the I bet the donut, just eat the donut Yeah, there you go

You want me to hold your hair back a little bit? – Please, please – Okay It's crunchy, huh? Okay Okay Okay

– Do I plant the seeds now? – No, those are from a cow They're not yours Did you like it? Okay You want to take another bite to decide if you liked it? That's a good idea (laughter) – Richard told me something funny

– What did he say? – I shall not repeat it – I'm sure he wants to taste some of it (growling and slurping) (upbeat music) He's in past – [Link] Get yourself the official Damnyell and Richard tee available now at mythicalstore

Warning, he likes to have fun

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