Butterfinger Butter Taste Test

(rooster crowing) (lion roaring) – Welcome to Good Mythical More – WinFace, 'cause I think he said Wheels of Mythicality

– He did – Yeah, right Well, you know there have been multiple ones – Over time – Well every day of the week's a different wheel

You know? – I didn't want them to know that – Yeah, I shouldn't have revealed that Congratulations, Megan, for that awesome WinFace You win a GMM hat Hat! – Hat! Hat! – Hat! That's how we say hat now

– Hat – You gotta say it three times – And you know, I just feel like my morale is really low all of a sudden Like, after the– – Well, I think it's about to go up, man – After that cow parts, man

I mean– – Its been worse – The butter started so strong, like, we were having so much fun The baked beans on the cornbread was such a breakthrough – You know what? – Can we go back to that moment? – That's what we always do, though, for some reason It gets worse as we go

And so we always end on a bad note Its taken many years to realize this – We should rewind, unwind But you know what? Now we're gettin' good So it kind of is about to happen, right? – Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

– Getting good again, because we have not only one Butterfinger, not only two Butterfingers, but also some toast – Also some toast And also a king size Butterfingers are two Butterfingers in one So we got four Butterfingers I cut them in half, we got eight

– Fit for a kings – Cut them in half again, I got 16 Cut them in half again, I got 32 – What we have– – Cut them in half again, I got 64 – This butter closed– – Cut them in half again, I got 128

– What is this called? A butter dome? – Cut them in half again, I got 256 (crew member talking) Cut them, that's all I can do But pretty soon, it'll become infinity, man – I'm still, I'm getting sad again – It's amazing how fast when you double things

– The numbers really make me sad – It's called exponential – Under this butter dome we have butter made out of Butterfingers (Link making sound effect) Ooh, look at that! It looks like a big block of caramel Or car-muhl

– It wasn't what I was expecting at all – It's not – It looks like it's gonna be hard – Let me give you a nice, little slice-icle – Is it hard? – No

– Is it smooth? – It's perfectly smooth – Did you add that noise or was that real? (Link making noise) – It was real – That was with your mouth – You slice one too, man, just get ASMR in this piece It's soft

It is a great consistency – That's a little bit lower – It wasn't until college that I was first introduced to apple butter Will Thomas Whenever we go snowboarding, Will Thomas he would drive and he would always dictate that we're not gonna stay in a hotel, we're gonna camp somewhere

– He was cheap – He was really frugal He put me to shame And he would, he would go to the grocery store and buy bagels and apple butter and that's all he would eat – I'm not spreading it, 'cause I feel like it's gonna be so good I don't wanna spread it out I just wanna eat like half of that slab in one bite

– It's, it's oh man, it smells like fudge It's basically we've made Butterfinger fudge – I think that's what we've done here – Oh, wow – Yeah

– Oh wow Line up – Why do people who work at fudge shops always jerks? (crew laughing) You notice that? – When the fudge is good you can be a jerk – I think they know it's so good – Right

– Like, man I've met some of the biggest jerks in my life cutting fudge (crew laughing) – Fudge cutters are not fun people Put that on a T-shirt Fudge cutters are not fun people – It's such a fun job, and you're bringing so much joy to people, put a freakin' smile on your face, fudge cutters! – Let's put the fun back in fudge! Funge

Is what it used to be called – [Stevie] That sounds like a good retirement hobby, for Rhett specifically, cutting fudge – (laughing) Cutting fudge – Cutting fudge – I'm the resident fudge cutter here at Green, Green Estates

Green Brian Homes Okay, I'm putting Butterfinger butter on a Butterfinger (crew laughing) – Oh no you didn't – Yeah, because I'm free – You're free

Is it a bit much butter? – No – Finger? You know what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna put Butterfinger butter on my finger (crew laughing) Watch this – That's a good idea, too – Watch this

Mmm! (crew laughing) Tried to bite off my finger, I couldn't do it – It just tastes like fudge – Incidentally, you could easily bite off a finger (crew laughing) It's not hard to do, your jaw strength is like, it could decimate a finger But I recommend not biting off your own finger

Do it to someone else's finger – That's really good, I mean – How much money would you have to– – Four dollars What is it? (everyone laughing) – You would take four dollars to bite off your own finger? – That's what I said – Alright, do it

– I'm committed at this point – That is true though You could easily bite off your own finger – Well, if it was stuck in something – Well, then it would be harder to bite it

Like if my finger was stuck in something and I had to gnaw it off– – I don't think, I couldn't do it for money I could do it to get myself out of something – I would put it to sleep first I'd sleep on it and then when I lost all circulation, then I would bite it off Which I've done before

Well, not fully, but sometimes, I may have told you this, you know I wake up and I will have been sleeping on my arm and it's just like dangling there And I'll pick it up and it's scary to have a dead man's arm attached to your body – Yep – [Stevie] That is completely unique to only you, Link – You being facetious? (everyone laughing) I'm not, to my point, my point is then I would take, and when I can't feel my hand, I'll put my finger in my mouth and I'll bite it

And it feels like– – Okay, maybe that is completely unique to only you – I wasn't done And it feels, I've done this, I've taken my finger like this and I've bitten it when my whole arm and hand were asleep – Why? – And it, just to see if I could feel it at all And you start to feel like a very dull, burning, and then your finger pops off

(crew laughing) I mean I could easily bite my finger off in a scenario like that But I would take more than four dollars to do it – Next time your arm falls asleep, just do it, man Just make sure the camera's rolling – I bet you my son would take 50 Fortnite dollars to bite off his own freakin' finger

– Yep, well let's put it to the test – That's the problem our world is in right now – But then he wouldn't be able to play Fortnite 'Cause you need all the fingers 'cause of the buttons – Good point

– Yep, just cut off a toe – Bite off a toe – Bite off a toe – [Link] We have a podcast called Ear Biscuits, and you can listen to the latest episode wherever you get your podcasts Do it

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