Can We Shrink It? (GAME)

(rooster crows) (tiger growls) – Merchicality! – Merchicality! – What could that mean? We love to see ya'll repping GMM merch, our hashtag merchicality winner is Facetious Pheasphant! (giggles) Pheasphant? (Shane laughs) – Facetious Facetious Pheasant! Thank you for a very cool name – Congrats! Yeah, you win a $30 Mythical dot store gift card – All right – And I'm so sorry I butchered your name

– Good job, Facetious Pheasant! (laughs) – Sorry – Facetious Pheasant Wow – Pheasant

– Getting some merch coming your way All right – Is that how you spell facetious pheasant? (crowd laughs) – I think so Facetious I think was the tough word – Okay

I'm just, I can't (laughs) – Oh, by the way So, you said it was all or nothing in that last round

– I know that I did – But, I think it's up to you to decide

You weretechnically it was five to one – Yeah and I, you know, I've never even heard of this movie

And I'm kind of curious – Well, wait till you hear the tag line "Shift happens" – Wow Okay

– I think you're getting it now – Sorry, bud – It's all right – It's fine – You can have it

– I killed it anyway – You did You did extremely destroy it – Lovely "Shift happens" I'm gonna start saying that (Shane laughs) – When you can't get in to work, "boy, shift happens, you know what I mean?" – Yeah, right? (laughs) (sighs) – I think, are we gonna try to shrink? – Shrink some stuff, dude – Shrink some stuff

– And we're doing this together – Yeah – So there's no competition – It's not a competition This is team work

– Totally – It's all about team work – Totally, team work – We're gonna see if it will shrink – Ah

Oranges – Oh, got some oranges – Now, we'll use one of these as reference – Reference, yes – So, I'll use this orange

This orange is a little bit smaller than this orange but, let's see if we can get this one smaller than this guy – I'm really excited I've never actually squished a whole orange – Right there – I don't think most people would do that

Because they're normal people – You've never squished an orange? – Not a whole one – You've never squished a whole orange? You go first You try to just– – Oh, it's cold (grunts) I wasn't trying at all

(laughs) (Shane yells) Wait, this is gonna be so messy, sticky, ready? – Yeah, just be careful (grunts) – Okay, I need your muscles Come on, help me (laughs) Come on Don't hold back

– Oh, but see, I'm scared because like I can feel the juice – Here move it right there – I can feel the juice Let's see – Get that juice Daddy needs his juice! (Shane grunts) Come on

(grunts) Seriously? Seriously? – It's not This guy – Yo, those peels – This guy – Come on (Courtney grunts) (laughs) – Okay, okay I believe you – Oh, the sound guy has died

(laughs) I couldn't do it Oranges are Wait

Yeah, he's still little bit– – Did we get him? He's still bigger He's still bigger – Dang it – Dang it (crowd laughs) All right

– Wow, who knew fruit? – Well, we got pillows – Do I give this back to you? – I will trade you two oranges for two pillows – Okay – All right I'm gonna move this mug over here

– All right Okay All right Let's, okay We can make a little bit of a competition of this

– Yeah, you could Wait, no We need one for reference We don't want– – Oh, true – Yeah

– Okay, okay So you can squish that one – This will be ref– – No, you can squish that one – I get to squish? Okay, I'll have fun with that (Courtney giggles) You're squishing it though – Oh, no! – All right

Okay, here we go And one, two boop! (laughs) – Wow, that's a real feathery boy Get him! Wow

– I'm like a really aggressive cat (Courtney laughs) – That's pretty good Hey, that's like quarter size – We got this, we got this – Yeah, wow

Look at that – We could do more, we could do more Keep pushing it – It's kind of doing it, then it goes elsewhere Gets away from you

– Go, stay in there – Yeah, that's pretty good – Look at that Look at how much smaller – That's like quarter size – How much smaller that is – "Honey, we shrunk the pillow!" – Oh yeah, that's right – Nice

All right – I hope it's not memory foam It's gonna – What's gonna happen? – It's gonna remember this forever (laughs) "I remember what you did to me!" – What happens when we let it go? – Okay, let's see – It just punches us in the face

(laughs) – One, two, three – That's me as a roll out of bed in the morning – That's actually very satisfying

(Courtney groans) This is very satisfying – 10 minute nap time! And then, just kidding – Sorry, nap time (laughs) All right, what's next? – Let's get these out of here (Shane groans) (laughs) – Al right

We've got We've got stress balls – Oh, stress balls! That's a bouncy ball

There's no way – We have got earth, (courtney laughs) – The whole world in our hands – All right – This will be reference I really am curious

DO you have strong hands? – Let's see – Because you've got the muscles there It's all there I love how you just flexed– – Okay nothing – just there

– No! (laughs) – Yeah, let's see if your fingers got this thing Do your fingers have big biceps? – Yeah Okay, there we go – Nice – Trying to

– Nice – Utilize every– Okay (Courtney laughs) There we go

– Real good, yeah, totally That's it (Courtney laughs) – There we go Yeah – Get them

Get them with your little fingers Wow, and it's actually cause the more you squeeze it the more it loosens up so, it probably gets really small – That's right – Look at that Look how small

We almost, this earth almost has its own moon – Oh my gosh, flat earthers were correct (Courtney laughs) They were right all along (laughs) – Oh my god It's about half size

That's pretty good – Let's see – Good job, kid – Now he just has wrinkles – Awe, wrinkly earth

– Wrinkly earth – Guys – All right

– Okay Backpacks! – Backpacks! – Love backpacks! (Shane laughs) – What? Weird thing to be a fan of "I am a huge fan of backpacks" – I'm an advocate for backpacks – Big backpack fan

All right – Okay I want to do it You're reference – Yeah yeah yeah, okay

– Guess what? Watch this, I already know Pretty good (laughs) – Not bad That actually is pretty cool – And now they make backpacks that are just actually this size now so

– Little tiny backpacks – Little guys Ready and

– Just for a little– (Courtney sighs) – That was nice (laughs) (Courtney mumbles) – You turned it into a little Stuart Little backpack Little Stuart Little guy

– Stuart Little loves backpacks – Oh yes (Courtney grunts) – Okay, with your technique– – Little tiny pool noodles – Open your ear (whooing) Nice

– Nice – Okay – It's like the Bell telephone, right? What's his name? Graham Bell? – Alexander Graham Bell? – Alexander Graham Bell! – I'm surprised I remembered that! – That was the first, that was the first telephone It was just them both, just like – Hello? (Courtney laughs) – All right – How do you– Did you want to fold this You want me fold this? – You go for it, man – Okay Let's see

– Reference – so we get that reference I'm gonna try folding it like this

Okay I'm gonna try to fold it like this – Ew – We got that – That's so unsatisfying

– Then you got I don't know if it's gonna do anything (mumbles) – Is it like paper, where it can't fold anymore than seven times? – Well, I've only folded this twice (laughs) I think this is it

– This is – Hey, that's pretty good – It's not bad

Let's see If we can just like – Yeah, get them – Yep (Courtney yells) Courtney laughs) – That's very aggressive (Courtney yells) (Shane yells) Okay, okay

(Shane laughs) Back, back! – Demon, be away! Yeah, that's as much as I can do it – Wonder if I can try my roll – That's something – Will my roll technique work? – Oh, yeah! Oh, no! Oh, that's gonna be that's gonna look so cool! (Courtney grunts) – Oh, it looks like the orange from earlier – It's gonna look incredible! (Courtney grunts) – Oh, my god! – Bury the snail – Can I see it? – You're gonna hurt me, aren't you? – No! No! No! No, look, I'm a chameleon (laughs) – Oh, wow

Hey, but that was pretty good – That was really satisfying, wasn't it? That was cool – Do we got a next one? – Do we get (Shane gasps) (Courtney gasps) – Our buddy! – Our pal from earlier – How are you?! – How are you doing? (Courtney gasps) There's two – I will admit he disappointed me This guy does not stretch as far as you'd think Three and a half feet

Is that it? – Hey, be nice to him (Shane laughs) – It's a grown man! (Courtney laughs) Hey, you're okay – Oh my gosh, can I have this? He's so good – All right, I'm gonna try to are you gonna try shrinking him? – You go You're very strong I have faith in you – Okay

All right, so we're gonna start by doing this – He's gonna watch – And then, we're gonna do this – Oh, my goodness – Welcome to core power yoga

(laughs) All right, we got – Oh, yeah, he's liking the technique "I think he's doing pretty good and I'm a big man!" (Shane laughs) – Smell that! (laughs) – Can we make these look like (mumbles) (Shane laughs) makeover? – Yeah, can you guys just do that? – Can you do that really quick? – Okay, let's see

– Wow, you tied him in a knot! That was what I was gonna do, honestly – See, if you see, it got a little knot back there – That looks really wrong (crowd laughs) – What? It just looks like nothing (Courtney laughs) It looks like he has no head

– Oh god Buddy, that could've been you (kissing sound) – [Producer] Guys, I gotta say, you really made the best out of this whole bit, which was very strange, and for that you each win your own stretch Armstrong! – Oh my god! Yes! – We get this guy? – Oh my god! – You're coming home with me! (upbeat music) – [Producer] Thank you guys for hosting today You did great – Thank you! – Thank you! – This is the highlight of my day! – Thank you guys

(applause) – [Narrator] Readyon your mark Get the set of all new Mythical mugs! Available now at Mythical


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