Cheez Whiz Foot Massage

(rooster crowing) (lion roaring and growling) – Welcome to Good Mythical More WinFace! – Whaaaa! – Congratulations to Katy! You won a GMM mug! Woop woop, woop, woop, woop, woop! – Look at that! (singing) Some have orange, some have black

Every one makes you happy! Alright, speaking of happy – Oh boy – Me getting a foot massage, in general, doesn't make me happy, and I am a massage fanatic

But I always say, "skip the feet" – Oh, you wanna do me then? – No! But it's even worse to have to massage your feet, so I'm not gonna do that – So you're, like You don't like it when they do the thing where they pinch each toe? I can't stand that, by the way – And they'll do this thing where it's like – They act like they're poppin' it? – They act like they're poopin' it

But they're not! They're doin' the sound, it's a snapping sound – Do want it on the sock? – Thanks, Chase! – [Chase] You're welcome! – I'll keep this one (laughing) – [Chase] Okay, cool – Do I have to do both feet? – Now, you notice anything special down here, Rhett? On the tops of these, do you notice anything special? – That you trimmed? – Yeah, in anticipation of my win I trimmed the foot hair you know I've been doing that for a while

Trimmin' the foot hair, very proud of that I recommend it, if you got hairy feet, you got hobbit toes Just trim 'em down, man

– What do you do it with? – With clippers, and then sometimes I just keep going, I don't know when to stop All the way – Oh, gosh Well you missed a spot – Yeah, can you cheese, cheesy that spot for me, please? – Does your wife like that? Does she want you to trim it, or you like it? – I like it

She thought it was weird when one day– – What do you like about it? – One day I like, come out in some shorts and she's like, "What happened to your leg hair?" I was like, "It's gone, girl!" "I have slimmified my leg forest!" "For you" And she was like, "Okay" (laughing) I don't know how I'm supposed to act about this (laughing) Like, I'm definitely not gonna act into it – Don't act, man, just do what comes natural

Just feel it Man, I used to eat the crap outta this stuff I would sneak into the kitchen, man, all hours of the night – It looks like plastic (laughing) What is it? What is this stuff made of? – It says "made with real cheese"

Yeah Cheddar cheese is the fourth ingredient in this cheese (laughing) – Alright Now this is not a foot-coating, this is a foot massage So, the sooner you get to it, the sooner I can close my eyes and picture someone else doing it

– (chuckles) Who you gonna picture? – That's a There's a lot at stake in that answer, isn't there? – I'm trying to (chuckles) I'm trying to set a trap for ya – Right

– Okay, here we go – 'Cause if I say "Christy" That seems like the right answer, but then it's gonna make this super weird

– I don't feel like I can get a good angle on this – You know what, I know what my answer is: A professional foot masseuse – Okay, well, I'm the closest thing around here to that How do you want me to grab Should I grab 'em like this How do you want me to approach this? What do you want? You tell me what you want

– Use a different voice (laughing) Use a professional foot masseuse voice – (feminine voice) How do you want me to approach this? – Nope, it's probably deeper – (deeper, sultry feminine voice) How do you want me to approach this? – It's not like a A witch or somethin' (laughing) Don't be spooky about it! – (deeper, masculine voice) How do you want me to approach this, boss? – That's good, that's good – Hey boss, how do you want me to approach this? (laughing) Like this? – Just, start on top then, and then– – Oh gosh! The cheese is so (laughing) so thick! Hey boss, you want me to go up the calf a little bit? – No! No, no ankle action! (laughing) – You like it Well, hold on, that's my technique boss I start on the ankle– – No, just, go down Go down to the bottom (inhaling helium) (balloon sputters off) (laughing) – Hey boss, sorry

(laughing) Oh gosh Do that again, Chase – What happened to your voice? – Well the key is, if you breathe in You like this, boss? Hey boss, you like this? – Yes, can your voice be higher? – The bottom of your feet is a little dry, boss Gosh this is so nasty I'm gonna pop your toes, boss (making popping sound with mouth) – They don't do the sound with their mouth They do it with their fingers

It's kinda like– (loud popping sound) Are you okay? Was that your head? – It's so thick! – I think that was your pride that just burst (laughing) Okay, yeah Do some hinging – How is that? How about a little bit of this – Oww, oww, oww! – Yeah, yeah, yeah! You like that, boss? (upbeat jingle) (laughing) Boss, you like that? (laughing) – No! (laughing) Wait, stop! – Hold on, that's good though! It releases the toxins, man! (laughing) – Oww, oww, oww! (laughing) – You like that, boss? – Oww!

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