Chocolate Chip Cookies Taste Test

– ( rooster crows ) – ( lion roars ) Cookies Welcome to "Good Mythical More

" "BYMB– Be your Mythical best" Today we want you to be your Mythical best by Grammin' with Grandma Take a photo with your grandma and post it up on Instagram, #BYMB Instagramma Get it? All right, so we've got cookies from the sub shops that we crowned Jersey Mike's the king of earlier

This is the first one We don't have to necessarily give these scores We'll just rank them So we'll just keep track of which one uh, we likes the best I typically don't order a cookie with my sub that I also don't order

I don't either I'm more of a chip man than a cookie man, and I feel like I'm overindulging if I eat chips and a cookie in the same sitting Cookies are for the kids, right? – Cookies for the kids– Well – ( mutters ) I love a good cookie, too This is a good cookie It's soft but also crunchy on the edge Um, who do they think we are? We're not going to be able to guess where any of these are from Yeah, it's going to be virtually impossible, But we shouldn't know, so that we can rank them We should just rank them Oh, look at this one, this one right here

This one's got some other ingredients I touched this one Let's both pull off of this one It's got big chips in it, man Golly

I wanna go to the middle because the middle's always better And it's got white chocolate White chocolate and chocolate? – This is– – Betterfour times as good as the first one Mm-hm I mean, that tastes like a homemade cookie Calling this number one

Here's number three Keep up– Keep up with the system you're making Okay Now again, I'm gonna break this one in half first Ooh, this one's soft, too

I'm gonna break it in quarters Here you go You take that Stevie, what are you whispering about over there? – You got a secret for us? – Stevie: These cookies look really good Stevie likes cookies

Um, Stevie wants a cookie I want a cookie Um, I didn't bite this one This is underdone You're gonna like it

It's doughy, very doughy Mm But It's definitely better than one – But not as good as– – I don't think it's as good as two Very chocolate forward There's lots of chunks there Bring out number, uh, four

– Whoa, what happened– – Four? Yeah, number four Oh, that's a little cookie What happened to number four? It got dinky They probably give you two at a time Now, which place gives you two at a time? I don't know that

This one's better than that but not better than those It's got This one's as bad as the first one

Yeah, because the– the dough is kind of loafy Loafy? It's better than this one Well, I kinda feel like I gotta eat that a-chest– – di-chest it – You wanna chest it? 'Cause we just played a game of bras That's better flavor

That tastes like it's got poison in it Well, it probably does, but it doesn't taste like it does

It's loafy It's going at the bottom Number five Man, this one looks Kind of like an oatmeal cookie consistency Well, it's kind of burnt in a weird way on top Got a good smell, though It d– It has a cakey smell

It smells cakey Mm That's a pretty good cookie, man Got some cinnamon in it They're try– I don't like this cookie 'cause I don't like the thing that's been added

Something's been added to this cookie that I don't like Cinnamon It's better than both of these, though I don't think so, but– You don't think that's bet– This is crap, man One and four– they need to go back to their drawing board

The cookie guy in this place You wanna kill him? Yeah, he should be murdered Gah

All right, and finally Let's see where– Ooh, this is like a big, flat Chips Ahoy! Does that excite you? No, I don't like Chips Ahoy! There's a lot of chips, though It smells just like a Chips Ahoy! The reason I don't like Chips Ahoy! is 'cause I don't like crunchy cookies

I like homemade undercooked cookies, which sometimes you can get at a sub shop Almost has a fruity taste to it Oh, wow, this is weird Like blueberries are in there Are there blueberries in there? It really does have a blueberry

You gotta give it points for that No, it's horrible You tell me how they made it taste like blueberries

Well, it's not a chocolate chip cookie If you can't tell me how they did it, you should at least make it in the middle If you order a chocolate chip cookie, and when you get it, you're like, "Ooh, it tastes like blueberries," what world are we living in when that's a good thing? Blueberry Town I like blueberries, but it's going last Stevie: Okay, you guys have to read me– you have to tell me your numbers 'cause I can't see them

We put– We put numbered– Let's start here The worst cookie we've ever tasted I don't think so

I think it's the most blueberry cookie I've ever tasted – What number is it? – Number six That's Subway Well, it's not a good cookie, Subway, quick putting blueberries in your frickin' chocolate chip cookies I mean, we're not crazy

Davin, taste this You tell me if that's got a blueberry taste in it Be honest I don't taste any blueberries He passed the test, ladies and gentlemen! I think it was in comparison with everything else

In comparison to everything else, it is fruity – Yeah – Is that number four? – Number four's the next to last – Number four's the next one – Jersey Mike's

– Rhett: Jersey Mike's? Did I just say that we needed to kill the guy at Jersey Mike's? – I'm sorry – Yes, you did We'll, you got great subs When your subs are that good, your cookies can suck – Yeah, they can suck

– Number one In fact, let's all take the focus not off of the subs That is Firehouse

– Firehouse – Firehouse, bad And then number five– This is the one that has cinnamon in it, right? That's Which Wich I like what they're doing there You don't

But we both agree, that far and away, three and two are the best, but two is best What's three? Three is Quiznos And two is Jimmy John's Jimmy John's got a good cookie Who woulda thought? Jimmy John's got it going on

Jimmy John probably thought that Now, we thought, for the sandwiches, that Quiznos was the best sub, No, no, no, you thought it was the worst sub No, we thought it was the best sub, but it was the worst We thought that the Jersey Mike's sub, which won, was Quiznos – Yes

– But Quiznos we actually rated as the worst sub – Correct – What was the second best sub after Jersey Mike's? Which Wich And the third you had was Firehouse and then Jimmy John's and then Subway and then Quiznos – Subway and Quiznos

– Put Quiznos last, huh? Yeah, the more restaurants you have, the worse your food gets What can we learn from that? Don't start a restaurant

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