Crazy But True Chipotle Facts (GAME)

(rooster crowing) (lion roaring) – Hmm, hmm – Welcome to Good Mythical MORE

– Superpower – Oh yeah – We're a new super duo (Rhett laughs) Which two is it, you might ask The Overlord and Charlemagne

– Oh the Overlord, that would be you sir What is your power again? – I'm just taller than people (Rhett laughs) And so I'm just kind of over – Yeah – And you know what I'm kind of– – I'm kind of over it

– I'm kind of over it as well – And I'm Charlemagne because, well my real name's Charles and I'm compensating for it You sir, I haven't heard of you, what's your super hero name? – I'm the The, the The – Wow the The – The The

– The The – What on earth does the The do? – The The can do anything (Rhett laughs) – The The man, I like that – The The – Have you heard of the The, he can do anything

– Anything – And what happens when people mispronounce it as the The – Then they'll be punished (Rhett laughs) – Oh he gets very angry, the The gets very angry when you call him the The or the The – I think the The is acceptable though, the The acceptable? – Yeah, outside the US

– It's gonna be the, oh okay you make exceptional– You make exceptions for international customers – [Stevie] Guys I have so many fun Chipotle facts – Some are false? – No, you don't – [Stevie] Some we've just completely made up, some are real, all are fun – Now the reason we're doing this is again, sorry no offense David Hill, David Dobrik was supposed to be here, and David Dobrik he had a burrito named after him at Chipotle because he was such a frequent customer

I think he gets unlimited Chipotle right – Yeah he does, he was given that, he was gifted that – The David Dobrik burrito, for those of you who are interested is brown rice, black beans, chicken, mild salsa, two scoops of corn salsa, a sprinkle of cheese, and a side of guac for dipping – Now it's not rowing anybody's boat here, or ruffling any feathers (crew laughing) Except that

– What is row, I mean if you row somebody's boat it sounds like you're getting 'em excited – Yeah – That really rows my boat

– That's not exciting – Unless you're going down stream – Right yeah, yeah then you're just, yeah – Until river is like – But the dipping part, that's the interesting thing I've never thought of – I respect this choice because I believe that the properties of guacamole are compromised when mixed with other substances – Well the winner gets this, but I actually, once you bite it, once you bite a burrito actually dipping with the burrito seems like a lot of stuff would start to fall out – That's why you gotta have a spoon for application

– So it's not really dipping, it's spread – I mean, yeah – All right, well we'll take that up with David Dobrik, when he comes on our show finally – David Hill what do you get on your burritos at Chipotle? – So I get, it depends like I do white or brown rice, depends on how I'm feeling, I also get the black beans, mild salsa, the corn salsa, cheese, a little bit of lettuce – No meat? – Oh I forgot about the meat, yeah

We're getting to that point – What is the meat? – Sometimes I do chicken, sometimes I do steak – Okay, so you don't have a very specific go-to order, you know what? I don't either, I mix it up, do you have a go-to Chipotle order? – Uh – Apparently not – It's basically David Dobrik's – [Stevie] Oh, what's my order you ask? – Except for one of corn salsa – [Stevie] I have a controversial order because I like a vegetarian burrito, I don't know – With the sofritas? – [Stevie] No

– You don't get the sofritas? – [Stevie] Like, I just like no meat at all I don't know it just like takes away from the other tastes – Give us the first fact – [Stevie] That was fact one, that was a lie (crew laughing) No here we go

– That's true – [Stevie] Chipotle receives some of its avocados from singer/songwriter Jason Mraz – Mraz sounds like the kind of guy that would have an avocado farmer, of avocado, what ever (crew laughing) Yes, Mraz has avocados – See David are you just agreeing are you gonna agree with Rhett the whole time? – No I think Jason Mraz has a, he seems, he's the type of artist like, "Yeah I have a avocado farm, I got a guitar

" – Yeah come do a sound bath with me – Yeah – Yeah – I just, it seems like you're saying what Rhett just said – No I mean listen, yo he's just, I mean

– Oh no, no I think he, Jason Mraz, yeah – Okay all right, you're your own person – [Stevie] Okay you're all going Chipot-yay? – No I'ma have to change my answer after lecturing David – [Stevie] Okay, well it's real (Rhett laughs) – All right

– [Stevie] Jason Mraz operates an avocado farm that produces 30,000 pounds of avocado every year, many of which go to a local Chipotle – Wow – Hmm – [Stevie] In 2015, Chipotle customers in Milford, Pennsylvania were in for a surprise when a black bear entered the restaurant, scared employees, and left – What state? – Milford, Pennsylvania

– Black bear, Pennsylvania that's a possibility – What part of the state is that in? – Oh that's too much information – [Stevie] I do not have that written down David Hill, I only have what is scripted – A black bear in a Chipotle – Milford is kind of right in the

– I don't think so – If it's near Philly, I don't think so, I think it's a lie, if it's like the northern part of the state – It's in the north eastern corner of Pennsylvania

– It's in a place that it could happen, but I don't believe that it did happen – I'm gonna say yay, it did happen – There's been a lot of random stuff, I'm going yay – [Stevie] This is fake (David exhales) – Okay

– What's the real story? – [Stevie] It wasn't in Milford it was, no I don't know – Oh – [Stevie] On Halloween, burritos at Chipotle are officially referred to as booritos – Oh yeah, that's a yay, that's a yay, I dress up all the time, ever year, every year – Oh okay well I gotta go David on this one

– All the tin foil – Oh you dress up as a burrito – Oh yes – Okay – [Stevie] Booritos are real

Chipotle even owns the URL booritocom and if you where a costume to a Chipotle on Halloween they'll give you a special discount – So that's it – Oh yes – But it doesn't have to be a burrito, you can dress up as anything

– You can dress up as anything, I dressed up as the– – You could be the The – Yeah the The, yeah (Rhett laughs) I actually dressed up as a superhero, yeah – You did? – Yep, yep – And what's the discount? – You get about, they change it almost every year but back when it was about 25%

– 25% off – Quarter off – Like the earlier days like early, the early tens I'm reminiscing about them, yes – You know this very well

– Before the horrible queso – I'm gonna start waiting for you to answer – Yeah, yep – [Stevie] Every Chipotle in the world streams the exact same playlist which is created by a DJ in Brooklyn – Oh

– Every one in the world? That would just be bad practice if it is true – DJ in Brooklyn sounds like a hipster made that up – For some reason I think this might be true– – A hipster that works here But it shouldn't be true, it shouldn't be true – There's Willy Nelson in one of their commercials, like a Willy Nelson song

– Right and you can't play Willy Nelson in Italy (crew laughing) – Their playlist is really good though, most of the time, most of the time it's a lot of alternative, electronic, kinda indie artist – You think they're pumping that from Brooklyn to the whole world? – Yeah, because most chain stores have that little– – So you're saying yay? – Yeah I'm definitely saying yay – All right I'm going with David, I believe his reasoning is sound – [Stevie] This is real

– Really? – [Stevie] Every Chipotle exclusively streams the same playlist which changes every month and is curated by DJ Christopher Golub – AKA David Hill I guess

– [Stevie] And there are Chipotles in Germany, France, the UK, and Canada – DJ in Brooklyn – Oh, that's the only countries that they're in? – [Stevie] That's right – I would've thought they expanded even more, but with that whole E coli thing I guess, really threw 'em

– Yeah – [Stevie] Oh it's my, sorry I forgot I've had the facts – Now if you want to beat Rhett, you gotta withhold your reasoning I'm just saying 'cause he's now gonna copy you every time Let's keep going

– [Stevie] On National Cat Day, if you tweet a photo of your cat dressed as a burrito to the official Chipotle Twitter account, you will receive a coupon for a free side of guacamole – I believe this is too difficult to administer, and I believe they may get calls of animal cruelty, so I'm gonna say nay – I think it's yay, do you know? – I believe this is something Chipotle would do – Yeah – Yeah

– I wanna change my answer because I believe in David Hill, but I'm not going to – [Stevie] This is fake (Rhett laughs) (Link and David groaning) – All right, David – They should start doing that, that'd be fun – [Stevie] Steve Carell once signed a tortilla for a Chipotle employee

– Of course, yes – How would we know that? – You don't even need to think about this one – Just like a Twitter post, Twitter picture I think this has got a good payoff, it's like a picture of a burrito that Steve Carell signed – Hopefully we'll see it

– I'm saying yeah, I wanna see it – Did he sign it with black beans or with ink? – [Stevie] What are we going with? – Goin' with yay – [Stevie] Yeah it's real, and it has a payoff here's the photo – [David] Oh, I thought it was gonna be like– – [Rhett] It's a small tortilla, or else, a very big hand? – [Stevie] I think it's a heart, is it? – That's the taco shell – [Stevie] Yeah taco, yeah

– That's a good autograph – It's very good – [Link] That big S that's like an eight, wow – [Stevie] All right here's your final chance, let's see where we stand, well we've gotta make this one, to give David a chance – I haven't missed one yet Stevie

– [Stevie] Okay fine then – I really want that burrito – [Stevie] No last one you just win – But you know what, we'll make it worth as many points as you want – [Stevie] Okay what did you say? You wanna make it interesting, I wasn't listening

– Make it worth four points, anybody's game, except Link – [Stevie] Except for Link (Stevie and Rhett laughing) – This is for the queen sweep for Rhett – No Link can tie – [Stevie] Okay, Chipotle catering, offers a guactopus, which is an arrangement of 32 sliced avocados artistically, well I mean displayed in the shape of an octopus

– Well I mean – I feel like the training for that would be impractical – Yeah that's tough – I'm on the fence – I feel like I would have seen this on the internet, if it existed

– David, the only way you can win is if you disagree with Rhett and you're right – It's true (David exhales) – You might as well – Gotta go with yay – [Stevie] It's fake

(all laughing) – Rhett you got every single one right – I know my Chipotle man – You earned it man – David Dobrik eat your burrito out – [Rhett] Attention Mythical Society members, lose a pen, need an extra badge? You can now re-up or replace select items through a special password-protected page on mythical


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