Crazy Good Luck Charms (GAME)

(rooster crows) (lion roars) (wheel clicking) – Welcome to Good Mythical More (Rhett laughs) – Hey

– Tick – Hey, Gifticality which means we're donating $1000 to the Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services to aid in their mission in providing free and low-cost legal services to underserved immigrant children, families and refugees Please join us in giving at the link below – All right, you know what I just discovered? That we are gonna discover some lucky charms, like luck charms We're gonna play a game

– Luck charms – I'm gonna let Emily explain this – Hi – What else I discovered, Emily, was Silly String, it's very satisfying to– – Rip it? – To gather it up and then– – To grather it – Rip– – What? – Yeah you're gonna rip it apart

– You need to grather and rip it – Grathering is ripping and gathering at the same time – That's right girl, so– – You invented a word– – You do it, you do it, and then– – Ooh – Just be quiet though – It looks like little carrots

– Try it Rhett (can spraying) – That doesn't look as satisfying, it's coming out weird – It's 'cause I wasn't holding it horizontally (can spraying) – What if it just turned into a sentient being and then told us the future? – It looks like– – I come from the future but I've been stored in a can – Looks like a Sesame Street– – A little eye, little eye there

– Person has been in an accident – So grather that – That's insane Ooh – Oh you know what, squeeze the Silly String as hard as you can until something comes out

Some water comes out Oh look, look, look at that– – Ooh I see it – This is turning into a satisfying video – Ew! – Silly String juice, drink it Drink it, kids

– Okay Emily why are you here? – Emily, yeah – You guys are the king of segues, let me tell ya (all chuckling) So I'm here to discuss lucky charms I will read you some that will be either fake that we totally made up or they are real historical lucky charms – They're like a lucky charm for someone– – Mm-hmm well they have various things that they do to people

– This pitcher never washes underwear kind of thing – Yeah like superstitious stuff This is things that actually happened or they didn't happen and you're gonna guess – Okay – You ready for the first one? – Yes

Can I use my hands on this? – That is one of the items we'll be discussing but you know– – I'm still thinking about that Australia man who jumped into the cactus Can I hear what that sounded like again? (man groaning and yelling) (woman laughs) – (beep) Pull my legs out Zack, help me now (Rhett laughs) – [Link] Zack, help me now! (Emily laughs) – You know– – Why you gotta be angry at Zack? – 'Cause it was probably Zack's idea That guy still, there's scars from that that you will never get over, not just emotional but literal, he did not understand what he was getting himself into but Zack did

(chuckles) That's why Zack was operating the camera (Link groans) – All right Emily Don't let us derail you – What is it? – All right well maybe if Zack had used the figa lucky charm– – Yeah, figa – He wouldn't be in so much pain

It's from South America, mostly Brazil The symbol is a hand with its thumb pressed in between the pointer and the middle – Oh it's I got your nose – It's a symbol, yeah kinda It's a symbol that is said to ward off the evil eye

– Oh – I think this is actually an offensive symbol in whatever country you just referenced Where did you say? – South America, mostly Brazil – Yeah this is offensive in Brazil Not a good luck charm

– No this is to ward off evil spirits – The evil eye – The evil eye – Mm-hmm Is that your final, what's– – True

– True? It is a lucky charm – Ah – Yes – Yes indeed, very good So if you do this, I don't know if, there's different ones that work on vampires and stuff

This one's for the lucky, or for the evil eye – For the lucky eye – Remember the, vampire's this – Yeah – Well I'm sure it's offensive somewhere

– Evil eye is this Just so you know – It's offensive in Argentina – In case you run into a big, floating evil eye – All right so I've got one point

– All right so the next one is, so in 1800s, burlap was considered to be a lucky charm and both rich and poor people would hang a burlap sack over their fireplace or hearth if they don't have a fireplace And it would bring– – What'd you call it? – Hearth – A hearth – Is it a hearth? – I think I call it a hearth – Right and then you grather all of this up

– You grather all that– – We're even now – Put in your, okay (chuckles) And so you hang it from that and then– – This is very flammable – It would give you good fortune is what it was – You wanna hang this flammable thing from your hearth? I think nart

– Fun fact, it's the reason that the stockings at Christmas were first started – Ah – So this is part of– – Fake – Yeah I think the stockings at Christmas were started because they were actual stockings, not they were burlap and then they turned into socks I think they started as socks so I'm gonna say fake as well

– All right the answer correct (Rhett laughs) – It's okay – Didn't quite nail that one – You can still fool us later – Okay cool

All right do we have the next talisman, the candlestick, not candy stick, although I would love that – Here, is this it? – This is a candlestick, all right Okay, wooden candlestick was a lucky talisman that originated in the Netherlands A lot of hand-carved wooden items, they have animals and different type of things they would carve out of them and they would be good for you on your travels, you'd keep it with you in your suitcase or something like that to keep you safe and ward off evildoers as you travel – A wooden candlestick

– Well it's Like a wooden carved item This is a candlestick but they had ones– – Okay could be anything – That were carved into, they're just like wooden talisman – It looks like a banister or a bed post – Mm-hmm, I think it looks like a big ol' pepper shaker from the Macaroni Grill

– Yeah it does – Yeah, yeah – Would you like any pepper? (Emily chuckles) You remember that? Remember that, y'all? – Remember that, when that used to happen at restaurants – No it was a– – Oh it still does – Adam Sandler character

– Oh – Would you like any pepper? – Like any pepper? – And he just kept going up to people Would you like any pepper? – Well then there was Dana Carvey was his mentor – Oh yeah and then he would, yes! – He'd put his leg up on a table – Oh yeah

– Kids, the televisial, televisial – See, so now I'm winning – If you grather by the televisial– – The televisial history is incredible – Would you like any pepper? I forgot about the Dana Carvey part – I am remembering that now

– All right so what's your answer? – True – I don't think, as much as I am a fan of wood– – Talisman – I don't think that, I think it would be a little rock or something I don't think it would be a full wooden candlestick – Huh

– All right This is just a piece of wood from the art department – Yes – Oh Wow, what? – What'd y'all– – What's this for? – Was it a banister? – It's my candlestick

– It's your candlestick? – It's your candlestick? – Yeah – But it was a banister before that – Get your candles – [Lucas] Yeah and then I turned it into a candlestick – It was your banister as your childhood banister and– – He grathered his– – Before you burned down your childhood home for insurance purposes– (Emily laughs) You took that out and made it your candlestick

– Did you do that? – Right Lucas? – Lucas? – Yeah, it's pretty close – Oh my gosh, it's horrible – Okay you guys ready for the next one? All right, bring it in Bed burner – All right here we go

– All right – Oh, oh, a ladder – So– – This looks to be– – Ancient Egyptians used to place ladders in the tombs of dead people, mummies, what have you to help their souls towards heaven, climb their way to heaven – But not all the way, just like 10 feet – Yeah exactly

Ooh baby do you know what that's worth? You know the rest of the words You've watched Handmaid's Tale this season It's considered– – After that episode, I gave up – You did? – I just can't take it anymore – It's tough to take

– At that point I'm like, it's the same thing again and again It used to be a great show – You gotta watch to the end of the season – They keep stringing me along with– – You gotta pull through, man – It's just horrifying

– Do they keep stringing you along? – Yes, like oh gosh Can I just skip? – You can hang – I feel like I could have skipped four episodes – No, you can't skip it – No you gotta stick with it

– You gotta stick with it – I think that this is, this makes sense to me – Okay – This makes sense to me – But it is unlucky to walk underneath a ladder

– Right right right right – This is false – It's false? This is a lucky charm – Yeah! – Oh, they put ladders, huh? – Put ladders in there – [Rhett] Yeah ladders next to the mummies

– Yeah – I saw some mummies at the British Museum You went to the British Museum – Really? – Yeah I saw some mummies – And you saw some mummies

I just thought it's kinda crazy that the only thing between me and this mummy is this glass and then I started thinking about what I could do to break it and then I started thinking, if I'm thinking this way, surely someone who actually would break it is gonna come in here It's free, you don't have to pay for it – I have a feeling the glass is pretty sturdy – I don't know – It's the same glass they use at a money exchange place

– You think they put that much money in the mummy glass? – Yeah they blow up glass there That's what they use on King Tut – You been trying to break through there? – No – Through the fast cash? – No (chuckles) – But what would you do– – I thought about it, never done it

– What would you do with the mummy once you broke the glass? You'd grab his hand and just his hand would come off – Yeah you'd shake him and be like wake up! Wake up – Well I wasn't thinking that but yeah – Or you'd kiss it – Well there's no wrong answers

– No, no wrong answers – I also thought it's way too hot Was it really hot at the British Museum when you went? I was like shouldn't it be cold in here, there's mummies – Maybe you're– – There's no AC – Maybe it was a reaction to the mummy

– This is all good content but I don't remember – Thanks – My answer is– – You've already given your answer for this one – Yeah it was a real– (crew laughing) – This is all good content It was derailed– – It's like Handmaid's Tale

It's like why am I still here? – Before I give you this last one, this is the last one – Okay – Do you guys have any good luck charms? – I don't play those games – I don't think I do I had some stuff in my backpack that I don't have a use for like a couple of pictures of family

– Aw (Rhett and Link laugh) – But you got no use for that – I'm like, I think that's like a lucky, it's kinda like a rabbit's foot but it's a picture – Yeah that's a picture of a person – Yeah

– To remind you of them – That you love – That's different Of course you have no use for 'em so (all laughing) – Well I meant, yeah, that sounded horrible

Okay – I got some stuff I forgot about in an old bag You know, pictures of family – Oh Jesus (Rhett laughs) – False

– No I was asking you which one of you, what were y'all's good luck charms I was just curious – Oh right, right (Rhett laughs) – I was making small talk – Wow

– Do you have a rabbit's foot? Rhett? – No I have little trinkets that I find comforting – Like what? (Rhett laughs) Like what? – I like little rocks (crew laughs) – Where, where do you keep 'em? (Rhett laughs) – In a little wooden box – Seriously? – Yeah

– Where is the box? – Well you know if you go to those stores, every few months I find myself in a store where they're selling lots of rocks – Oh so you find yourself surrounded by eight year olds buying rocks – Yeah and I'm like the one adult man who's like hmm I mean I don't steal it (laughs) I will buy interesting rocks

– For your wood box – And then I'll take 'em out of my box and touch them and it comforts me but it's not for luck, it's for comfort There's a difference – Well isn't that the same thing, you know? – You could heat 'em up, put 'em on your bare bot – Bot? – (chuckles) Body

– You could grather 'em up, put 'em on the bare bot – But I am a robot so that's appropriate – Do you have a talisman of sorts? – No I don't need that, I have Jesus – Okay (Rhett laughs) – Okay last one

– Wow – All right, I gotta tie you up – (chuckles) What? – I've got to tie Rhett up I've got to tie– – Okay, thank you so much– – I gotta tie you up – For specifying! – I gotta tie you up and put you in that bag with the family pictures

(Emily sighs) – I'll throw a rock in there, keep you company – All right, everybody – I like a religious woman (chuckles) – Oh God – I was talking about you the whole time but it did sound, ugh

(Emily screams) – Oh – You just– (crew member moaning) (Emily laughs) (Emily yells) Oh you just sprayed juice at this point – That's definitely, okay, guys it's one more We're so close to being done – End it! End it all! – Okay, in the British isles and other parts of Europe, there is a long-held belief that chimney sweeps are bringers are good luck

According to legend, shaking a chimney sweep's hand or passing one in the street is a harbinger of good fortune And we have one that we found – Ooh (Rhett laughs) – How you doing sir? Hello, good to see you – Hey

– Hey there (crew laughing) Thank you, good sir – My lady – Somehow I believe in that one – Spoonful of sugar I call it

– I think this is false I think that they probably, no disrespect to Mr David Hill, they probably didn't have a whole lot of respect for chimney sweeps right? 'Cause they're like you're just going by chimney and so shaking his hand would probably have been like I'm not gonna shake that guy's hand – People have respect for Santa – Good point

– This is true – I think it's false So if you're right, we tie – You think true? – True – It's true

– Yes! – All right – We tie, what do we win? – Oh (sighs) Just good luck overall for the rest of the year There's only like, how many, not that many months left so – Okay thank you

– You have three more good months – Great So many snotes, so little snotebooks Unless of course you venture over to Mythicalcom and pick up a bunch of Mythical snotebooks

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