Crazy Life Fail Stories (GAME)

(rooster crows) (lion roars) (wheel clicking) Welcome to Good Mythical More Random disturbing fact

Oh, give it to me There are over 200 corpses of climbers and Sherpas on Mount Everest Just frozen up there? Yeah when you die up there, they leave you I mean this is a random disturbing fact, it's a fact Think about that

It's a true fact You're going up there to the top of the thing that's the toppest and now you– They call that the summit And now you've got a, it's the toppest toppest of all tops I'm gonna go to the top top please One ticket to the top of the top

Of all tops and you're passing by all of these dead people Pretty cool Yeah it's pretty awesome It's actually pretty awesome Yeah yeah yeah, I'd like to get some for my house

Okay Uh-huh, let's bring in some team members, the same ones we've been hanging out with and let's take 'em down a notch by talking about their, well you don't have to come in if you don't want to, guys – [Ellie] We want to Don't rush in all at once Take 'em down a notch and talk about their extreme life fails and I got one more life hack for you that I found

You can take a medical glove, fill it up with warm water and you always have a hand to hold Oh That's so lonely (Rhett laughs) There's one over there for you, Matt Ooh! You always have a hand to hold

Now I have a friend It kinda looks like one of those stress balls It looks like it feels good You're holding it romantically It's very warm

It looks like it belonged to your potted legs Do a flexion hold No no, I only believe in interlocking the fingers – [Link] All right so on these cards I have– – [Ellie] Just another part of Mom's that they found after– Printed It's for handshake practice

All time life fails I've been needing this Our task, Rhett, is to match the life fail with the team member– Person With the life I always lose this, even though we can't lose– Come a little closer, Stevie

We're about to lose you behind Matt Rhett, you come on over here What's this? There you go, don't be shy, guys All right here's our first one I, now reading Is, not me, this is one of them

Just for clarity's sake I audibly farted, it's off to a good start Good, good, good, good I audibly farted in the middle of an Irish step dancing recital and everyone had to dance through the cloud of it The cloud of it

(all chuckling) The cloud of it The cloud of it Okay so who is the most likely to have been participating not in an audible fart because that could be any of you Thank you, thank you I believe you– Do you participate in a fart? I believe you can all participate in an audible fart

I believe in you Breathe deeply, you're a participant But who would be in an Irish dance recital? To me the first person I think of is Emily, right, I mean how could that not be Emily? Wow I think you're like, you're an Irish stepper I think you've got some– You know this is fake right? – [Ellie] Because of her red hair? She was blonde– I pay a lot of money for this

Moments ago I think they're calling you a drunk I pay a lot of money to look like an Irish stepper It has nothing to do with your red hair It has to do with the fact that I feel like I've heard something about clogging or something in your background and I know that that's like– Was it 'cause you heard me walking in these? Exactly

It's a southern thing to do to be involved in Irish dancing Yeah my wife– Oh I'm right down there Christy, she was an avid clogger as a child She would travel to fairs and participate in clogging competitions Cool

And that's why you married her, right? Yeah it is Every night, she gives me a private clogging (all laughing) Honey, I would like a clogging (laughs) They have numbers that you can call for that (all laughing) Wow

Didn't know how fun that would be Give it to Emily I think this is Emily because seems like a, where you from, Kentucky, West Virginia? Nashville (laughs) Wow I've said that like five times to you

I'm convinced you're from Kentucky Arkansas and Nashville, I'm both of those Arkansas and Nashville I think that Kentucky's a city in West Virginia You from Kentucky, West Virginia? (all laughing) Next one, I stole my sister's Walkman to listen to her Celine Dion album and when she caught me, I pretended to make fun of her music choices, making her destroy the tape in embarrassment

I had to save up to buy her a new one Wow, this has got Stevie written all over it (crew and Rhett laugh) Stevie has a sister Stevie, I met your sister a couple of times, she seems like she would be into Celine And this– And we know that you're secretly into Celine

Yeah and I like saving up Yep, you do and this feels like the kind of mind trick that you could really easily pull off Oh yeah Mm-hmm I could see you making someone feel awful about their choice

Even though you totally agreed with it (all laughing) Thank you guys Destroy the tape, sis Destroy it! Yeah, thank you Yep

That's brutal That's savage That's brutal Anybody want to hold a hand? Aw Yeah yeah yeah

Slap it Wanna hold half? Yeah I'll hold the thumb Ew! It feels good, doesn't it? It is warm It's really warm

It's like a cow udder I wanna play with it You just gotta spank it It's pretty pleasing Squeeze it like an udder

Yeah Next one, Link I want 'em to have as much fun with that as they want Well they can continue to have fun I did not have valid government ID for a full year and was able to get into bars and travel on multiple domestic flights

Whoa Whoa, we've got a criminal in our midst How is this a fail? Yeah sounds like a win This is a success Yeah

Well I mean my first instinct on this one is Ellie Why, why you saying that? Why's that? Because you have a way of getting people to like you I can see how you could just kinda talk your way into something and I also know that you recently– Down to the point Missed a vacation because of lack of government ID Yeah fully missed a full vacation

It expired Well then that undermines the thing 'cause it– Well but you know what, times have changed, man Do you wanna share a bit of that story, what happened? So for my birthday I planned, I bought tickets and lodging for a trip to Mexico with my friends and my boyfriend and the night before when I was checking into the flight, I realized that my passport had expired four days prior No! You think you would check that but I had the passport I'm good

Good enough Because you know, sometimes that's not the case 'Cause it's good for what, four years at least 10 years normally 10 years yeah

10 years I mean youth, it's easy to– It really sneaks up on you I had– And I wouldn't forget – [Emily] It does Life goes by fast So that's why it's not– And then my boyfriend went without me

Happy birthday! I've talked to Pat about this Yeah (chuckles) I think he did the right thing Your good pal (Rhett laughs) I haven't talked to Pat, he doesn't speak to me

(Ellie laughs) That's why this, I mean, I think this has gotta be Matt Lieb You think this is Matt Lieb? Me? I mean did you hear her stories? How could it be her? Well okay We can switch it in a second Yeah we don't know what the last story is All right here's the last story

In elementary school, I stabbed myself trying to make glasses out of a paper towel roll Saw the blood, fainted, hit my head, then the floor Wow Who was trying to make, were they trying to make functioning glasses or was this like just fun glasses? Was this me? I feel like this might have been somebody whose parents wouldn't get them real glasses I'm going to have to make my own! You don't wear contacts? Someone who was formerly British

No We know this isn't Ellie 20/20 Formerly Oliver Twist Well I guess you don't have to have real glasses to make fake glasses out of paper towels

Here's what's true is that I look amazing in glasses and the fact that I have 20/20 vision is a huge bummer 'cause give me those frames baby I think that's why this is her because she's the only one without glasses All right you know what, I think you're right and another thing to back up the theory that Matt Lieb is the one who traveled without government ID Go on Is I don't know exactly how old you are

Mm, thank you But I believe that you are old enough to– That's good You couldn't have done this before 9/11, right? Sure But you could only have done this before 9/11 Right

Sure And so I feel like you are old enough to be traveling– – [Emily] And none of us were born yet On your own before 9/11 as an adult Wait so you think I'm older Yeah

Bingo Well then I rescind my thank you from earlier Yeah so I think this is right I think Matt– I'm very young Is the traveler and I think Ellie's the glasses

I feel really good about this actually Ha ha Let's start with Matt here So you wanna know the truth? Is this you or no? This is not me (groans) Dang it

It's me (groans) It was you! That is you, okay Yeah before the passport incident, I had no ID (chuckles) All right so you'll just hold that one but now– So tell us, how did you get on the flights? You just bring as much stuff as you can like pay stubs and your credit card– What? And your debit card and your, I had a student, I had both my high school ID and my college ID After 9/11? This is after 9/11, this is like two years ago

What? And they just, they make you go through a separate security so they look through all your bags and they like fully sort of– But that didn't work for Mexico They clog you Why did you do that? No no I just lost it and then once you lose everything– For a year? It's very hard to get it back Was this domestic travel or international travel? Domestic

Right so if you have an expired ID for domestic travel, you can be okay But I didn't have that either Okay well I'm just, this is for me because my ID's expired, I'm going to Hawaii And I wanna make sure it's okay You're gonna be fine

Thank God You just have to get to the airport an hour earlier than you normally would Which everyone loves doing that Yeah Yeah

Stevie– Well it's a fun place Are we correct? You are incorrect Ooh! Mm! You lost this time Wow That's not mine, this is mine

All right so– Yeah I, instead of like, okay, one would think if you're making glasses out of a paper towel roll, you'd compress it a little bit and you'd cut across No not I, I stuck my hand into the paper towel roll and then stabbed it through Oh Like the bagel Just like the bagel

Yeah and then when I saw that I cut myself, I fainted and I hit the table and the stool and the floor and busted the side of my lip and then mouth opened and then I woke up in a completely different room and I was like, "What happened?" (all chuckling) What happened? Well on the bright side, at least you didn't break your glasses when you did it You know, since you had none Right So that's good It could have been worse

Right Did you get a nickname in elementary school as a result of that? No The fainter No Dainty fainty

There were like 12 kids– Dainty fainty In my class so that would have been horrible Crappy MacGyver The 11 other kids making fun of me but they didn't It was kinda cool, it was like a war, battle wound

Okay so– We have to be with Emily Completely wrong And maybe Emily's right Yeah this is right (all laughing) Yeah

We knew you were Irish Fart cloud I wasn't Irish, I just really liked Lord of the Dance Sure Well I liked Michael Flatley, let's be real

Lord of the Dance But yeah I was really into Riverdance and Lord of the Dance– Yeah that was it And my best friend and I when we were 12 signed up for community center classes which was full of divorces trying to find themselves– Yeah the best, the best And then us, the 12 year old girls and then we had a recital in a community center and it's just like old men and bad jeans and I farted so loud and then (laughs), but my best friend Laura was looking at me the whole time we're doing this turn and the whole thing– Just keep dancing Everybody's having to go through it

And we're looking, you know when you're in a place where you can't laugh out loud but you need to– But you can fart out loud It hurts so much more but just everyone is looking at me in this do-si-do situation You were just looking 'em back like prove it I was like I'm so sorry Prove it was me

I'm so sorry (laughs) Never went back, never did a class again Breathe my cloud You can't return I'm so red just thinking about it, it was so bad! So Matt, which one were you? Celine Dion

Oh man Oh! Yeah, yeah, I really loved the album I would listen to it in my sister's room when she was gone and I would just listen to it alone because it's super, like the ♪ When you're doing me like this ♪ ♪ When you're doing me like that ♪ You know that song? Yeah Yeah ♪ You been there before ♪ So then she come in and I immediately started mocking her like ♪ When you kiss me like this ♪ (Rhett laughs) She thought I was making fun of her 'cause I had to cover my tracks and then she yelled at me and then she broke the cassette and I had to save up the money to buy a new one which I hid for myself in my room

So that's not right So you didn't buy it for her Oh you bought it for yourself I had to save up to buy a new one, someone added her, I did not add her They tried to give you credit

Thinking you were a good person I think the assumption was well certainly he bought her the new album But it's like nah, nah, I was still ashamed of it so I should really tell her I did that Yeah Oh well

What's her name? Diana Diana Sorry – [Stevie] Great things come in pairs Get the LTAT mug and tee now at Mythical


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