Crazy Twin Stories (GAME)

(rooster crowing) (animal roaring) (wheel clicks) – All right – Where's it gonna land? – Don't panic, Dylan

– (pants) You'll never see – Oh Ten word story, all right We're each gonna add a word I

– Am – Suspended – Because – The – Elongated

– Rattlesnake – Tooth – Flirts That's it

Oop, no, one more! – That's nine There are three of us – I can't count! Flirts – I am suspended because the long, what? Because the elongated rattlesnake tooth flirts Conspicuously – Ohhh – Ohhh – How could that be? How could someone, like suspended in air? Because it's like witchcraft

– Don't ask the rattlesnake – Oh, I thought you meant, like, suspended, like, you were, you couldn't go to school anymore – I'm not in school anymore Eat your Twinkie – So you, actually suspended? – You earned it, buddy

Yeah, like suspended in a witchcraft kinda way All right, so, to further test our twin stability, twin, what do we call it? – Twins have no stability whatsoever – Oh, yeah – Have you seen me? – You're all over the place – I'm all over the map

– Yeah, and this is your chance to redeem yourself How about if I put it that way? We're gonna play a new game of twin identification – I feel attacked while you're eating twins next to me like that – Oh, goodness Look at that

– I'm gonna be real He's cannibalizing my people in front of me – I like how you, like, you're eating it, oh gosh, in a parallel – Ah, Ah! (Dylan laughing) Your eyes almost bug out whenever you eat a double Twinkie – Now that all that's left is their sad reactions to

– The eyes are hard! (Dylan laughs) – So Those eyes are hard On these show cards– – I'm not gonna judge them – Dylan We have stories, true stories of twins who work with us or work for us, and we only hire one of the twins

The other one, gotta go somewhere else – That's good – And we're gonna bring in– – As a policy – We're gonna bring in one of the twins, having never met the other twin (Link coughing) Let's do it

Come on in, guys – All right, let's swing out here – Yeah, come towards me We're gonna do like a, you guys can line up over there – Walk all the way around

– Jenna, Bethany, and Teresa, apparently, are all twins – You're all twins? – I knew this – Wow – David's a twin too, why isn't he in here? All right, so, here we go – I wondered that, too

– Come in a little bit more, Jenna – Oh sure – David, we met your twin – That's why, man – Yeah, I guess that's why

– Yeah, because we would know everything about him – Can you just periodically walk through the background? – Which one is it? – He's got a twin (Rhett laughing) That was good (all shouting) (Rhett laughing) – Pace yourself Whoa, look, not yet

Pace yourself We got like eight minutes, all right – He says he doesn't want to be on camera – He went through then came back – Raise your hand if you love being a twin

– I love it – I'm choking up over here – We'll each read one of these so just pass it down and let's go through it In middle school, that's suspicious – Twins who go to middle school

– My twin dislocated their elbow playing a sport I wasn't anywhere close but still felt all of my twin's pain – I think that's superstition twin world – Okay, so you've never had any psychic connection? – No – Really? Have you tried? – But I did make him feel a lot of pain

(Rhett laughing) – Nobody wants to make eye contact with me There it is – Who looks like they've got– – I'm a strong eye contacter – That's enough – Dislocatable elbows, because I mean, you gotta assume they share most genes

– I'm constantly in pain, so – Me too, sister Me too – I don't know how to take that – Mental pain

– Who's got that like psychic vibe? – I think, she's got– – Teresa – Tattoo of a UFO – Oh yeah, she got that psychic vibe – My twin has the same tattoo right here – Did she dislocate her elbow while it was happening? – Did she feel the pain of a tattoo? – All right, give that to Teresa, we can switch it around

– I don't think, I mean, for some reason I wanna go with Jenna I just, that's my intuition I'm not even a twin – Dylan and I were voting for Teresa, so – I don't think I'm any better at this than you are, so

– Dylan knows us the best out of all of you guys – I do have a brother named Cole though Weird, huh? Weird – Do you have a father named Matt? – Ah, Jim – Thought it was the same dad

(all laughing) – All right, you gotta give that to Teresa because Rhett's been outvoted – Okay, all right, well, thanks – Okay, Dylan, you read this one – (high pitched voice) Growing up, people said that I was the smart twin, my twin was the fun twin – That's what we sound like? – What's with his voice? – Oh, smart and fun

– He used Bethany's voice, so – No – Who seems smarter than they are fun? (Rhett laughing) Well let's see here I'm just asking the question, not providing the answers – This is tough

– Either way it's not a pleasant thing – It's insulting to both – Yeah, who wants to just be smart or fun? – Can we just settle on– – I think you can be both, that's fine – It's 51% smart – Bethany's like I feel like I need to be both

I'm smart and fun! – I just think that so many twins have to be this or that – Yeah, you can be both – Is that a fun thing to say or a smart thing? – Okay, I shouldn't have said anything – That's a smart thing to say – Yeah, yeah, yeah, the smart one was you can be smart and fun

The fun only knows they can be fun – In high school, two guys wanted to ask me to prom One of them did it before the other David, are you gonna walk back through or not? You don't have to, you know, come on man – I think this is a good– – Now would have been the perfect time

– Yeah, this is a good time, here he goes (Rhett laughing) Chin scratch – When I said pace yourself, I didn't mean like don't ever do it again I wanted you to keep doing it I mean, I

– [David] Oh, we have plenty of time (all laughing) – We have plenty of time, he says He's like, well, if that's the case – We've got plenty of time – I've met his twin

– We did, we did – How was it? – I think he was the fun one – You think the twin was the fun one? – So you're saying he's not smart? – Brutal – That's true Teresa That's exactly what I'm saying (Rhett laughing) – Wow

– In high school, two guys wanted to ask me to prom but one of them did it before the other so the second guy asked my twin sister instead, even though they didn't know each other – What? I don't even understand the math – That makes me feel weird – Two guys wanted to ask me to the prom but one of them did it before the other So the second guy asked my twin sister instead

They didn't even know each other (crew laughing) Now it makes sense (Rhett laughing) – That's, first of all, brutal Second of all, scary Well

– I'm kind of disturbed by this story – Well, I know something about Jenna – You know me, yeah, it's true – And I know something about Jenna's twin, who I've never met – I feel like this is an unfair advantage that you hold over me who knows nothing about any of these people

– Except we're working as a team – Oh Well then I've been going about this the wrong way (all laughing) – This is why you don't let me on here You know me too well

– Jenna's twin is a brother – Oh! – That's why I think that he dislocated his elbow while playing a sport and I think that two guys, I think that the prom thing happened to Bethany and I think that the smart and the fun twin happened to Teresa – I thought we were on a team – That's just, that's just a suggestion – David just came through

– That's fun That is good fun, when David comes through It doesn't matter what's happening when David comes through – I can stand by that assumption – I mean, I don't know, I feel like these could also be switched, these two could be switched

– I feel like, no matter what, we're right about this So I want to say that, I'm sorry, that you guys went through what you went through You, that's just kind of cool, you know The whole twin pain thing That's interesting

– You're sorry for both of us? – Yeah, I just want to say I'm sorry – Both those scenarios are really awful – Yeah, that's awful – It's twin discrimination – I would not wish that on anybody

Except probably a twin – Was it write a traumatic story on the card? – It was a twin story – Just a twin story – Which is also very vague – So these, is this, are we locking this in? – I mean, that's just my suggestion

– I'm with you – I did go three for three in the game – Rub it in, but – All right, let's start with Jenna 'cause we feel good about that – This is correct

– Yeah! – All right, so what kind of pain? (Rhett laughing) – Oh, he's clapping – See, he's on my side – I think of you as a good person who doesn't lie – But – I don't, I'm a terrible liar

– So you're being serious You felt the pain of your twin in like a psychic connection kind of way? – Yeah, I was, he was playing football It was one of those complexes where it's multiple fields and I was on another field watching another game with a friend of mine and all the sudden I was just immediately uncomfortable all over and I had to get back to my brother and he was like, there were like medical people around him and he had just dislocated his elbow Another player like landed on him and it like dislocated – What did you do to that player? – I didn't do anything because I was sobbing uncontrollably

– Really? – I was like sobbing all the way to the hospital when they had to like straighten it back out for like the x-ray, my mother, my dad was in with my brother then my mother was next to me because I just like, beside myself I wouldn't consider it like a full on pain, though It was just, my whole body felt wrong Everything felt wrong – Happen other times in your life? – Shawn, my twin, has done that with me before when I had a back injury, he's done that with me

– So if we dislocated your elbow right now? – I mean, I'd rather you not, but it is worker's comp, so (Rhett laughing) You can, I'm not paying for it – Bethany, were we right about the prom? – You're not right (Rhett yelling) – So you're the smart one? – I can be the funny one, too, but it's not, yeah You're right

They're both bad for, what was that? – I mean, is she funny? – He – Is he funny? – I have a twin brother, too He is funny But I think that I'm funny in my own different way – You're funny in your own different way

– And I'm sure he's very smart – He is very smart I did all of his homework, though, I will say – What's the percentage? I mean, are you like 52% smart over him? – I would say that I'm 100% smart and 100% funny and he's– – That's it That's it

– 100% 'cause that was a trick question – You don't divide smartness with your twin – Yeah, you can't be 50% smart – You can divide a couple things – And Teresa? – Yeah, I'm neither smart nor funny

And yes, this happened to me It was the only way I could go 'cause I was a sophomore and my mom said I couldn't go unless my sister got asked so it worked out and we all went But I think she was upset about it and I didn't, I wasn't thoughtful enough to realize it until I was an adult, I was like oh, that was pretty (beep) – Yeah, yeah, that's – David definitely

– David's going for like a mime routine now You better watch yourself, you're gonna go full mime – I feel bad that I misled you guys, so you guys can have the rest of my Twinkie – Aw man, that's nice of you as the host, but I think I'm good – I told you

He has gone full mime – Whoa, he's in a box! (Rhett laughing) – I think he deserves the Twinkie for that – Give him the Twinkie! – Here you go (all laughing) – Sweet – [Rhett] We insist that you grab some of these Mythical bands for your wrist

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