Crushed Candy Taste Test

(rooster crows, lion roars) – All right, we got some crushed crap, I'm just bringing in – Boom! Look at that! – Welcome to Good Mythical More! – Gifticality! That means we're donating $1,000 to GiveDirectly to aid in their mission to electronically provide cash directly to those in need

Please join us in giving at GiveDirectlyorg – Thank you for being your mythical best Thank you for hanging out with us I just feel like today was a super mythical day I mean, things were created and experienced for the first time, maybe by any two people on the planet

– Well – Friends nonetheless – Well, I think Josh did most, did most of that

I mean, we were here for it though (laughs) – Listen, as I said, I kissed his butt thoroughly in the episode I'm trying to have a friend moment – Well, but you just said we did it I mean, we tasted it, – Well yeah! – If that's what you mean

– We tasted it – We did such a good job tasting it – We, I said, we are, we are on the verge of discovery I'm not saying we discovered it, I'm just saying we're there for it – Yeah, yeah, yeah, we're like, the – We discovered it! – We're like the people, – We discovered it for ourselves

– Who were part of the Lewis and Clark expedition who weren't Lewis and Clark I mean I'm sure there were guys there – All those guys, we are Lewis and friggin Clark, man All those guys were picking up the canoes and carrying them over mountains – Oh, so you're saying– – What do you think Lewis and Clark? They were writing in the journals

– Ah, you're right, the other guys did all the work – That's awesome man – They just got to put their name on it! – We like, yeah, and we're having at each other too (both laugh) I mean like we're arguing (laughing) – Lewis and Clark hated each other

– They hated each other (laughing) – Yah they did, that's what they're getting at – These are crushed candies, we're going to play Candy Crush Um, again, they come up to Lewis and Clark and they're like, "You guys are gonna play Candy Crush in Good Mythical More" And I'm like, "I don't know how to play Candy Crush

" They're like, "Well it's crushed up candies, it's not the game" – Right – So let's start with this one It's crushed up candies, it's not the app If you clicked through for that

– I think we should do a guess– – Shoutout to Ken Coleman by the way – Yeah, and John Thomas Don't, don't smell it yet

Let's do one visual guess and then if we need to smell it we can guess and then if we need to taste it we can guess – It's chocolate sorbet – I'm starting with, – Is sorbet a candy? – Three Muskateers as a visual guess – Okay, I'm gonna say, Three Muskateers No, I'm joking, I'm not gonna take your answer

– Okay, all right – I'm not gonna take your answer – All right, well just whatever you wanna say! – Milky Way – Okay, what, are we wrong, are we right? Don't tell us what it is, just tell us if we're right yet – [Stevie] You are wrong

– Shoutout to Elaina Stone! – And Darcme – Janine Woods – Hold on – Aaron the black dragon – Don't skip around – Yeah that's a bad idea – That's what I'm saying

Hold on why you, there's a list – We have a list As I was skipping around I was like, why am I skipping around? – Oh – Let's do 3, 2, 1, unless you want me to steal your answer – No no no no, I think you're gonna know it by the smell

I would have thought it was what you said it was now – Milky Way, you can say it Say it! – But you just said and it was wrong – Say Milky Way Just say it

– Okay – I just wanna, I'm not saying guess it – Snickers – It's not snickers, it's um, I still think it's Milky Way, I think you were lying – [Stevie] Both incorrect – Now we gotta taste it – We're really escalating this

– We gotta give a shoutout to Tatiana Tanser Wow! You should be a weather person – Paul, mmm, Paul Bearer Nick-heel, Nick-heeeel, Nickyle, Nickyle – Oh! All right, I got it, Twix

– [Link] I forgot that I should've been tasting this Oh, Kit-Kat, one hundred percent – Oh! Kit-Kat! – No, no, no, can't change your answer – [Stevie] Yep Yep, yep, yep, it was Kit-Kat

Although I will say, Link, I think you like mixed all of the candies up for some reason And we were all going off of the order that we had written down So this'll just be fun for everyone (laughs) – You can figure out what they are They all look different

I mean this one looks nothing like the other ones – [Stevie] We're doing it – Dave is good on this one – Crumpled up Kit-Kat's good! – [Link Singing] ♪ Crumpled up Kit-Kat's good ♪ – [Rhett] Nickeal – Alrighty, shout it out, and Josh Ousley! – What about Long Larry? Hold on, you can't just start eating it! – Oh, I forgot – Okay so you're out

– I, I'm, No I'm– – Until we get to that round – Oh, okay, I know what it is I'll tell you if you eat it, you immediately know what it is – Jolly Ranchers, I get guesses until I have to taste it – All right, all right, that's fine

– Jolly Ranchers – All right, that's right – [Stevie] No, incorrect – (laughs) The smell? – Well hold on, that's not a Jolly Rancher? – Hold on, it smells like Jolly Ranchers – This one's the Jolly Ranchers

– [Stevie] Nope – Listen, I know you got them out of order – [Stevie] You can keep saying it – Lifesavers! Lifesavers – [Stevie] Nope

– Now I'm gonna taste it – It's Jolly freaken Ranchers man – It's Jolly Ranchers – It's Jolly Ranchers I'm sorry guys, we're moving on

– [Stevie] No You guys keep saying the same thing – We're moving on! – [Stevie] Do you want a hint? – White, this white stuff – [Stevie] Link! What the heck? – Sour Patch Kids? That can't not be Jolly Ranchers – [Stevie] Okay so you have the sour part

– If that's Jolly Ranchers, – [Stevie] If you think it's– – Sour Jolly Ranchers! – [Stevie] No my gosh What's a sour candy? – A Sour Patch Kid – Laffy-Taffy? – Sour Mamas Sour so much that you, your face goes like this That's the name of it – Shout out to Sebastian Horitos

– It's on the, – [Stevie] No – What'd you say it was? – [Stevie] You know you suck on these candies and you're like "ooh that was so sour!" – Warheads! – [Stevie] Yep – Warheads! – Warheads! Shoutout to Steph Curry – All right Shoutout to Link Spitz (coughs) Shoutout to Wally the Wizard, Sarcass, Kinji, Annie Bell, Sloop-Scoop-MacGoo, and Jeanette Jeffers

– All right, okay We're gonna do a visual guess, cocaine – [Link] I'm gonna guess Ajax – Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh – Oh, oh, oh ♪ O'Rileys ♪ – It's the things that we said were horrible we said were the worst candy ever, those wafers

– ♪ Necco Wafers ♪ – Necco Wafers! – I get the point – [Stevie] No Why is there a Kit-Kat here? I know what this is – That's a Necco Wafer, it's the same thing – [Stevie] You guys keep, you keep, I don't, – It's the same thing that a Necco Wafer is – [Stevie] I don't like saying no

– It's the same, Necco Wafer is the same as it – Okay, we're pronouncing it wrong, Neeko Wafers! We know what they are, okay, moving on – [Stevie] Link! – Here's another powder – No hold on – It's just a greenish of Necco Wafers – Necco Wafers, what we're learning, Necco Wafers is also something else – Laundry detergent! – Hold on what is it that's Necco Wafers? – [Stevie] I don't understand what that question is

– I'm saying the ingredients – Dried up eye-crud! – The ingredients in this, shoutout to SophiaIsCool and Larry King, are the same that are in Necco Wafers – When you get like a piece of – Necco Wafer? – Like when you get like a shiny black piece of plastic and then you put it outside, and then the 90-degree sun hits it for like three months in a row, and then it starts to turn white a little bit and then if you took a knife and you like scratch, scratch, scratch, scratch, scratched that off into a bowl that's my guess

– [Stevie] So there's not like a, like a minty flavor or anything that you're tasting right now? – Mentos – Mentos – [Stevie] What, are you tasting a minty flavor? – No – [Stevie] No? – No I think it – [Stevie] It just literally tastes like chalk? (people laughing off camera) – You gonna snort it? – Stevie, we need to end this segment

Come on what is it? – [Stevie] My god, it's Lifesavers – Lifesavers – Oh! It's minty Lifesavers! – I chucked you one of those this morning I had one of these in my pocket, – Hold on – This morning and I took it out and I had it in my hand

– They've been passing Necco Wafers off as Lifesavers all this time – Shoutout to Jeannie Woods, already said her Harvey Peters, Shesty Rackleford, Azealia Visente – Hold on did you- Did you skip CJ Williams, Hunter Spence, and Tall Tommy? – I think I might have! In order to get to Rufus R2D2, Jeannie Woods! – Go! Slow Down Papa Caesars! – Okay, I'm not gonna let you Kelly-Anne Conway me You little Squirtle, I'm the SeaKing

– Hold on, stop! All right, go to the next one Captain Saltine – All right, here we have – You can't smell it yet, you do a visual – Chalk

– [Rhett] All right, I get to look first – I looked! I didn't have a guess – [Rhett] Sweet-Tarts – [Stevie] Yes! – Yay! Wow, I'm a genius! – You're not a genius And finally – Oh gosh – Finally we have – [Rhett] Let me look

– [Link] The other Sweet-Tarts What is the? – Smarties – What is, Smarties! – [Stevie] No – Nerds – [Stevie] No

– Geeks! – [Stevie] This one's like, kind of a trick – No smell, no smell – [Stevie] I'll say – Kind of a trick? – [Stevie] Yeah, not that you guys need a trick – Martha Nossbalm, Timmy Hollywood, Lily Rose, Bird Thomas, will you quit sticking your tongue? I don't even want to guess anymore

Pauly Ticks, heh, – Say it like you mean it This is a friggin shoutout – Yeah but that's one that somebody put in there as a joke – TuPac Shakur is alive, if you're reading this, spread the word! – Jacob Michaels – And Tommy Foreskin! What is this?! – [Stevie] It's Pixy Stix – Pixy Stix? – Oh! Pixy Stix! Slagdorf, Natalie Willcox, Victory Screech Number 2, Barbara Wayden, Casper Valentine, Bob Gin the Derp Knight, Wendy Martinez, Richard Powell, Schmanual, Uncooked Noodles, Crackers G

D, Kenny the Gorilla, Honky-Honk, Honk-Honk – Honk-Honk – I'm sorry I called you a Honky Sleeping Dragons, Max S John O'Campo, Kira Yang, Sam Shane, I'm slipping help me out! – Canon Gerber, Kelby, Aaron, John Johnson – I think it's Canon Gerber – Gerber? – You called her Gerber

– It's like gerbil – Kelby, Aaron, John Johnson, Triple-J – So, that happened Ellen, Goldskull, Blake Baker, Bryce, HappySquid, OnionGuy, AwesomeLauren, YoungBuckets, PenguinBoy You know some baseball players have to have Tommy Foreskin surgery – Quintin, Carrie Carstance, and – [Both] Penny Hardaway! – Nope and Lucy Bankron, – [Both] Schmanual, SlapBat, Stephanie Cunningham, Tyson Congan, and Sloop-Scoop-MacGoop! – Thank you for being, – We work so hard for you

– There for us Sniff that – [Rhett] Look, feel, and smell your mythical best with our Mythical Grooming Collection available at Mythicalcom

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