Did They Win The Carnival Game? (GUESSING GAME)

(rooster crowing) (roaring) – Motivational speech All right, so we always wanna inspire people to be their mythical best

There's a lot of different tough situations so today we're gonna give a motivational speech to the world's best mechanic but they hate the smell of motor oil – Oh, we know about hating the smell of things – Smell of something Yep – You just

– Oh yeah – You've just gotta stick it out – You know what? You can do this – Nice – We see you, we believe in you

Believe in yourself – That's true – Mechanic man or woman – As two women who, one who doesn't own a car – You don't? – No

– Whoa – But I do know – I'm learning this – A thing or two about motivation You just gotta do it

Just stick it, stick it to it You'll get used to whatever it is and your family will eat – Hey, you put the mot in motivation and motor oil, man – I think we nailed that All right, are you excited for

– Yeah, I'm excited to have you drink, this was like the cup of doom – All right, you know – Bottoms up, baby girl – You almost something else – But also it's

– I heard that – Also there's chunks in there I'm excited to find out what the chunks are – I really don't appreciate how everyone wants to tell me about chunks – You know

– Here we go – I don't know how you're doin' this I vomited Okay, oh, bring up the bucket and there she goes There she goes

I can't sing, right, so – I think I'm done – I think I'm done, I can't watch any more of this salad dressing mixture – Yep – Yeah

(gagging) I think – Okay goodbye to that I think I needed a motivational speech just for that – You can do this, I believe in you That was pretty disgusting

– That put the mot in motor oil right there – Yeah, I vomited for every single one I didn't expect that I was kind of surprised – I expected it entirely and I also love how they, they said the blue was the least bad and it was the worst one

– And that black balloon – Yeah – It wasn't even that gross None of them were that gross it just, in my head they were gross – They were pretty gross

– They were pretty gross – The, as you said before, texture is everything – Yep – All right so today we're gonna watch some carnival game videos and we're gonna try to predict if someone's gonna succeed, win that big ol' stuffed animal – I've won so many carnival games in my lifetime

I used to spend so much money on them, it's crazy Like thousands of dollars on carnival games – Wish I woulda known that before going into this, the segment today Woulda picked a different opponent So can we watch

– You lose – The first video? Oh, I mean, can we guess now? – Baby boy's gonna turn over, he's gonna lose – This reminds, do you remember the presidential fitness assessments in elementary school? – Maybe we had a prime minister's fitness, you know, Canadian But look at his shoes, they're not build for that They're not built for that ladder

– I don't think anything about this kid is built for this – Yeah, he is no Spiderman Let's watch him fall, I think – All right, I think I agree (chatter) Oh my god! Wow

– Wow I'm impressed, I – Way to go, buddy – I truly, wow I should believe in him I did not

– What carnival has that as a game? – They have them at like amusement parks I've definitely played that before – Oh, okay, cool, alright, well It didn't look like fun to me – And it's

– Let's, let's see the next one – Yep – [Camera Man] You ready? Look at down there – [Brunette Woman] What's the game? – It's the game where you throw a ball – Yeah

– At three bottles that are on top of each other that are clearly cemented to the base because you can't trust carnies – Now I'm insecure 'cause I thought that he was gonna fall for the last one but I was clearly wrong So she, but I think she's probably not gonna get it This is the harder game – Nobody wins these

– Nobody wins these, yeah – Is the thing Nobody wins these 'cause it is rigged, so – Unless you're friends with them – I have a feeling she's gonna hit it, it's gonna bounce back and chip her tooth

– Whoa, that's, I don't think it's gonna be that drastic but let's see – I don't know, okay – Let's It did bounce back How did you know that? That's a mirror

– Oh wow, okay Yeah, well, clearly, that's too bad for her – Have you ever won at one of those? – No, I like the one where you spray water and watch the horsies go – Yeah, yeah, yeah, that's a good one I like Whac-A-Mole

– Yeah, the Whac-A-Mole ones Horsies go and Whac-A-Mole That's what we like – Horsies go? Is that what it's called? – It is now – All right

– [Stevie] Wait, I wanna know, Christine, you won so, like, what was your best game? – I actually won a bicycle playing darts I was very good at the claw machine I, like, used to win bags and bags, Spongebobs are the best because they're square and you have three prongs so you can win that the best But I used to play, yeah, my parents used to just drop me off at Circus Circus and be like here's a bunch of money, see y'all at dinner – You really underplayed everything this morning when we talked about your technique

I once won a bicycle because I was the first customer at a liquor store on New Years Day – That's way more impressive honestly – It was a Claude Dubois bicycle – What did you, the champagne? – I rode the heck out of it – Oh hell yeah, not, I mean, once you get your DUI, is that why you don't have a car? – No, I just don't wanna drive

– Okay, makes sense – I have a license okay – A license to drink – All right, let's see the next one Yeah, that's true

Let's see the next one – No – He's, yeah, he's gonna get this! – No, tubs of fun, tubs of none – All right – Look at the little pig

– Then I'm split – [Stevie] You guys can be split – We can be split, okay – I'm gonna say he gets it and wins a little kitty cat – No, no, no, no, no, no

Boom! – Dang – Bounce back, baby They're all about the bounce back in these carnival games – Well, it's tennis ball which is like, of course it's like, that's totally rigged against you – To be a softer throw, like a

– Yeah, like the way you play darts – Yeah, exactly – Just, I wanna lightly pierce the ballon Just slightly pierce it – That's just arm strength I think, clearly

– Yeah, oh, okay – There's a lack of it – All right, let's, let's see the next one (chatter) – Come back fully or? I don't, I want her to win and I think she has the ability but I don't think she's going to – It looks like it's a bed in the middle

– Yeah, what are they winning, pillows? Look at that person that just won that huge prize behind her – That guy lives there – Yeah – All right, I'm gonna, what do you think? – I think I'm gonna go no – I think I'm gonna go

It just looks like an obvious no but I'm, I want it to somehow surprise us so – Okay, you know what, we'll go, let's go yes – I'm gonna, okay, okay, okay – Let's go yes, we'll have – Let's see what happens

– We'll believe in her Winner winner chicken, oh, wait, so she won! – Wait, I don't get it – I know It's not supposed to come back, I guess So we don't know but we, I'm glad she won

Hats off to home girl – Oh, so you want it to not go over the next one You wanted it to stay That is – That's easy

– This game is, woof – Winner winner chicken dinner, who put that graph? – Winner winner chicken dinner I guess you get a little chicken pillow – Yeah – That' cute

– It looks like a pillow A bunch of pillows, too many pillows, not enough, like, plush toys – Yeah, yeah, no one wants a pillow They all want the big big bear or the big dog – Yeah, the giant, giant, squid

– The giant Rocky and Bullwinkles – Yeah exactly – Or whatever reject stuffed animals that end up in – Winnie the Pooh, look at there – There ya go

– Okay – All right, do we have another one? – [Stevie] Yep, this is gonna be your last one – All right – Okie dokie Oh, no

– See I'm tellin' ya – No one ever wins these ones – No one wins these 'cause they are glued – That's a poo emoji – They are glued

– Emoji pillows, I do like that – Also, this guy just looks like he wants it so bad – Yeah, he's like me – But he has to lose – Just spastic, he's gonna miss completely and I feel like this is gonna be a bounce back and hit him in the face kind of thing

– Yeah, yeah, show us – [Man Playing Game] Yes! – I, it's like why are we disappointed that he won? I feel, I feel like I wanted it to hit his, in the face – Well, I'm a bad person – I know – But, like, you, I don't, I don't know why you wanted him to lose

– I wanted it to watch it hit someone in the face I feel like it's very, like – The best thing about this – Satisfaction – Is the photo of just the word large in the corner there for the toys

– And the giant poos emoji – Yeah – It's pretty chill – Who wants to win that? Well, that was, that was really fun I don't wanna go to a carnival any time soon

– I've also vomited at every single carnival I've ever been to – Well, that's, I believe you – I once went to two walk through rides, vomited after that I don't know what's wrong with me I should see a doctor

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