Disney Character or Mexican Wrestler? w/ Jon Cozart & Noah Cyrus

(rooster crows) (lion roars) – Welcome to Good Mythical More, everybody All right, 10 Worst Story

– Word – Oh my gosh I am embarrassed Okay this is called 10 Word Story You create a 10 Word Story on the spot by each saying one word at a time

Is that us? – [Stevie] That's you, you can start – So we do that? – Okay we do that, yeah okay so we create a 10 Word Story on the spot by each saying one word at a time Once! – Upon – A ti, oh shoot Interesting that I cannot do simple things

– Okay- – You know some geniuses, they have a blind spot and it's– – So we have, what? (laughs) – I just make it all funny – Okay, so we have once and upon – I mean we could probably start over – Okay, okay – I'll let you go first

– I'm gonna go with once (laughing) – We are so bad at doing simple things My word is there – Okay, was – A

– Prince – Who – Sang – A, many – A many? What? – Songs

– How many songs is it? – Once there was a prince who sang many, a many songs – Well I thought we could've like, talked about Prince – Oh my gosh, yeah okay, Purple Rain Wait, right, yeah – Yes, okay

– [Stevie] I think you guys nailed that Are you ready to play another game that I know that you're gonna nail? – Yeah – Yes – [Stevie] Okay so we're gonna do, is this a Disney character or a luchador, a Mexican wrestler? So you guys have little paddles at your side, if you wanna grab, and so I'm gonna say the name of either a character or a wrestler, and then, you guys can talk about it for a bit, and then I'm gonna need you to vote on your final answer, what you think it is, and I'll let you know if you're right – Okay, that sounds good

– [Stevie] Are you ready for the first one? – Yes – [Stevie] Tipo – Tibo? – What was it? – [Stevie] Tipo – [Both] Tipo? – Tipo – Like Tim Tepow

(laughing) – Tipo, I'm gonna go with– – Tipo? – Like office Tipo – Oh my gosh! That's cute – But I'm gonna go with the wrestler because it doesn't sound like a wrestler name – Tipo sounds like Sumo Wrestler, you know what I mean? (clicks signs) – [Stevie] You're both incorrect

It's a Disney character – Who? – [Stevie] Tipo is the oldest son– – [Noah] (squeals) From Emperor's New Groove! – [Stevie] Yep (chuckles) – Oh! – I love that kid! Oh I love it whenever they all mess with Yzma and Kronk because they come and try to steal the emperor and kill the emperor Or, yeah, not Kronk Yeah, Kronk

– Kronk! – Kronk! – Yzma, Kronk, emperor – Fun fact, The Emperor's New Groove used to have a TV show – Really? – And I did a voiceover in the TV show– – Really? – When I was like seven – Who were you? – I don't know Miley and I were both in it in the episode and I was like, in there like, I don't know, it was about potatoes– – Oh – And it was literally about potatoes

Miley played the waitress and I played the girl and the only lines we had was, I forget her line, but mine was, "The potato queen stole my potato!" – Oh my gosh! – That's it I'm gonna have to show you later because I'm (bangs desk) very proud of that moment – All right – Yeah – Cut to the clip

– [Stevie] Ready for the next one? – Yes – Yeah yeah yeah – [Stevie] Buck Cluck – Who? – Butt what? – [Stevie] Buck Cluck – I thought there was no cursing on this show

– Butt Cluck Wait Buck, what is it? – [Stevie] Buck With a C-K – Buck Cluck

– Yeah I'm gonna go with this A wrestler – Buck Cluck Sure – Or it could be a deer from Bambi

– You know what, I'm a 50/50 Oh a deer from Bambi – Yeah like a buck – Oh I see It could also be from, no Chicken Little is Disney

All right, I'm gonna go with Disney – I'm gonna go with the wrestler – [Stevie] It is a Disney character Buck Cluck is Chicken Little's father (both screaming excitedly) – Savant, oh my gosh

– Amazing I wasn't a Chicken Little guy, girl – I saw it once and there were commercials in between So clearly, that's all I remember – Can't believe you really– – I know, that's inexplicable

That's magic – Okay, okay – [Stevie] What about Fishman? – Fishman? All right – Yeah I'm gonna go with the wrestler – [Stevie] He is a luchador, his real name is José Ángel Nájera Sánchez

And in the ring, he was known as Fishman He was one of the top wrestlers in the mid 1970s and 1980s – Really? – My kinda dude – Yeah I just, there's like a– – Look at that bod

He's ripped – He's hot He's the off brand– – He is ripped! – Off brand Aquaman, just hanging – Wow, okay – [Stevie] What about Atlantis? – Disney character

– A character? I mean there's– – Like in The Little Mermaid or something – The city of Atlantis: The Lost Empire, the film – But I have a feeling you're gonna pull a fast one on me and it's gonna be a wrestler – Yeah, you guys are so sneaky back there – I'm gonna go with the Disney character even though I know I may be wrong

– I mean Atlantis is the city, in the movie Is there? (laughs) No, I'm gonna go with luchador – [Stevie] He's a luchador – I knew it, I just wanted to be– – You wanted to spice things up – Well I knew they were pulling a fast one on me

– Yeah – This guy looks really nice, actually– – Hardly a luchador – [Noah] Like he just looks like – Yeah he's like– – He's giving me a nice smile – He's a weekender, he's like a dad who does it on the weekends

– He's totally a dad – Yeah (crew laughing) – He's totally a loving dad, look at his eyes He looks so sweet, I wanna hug him – His face is completely obscured

– Damn it, look at his little smile – That's not a smile! – He's totally smiling, he's going, "I'm gonna get you" (laughs) I'm gonna get you – Truly– – If I was to go like this– (mumbles) – No, actually okay, from you, but look at this shirtless man in Spandex with his face obscured – I'm gonna get you! – He looks– (chuckling) – I like him, okay

(Jon mutters) – [Stevie] What about Blue Demon? – I know Blue's Clues, but I'm gonna go with this – Blue Demon? Yeah it's a luchador – [Stevie] You're both correct – Ding ding ding! – Cute – [Stevie] He's one of the original big three of Mexican wrestling and he wrestled from 48 to 89

– Cool 1948? – [Stevie] 1948, yes (Stevie laughs) – Not 1648 Um, great – [Stevie] Amos Slade

– Amos Slade? – I'm gonna go with Disney 'cause you haven't done a Disney one in a couple tries – Yeah, Amos Slade, cool – Famous Amos cookies Isn't that what it's called? Famous Amos cookies? – Famous Amos Slade sounds like– – Everybody's nodding their heads like no, Famous Amos isn't a cookie, but it totally is – [Stevie] No, Famous Amos is totally a cookie

– Okay, I'm just making sure – [Stevie] All right are these our final guesses? – I'm gonna do, I'm a luchie – [Stevie] It's a Disney character – What? – He's one of the villains– – I said what! – [Stevie] From Noah's favorite movie, The Fox and The Hound – Fox and Hound

– Oh my gosh, you love it – Love it, I live for it, I live for him – That's your queen – I mean he's a bad guy, right? – Yeah he's like a fur trapper – I remember he has like a shot gun or something

And he chases one of the four-legged creatures I don't know if it's the fox or the hound He owns the hound, doesn't he? – I haven't seen the movie – That's the one Disney movie I've seen – I know

– Please – But I haven't seen it – [Stevie] What about Panchito Pistoles? – Panchito – Obviously What? – Panchito

– Panchito Pistoles? Like pistols? (mumbles) – It seems Like it'd be one of the wrestlers – Pistols

I mean yeah, I agree – [Stevie] He's a Disney character He's a trigger happy rooster who first appeared– – [Jon] Three Caballeros – [Stevie] In 1945's The Three Caballeros His full name is Panchito Romero Miguel Junipero Francisco Quintero González III, and he's friends with Donald Duck

(chuckles) – He's related to Donald Duck? – [Stevie And Jon] Just friends – Oh – Different species – I thought they might have been like cousins or something, you know 'cause their beaks – (chuckles) Yeah

– All right – [Stevie] Psycho the Weasel – Psycho the Weasel – That totally reminds me of my hamster – (chuckles) How? – Because my hamster is such a psycho

– Oh my gosh – No he ate himself to death No like real life – Like the first scene in Seven? – And he was like, no he wasn't a weasel, but he was a hamster But he literally ate himself to death

He had this disease, it's so sad His name was Twiggy, he had this disease, he would eat his fur and then one day, I gave him all the ointment and everything No literally, I took him to the doctor and stuff, he had ointment and antibiotics – Oh my – It was so terrible

– Oh my gosh, that is honestly horrible – Psycho the Weasel That reminds me of Kimpossible, I'm gonna go with this Disney – I'm gonna go with luchador

– [Stevie] He's a Disney character – Is it the weasel? – [Stevie] A member of the Toon Patrol in the feature film Who Framed Roger Rabbit – Oh my gosh – He looks like my chihuahua (crew laughing) No like seriously, he looks just like Ellie

– You have an animal for each round Like that you just go through – [Stevie] It all comes down to this It's four to four, this is the final one – Cute

– [Stevie] Dr Wagner – Dr Wagner– That's a – I was absolutely gonna guess it was a Disney character, just because I feel that – I feel that too – Okay, okay, we feel it – But I'm gonna– – [Stevie] What are your final guesses? – Yeah, this is– – I don't know

– She's here – Should I do Disney? – No, no, no, do what you want You had a gut feeling, I had a gut feeling, let's just let our guts– – I feel like it could be both – Oh, how exciting would that be? – I feel like it could be both (chuckles) I don't know

– [Stevie] Okay guys, final answer? – Yeah you're putting– – I'm trying to look at my manager to see if he would tell me what it is (laughs) – What do I pay you for? – I'm just gonna go with the opposite of what you have so it's competitive – Aw Wait – Just for fun

– Yeah yeah yeah, I feel you – [Stevie] Luchador (Noah screams) – [Noah] I win! – Where was my management, huh? – He didn't even tell me – I know, I'm kidding, I'm kidding – Wait so hold on, did I win? Oh we tied the last round

– Yeah you won! – [Stevie] No you won – Well, well, I mean, you gave me the last round – I totally did – Do we have the apple? I'm feeling spontaneous – I totally gave you two points

I didn't need to do that but because I'm so sweet – You are honestly very benevolent – I'll eat it with you – Oh cute! – Ready? – I thought it was gonna be like a full on apple – Ready? – Yeah, yeah

– Cheers – Cheers, cheers, cheers Lime – This apple's bomb What'd you put it in? What is that? What is that? – [Stevie] It's like super sour powder

– You fermented, oh, wow, my throat is closing up Interesting – No I totally love this, it's such a– – Yeah it's actually great – This is such a good snack – Oh my gosh, I wish I had lost sooner

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