DIY Citrus Candles ft. ThreadBanger

(rooster crowing) (animal growling) (laughing) – Mind reading – Ooh, I'm good at this

– Oh, we've got a task, task alert – What's it say? – Alright, have the other person write what's on their mind, on the white board, and you'll have to guess what it is – I think we'll do really well at this, because we know each other very well – I hope so – I want you to read my mind

– Oh, yeah? – Yeah – Awww (laughing) Pizza! – I didn't even write any yet – Oh, no, okay This is easy, I already know it

– Okay, what? – Cats! – Mmm, no – How many guesses do I get? – You get three guesses – Tacos – It's tacos! – Nice! (laughing) It would have been, pizza would have been the third one – Yeah, it did, I mean, either of those three things are definitely, usually, what is on my mind

– Uh, I'm gonna, can I take a little turn? – Yeah, I think, okay, sure – Alright, I gotta think about this one Woo, this is big, you gettin' that, getting it focused? (humming) I don't know what to write – See that's what I was gonna get, I can't, you can't let me see it – Whew, okay, alright

– Usually Rob's not thinking (laughing) – Are we live? (laughing) – Maybe we can edit this down a little bit, until I get a really good one (laughing) – I was just gonna say, it's not mind reading but I guess it is – Oh man – This is way too difficult for you

– Yeah, I know, you know what, I thought that we would get gifticality, maybe, winface, these are all things I was thinking about – Don't want to see it (sighing) Come on, just write down what you're thinking – 'Kay (laughing) Whew! – I feel like it's not, whatever you're thinking isn't usually appropriate for all audiences

– Oh, shhh, never mind, alright (laughing) Alright, then this one, this one is better – I feel like tequila is usually what you're thinking, but maybe that's too, too soon – Is that a guess? – That's the guess, tequila – Tequila, no, I'm just kidding

Unicorns (hands thump table) – I would have never thought that – You know my obsession over unicorns (sighing) – Well I guess you're the true mind reader out of the bunch (laughing) Unicorns? – I don't know, it's just kinda, threw something up on there

The first one was completely not – Inappropriate – Yeah, inappropriate – See, that's, I did win that – I had to change it – Because I knew it was probably something inappropriate

– I thought about family friendly, which is what this whole show is all about, you know what I mean? What next? [Woman] You guys ready to make candles, out of citrus? – I think so – I hope so – I'm scared for Rob again, because there is a knife involved so, it's always a little, a little dicey – We made it through the last episode, I think we'll do fine – Well, you did drink a lot of tequila, so

– A little too much for, noon – Yeah (laughing) – On a Tuesday, is it Tuesday? – No, I don't think so – So, we've actually wanted to do this for a little while – It's something that's been suggested actually thousands of time on our channel

– It's a big Pinterest legend that we haven't done yet, so I'm really excited that this is the opportunity to show ya what we're all about here, on this show – Making candles out of citrus – Boom – This is actually great for like a, this is actually great for apocalyptic survival, I feel like – Zombpocalypse

– Yeah, I guess you would need citrus though – Robotpocalypse – Yeah, they don't eat citrus, so you got something there – Yeah? – When the electricity goes out, this is a good emergency candle I'm all about that

– Alright – Alright, so I think – What do you want? – Well the first thing, is that you have to cut it in half, right? – Solid – But you have to make sure that the little, butt holes, is that what, (laughter) – Yeah, yeah – Is that how they were described? – So this is the, so when you cut it, so you cut it in half, this is just a big wooden table, so, – Are we allowed to just cut on the table? – Yeah, I don't think they're gonna, I don't think they're gonna complain

– Not like in our household, where you get yelled at for that – Yeah, so you got that, I'm gonna take the liberty of using the cut one already, because I'm lazy – Wow – And, when you have your two, little orange slices, you're gonna have the, what is referred to here on the show, the butt, the BH, the butt hole, end of the watermelon, and then the – It's not a watermelon (laughing) – An orange? – Yes – And then the nipple, of the, I don't know if I can say that, but if I did, and, – Demonetized – Demonetized by now – How does this look? – Yay, family friendly! – This does look funny though, I can't stop doing this, right? – Look at me

– You're the orange of my eye – Okay, we're alright – Yeah, okay, right – Enough, let's get going – Alright, so basically, what you do is you scoop out the innards here, but you want to make sure to keep the little pulp stem? Yeah, the little pulp stem inside

Rob definitely does things carefully, all the time, so – I'm doing, I'm winning, already – [Corinne] Is this a competition, I didn't know it was a competition – [Rob] Yeah, this is a, are we timing this? – Alright, you have ten seconds – Alright, you do this, you gut the orange

– [Corinne] Well I'm doing, like how you do a grapefruit You know, when you make little segments – Oh, son of a – I knew that was gonna happen See, this is what happens, when you're not careful – Alright, this one's it, right here Oh, this is it, this is the better way (grunting) – [Corinne] What are you doing over there? Making all kinds of weird noises

– [Rob] Oh, here it is, look, it's like a candle! It's like a wick, in the thing! – Yes, that's the general idea – This is something Who came up with this? – Ahh, whoa – I wanna meet this guy – Why's it gotta be a guy? – Aww, you're gonna take it there? – Yeah! – Alright

Somebody look it up, somebody help me out here Alright, so I'm good on mine, look at that, you see that, everyone see that? – [Corinne] That looks terrible – [Rob] That's a little, – [Corinne] You did a terrible job – [Rob] Well, I'm leaving some fruit in there, so in case, you know, you're hungry – I am hungry, I'm gonna eat some of this

– Alright, um, – Looks delicious – The next step here is that you take a, are you onto the next step here? What are you doing? – Listen – Yeah – Yeah, I'm doing, you know, the project, how it's supposed to be done – The next step is you take coconut oil, and then you pour some into it

That way it's like a little candle, you're making a little candle Let's do that – Mmm, this is very delicious You know what these would also be good for? Rob, – What? – You're supposed to heat the coconut up, you're supposed to heat the coconut oil up a little bit, before you do that Ugh, this is why we do our own separate shows on our channel

(laughing) – And then it's something a little bit like that, I'm assuming, I've seen the pictures, this isn't my first rodeo – This does not look like the picture – I'm gonna go pop this in the refrigerator, real quick – This is a quality wick – You put it in for like ten minutes

Where is the refrigerator, around here? – You're a little sticky over there – Refrigerator? (laughing) – Oh, my goodness This is what I have to deal with, on a daily basis My wick looks amazing – Alright, this is called the Martha Stewart approach here, so this, you know, for the sake of time, you put this one in the refrigerator, and then this is what it turns out like

Just like that, we already pretested it over here – We all know I'm a perfectionist, so I had to really make this work Look how beautiful my wick is – That is pretty, God that's good I'm not gonna lie, that's good

– Very good, alright, here would you hand me that? – Oh, here it is! – Yes, this is how you do this like a normal person – Got it – Yeah – Okay – So you heat it up first

And then you pour it in there – [Rob] Look at that, pro, that's why they got us on this show, they knew at least one of us, – Yeah, exactly – Would accomplish this I'm still saying that mine's pretty good – This does have to go in the 'fridgerator though

– Okay, well I don't think we have time for that – Well just go put it in – Oh, my goodness – Alright so, we're gonna put this in the 'fridgerator, and we'll be right back (mimics time dilation) Well see, the reason why I want to see if mine actually works, it's thick

– I just wanna, where's the, here we go, (lighter clicking) here we go – Why do you get to use the lighter? – If we can get the lights dimmed, a little bit more That would be really, – We need some, Ambient lighting, oh, – Ahh, there we go, That's nice – You have to talk a little quieter, – I got it there, are you ready? – In your sexy voice Wow, I think you have to char it a good amount

(grunting) Oooh, – It's getting there – It's getting romantic in here Did you bring any spaghetti? – No, and I hope they have some s'mores or something – S'mores, yeah, we can make s'mores – Hold on

– You're failing at this, oh, I'm failing at it too – Yeah, here we go, here we go, oh! – Wow – [Rob] Take a look at that, ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages, the citrus living hack – Here, bring it in the middle here Oh, isn't that so pretty, oh wait, there you go

– Now, that's you can even, – We did it! – Have a little pretend time, the robots are, you know, knocking down the apocalyptic door You know they're feeding off of our, – I would rather it be like the movie The Quiet Place, so you don't have to talk so much – Right, right I think– – [Link] Capture the flag, then capture this limited edition summer camp ringer tee, available at mythicalstore

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