Double Breastern Bacon Cheese-wich Taste Test

( rooster crows ) ( lion roars ) Welcome to "Good Mythical More"! The wheel is coming to an end ( imitates wheel spin ) A stop

"The wheel is coming to an end" Not to an end, just to a stop You made it! You made it all the way to the "More" They're really on there Whatever you do, don't Google

Uh-uh Uh-uh – Toenail oops

– Don't Uh-uh – Oh, gosh, it just – Oh, gosh – it gives me a bad feeling just thinking about it – Oh! – You know what? – Toenail oops! When I was a kid, I don't know if I've told you this before You had a toenail oops? Kinda I had, like, an astronomical – fear

– Oh, come on, Chase Why you gotta show it to me, man? I'm not looking at– Stop it! Here's what I'm trying to say, I'm looking at– stop ( laughter ) He's holding up a laptop

It has a toenail that's just completely coming right off – somebody's toe – I had such a huge fear of having my toenails clipped as a kid And my – my poor mom – You had your toenails clipped? – Like a dog? – would clip my toenails How did you have your toenails clipped as a young child? I'm talking like five years old, four years old – I bit 'em – You don't know

You don't know Your mom would probably clip them And my mom– he's trying to put it in my eye line, but I'm not looking at it – And my poor mom – I haven't thought about this

And, so– because it didn't scar you like it did me – And Jimmy, – What do my kids do? my step-dad Jimmy had to come in and hold me down so that my mom could cut my toenails as a child I feel like I need to text my wife right now and say, "Do you cut our children's toenails?", because I have no idea if this happens I was Such a weird thought, like maybe my kids' toenails don't grow Like Lando's toes, he cuts– he trims himself with the clippers – And he's seven – I think Shepherd does that

But when he was five or four, you trim your kids' nails for them, man Just like a dog I remember him doing– I remember – But it was traumatic – seeing it done as a baby It was traumatic because, I mean, you would have to I don't know if I can eat this now that I'm thinking about it – Well, it's not a toenail – We got this thing that we're gonna eat, God And, you know what? I think maybe they should've just let my toenails grow long, I don't know, but it was like, at a certain point, they did give up because it didn't seem right to, like, literally lay a kid down on the bed and sit on both of his legs so he doesn't, like, throw a tantrum – so you can clip the toenails – Now, how old are you talking about? Five years old

One of my first memories, I think Four years old? Five years old? Toenails, or fingernails, or both? Toenails What did you do about your fingernails? Probably the fingernails, too I think my kids bite their fingernails just like I do We're gonna create one more because, boy, we really got on a roll mating different– I shouldn't do this

Yeah, just quit using the term "mating," please Breeding different restaurant items together That I'm gonna dwell on that right now That that Big Shack Mc

what did we call it? The Big– the The Big Shack Mac – Big Shack – The Big Shack Oh, it was so good – Rhett: This one's been here for a while

– Link: Could you tell? So, uh This is the Carl's Jr Double Western Bacon Cheeseburger It's got bacon, onion rings, and barbecue sauce I mean, notice how– does every place do this or it's just Carl's Jr

? Like, they have this thing that could be different things It could be a Super Star, it could be a Super Star with cheese it could be a Western, or it can be a Double Western They do that – Only– I don't know

– Only they do it? I don't know if Arby's does it And do you think that the employee is actually taking the time to fold it down? I didn't even look Is the employee taking the time it fold it down so that the right one's on top? You think they are? They're probably trained to do that, and they probably say, "Screw that," when they get there, – you know what I'm saying? – Well, I don't know because it's just like that sign on the drive-thru that says, "If I don't give you a receipt, you get the meal for free, call the manager" Which I've never quite understood that Well, why does that sign exist? Here's what we're gonna do, – 'Cause receipts are important

– we're gonna swap out the meat for two Chick-Fil-A chicken patties Do you want me try to get the cheese back on there? So we're gonna create a Double "Breast-ern" Bacon Cheese-wich Because breasts come in pairs Do you want the cheese – Yes Yes, I do – to come off of this? Here, well, unfurl one of these – Earl – This right here – It is really hard to get cheese off of a burger – that is a good thing once it's on there This thing over here? – ( laughter ) – This chicken breast, I'ma take another chicken breast

– You get two chicken breasts – When I was a kid, I was playing around the house one time and I I fell over into my mom's, like, sewing basket, and had a needle go into my shin

– Woman: Ew – Oh, God I was just over the toenail thing ( laughter ) And I just, like, looked at it and just pulled it out And it didn't bleed at all and I was like, "I'm one of those magicians" ( laughter ) You know what I'm saying? Like a David Blaine – Like David Blaine

– Yeah, but you didn't know that at the time We've seen David Blaine do that We saw David Blaine do this up close, – like 15 feet away one time

– Here you go He did this thing where he stuck a pin through his palm And everybody was like, "It's some kind of trick" David Blaine is so crazy that he has developed a fistula in the middle of his palm that he can stick a– stick things through So, people used to do this all the time in magic a long time ago where they would– one guy could do it all the way through his body

They slowly create a scar tissue tunnel through a part of their body, and then they can stick things through it, and David Blaine has one in his hand that he can stick things through That's how he does it Sorry, David Just revealed your secret His name's Davin

Davin You talking about the PA? – Yeah – ( laughter ) Yeah

You called Davin "David" for a month Just come out here Just put your face right out here Like right in here, like behind my hand Right there, that's

Behind my hand is Davin ( laughter ) Not David, Davin Now, did you want to correct Link when he called you "David?" I never realized that he called me "David

" Okay Well, he did What? Did you say Davin? No, my name's Davin Right, but you just said, "I never realized he called me – Davin: David – Link: Davin" Davin: No, but you used to call me "David" Which is he saying? ( laughter ) I'm just messing with you, man

– No, I am sorry I called you "David" – Yeah, he is sorry – He's very sorry – How many times have I apologized? – Devin: Twice – Twice now

– ( laughter ) – Twice? Okay, good Is that enough? Davin: Yeah Well, I feel like, after I did the hand thing, – I need to apologize for that – Yeah, that was weird – 'cause that seems – Yeah, just apologize for that I'm sorry for getting you to stand behind my hand It's like, I was Don't explain it, don't explain it – Like – You know what I'm gonna say I've known you long enough to know that, any time you try to start talking your way out of something, you talk your way into something else – ( laughter ) – So just ( stammers ) I think you're great I'm not trying to be mean You apologized It's over Let's eat this, man, this is good

– I mean, here's what happened – Two chicken patties on it – No

– ( laughter ) Dink it Mmm Mmm Got a lot of flavor, y'all What's that from? – Bojangles

– Oh Mmm Chick-Fil-A chicken patties, man They just do something right There's a reason why we put this one in "More

" 'Cause it's not as good ( laughs ) No, some things are better in "More" I'm liking it You don't like it? It's a little cold It's just a little much after the conversation we just had

I mean, I will say that the Chick-Fil-A chicken sandwich is something that should not be toyed with – And I'll leave it at that – Okay Have a great day

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