Dumbest Things We’ve Ever Believed (GAME)

(rooster crowing) (lion roaring) (dramatic thud) – Pop wank it – Although I have a sneaking suspicion of where it's going to land

Oh, look at that – Oh! Welcome to Good Mythical More – Gifticality, that means we're donating $1000 to Children International to aid in their mission to make a long-term impact by helping kids and young adults living in poverty Please join us in giving at childrenorg

– Thank you for being your mythical best and thank you to Children International for the great work that you do All right, let's Good Mythical More it up, y'all Bring in some mythical crew members – We're gonna, yeah, everybody come in We're gonna do, you know we love to play the matching games with the crew to figure out who's what and, you know, that kind of situation, but typically- – Want some antibacterial? – I'd like you squirt it as well

– You don't feel- – Oh, my mic pack came off – Mike's under the weather, you need to have some of this – Yeah, absolutely – Wow, you really put a lot Mike could have shared that with everyone

But that would have kinda defeated the purpose – Oh geez – Okay, so– – It's one smush – In the spirit of the craziest thing that people have believed, not that the Titanic thing's crazy But what we're gonna do is we have a list of things that all five of us, one thing that one of the five of us has believed at some point, like legitimately believed that was kind of crazy to believe

But we're not playing together this time, Link We each have a stack And so we're gonna read one of these and then we each have a card that we will hand that card that represents our color I'm green, you're orange, and whoever has the most cards in the right place at the end of this exercise wins – Wow

– Okay, read one Did you say wow? – Yeah – Wow – Wow – Just excited to be part of this

– Sure you didn't say- – Wow, glad to have you – Yowza? – No, but – "A guy at basketball camp told me that his sister had some dehydrated water and I believed him

" – Wow – "A guy at a basketball camp told me that his sister had some dehydrated water" So I'm trying to figure out is this person attending a basketball camp? That's the information that I'm using Or are they just around the fringes of a basketball camp? And by the way, dehydrated water is in our My Hair Goes song, we have a line about that – That's true

– Yeah I knew that – Invest your life savings in dehydrated water – Now mine is orange You have the same thing so we're each going to, we're competing – Yeah we are, I'm green

– Sister has dehydrated water Who's hanging around a basketball camp? – I mean, I know I don't look like it but I have gone to basketball camp – Okay – I'm just saying – Wow

– That was enough to sway him, all right – Yeah, it doesn't take much to sway me I'm like a palm tree, I'm constantly in the breeze – Oh yeah – I'm gonna give this one to myself

– Oh – Oh! What? – Can't change it now – Well, first of all– – Oh ho ho! – First of all, we can change it Second, second of all, wait, you have your own in here? – And I have, and there's one of yours as well Don't you remember, like, a couple of weeks ago, a couple of weeks ago, they asked us, "What's something that you once believed that's crazy?" That was for this

– Well we can also switch them like we always do – Okay, maybe – Oh okay, well I know you go to basketball camp – Yeah, why didn't you pick me? – And I know you would believe that – And the whole dehydrated water thing in the song was based on this story, so

You can switch it if you want – Well, I'm gonna switch later – Okay, switch later – I'm a switch at the end cause you might be double-faking – Yeah, the old double fake

– "I thought that swallowing toothpaste would turn my teeth brown" That makes absolutely no sense It turns your, the rest of your innards brown At least that's what it looks like when it comes out, right? Okay, I thought that swallowing toothpaste – That's like extremely– – How would swallowing something turn the thing that it's no longer with brown? Well, it's not true So it's, there's no logic in it It's just stupid that you believed it – Dang

– Link's goin' in – But this is something that an authority figure in your life tells you to keep you- – Swallowing that toothpaste turns your teeth brown – It defeats the whole purpose – So the authority figure is stupid – No, the authority figure- – Lied

– Cares about the person, the kid – Why are you looking at me like that? This is yours – I'm just staring you in the eyes Your glasses look nice – Well, thank you

Jen's acting weird, something's fishy – It's been a day – All right, read one Oh, you didn't vote – Yeah, I thought that swallowing toothpaste would, I want to give myself, no I'm just

Ellie – Okay – Ellie's got two

– It could be me – It could be – Read another one – "I used to think that tornadoes were giant tomatoes" – Link

Link – Tornadoes, tomatoes, you, that's you can see how that could get confused in your mind – I would hope that whoever believed this was very young because I see no correlation – Are you lying? – Like how could you, how could anyone believe that with just an iota of thought? You know, it's like how? – Well it's either tornadoes tomatoes, it could be like- – Like, like, like the word? – Tomato warning – Oh

– There's a tornado warning Tomato warning? – Oh, okay, yeah, that's not that stupid – Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah – This is why Link hates tomatoes – Giant tomato warning

Giant tornado warning Tomato warning, whoop – I mean, you guys can weigh in here, I mean, because we also- – I've been weighing in – You think it's me? – Yes – A giant tomato ripped through the trailer park

You should've seen it, it was a tomater (laughter) – I see what you're, I see – I'm making a case for you – It has to be from someone from a place where they talk like that – Yeah! – On a staticky radio

– When we used to hear about it, yeah, man! – Just vote, just vote already Jen thinks it's me – Yeah – It's somebody who had lived in a place where there's tornadoes Canada ain't got tornadoes

– Aren't tornadoes everywhere? – Nah – Everywhere – No but there's like, like a tornado alley – It's a Midwestern Southern thing – Yeah, like Kansas

– We don't have them out here, I mean, I mean, I'm sure tornadoes are possible here but I've never heard of one in Southern California – No, it's like the open plains – We have three more of these, I'm getting bored Oh, you're, so you can switch later "I used to think that tornadoes", oh, I haven't voted

– Got him! – What! This whole time I've been waiting on you to vote, I haven't even been thinking And I was bored! – Two things at once, man – I'm such an idiot! That's the irony of this game, I'm the biggest idiot now I think Mike too, I guess – Oh, well

– Wow – "When I was 11 years old, I was still convinced that a certain fictional Yuletide delivery man was real" I don't want to get it – Ellie's got three now – Don't give them to me

– Oh you're doing the switch-a-roo now, huh? – I like being the one you've clocked to believe most stupid things – I don't think that's the stupidest thing – Why don't you just hold that one? – Oh, you think, okay, so Rhett thinks it's me, you think you know something about me that you think this is me? And by the way, basketball camp, oh my gosh, I think that's you Is that you? – I wonder why – Okay, and- – I don't know that that's him by the way

– "I believe my grandpa's ghost told me to steal one of his ties" – Grandpa's ghost – Wow, that's an interesting scenario, I can't wait to hear about that – Yeah – I feel like that's mine

– I want to hear about these so I'm just gonna go ahead and guess I'm gonna give this one to Jen – To steal one of his ties I think all these are Ellie (mumbles) – The ultimate trick! – Like, why would you want a tie, though? – Okay

– Avril Lavigne – Why would anybody want a tie? – What about a dead grandfather? – Okay, I think this is you – Okay, you want to start over here Uh, yes, a guy at basketball camp told me that his sister had some dehydrated water and I believed him – Okay, so what was the context of that? Like, he was offering it to you or he was just trying to make you believe it? – Well, he was just like, "My sister's got dehydrated water

" – And you were like, "Oh, really?" – And I was like- – "Give me some!" – And he was like, he was older and I was, you know, younger, and so he was just, you know how it works when somebody's older and that makes you younger? He was just screwing around, you know, and basically just trying to make us believe something I don't remember all the details, I just remember thinking that like, "Dehydrated water, that's interesting" He was like, "Yeah, you just add water" – I'll go next Yeah, you were right

– Yeah, you right – I was re-convinced at age 11 that a certain fictional Yuletide delivery man was real – At 11? – For a day – Who convinced you? – Maria Because Maria, Maria was never the type of girl to, like, lie or joke about anything

– Really? – But, like, she sat me down- – She made you doubt yourself at 11 – She sat me down and she was like, she had details that I had never heard from anyone else and I was like- – Like the stuff the weatherman says? The weatherman had him on radar, that kind of thing – Coming in the front porch and, like, seeing him and had an interaction – There's deer hoof prints on people's roofs – Yeah, yeah

– Oh, honey, this is much more compelling – How do you explain that? – Okay – And then I, like, went to bed that night and I was like, wait a second But for that day, I believed it Did you know that about me? – I think I've heard you tell that story but I did not know that Maria got you that way

– It was Maria, Maria got me that way – Yeah, yeah – You know how Maria gets me That way – Oh, God! – No, this way, this way

– That way in particular – Yeah, you just gave a certain inflection – Yeah, I was making, okay – Yeah – Jen, let's go with you

– This is me – I got it right! – Yeah! – You thought that swallowing toothpaste would turn your teeth brown, who lied to you? – Both my parents – Both of your- – Because I would just eat toothpaste So – Well, your teeth aren't brown, but what's happening with your GI? – No one knows, it's really confusing – You have some of the nicest teeth in the building – Wow, thank you – Nicest teeth in the building

– Like just eat it out of the- – Yeah, I mean, I would brush my teeth and then I would eat it afterwards I'd brush my teeth and then I'd swallow it and then I'd continue to eat the toothpaste – Like, just right out of the tube? – Yeah – Wow – I used to eat Chapstick

– That's not good for you – Shouldn't do that- – Whole tubes – It'll turn your teeth brown – They'll pump a pet's stomach for that – You ate whole tubes? – Hey, keep the one that you voted wrong out

(talking over each other) – You've won though, because we did the same, well, we could have tied – Okay, Mike? – Yeah, that is correct – So we both got that one right – That means you got them all right – Why did you think that? Because of the pronunciation of tomato and tornado? – Yeah, I don't know

But what you say sounds about right – I don't know why I believed it – That makes you look the best for it to be about- – What age are we talking about? – Pretty young, like I was scared of the basement – Okay, well I'm still scared of the basement – Because that's where the tornado tomatoes were? – No, because that's where you had to go hide to escape them

– Oh – Oh, tomatoes are coming, got to get in the basement – Growing up where? – Tomatoes are coming – Wisconsin – Yeah, yup, yup, yup, yup

– And so Ellie, I got yours right, too? "My grandpa's ghost told me to steal–" – Yeah, so I still believe this So this isn't one of those, like, I was a kid – Uh-oh – But, like, okay, hear me out I don't, like, I think it's weird to not believe in ghosts, right, we don't know what happens when people die

– Yeah, yeah – It's the same thing as aliens, like, I think the popular theory is that, like, if you don't believe in aliens, it's crazy because how could we be the only ones in the world, right? – Yup – Right, like how could you know what happens after we die? So you've gotta believe in ghosts a little bit So my grandpa died, rest his soul, great man, and he died shortly after my grandmother died, so they had to go through all the stuff in his house, and I don't go home that much so I went home, and my aunt Diane, who's also great, love you, she, she was very strict about, like, not touching anything because they wanted to do it in like an orderly manner, which I get, but I was only gonna be home for that time and wasn't going to be around when they were doing the rest of it, so I go into my grandpa's bedroom, okay – How old are you? – Like, 24

– Oh, this is recent – Yeah, pretty recent – This is like two years ago? One year ago, I'm gonna be 25 forever So, I go into my grandpa's bedroom He's got like a little sliding door to the patio

It's a nice house, and it's closed I swear to God, it's closed And I'm looking through, and I'm just like feeling sentimental, you know, mourning the loss of this great patriarch, and I am holding his favorite tie, which was my favorite tie of his, and like, like, who cares, whatever, I'm just like looking at it and thinking A gust of wind comes through the suddenly open patio door and that tie falls off the rack and at my feet – I thought you said you were holding the tie

– Okay, but I wasn't- – There's a hole! – No, but you were like- – No! – It was hanging down and you were touching it as- – I was touching it, I think I'd moved on, yeah, I'd moved on – There's a hole in the story – No! No! – I'm just kidding – I swear to God – Okay, you'd moved on and the breeze- – A gust of wind and it fell right at my feet

So, I took it And Aunt Diane still doesn't know – She does now Sorry, Aunt Diane – Is it in your pocket? – No, it's at my house, I'm gonna get it framed

– Oh, really? – Yeah, it's like a sweet story! – It is a sweet story – And ghosts are real – Possibly – Definitely! – It was like, it was like him saying- – (mumbles) About my grandparents too – Really? – That's something real dumb

– I want to know – I used to think one of my grandmas pooped out her mouth

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