Favorite Candy Guessing Game

( rooster crows ) ( lion roars ) "WinFace" Welcome to Good Mythical More

Congratulations to Rylie and her daughter! You both won GMM mugs Link: Dang double win face, y'all! Congratulations, guys We have some candies here – And we have some Mythical crewmembers – Come on in, guys

– Rhett: Hm – We got– I got Twizzlers Ghirardelli Chocolate Squares, dark chocolate, sea salt caramel – I got Twix – We're gonna match faves to the Mythical crew I didn't know they were doing this now, that, you know, their whole left Twix, right Twix Twix marketing thing Now they give you a bag, and they're like, "This one's got two left Twixs in it

" – Oh, does it? – Yep And a PayDay Okay, well, we have four candies We have four Mythical crewmembers before us So there's not candy that's gonna be left behind

I don't feel great Do you? Not really – Yeah, I don't feel good – We could be dying – Which one got you? – You smell great

I think Reggie got us Yeah, he was a little too old? I think Reggie got me in the head But I didn't digest any of that I spit it out pretty quickly Let's start with the highest-class choice here, – you know, somebody who – Somebody's classychooses this as their favorite candy – ( Chase mutters ) – Now, this is a really good one We keep these around at the house, these little squares, because it makes you, it tricks you into thinking that you're not eating a lot, and then you're, like, halfway through the bag, and you're like, "Oh" that's a few bars worth But this is dark chocolate – Shows refinement – Yep But the sea salt and add a little caramel, shows a little bit, ( clucks teeth ) like don't wanna get too refined, don't wanna go straight dark chocolate

– Mm-hm – Keep a little bit of that blue collar in there Can each of you tell us what it is that makes you refined? Start over there Oh, um I don't know I bathe every day Emily bathes every day Wow

She said that with conviction What's one of the many things that makes you refined? I recently started using toner on my face – Really? – Yeah You can tone a face? All right, hold these for a little bit then – A man who uses Toner

– John? – I didn't even know you could– – I make my bed every morning – Man: Nice – Oh, really? A lot of people don't do that That's a Twizzler man if I ever "I make my bed every morning" What do you want, a medal? No, it's great It's great I liked it

What makes you refined? – Of the many things, Alex? – Yeah Mm, I watch movies with subtitles on sometimes – Like English movies? – Even English ones – It's like my mom – Yeah, you gotta keep it refined

– Uh – I'd say that's pretty refined You wanna k– It is, but– What, that he can't hear good? Good point

Yeah, keep it with Chase – But I can read – Hey Now, Twizzlers is the most fun candy of these Well, let's not be like, "Who's the most fun person?" But what else can we do? Can everyone say what makes them fun? Let's forget that

I bathe every day – Um– – But let's also consider PayDay for a second because PayDay– I'm surprised that it's anyone's favorite candy It's an underappreciated candy bar Be somebody's favorite Because I feel like you can get this combination of other things and– but you know what it doesn't have? It doesn't have chocolate

There's no chocolate? Neither do Twizzlers It's like a Baby Ruth without chocolate, right? So it's somebody who likes all these things that are typically in candy bars– peanut and caramel I'm not ignoring yours I heard what you said – I didn't think you were ignoring me

– I think Chase– Chase said, "Twizzlers didn't have chocolate either," and then he started venting to Emily about how I didn't hear him She gave me a look like I shouldn't be talking when you guys are talking Oh, and this is also gluten free – No, it's not – Not very refined Oh, it's gluten free? – How do you know that? – It says it on the back They used to say PayDays were, like, a replacement for energy bars when I played volleyball in high school Ooh, when you got first introduced to them

Yeah, there was also NutRageous bars Do you remember those? Yeah, they were good They're still around NutRageous was a lot better than PayDay If you ate those before practice, you were, like, jacked, like ready to go I don't know

Something that makes me think this is John I don't know why PayDay seems– You just– I don't know She knows– – Hold the Payday up – She knows a lot about the PayDay

Hold it up like a commercial And say, "I– I can't do anything" Your shirt looks like a PayDay

Can you say, "I can't do anything until I've had my PayDay"? I can't do anything until I've had my PayDay – Ooh – That's pretty good What about, "I can't afford to do anything"? Try that one I can't afford anything until I've had my PayDay – Rhett: He winked! – Link: He winked Okay, you hold that

That was very convincing Twizzlers and Twix I'm looking at this Twix, and I'm just dying to bite into it Twix is a good thing – that I've never purchased – Who do you think– the most– Which, I have to say that this is the clear winner in terms of taste amongst these for me personally, but in terms of traditional candy bars, the Twix is a really solid choice Twizzlers, huh? They're no Red Vines I don't know Um

Can you say, "When I wanna have fun, I just break out my Twizzler–"? Twizzlers When I wanna have fun, I just break out my Twizzlers That's not– That's not hers

She's Twix She's Twix – Alex– – And Alex is Twizzler – Link: Try out the slogan – Can you do the slogan? Oh, cool! Um

What am I supposed to say? When I wanna have fun I break out my Twizzlers When I wanna have– When I wanna have fun, I break out my Twizzlers Don't look at Rhett Look at them Sorry

He's right here I don't know When I wanna have fun, I break out my Twizzlers I think those are yours And when you wanna have fun, you break out your toner

When I wanna have fun, I use toner And I have sea salt caramel – No Okay– – You eat those in the bath Okay, you feel good about this one? All right, let's start with Emily

This is not mine – Rhett: Oh! – I do love these, though – Don't tell us what yours is – Okay – Is that yours? – Yeah

Yeah, refined! Chase tying to be refined – John? – You're right Dang! We almost had it So you guys are switchy switchy Dang it, we almost had it

Why do you love a Twizzler? – These have nostalgia because– – What do you like about those? You and I have gotten at it about this It's a movie theater candy This is the ultimate movie theater candy It tastes good with popcorn, and you can suck soda through it like a straw I know Red Vines are better for that, but this also feels like, you ever wanna eat a candle? – Rhett: Yep

– Like you ever, like– – You ever wanna eat a candle? – All the time You can't 'cause it doesn't taste good, but they smell good, and they look like you could just bite into it – It's like this is– – Eating a candle – I'm with you, Alex – If you wanna eat a candle

Rhett: When you can't eat a candle, Twizzlers! This is the best chocolate bar, period The best? Yeah, I mean, I'll throw a Kit Kat in the mix too, – but these are the best – What do you think about peanut butter Twix? Get out of town with that Link: You know, interestingly enough, as much as I love peanut butter, I think I prefer the caramel Twix

Yeah, the peanut butter Twix haven't done well They haven't really caught on Are they, like, white chocolate or something? – What's up with the two left Twixs? – It's like a marketing It's just– They're all the same – All right – It's not real I wanted to see them I'm sorry

We can open them and find out – You wanna look? – Yeah Let's eat all this

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