Flamin’ Hot Ice Cream Taste Test

(rooster crows) (lion roars) (drum bangs) (wheel spinning) – Welcome to Good Mythical More Hello Damnyell

– Hi, I like to have fun – Good, 'cause we're gonna be full of it today, in Good Mythical More – Full of what? – Fun – Oh good – I just need you to do what Rhett normally does which is

– Oh yes – Pull the – The wheel – Pull this off – [Damnyell] Okay – That's not the right one

The one that's been selected, not that one – [Damnyell] Which one have you selected? – See this, this thing right here? See that black thing? It's the clicker – [Damnyell] Ah – It's like a long black udder – Do you want me to put my mouth on it? – No

(laughing) No, I want you to just pull that off Not the udder, no, stop, stop! Pull this, I didn't mean to yell at ya Now read the back of it

– [Damnyell] There's nothing there – Rhett usually does it – It's green – Like read the back of this, here, look at that Read that

– Don't tell anyone but we're actually superheroes, and our names are Mr Ridiculous and Dave – Alright – And our power is, dot dot dot – Which one do you wanna be? Say I'm

– Let me ask Richard Mr Ridiculous – Okay, then you say I'm Mr

Ridiculous, and my power is – No, Richard is Mr Ridiculous

– Okay, alright, then you can introduce him, you can say– – Richard is Mr Ridiculous – And his power is? – Being ridiculous (crew laughing) – Okay, and he told you that? – Yes, he has quite the sense of humor – How does that work, actually? I'm Dave by the way

(laughs) I'm just a guy who hangs out with Mr Ridiculous Who's the dog on the head of the guy who's sitting next to me, but not the guy How does that, how does it work? Where are you from? – A place – Cool, you don't wanna tell me

– No, it's a place – Okay – I told you – Okay, and when he talks to you, Richard, how do you hear him? – I wouldn't call it talking – His mouth doesn't move

– It's just, he's communicating – Okay, would he like to eat some flaming hot ice cream? Because we have some here Josh made some flaming hot ice cream, we're gonna check that out because – Mr Ridiculous thinks he might get messy – Okay, what about you Richard? It would probably be fun – Mr Ridiculous is Richard

– Oh, Damnyell – I like to have fun – Well then try that – Now what is it? Is it a fruit? – It's ice cream, but– – Was it a fruit? – Is there a fruit in it? – [Josh] No, I don't think he understands what it is – Well it's, I know he doesn't

Just tell me if it has fruit – [Josh] No, there's no fruit, none at all – Okay – But was it a fruit? – There's no fruit Don't talk to him

– [Josh] No, I don't like this – I don't want you to, just let me talk to him – [Josh] Yeah, you got it – Is it a meat? – It's ice cream, it's a dairy product but (Damnyell gasps) – From an udder – Yeah – Is it from this? – No – If I

– No (laughing) – Can I get (laughs) – Have you ever had anything that's flaming hot? – Mm, yes – What? Let's get rid of– We don't need this anymore actually – I'd like to get some cream out of that (Link coughs) – I'm gonna taste this, dink it? – I once got into a

– And sink it – A vehicle, on a very hot day I like that feeling

I like to have fun in the car – It was really hot? – Yes, I felt like I was – Baking? – Yes, baking

– Okay, okay And sink it – Hmm – It's horrible What do you think of it? It's horrible

(Damnyell grunting) It's kinda hot! – Wow – It's kinda like gettin' in a car, in your mouth – On a hot day – In your mouth – It was an Oldsmobile, they stopped making those

Have you been in an Oldsmobile? – I think I have, yeah – Do you understand– (Damnyell coughs) – It's, yeah, you don't have to keep eating it do you like it? – No, do you understand the name Oldsmobile? – It's like a, I never thought about it – Think about it for a second – Well, it's like a car, that's old It's an old car

(laughs) The name of their car is an old car – No, that would be Old Mobile It's Oldsmobile What does the S stand for? – Old S car Old

– Old ass car Old ass car – That's what it stands for? – Mhmm

– Well that starts with an A, Damnyell – Have you been in one? – Yeah, I think I've been in one, yeah – What did you think? (Link coughs) – I didn't think much of it It's kinda like being in a Buick – That's disappointing

– Oh, you liked it? – Oh, I love Oldsmobiles – Okay, well we have a maze here, if you wanted to try your hand at this – Done – Really? Here, I was gonna give you a pen There you go

This isn't a test, so don't be – Done – Well, that's actually pretty effective

– You went through the fire down there, you might got a little burned – It's very easy you start here and you go here – Right – But you can also do this Done

– Okay That's You have kind of an angular way of thinking about things – What does that look like? – A peach (Damnyell grunts) – You like peaches? – No – Okay, you wanna go through the middle? – Yes

– Why? (Link coughs) (Damnyell grunting) – It's unsolvable There is no path through the middle It's a trick Who's the trickster? (laughing) I will kill you – You're right, Zack, you've made, you've designed this maze to be unsolvable, except for the two ways that Damnyell solved it, so you're a loser

– Do you drive an Oldsmobile? – [Zack] Yeah – He said yeah, he does – We should talk – You know I feel like that I've dictated most of the conversation, except for the Oldsmobile part, is there anything else you wanna talk about? – No – Do you have a hobby? – Yes

– Okay, do you wanna tell us about it? – No – You thirsty? That ice cream was kinda hot, and really bad Did you think it was gonna be good? – [Josh] Oh no, no no, not even a little bit Sorry – Do you do work at this desk? – Yeah, I mean, in a loose sense, I do work at this desk, yeah

– I've never seen you do work at this desk – Like I don't actually, like, I don't do paperwork at this desk – I've never seen papers, that's what I was thinking – Right, okay, yeah We've never done paperwork at this desk

You know the nature of my work – You work in nature, like a ranger – No, I work here, I mean, you've seen the show, like have you watched yourself back on the show? – What are you talking about? – Have you logged onto the internet and watched you on this show? – I've been on the World Wide Web, yes – Okay, yeah, right – What do you mean sh– – This is a show, it's the show after the show

– What are we showing? – Well, like today, we made Flamin' Hot Cheerios, and Flamin' Hot Chef Boyardee Ravioli, Flamin' Hot Twinkies, Flamin' Hot Hungry Man frozen dinner, and a Flamin' Hot Smuckers Uncrustable, and then, well there's some Cheerios as well, and as the show continued, for people who wanted more, you joined us, and we had flamin' hot– – These people– – Ice cream – No, the people That person on the other side of that camera– – That is a person? – Well

– Is it meat? – Is it meat? – It doesn't look like, usually people have meat – Right, yeah, the people have meat, but they're– – There is no meat – We're filming it on the camera, and then they're showing it on the internet

We show it on the internet, we upload it to the internet – On the World Wide Web? – Yeah, and the people see it – I don't understand – Well they, you know, the meat people – Is an Oldsmobile involved? – Not usually

– Not interested – I don't mean to sound frustrated, I'm sorry – Richard would like to try the Flamin' Hot Cheerios – Oh, I'm sorry I didn't offer – Well I didn't know he wanted them until just when he told me

– How rude of me (Richard gobbling) (upbeat music) – He doesn't care for them – [Link] Ready, on your mark, get the set of all new mythical mugs, available now at mythicalstore

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