Fried PB & J Sandwich Taste Test

– ( rooster crows ) – ( lion roars ) Welcome to Good Mythical More! Two man wave! Oh, starting over here It's coming

It's coming Here it comes Here it comes Here it comes Whoo! Yeah, I'm just not really feeling like the wave today

Come on! You killed the wave for everybody! Yes, I'm that guy – Sue me! – I'm sorry! – What are you gonna do? – I do not know this man Are you talking to me? Are you talking to me? I will crush you! – It's a little– – That's what I thought! These are kids, Rhett It's freakin' recreation baseball That's why I'm speaking with so much confidence All right, here we are Let's bring in our special guest

( mimicking trumpet ) Welcome to the show, Kate! – This is Kate and her sister– – And Macaulay! You guys come in Mosey on up – Should she got right here, – Yeah, there you go Macaulay you can sit right there It's gonna be tight because we're gonna bring Josh and Tess, in, too

Kate is our friend from Make-A-Wish – Your wish was to meet us – Yeah Which we are extremely flattered Thank you for making our day

Are you regretting it yet? – No – Okay, good That's good – This has been awesome – Really? Yeah

It means a lot to hear that from you They were hanging out watching the show from over there and now you guys get to come in here and eat some deep fried peanut butter and jelly – Josh and Tess, go ahead and bring that in – Yeah, come on out You might be about to regret it

We don't know I don't know I'm pretty excited about this The possibility of it I think it'll probably be better than some of the things that– Nothing against the things we tried earlier, but– – Some extra plates – Now, I see– And you guys pull up a chair, too, because we're gonna make you eat this

Now– Oh, my goodness! I can't help but notice– This right down here And you guys are from where in Indiana? We're in Nappanee – Nappanee? – Yeah – It's a small town – Okay

Isn't that like an auto parts store? Sorry, I shouldn't make fun of people's hometown to their face We'll wait until you leave I have a knack for saying the wrong thing Do you have deep fried peanut butter and jelly in Nappanee? No – Not even when the fair comes through? – No

There's fried things There's fried things Well, I can't– I think that, you know, you take those, like, Smuckers– – Uncrustable – Uncrustables And they'll fry those at a fair

– What fair are you talking about? – The best ones – But this is different– – That sounds incredible This is what I would expect, but then what is this monstrosity? That was more the scientific portion of the testing So what we had done was we fried every single part of a peanut and jelly sandwich We have fried bread, fried jelly disc, fried peanut butter disc– – You got a fried peanut butter disc in there? – Yes

You should dig that out and try it You might need to take the fried peanut butter disc out because– Oh, this one's for Kate You wanted to try this – All right – That's a lot of oil in there

And then for the other one– Oh, look! Check out what I got And what is this, jelly? No, that's chocolate sauce I just wanted it I don't know You just carry a chocolate sauce around? – Yeah

– Just a little accoutrements You cut that for them and I'm gonna dismantle this one here There's a board there, too, if you wanna cut on that – Rhett, you're welcome to – Yep

– Just slide it on there – Do I put the plate on the board? Yeah, that works So we got fried bread Puts the plate on the board Got fried bread here

Are you telling me this right here is a fried peanut butter disc? That is correct, yes Indeed Don't put it in your CD player – Oh – Disc

Okay Rhett: There you go Fried peanut butter How is that, Link? You look confused I also am

It's like crunchy peanut butter but in a different way I feel like deep fried peanut butter is a huge opportunity That's great And then the fried jelly, I'm afraid to pick that up on its own Yeah, that was the real tricky one

That was the hardest thing to deep fry of all But I– But you figured it out – Did figure it out – And then– I like my jelly on top so – I'm gonna do that

– Perfect technique His skills fascinate me I'm like, "Wow, that has a lot of sugar on that, it's probably gonna burn" He's like, "No, no, we'll just freeze it! I got it" I'm like, "Great, great

Sounds good" You guys get ready Take a bite whenever you want to, ladies Rhett, do you want the– Do you want the honors of the first megabite of this? – No – Thank ya

I want this I know I kinda want that, too Well, everybody's got one Everybody's got one

Why are you holding it like that? I don't know! They're having a sister conflict here There's no wrong way of eating a deep fried– We gotta dink it and sink it, Kate Dink it, there we go – Rhett and Link: Dink it – And sink it

– I'm gonna– – Oh, my gosh! – Let me just– – Yeah, get rid of that Got it? This is– This is– This is a bit much Yeah, you know you're right That's the only thing This is very correct

Oh, this– My sandwich is laying an egg Or it's doing something I don't even– Oh, gosh! He's blowing clouds of stuff over here – Like LeBron James – What? – Yes, well here- – This is so delicious

Here goes nothing Man, you need to put a spigot on that sandwich – Oh, no! – Ah! – Mmm – You could rent your own booth and it's just you eating a sandwich and people can just come up just and collect things that fall out of it And look at my face like– 30 seconds for a dollar! It's not bad at all

It's pretty heavy on the breading – Yeah – But there's still a lot of peanut butter and jelly coming through here So I'm not entirely unhappy This is– This is very good, – by the way

– It is very good I'm just at my max – I've had so much fried stuff – I can't believe it Kate, what do you think? It's pretty good actually

Rhett: Pretty good We got a pretty good Pretty good Could be better Do you have any notes for 'em? – Oh, chocolate syrup

– We can handle it You can fill out a complaint card and I'll read it at the end of the day It's fine Can you hand me the chocolate syrup there? – Oh, yeah – Might take me about a half day to eat it

– Wow, Josh, just going right through– – Macaulay, what are– Macaulay's just over Look it She's just– She's doing this What have I done? What has my sister gotten me into? You just have to abandon all judgment That's the only way to make it through this show is you put your better judgment aside

If we hadn't have done that years ago, we would not be here Take another bite And just think when Link eats a hot pepper, the brain isn't working, but the mouth is swallowing kinda thing – Right – Something like that

– Better? With the chocolate? – Mm-hmm – You're still looking at your hands – Yeah Link, you're really good at that drizzle You should– That's another booth you could open up

You could open up a drizzle booth – Drizzle man – You bring it, we drizzle it? – Yeah – It's literally all he does in there – is just drizzle – Yeah

Again, 30 seconds for a dollar 30 seconds of drizzling – People line up– – Until the drizzle runs out! Drizzle and a compliment's an extra dollar Oh, wow! You can guess people's weight, too Yeah, full on

'Cause you'll be horrible at that It's like you drizzle until you hit their weight I drizzle until I get your weight right within five pounds We can sell that – Could we sell that? – It's a lot of concepts in one

– Yeah – I'll line up some meetings We're gonna do it

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