GMM Gif Guessing Game

( rooster crows ) ( lion roars ) ( high-pitched ) Welcome to "Good Mythical More"! ( sighs ) Shoulder Talk ( laughter ) Is that gonna be subtitled or something? I don't know

You take care of that We just made a bunch of gifs Speaking of which, um, our show is just a "jif" factory – Yeah Yeah

– You know That was almost the name, but we didn't know that "jifs" would be such a big thing Right You're gonna show us some "jifs", and then we're gonna guess what they are Show us one

And what they are– I mean, like, what episode they came from Okay, this one, there's something in my mouth This is a hint Look at that hair Uh, that looks like a jellyfish in his mouth

So when did we use jellyfish on something? – "Will It Jell-O"? – "Will It Jell-O?", yeah – It's it "Will It Jell-O"? – Stevie: Rhett, yes! It's when Link eats the fish-eye Jell-O

Let's see the clip Oh, fish– fish-eye Two, one – Link: One – Oh, it's hard It's like a rock

It's like a rock – Uh-uh – This can't– it's a glass eye – What? – It's a fish that had a glass eye It's a prosthetic

– Is yours hard? – I haven't bit it yet – ( gags ) – ( crew laughter ) – Oh, gosh – Sorry, sorry I still feel bad about that You sunk your face into the Jell-O, it looks like

– No, I got very close – Show us another "jif" from our show, and let's see if we can guess where it's "fro" Oh, pits– whoa, we both got pit stains ( no audible dialogue ) It's something else that we've been eating and we've been sweating – Rhett: It's something that

– Link: Your face is sweating you got down that we weren't expecting you to get down We're celebrating– it looks like you got it down You're saying, "Freedom" You're saying, "Freedom

" Oh, this is when I went into my Scottish character trying to get you to eat a haggis cookie? Oh, my God, you're so good Let's see the clip Chew it like you meant it ( gagging ) Maybe you can't do it Not this year

( screams ) – Freedom! – Freedom! Freedom! You did it, man! You did it, man! Our pits were sweating so hard from trying to eat that stuff That's what happens when you work hard All right, show us another jif-able a moment Ooh, it's a tight shot Oh, you kinda look like that guy from the– you look like the dude from the thing

The blonde dude from the "jif" – Link: Scanlon? – Rhett: Yeah, like Drew Scanlon There's 0% chance of getting this right It could be any one of the past– But it's, like, emotional dejection and realizing you know that you deserve it I deserve this emotional dejection that I'm currently experiencing

So, did you lose? Is that a game? 'Cause that's a high possibility This is all but impossible Everything you're saying is correct – Okay – I lost a game? – Link has lost a game

– And I deserved it You're reacting to your punishment Any guesses? You're gonna be prodded? Shocked? Squeezed? No, it's from Good Mythical More 1176, "Making a Balloon Shirt," and this is when John Wayne Chasey sits on your lap – Let's see it – Let's see it

– Taking my shirt off – Let me take my phone out of my pocket I don't wanna– – 'Cause I gotta make– – Let's be clear about this Why you taking your shirt off? Stevie: This does not look good ( crew laughter ) Make it– You're gonna make a balloon shirt on me

Spread this around the internet, – what happened on GMM today – You turn the other way Okay Turn the other way Ah, that was fun

– Turn the other way – That was real fun, man Yeah, that was scarring for everybody – Do we have another one? – Yep This is ice bath

Actually, no This is sound bath Oh, sound bath! I'm having way too much fun for this to be ice bath Now, this when you're listening to something I've given you? This was when I'd cut my hair, but I didn't want anybody to know, so I was wearing a wig Look at that hair

It looks like a toupee Well, I think it's the backlighting really doing it Correct Let's play the full clip ( meditation tones ) Man: Hello, Link

Welcome to your Men: Sound bath Sound

Sound Bath Bath Wow I got all my relatives to come in to the booth and say "sound bath" with me The eyebrows, that– that was a weird moment The eyebrows do weird things

Did you see that– Actually, I think it's a "jif", where they stabilize– they took footage of Khaleesi from "Game of Thrones"– – Yeah, they– – No, it was an interview in real life – Yeah – So she wasn't Khaleesi They isolated the frame with the eyebrows Yeah, they stabilized the image with her eyebrows, and then it looks crazy

– You could do that with my eyebrows – There's another one Oh, this is an old one Oh, that's when I slapped you back after you slapped me Yeah, I can tell by the background and how upset you are

You just got hit and now you're hitting me – You're so spot on – Let's see it – ( bell ringing ) – Look at that! Another ding-ding-dinger! – The black one means what? – It's something bad – This is bad

– Yeah Something we don't wanna do Dang it Slap each other in the face I just shaved my– – I got rid of my protective– – You're not protected

I got rid of my protective layer – I'm taking my glasses off – What are the chances that I just got rid of my– Hold on Who's going first? Same time? Same time Three, two, one

– Hey! – What the– You hit me twice? ( music playing ) ♪ Ding-ding-ding-ding ♪ – We wrote about that in the book – ♪ Everything's all right ♪ – Wrote about it in the book – There's a whole chapter about that in the book You slapped me twice, man Well, you slapped me twice as hard

– Is that it? – Let's not do it again I can't bear another one Is there another one? – No, that's the finale – Okay, great – Okay, all right

– Continue to "jif" us in any way you want

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