Guess Our Favorite Food (GAME)

(rooster crowing) (lion roaring) – Welcome to Good Mythical More – QTMBA, that is a question that must be answered

The question that must be answered is, "If you were a woman, what's the first thing you'd do?" Link? – Well that's easier for a woman to answer I guess But for me? – Yeah – I'd probably, I'd probably pee Just to see (crew laughing) How that feels

– I wouldn't watch – Well you're not invited – Okay What's your answer to this question with hashtag QTMBA? – The opposite of that was explored in the groundbreaking hit movie Jumanji – Yes

And it actually is a really good movie The new Jumanji? – It's a good movie I liked the movie – It's a good family, good family movie– – I liked the movie – I mean when you have children that you try to watch– – When you have children– – Movies with, your standards go way down

– Way down – Wow, look at this cupcake I'm about to eat – Rhett's gonna eat this cupcake, I'm gonna watch, 'cause I earned the right to only watch I was, oh, there's gold going everywhere – Mmm-hmm

– I can see it – It's like every meal with me – It is gold dust – Yep, I said gold dust, you better, you better, I held him down and told him Is Gold Dust still a wrestler? – [Matt] Yep

(laughing) – Did Matt answer that or Darren? Was that Carny or Darren? – [Crew Member] It was Matt – Of course I know that– – Matt Carny is the biggest wrestling fan on our Mythical crew – Right let's speak– – Speaking of Mythical crew, let's bring some in and let's learn what they're favorite mealses is We have meals on placards, meaning pictures Here's one here that is mushroom pizza

We're gonna match all of these to the crew member in an effort to be friendly with them (laughing) – Yeah, yeah – You know what? This is good – We don't– – We get to hang out with you guys and be friendly with you– – We don't speak outside of the context of the show – No talk

– This is Kung Pao chicken These are gyros – Jai-rohs Jee-rohs? – Mm-hmm – Gee-rohs? This is mushroom pizza

And this right here is what I originally thought was like a sack of, just a pile of oats (crew laughing) – But that is chorizo and eggs I think you should just go ahead and– – Chorizo scramble – Give the chorizo and eggs to Chase Just go, I mean, just I think you should

– Tell us about chorizo and eggs – Hold on Is that part of it? – In such way as to convince us that you don't know much about them, or you don't actually like them – Okay, I don't know what chorizo is That's just a thing, but I know what eggs are

Chorizo's like a spicy thing that adds to the eggs – Okay – It's just, and it's– – Spoken like a man who love chorizo and eggs – Hispanic – But is trying to cover it up

– Comes with a couple chips that stick inside the beans, and then– – What are the beans? – I don't know if those are potatoes or– – Oh come on, you're playing dumb – Flatten those – You know they're plantains, Chase It is your favorite meal – They're not called plantains in like a Mexican, they're called plátanos

– See (chuckles), see? That's why I freaking gave you the chorizo and eggs, man – Plátanos – I have no idea when they're served with what – Or if you like them when you taste them – That was a pretty good deflection

I almost bought it, maybe I– ♪ Mushroom pizza ♪ – Got any thoughts about this one? This one's a curve ball for me – Well, a lot of people love pizza, but then with mushrooms That's tough – I mean pepperoni and mushroom is one of my go-to choices for pizza but not just mushroom I would enjoy that though

– What is your go-to for pizza? – Pepperoni and mushroom – You said that was one of them How many go-to, you can only have one go-to – Well not when you're me – You can go to a lot of things

– If you had to choose one pizza, what would you go to? – Oh man, I think I would probably stick those two ingredients but I would also add onions, black olives, and sausage So it basically becomes a supreme pizza without– – [Rhett And Link] Green peppers – And I don't mind green peppers, but they're a little too intense sometimes and they influence the flavor profile in a way that is not optimal to me – Wow – I feel that way about olives

– Full review (Chase chuckles) – You feel that way about olives? – Yeah – Yeah I get that I don't agree

– This is Jen Because you know– – She loves pizza, I know that – Jen and I go way back, and I know that she's a lover of pizza, but, and mushrooms But it could be John – Her favorite food is pizza though

I think that's been established and so I wouldn't have been able to tell you that it was mushroom pizza but apparently it is – Between Kung Pao, you know what, Jen, why don't you tell us how much you don't like mushroom pizza? – I'm not gonna tell you that (chuckles) (Rhett laughs) – She can't even talk smack about pizza She's not even capable of it – I mean I can tell you that I know that John also likes mushroom pizza and I'm sure Alex also likes mushroom pizza

And I think Chase probably likes mushroom pizza as well – Who doesn't love pizza? – Well who doesn't love mushroom pizza? – Me I don't love mushroom pizza – It's unusual to have five people– – Mushroom pizza is trash, man – Oh okay, all right

It's unusual to have four people out of six to all love mushroom pizza – Yeah you don't love it – No In fact, I could think of 20 other things I'd rather get on my pizza than mushroom – Like green peppers

– 20? – Yes – I would totally add back in the peppers – Like an entire gyro? On a pizza, how's that sound? Does that sound good? – Sounds kinda nice – There is a gyro pizza I think somewhere

– I think that's crossing a line – You should go to jail – Wow – Between Kung Pao and gyro – Alex seems more Kung Pao to me

– Elaborate (crew laughing) – I mean, I don't know, I mean– – Well you eat it with a fork And between the two of these guys, if only one of them's gonna, which one would more apt to use a utensil? – I don't think Alex would use them – They both have opposable thumbs, I think Let's see those

– Let's see 'em – Oh I can't do that – Okay so we've learned something – Overly opposing– – Alex and John have opposable thumbs – Jen can so this changes the game a little bit here

– [Alex] Oh yeah we discovered this together once – Yeah, Alex and I discovered this like four years ago – Yeah, yeah – So your hidden talent is also Jen's hidden talent – Aw you're not special

– Okay – All I'm saying is, what I screwed up last time we played this game is that we had everything right and then, oh you're going there? (Link stutters) – My instinct was that this went with him, and it's just something that's in my, it's like beneath my brain level like my reptilian part of my brain is what made the connection – Is this a confession? – Here's my argument – Oh you're gonna overthink it – I think if I were to ask John, "Where you wanna go?" he'd be like, "Panda Express

" Next day, "Where you wanna go?" he'd be like, "Panda Express" (all laughing) – All right that's pretty good, pretty good reasoning – Oh man (chuckling) You know who – So I mean, talk some smack about Panda Express if you– – I can't, I think their fried rice is awesome

I love to get a little broccoli and steak – But ultimately– – But ultimately, the Kung Pai chicken – Okay so I'll switch 'em then I can tell by how he's playing that game, that he was comfortable, he wanted to – That's right, reptilian brain

– Right, right, okay, final answers Let's start with Jen – Okay – Yeah this is definitely mine (laughing) – Mushroom huh, is there anything else on that, or is it just mushroom? – I mean I like, if there's a slice of pizza that has mushrooms on it, I don't care what else it's with, unless it's olives, but if there's something that has mushrooms, I'm gonna get it

– And you'll pick the olives off – Yeah, if the mushroom pizza has olives and it's the only mushroom pizza, yeah, I'll pick the olives off, throw them in the trash – Pick 'em off– – I'll eat them – There's some research that suggests that mushrooms may be able to think – I've heard about that, like they'll grow to the food source

– I'm not making this up – The largest living organism on earth is actually a fungi – Fungi are actually more like an animal than like a clam – So vegans can't– – So vegans are actually– – They're screwing up? – If they're not eating clams and they are eating mushrooms, they're probably eating something potentially more intelligent than clams Say no to mushrooms, vegans

– I have a personal belief that trees can feel – Yeah and you're probably right, man Plants is communicating with each other – They bleed? – Plants is? – Plantses know stuff, man – They're not that different, man

– They like music – Chase, tell us we're wrong – You're not wrong (laughing) – You eat this any time of the day? – Oh yeah I mean, I like to just break an egg and just fry it over any meal, like if I'm reheating something– – Oh really? – I'll take it and I'll just– – That is a good way to resurrect it

Do you make your own chorizo and eggs? – Yeah I do the soyrizo – Oh – You don't do the meat? – Well my sister is vegetarian so it's easier for us just to have soyrizo– – That's a lot of, chorizo, just straight chorizo, I love the idea of it, but I've had so much processed meat in my life that I try not to introduce new processed meats – Yeah (chuckles) – Valid

– You make meals for your sister? That's kind (Alex laughs) – He's a kind brother – It is nice – We like yelled at him That's kind

– You made! (laughing) That ain't yellin' Okay so who is the Panda Expresser? And who is the gyro? Do you say gyro or jai-roh? – I say kebob I don't say either – That's not a kebab – I said a doner kebab

– Okay so that's not you then – I would eat this – But it's not you – It is me (all laughing) – Yeah! – So you don't say gyro or jai-roh either? – No, I just– – How do you order your favorite food? – Maybe I don't know what my favorite food is

But I get a doner kebab and it's, I thought that's what this was (all laughing) – From where? – There's like a really good spot in Austin, whenever I would go and grab those all the time – What's the best one in LA, 'cause there's a lot of options – That's a gyro, man It's a jai-roh

– He only eats 'em– – Does Zankou have them? – I think Zankou has them, and yeah, I'll eat those there I've been getting the chicken but I don't get it at Zankou's I don't know I just like these, I love the yogurt (Rhett laughs) I love yogurt, I love veggies with them– – I just love 'em

– I love the lamb – I don't think John's ever had a gyro before (all laughing) – I've had them a lot in Germany, but I don't think it's even local to Germany It's just they would make them a lot Anyways, I'm talking too much, I'm gonna go and move onto Alex

– This means that you are a Kung Pao man – Yeah – And where's the best Kung Pao? – Probably from the Chinese food place down the street from me – Oh, not Panda – Yeah, I like it there too though

– It is a good meal – You got a little peanut in there– – Everybody knows how to do it, like you can get it from anywhere– – Yeah you can count on it – Is Kung Pao deep fried? – It's lightly fried – Yeah yeah yeah – Oh okay

– It's in a wok – Oh – But I think if you go to PF Chang's, you're gonna get a better Kung Pao chicken than just off the normal take-out place

– Agree to disagree – Oh, oh, oh – Hole in the wall places are better – I'm saying they're not all created equal, and I'm not saying that's the best, but I was just using it as an example – An authentic place though

– A more authentic place than PF– – Even though Kung Pao's probably not authentic, it's probably like an American version – I've had some bad Kung Pao Bland

– We all have – Trees can feel – Trees can feel – They bleed too – [Rhett] Raise your hand if you're a Mythical beast

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