Guess That Deodorant (GAME)

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Be nice Don't tell him we sent you Comment it up Okay, we have before us some deodorants Are these– these are the ones, right? Oh, one of them– "Bear Glove

" Old Spice, man I've done a lot of those Old Spice ones Wow, look at these And we've got Mythical crewmembers You guys gonna come in all at once or one at a time? – Woman: We'll come in at once

– Rhett: Yeah, let's all– – Link: Come on in – Rhett: Let's match them up Now, Link and I actually both– we were challenged by a good friend of ours a couple years ago It's probably been three years now – He said– – Maybe five

"You guys, you should–" He called it the Old Spice Challenge, which I don't even know if it is the Old Spice Challenge He said, "Switch to deodorant only and stop using antiperspirant, and within a week or two your body will adjust, and then just use deodorant And then you don't have to worry about all the stuff they say is bad in antiperspirant We both did that And I haven't used antiperspirant in, like, however many years that is, and it's no problem at all

I don't sweat anymore – As far as you know – ( laughs ) We've been meaning to talk to you about that Yeah, tell him – Nose blind

– Look This is not sweaty I mean, 'cause some people are prone to more pit sweat, and they may need another solution, but for both of us, it's more of– if there's a certain really treacherous situation, like if there's snakes involved or something, then I'm gonna– I want to have the sweat feedback of "Okay" – Sweat feedback – "you're going into fight or flight here

" – Right – Um ( clicking tongue ) – So we've got Degree

– All right, guys First of all, this is assuming that each one of you uses one deodorant One of you may use two, and one of them may not use deodorant at all Micah and I share just at work, but – You share – Halvesies One pit – Yeah, one pit

– We have a lefty and a righty – So it works

– Yeah I'm thinking that each one of these uses one That's probably the safest bet – Here's another thing that happens – What is this? You become immune to antiperspirant

So if you use the same type of antiperspirant for an extended period of time, it stops working after a while – So we have men Degree 48-hour deodorant – What? No But not antiperspirant Arctic Edge

This is straight-up deodorant? Yep, this is antiperspirant and deodorant, Old Spice Bear Glove Who besides you would fall for this marketing? Oh, I love– I like to reward good commercials That's how marketing works for me I am like, "That's a good campaign I am gonna buy that product

" Schmidt's Coconut Pineapple Is this an energy bar of some sort? I've smelled this on one of you You're not allowed to get too close to us So strange It's kind of peppery

Well, we walk by each other So this is somebody who is more conscious

You know, "I'm not gonna do Old Spice and Degree" As opposed to someone who's unconscious? Yeah, these people don't care about natural things – in the environment

– Subconscious You know, they're rampaging the world – This person cares

– What is this? This has no label It's in a freakin'– this is homemade I believe that's true – It is homemade? – Yes – It is somebody who's willing to go through the trouble

– Oh, goodnessof making their own deodorant Spray the back of my hand – Mm – Let me smell that

– Can I smell? – Yeah, we wanna – It's – Yeah, 'cause you don't know what it smells like You've never smelled it before We all have to equally smell it It's smells– I'm just gonna say at this point, I don't think it smells great

– I'm sorry – Maybe that's just my hand Yeah, I pretended to like it because you all liked it It isn't great It isn't great

– It's not as good as this – Because it's yours This is the best– I'd eat this Can you eat it? This smells really good It smells clean

I like deodorant that smells clean, not deodorant that smells like cologne I have cologne for that Look how cakey that is I mean, I just took the top off and some of it came with it Can't smell this one

That's not great Again, you need the bad stuff to make it good Then again, every time I go get deodorant, I get a new kind I'm not loyal to any type of deodorant You know what they say you should do, and this is what I do, is exfoliate your armpits

That's what really keeps you from stinking – Oh, really? – It's the buildup of skin and stuff in the Don't you feel like somebody who knows that and does that would use either this or the spray? Just hold that for a second

You said it smells like Windex, but you were just being self-deprecating Windex is good And you like Windex I mean, I clean Windows and your armpits with

Squeegees? that And this is the two dudes I mean, I don't know who does what, but this is the– that's for men Who would be– like, who would just use deodorant? Who's on the principled train that we've been on for a couple of years? Seems like they would need a bear glove – What is a bear glove? That's gross

– You have to ask? I think Micah is more susceptible to advertising, like me So I 'm gonna give him Old Spice Is a bear glove when a bear wears gloves or when a person wears a bear's paw as a glove? That's sick Probably that – Think about it

– I've done that – That leaves Ellie – And Ellie is coconut pineapple? I think I have smelled a waft of Ellie, and it was coconutty and pineapple Wow, thank you so much All right, I don't have any further deciphering

Okay, yeah, I think– You know what? I think we should switch these two You think we should switch them I don't feel confident about how I put those I think Micah only wants to use deodorant, like us And you like a good bear glove, Josh

– Okay – I feel good about that switch I feel good about that switch Okay, let's start over here Stevie: Let's start with Ellie

Yeah, okay, let's start with Ellie – Um, incor– – Whatever you say Incorrect I can't use organic stuff because I am so sweaty I am– no, I'm this one

Men's Degree And I've been using this ever since I was, like, 11 and started puberty, and nothing worked I was, like, the sweatiest girl on the planet And this girl Erin, after volleyball practice, was like, "You need new deodorant," and it scarred me and traumatized me, and then I finally found Degree and it worked, and I've been using this ever since, so if this stops working, someone needs to tell me No, but it's just deodorant

– Do you still sweat? – No, it's antiperspirant – No, it's not – But it doesn't say it on there What are you talking about? It's not antiperspirant It's just deodorant

Your body adjusted and– – I must have a slightly different type– – Placebo deodorant! No, no, that's not possible You're saying that you think you got a different version I must have a different version I think I– yeah But– Is yours white? No

– Hm – Okay, well– You need to check because you might be doing a good thing, not using antiperspirant – Okay – If it's workin', don't break it You guys threw us way off there

Okay– do you want to reevaluate? I mean, it said "men" on it! – Do you wanna reevaluate based on that? – Yeah – 'Cause I feel like– – Nope – ( snorts ) – ( laughter ) You know what? I feel like Micah might spray something under his armpits – Yeah – I feel like he might do that

Yep, and you know what? – He can't– – You know Josh is Old Spice – You're not the bear glove – I'm not a bear glove? Yeah, you're a pineapple You think Micah makes his own deodorant? Yeah, I can see that I'm a lazy, lazy man

Micah, how do you make your deodorant? – I– I don't know – Yeah, tell 'em I don't underst– like, am I supposed to Rhett: Okay, Micah, are we right? It's– first there's– Yes, you're right ( laughter ) And I can tell you exactly how So it's witch hazel and then– Witch hazel is an astringent It is an astringent, which is important for deodorant It astringes the armpits

And then– sorry, my voice is a little hoarse today Well, spray that right into it And some water, some baking soda, and then three essential oils of my choosing I like myrrh, spruce, and mandarin – And the reason you didn't smell that

– But we don't, evidently is because you didn't shake it – It smells good

– Oh, okay Smell now Can I– can I get it? Think is smells different on different people? And you know what? I think I smell the witch hazel – It's a little witch hazely – That's nice

– And I think– – And the myrrh I think myrrh smells really good I can smell it now So how did you come to this decision? I've been through a lot of deodorants I'm a very kind of stinky guy

I can't use roll-on 'cause it just gets stuck in my armpit hair and doesn't do anything for me Oh, my God, I didn't even think about armpit hair That's so weird So I started using the spray stuff, but that stuff is so bad for you, just full of aluminum So I used that for two years, and then I was like, "I wanna not give myself Alzheimer's," so I switched to natural stuff, I tried Tom's

Doesn't work at all Then I started making my own – Yep – It was a long journey for me – I went to school with Tom's

– Eat it, Tom And I just forgot to put on deodorant, so I ran into a Whole Foods, which was nearby and I bought a Tom's, put it on I have never smelled worse in my entire life It's nothing – It was actively repelling– – I tried it

I tried Tom's and then I tried– there's another guy that's trying to be like Tom, and it's some other name – This one? – It also doesn't work – Schmidt's? – Who do you want next, Stevie? Well, if you already went to Micah next– We have to be right at this point We have to be right – We're right

– Yeah, you definitely are To no one's surprise, incredibly susceptible to advertising, like you If Von Miller's on it, great sack man Also, when it interacts with my skin, it smells like Starburst You wanna? If you can

– It is – Yeah, I can– Oh, wow! It's frickin' Starburst under his armpit I'm gonna lick your underarm Your armpit is bursting with stars I don't sweat a lot from my armpits, so I just want a beautiful cosmetic smell, and pink Starburst is it for me – Wow

– And that's what I get with Old Spice's Bear Glove – That is so crazy – I smelled you before we came out – You thought it was nice – I thought that was clearly you

I'm telling you, it's the way it interacts with my skin, man If you don't sweat, you should just use deodorant Don't buy antiperspirant All right, Dad And how did you come to your choice? I did a Birchbox, and they put this in one, and no deodorant has worked for me

Like I've used Degree, whatever I usually have to reapply throughout the day – I'm sweaty and then it stinks – There's no shame in that And I did the exfoliating thing

I've done the whole thing and just didn't– and I tried this stuff, and it works so good I don't sweat and I don't stink – Link: No bull-Schmidt – It dries the heck out of your armpits And I don't know how it does it, but it's all natural

– Micah's interested – I have multiple scents of this, but this is my favorite That just means there's something in there that we're gonna find out later is bad Oh, totally Totally

But it's also at Marshalls and TJ Maxx, like, on sale all the time – Schmidt's, there you go – Hot tip, guys Ad for Schmidt's Not a sponsor

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