Guess The Jello Pudding Combo Game

Welcome to "Good Mythical"– Hey! "Check your voicemail" We have a voicemail

Let's check it Man: Hey, what's going on, everybody? So, uh, which one of you guys wants to get slapped with a rubber chicken now or later? Take your time All right, have a nice day Bye-bye The ol' slap with a rubber chicken offer

Now or later, though We get those all the time, but not with the now-or-later option Is neither one of us an option? Neither one of us I'm looking around to make sure somebody doesn't have a rubber chicken – Oh, no

– Good They don't – That would've required– – We disallowed those Remember when we got our old studio decorated for a shoot, and then that really became a decoration for the studio? And there was a rubber chicken on the shelf, and I was like– No, it was on the fridge It was on the fridge handle

And we didn't want it because rubber chickens are too cliché comedy But then, not too long ago, we played a game, and you insisted on us using rubber chickens as the buzzer But we didn't do it, did we? – We did – Oh – I regretted it instantly

– Gosh Yeah, I had a lapse in judgment That's why you're here What happened? So what we have is we have six different rounds here We're gonna move through this pretty quickly

We have mixed– well, we didn't mix– the Mythical crew has mixed two actual Jell-O pudding brand puddings together Oh Oh! Oh, now you understand how this game works? They told me and I was like, "This is gonna be easy Just guessing Jell-O flavors?" – No – They mixed two! And they have all these different flavor flags over here

Flavorflagcom– don't go there I don't know what it is It's just, whenever I say two words like that together, I feel like it should be a website Flavorflag

net– go there And you assume it's a bad website Naughty And we're gonna try to guess what two flavors have been combined Now, I– I'm a pudding lover

– If you lose this– – Look But listen You're such a pudding man You're a pudding master – The only pudding– – Don't let me beat you, man

Thank you Thank you, but the only pudding that I eat is chocolate, vanilla, and if I run across some peanut butter I know one of the flavors already Mmm I know this right off the bat

Yeah, well, one of them What's the other one? Hold on Definitely– I'm not showing mine to you That's one of them This is definitely one of them

– Um, man – And – Um

– Um I don't know, man And I know– this is the other one Right Don't– don't look at my answers now Okay, that's what I got

Oh, we got the same answers – Oh, we have the same– – Butterscotch and coconut cream – Are we right? Oh, they don't tell us – We don't know Okay, so now we'll move that over

– We bring in the next one – Bring in the next one Don't look at our monitor over there to cheat I didn't I don't cheat, Link

I'm not a cheater You don't admit to cheating Is this cream? Mm Mm! It's interesting Eating pudding is fun

It's a lifestyle Is that your suggested slogan? – Eating pudding is fun – Jell-O pudding– Both: It's a lifestyle – I don't think that would work – It gets better the more I eat

Well, I know one I know one, too The one that I know right off the bat is that one This is tough, man, but This one is tough I don't know They could be– I'm gonna guess that it's this based on color So I said vanilla pistachio

I said pistachio and tapioca – Ooh, "tapi-yoke" – I scared you, didn't I? – You may be right – I think vanilla's in there I think you're right

This one's pink ( imitating Church Lady ) Isn't this one special? – Fruity – Did you know there were so many flavors of pudding? – No – What are they doing over there at Jell-O? They got somebody just coming up with different flavors Who would have thought? So that's pretty clear, but

Oh, oh Oh, this is tough – This is difficult

– This is tough because it– The second component is pretty difficult here So I'm either down to this – The initial one is really obvious

– Or this I'm trying to figure out between these two Mythical Beasts, send me your answer Which one is it? – Um – I don't know

I'm at a little bit of a loss, but I'm going with that – All right– – Cheesecake and strawberry? I went with strawberry and banana cream I almost did that, but I don't like banana that much, so– – I thought that you would– – I coulda– I can hone in on the thing I don't like You've got great banana radar Right

"Banay-dar," they call it Max Banadar You just spouted off a random guy that we used to work with– his name – Okay – That was a shout out

– Okay, there's an obvious component – Ooh, that's good – Link: Very good – Rhett: Mmm, man I'm just glad none of these flags say "coyote piss" on them

'Cause halfway through this game, you better believe I looked Yeah, it's funny I always eat things on this show with just a sense of– – Trepidation – trepidation There's no trepidation now I've let my guard down But what is the other flavor there? I got it

All right, you ready? I went with vanilla and Oreo – Oreo – I think you're right

– and tapioca – Tapioca

I– – Ooh – There's no switchies in this one I think you might be the pudding master, Link Ooh, what's this, curry? Little It's probably not curry Ugh This one tastes like cleaner Like, literally, like

I don't feel like I need more than one Like sop this on your toilet – Link: Ugh

– Yeah Yeah, pumpkin spice and lemon Same for me – That's gross – Okay, and finally, What's this one gonna be? Move this here

Oh Ooh, ooh! That is a nice experience right there And I'm gonna– I'm gonna highly recommend that, guys You think you know what it is? Um, you said chocolate? I know you were thinking this is a good combo I think that the chocolate– I don't think chocolate's in there

I think you're getting red velvet taste as chocolate So what did you say it was? I mean, cheesecake, 'cause that's all– I have chocolate and caramel left I don't think it's either one of those All right, that's our guesses Tell us what we did

Okay, pudding number one is chocolate– Oh, sorry That's wrong "Sorry, that's wrong" Did you say "sarong"? Um, it starts with a "C" Coconut cream and butterscotch

– Yes! – Yep So you both got that correct Oh, we both got it right Pudding number two is banana cream and pistachio Ooh, you were right, huh? No, you both thought pistachio

I said tapioca and pistachio So we both get one point for that – There's banana in this? – Yes I taste it now It's so obvious

So pudding number three is strawberry and vanilla Strawberry and vanilla And you said strawberry and cheesecake I knew it was subtle Didn't get that one

– You didn't either, right? – Nope Pudding number four is Oreo cookies 'n creme and tapioca – I got that one – You got another one right Okay, so Link just went up a point

– Right? – Correct – Yes – Okay All right Pumpkin spice and lemon we agreed on

Are we right? Yep, you are right on that one Ooh, so it comes down to the very end, Link No, I'm ahead by one You were down by one, right, yeah, but– – No, I'm ahead by one – I mean, you're up by one

You can't even use language of me winning – Yeah– – It doesn't exist in your mind I haven't said it in so long, my brain won't let my mouth say it Is it chocolate and red velvet? It's red velvet and cheesecake Which is what I said! We tied! Dang it! Man, I wanted you to win

I did I wanted you to take all the puddings and celebrate I think the best combination we found– This was– I don't know– No, that had banana I didn't like it It was this red velvet and whatever you said it was

Cheesecake That's a good one This red velvet cheesecake, that's what you should order at a Cheesecake Factory

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