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(rooster crowing) (lion roaring) – Welcome to Good Mythical More – Gifticality! That means we're donating one thousand dollars to the Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services to aid in their mission of providing free and low cost legal services to underserved immigrant children, families, and refugees

Please join us in giving at the link below – Thank you for being your mythical best, and for hanging out with us Let's learn some pirate slang together in a game called, "Guess the Pirate Slang" with a real-life pirate! – Fun – Real-life pirate – That's me! – Sailing the silver lake

– Sailing in the lake of silver Argh! So I have, I mean sorry, I lost character there for a second (laughing) I'm a professional So I have some pirate phrases and old-timey slang – It's not gonna be easy but– – It's very hard to keep this going

– Stick with it (laughing) – After a while it's going to turn Irish You're just going to have to deal with it So the first– – I'll give you a little nudge like that in the chin– – There's a fine line, isn't there? – It's the same thing – 'Cause it's kind of like, just a mad Irish accent

– Yes, it's just like, "I'm very Irish" – Like kind of like a gruffiness – Yes – A scruff in the laphogophagus – Yeah

I mean, yargh – Aye – Aye – Ayeee – The first phrase be– – It's right in there like this

(laughing) – Grog blossom – Grog blossom – Grog blossom – Yes – Well we had some grog

– You sure did – It's a liquid – That's a fart (laughs) That's definitely passing the gas A grog blossom

Aye, I know it – So you think it's a fart – It's a fart, yes – And what do you think? – Hmm I do know that my granddad, my– – We've got 10 minutes

(laughing) – My mom's dad– – Clyde – He would always call me a fart blossom – Hmm – Yes – Is that kind of redundant? – That's a play on a grog blossom

– I think it's something's growing in your grog, but– – Wrong! – You're probably right – A grog blossom is someone with a red nose, from drinking too frequently Also known as an alcoholic – That's a gin blossom – Oh

– One of my favorite bands – It's also a grog blossom – Is that? It's not one of your favorite bands – No, I cannot name one song that they sing – Well good, I just wanted to clear up the facts

– Can you? Who can name more Gin Blossom songs? – Uh, Morgan Come on, Morgan – Name a song, Morgan – [Morgan] Uh, Hey Jealousy – Uh, I've heard that

– Jealously! Is that it? – [Morgan] Sure – They're a great band (laughing) Speaking of great bands, this next one sounds like a song from that one band from the 90s, splice the main brace – Splice the main brace – Splice the main brace

– Yes – Well that's where you– – That's when your tallywhacker's hanging out and you don't know it, and you gotta put it back in Zip up (laughing) – Oh boy – Well, in real life, if you're gonna splice the main braces when it's broken and then you gotta put a new mast down and then tie it back together

– Right– – Wrong! – No, no, no that's not my guess – Oh! – So then, that's a euphemism for fixing a broken arm – Still wrong! (laughing) It's to pass a round of drinks out to the crew – Oh, splice the main brace – I would really like someone to splice the main brace right now, it is hot as dickens in here

(laughing) – In here, you mean – It's like, the wig and the hat Okay – Don't give up! – No, I'm not giving up, it's just hot – It really completed the look

(laughing) – I'm fine I'm fine I'm still a pirate Argh – They're both drinking-related

Okay, let's keep going – Now, run a rig – Run a rig? – Run a rig – Now again, this is a sailing term – I think this is when you, a drinking binge

I'm just gonna go with something– – No no, I think it's just a quick lap around the deck For aerobic exercise – Would you like me to use it in a sentence? – Please, yes – Let's go run a rig on those guys over there – Oh

– Play a joke – That is correct – Oh! (claps) – It is– – Okay – To play a joke or trick on someone – Ah

– Run a rig – Run a rig – Run a rig – Yeah – Take a caulk

– Take a caulk? – Caulk? Like a caulking gun? – Well, it's spelled C-A-U-L-K – Yeah, like a gun – Take a caulk – That you make, you fill gaps around sinks with – I mean, I've got a couple of ideas

– Take a caulk – I'm not personally interested – You don't want to take a caulk? (laughing) – No – To give you a hint, you take a caulk when you're really tired – A little nappie! – That is– what's your guess? – Fill in gaps around the sink

– It is a little nappie That is correct! You take a caulk right on the ship in the middle of the day, alright? – Caulk I think you're like, laying in a gap – Crack Jenny's teacup – Whoa

(laughing) (clears throat) Uh, wow, okay – Well what is a teacup – Who's Jenny? (laughing) – That's a better question – Could be anyone – If you crack Jenny's teacup– – Teacup

– I think that's– – Don't, no It's not what you think it is – I'm not thinking it is– – It might be (laughing) – Is it pirate for making love? – In a way – Uh

– Making love for the first time? (laughing) – I don't even wanna guess – To spend the night in a house of ill repute – Oh – Oh, okay Prostitution

– Yes – Crack Jenny's teacup – You could be making love, sometimes people just want company It's not that weird (laughing) They just, it's good to talk to someone sometimes

– Right, right– – Especially in this pirate life It's so lonely – How did Jenny get thrown into that? That's what I wanna know – And I feel bad for Jenny's brother – Yeah

– Gangplank (laughing) – Gang, is that a verb? – It is a noun – Okay, good Gangplank – Gangplank

– Gangplank – It's just a freaking wide plank, man Multiple people can walk at once, at a stride – No – No? – Uh– – Uh– – Argh! (all grunting in unison) GHX

(laughing) – I have no idea It's a wide plank that a lot of people can get on– – That is correct, a removable ramp between the pier and the ship – Yeah, the ramp – Yes– – Oh – You had it right

– It's a boat ramp – There's one on the back of a moving truck, too – All cruise ships have them – Yes Dungbie

– Dung bee? – Dungbie – Is it D-U-N-G, B-E? – D-U-N-G-B-I-E – Oh, dungbie – B-I-E Use it in a sentence

– I'm not, uh, let me see Over there's the dungbie (laughing) – Definition, please – That's a toilet It's just a toilet

– No– – Just because it's over there? – You don't wanna be near it – You are on that end of the ship when you should be on the dungbie – The right end of the ship – The rear end of the ship The rear

– Okay – Oh, the dungbie The dungbie – Like dung – Yeah

– 'Cause of the doo-doo Alright – Right, right, right – Cacklefruit – Cacklefruit

– Yes – Is that plural? – It is a noun and a phrase But it can be plural, yes – Cacklefruits – There are many fruits

– Use that in a sentence – I'm gonna go eat some cacklefruit – So it is a food – Yes – Um, it's fruit– – That's not a fruit

It's a fruit that's not a fruit – If it makes you laugh, it makes you cackle, it's– – It's fermented fruit – Yeah, it's a rum pocket – It is– – Like a hot pocket with rum in it – Wrong, it's hens' eggs

– Oh, cacklefruit! – We call them cacklefruit on the seven seas – Yeah, okay, yeah – Yes Still a pirate character Spanker! – Okay

– Spanker – Spanker – Spank, er? One word – Spanker – Spanker, one word

– Spanker, one word – A spanker – It's a noun – It's a noun – Use that in a sentence

– Uh, let me read the definition first Mhmm Oh over there's the spanker! (laughing) – Okay, so this is a– – I would never last in a spelling bee – Alright, so this is– – I love the context, it's so helpful – This is the, the solar heated shower that's installed on every pirate ship

– Close – Spanker– – It spanks you! On the face and the shoulders With water! – I think it's a whip – It is neither It is the sail on the mast closest to the stern of a square-rigged ship

– Oh, that's fun – And if you walk past it, it'll spank you – It'll spank you right on the tuckus – Right – I'm a Jewish pirate

(laughing) Me and Dustin Hoffman – Hooray! Yeah, right! – Yeah, it can be done – It can be – You've gone through your stack – Yes

– Now walk the plank! – Am I fired? Is that– – No I'm just, I couldn't think of any Let's swash a buckle together – Let's change our buckles – [Rhett] Mythical wrist bands in assorted colors now available at mythicalcom

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