Guess The WWE Superstar (GAME)

(rooster crowing) (animal growling) – BYMB! – Borrowing positivity: write a positive note and leave it in a library book Take a pic and post it with #BYMB

– Oh, that's nice, I like that, it's positive You know what's gonna happen? Person's gonna put it in there and then another person's gonna come and get the book and they're gonna open it and they're gonna be like, oh my god, that's so sweet, it made my day And then they're gonna have a great day – He's becoming such a romantic – Right? I mean, that is so good

What book would you use? – Oh, I don't know, probably like a love story – A love story, huh? Is Fabio on the cover? – Sorry Fabio, but no – No, alright – Alright let's do this Hello, we're gonna play a game

– How's it going? – Who would be on the cover of your love story look like? – Me – I'm gonna have to say Mike – Yeah, that works – Mike, that's a good answer – Hi

– Hello – I'm Ellie – Hi, Maryse – What do you guys want? (all laughing) – Hi, I'm Ellie – Hey, how you doing? – Hi, how are you, pleasure, Mike

– Maryse, I bought you some Pad Kwon Do – Pad Kwon Do – What is that, I mean – It's Pad Kwon Do – That's not even a thing! – You've never heard of pad thai? – Pad thai? – Pad thai? – It's a Thai dish, like noodles and peanuts and stuff – It's a what dish? – A Thai – Oh, I thought you said Italian, I was like — – Next time I go to Asian, the restaurant, I'm gonna be like, do you guys have a pad thai? – Yeah! – So are we looking, you're just gonna look at the back of my head the entire time? Or what's gonna happen? We don't have a camera right here, I don't have the camera on me, and the lighting isn't that good this way, it's this way – Oh yeah, I'm saying play to camera

– Maryse, can I slide you this way a little? – Yup – Morgan wants to see my pretty face (crew laughing) – And then if you slide a little bit that way — – Which way? – This way (crew laughing) Then it's a little bit more, then it's less looking behind – I feel like there's too much space right here

(crew laughing) – Maybe Matt, you kind of scoot in – You just ruined that You want it tight, you want a nice tight fit – Morgan, good? Alright, Morgan's happy – Alright, so, if I may

Here's the game Over the years, the three of us have met a lot of WWE Superstars, some of us more than others And we have taken photos with them, some of us more than others – I don't know why you keep saying some of us more than others – It will become clear in the game

– Is that you? – It might be me So we've got these photos, and we've blacked out who the superstar is, and using context clues and maybe a little help, you will guess from some multiple choice who the WWE Superstar is – Are any of these pictures at an airport or hotel? – These were all under circumstances when we weren't bothering the superstar – Oh, you weren't? – No – Shocking

(all laughing) – Is that a thing that happens a lot? – Every day of my life – Yeah, I get that too – But it's not really a bother, it's not really a bother, it's one of those situations where it's like, you know, it's like, say it's like six o'clock in the morning and you're just getting up and you're getting on your flight and 45 people come up to you with autographs and pictures And then nobody knows how to use a camera It's literally point and shoot

All you do is point and shoot, that's it But no one knows how to use a camera So it's six AM, you're trying to get to your flight, and that's all that you're doing So I was wondering if you were those people – No

– No, God, no – Not anymore (all laughing) – Awesome – Let's show the first one though The first picture

This is me And this was about the year 2002 and I– – You lost some weight, huh? – Yeah, I was in college and I had a lot of time to go to the gym and– – You said 2002? – Stare at a wall – [The Miz] I see that's Smackdown – [Matt] Yeah I went by myself to Smackdown because– – [The Miz] The World Champion

– [Matt] The World Champion – [Maryse] Shelton Benjamin – Here's your options – Oh Shelton Benjamin never won a championship – He never won the World Championship

– Here are your options A, was it Triple H? B, was it Randy Orton? Or C, was it Bautista? – Oh, that's Bautista – I was gonna say that – You got Drax – Reveal please

The animal, Batista – [The Miz] Boom, got 'em – [Matt] I am in my John Cena U Can't See Me shirt – You are, definitely – But I had an animal Batista– – No sweat stains though, bravo for you with that

– I'm no animal, he's the animal – Good one – Alright, I think Ellie's next – You're a WWE fan, huh? – Yes – That was a hesitation

– I'm newer to it – Is it because of Total Divas and Total Bellas that you watch? – Yes – Is it? Are you gonna watch Miz and Mrs? – Yes – Do you already have it saved on DVR? – I don't have a DVR because I can't afford cable but– – How are you going to watch Miz and Mrs then? It's on USA

– I will log into my parent's cable for it, for you – Perfect So you'll steal cable to watch Miz and Mrs? That's the dedication I don't mind it Does she have a Nielsen box? Let's hope so

(all laughing) – I think my mom does, she's into that – Perfect – Can we see Ellie's picture please? – [The Miz] Oh, three people That's New Day – [Matt] Let me read the multiple choices

– [The Miz] Because it's three people I mean, how many, what, were you with the Wyatt family? She's not going to take a picture like that with the Wyatt family – Could be the Free Birds – Definitely not She'd have to be four

– I took this picture with three– (crew laughing) – Ya think? – WWE Superstars and was it Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, and Dean Ambrose, AKA the Shield? B, Big E, Kofi Kingston, and Xavier Woods, AKA the New Day? Or C, Paige, Mandy Rose, and Sonya Deville, AKA Absolution? – Maryse? – The Shield – No, it's New Day She's too happy to be with, like, the Shield, she would look like– – Mugging? – Yeah, she'd be like, yeah, I'm cool But with the New Day, it's like wham, bam – Wait, or maybe, I think it's the girls

– No, it's not the girls – This one looks like Big E – That's what I'm saying, it's New Day for me and she wants to do what, Maryse? – Yeah, okay, I'm gonna go with– – Don't take mine just because I said it – I just think because Big E is super big So that kinda looks like him

– Alright, let's reveal it – [The Miz] By the way, that's Kofi The one you thought was Big E is Kofi – That's the shoulders Oh my gosh, look at that

– [Ellie] Well, he has a foam in his hair – Big E's chest, come on – This was awhile ago because Xavier's gotten much bigger His shoulders have gotten bigger – Oh, nice

Congrats – Is that how you measure time? (all laughing) – Yeah, that is That's exactly how I measure time No, he went on a whole fitness regimen and he's getting bigger – I think he looks good

– Me too (all laughing) They actually came here and they were so nice and awesome and really cool guys – Nicer and more awesome than us? – Well, I decline to comment because if anyone– – What do you mean decline to comment? We're sitting right here I will leave And cut this segment short

– I have a right in the US Constitution (all laughing) To silence – You also have freedom of speech You're allowed to say whatever you want without hurting anyone's feelings – I think you guys are great

– But my feelings will be hurt My feelings will be hurt if you do not choose us over the New Day – I choose you over the New Day – Thank you See that? That's how it's done

– Then you were like under duress, right? – Not under duress, she's fine She's got Miz and Mrs already on DVR, she's ready to go – The next one is me again – Shocking – This was taken around 2002

– [The Miz] It's Jericho – [Maryse] The Undertaker – Jericho or Edge – A, B, and C Did I wax my eyebrows? No

– They are so thin – [The Miz] They are thin – [Matt] Thank you – [Ellie] That was in style back then – So A is Al Snow

B, Chris Jericho D, Diamond Dallas Page – I said Jericho I even said it before – You did

– Maryse? – DDP – That's not DDP That's a t-shirt Jericho wears the t-shirts and he had the hair up – Alright, so you have Jericho, you have DDP

Let's reveal Al Snow – [Ellie] Wow – [The Miz] He's wearing a Tough Enough t-shirt – I went to a convention center where they were doing a signing for Al Snow

– What does everybody want? – A picture with Al Snow – That's it – So alright, the next one is Kevin – You made it Kevin – [Maryse] Wow

– [The Miz] Wow, you're young – [Kevin] Yeah, this was a couple years ago – Look at you You're such a young whippersnapper What's the shirt you chose to wear? Oh, lay the smack down

Oh, you're wearing a Rock shirt – I'm wearing a Rock shirt – Okay, so you're probably meeting the Rock – Coincidentally is the option A, the Rock B, John Cena

Or C, Stone Cold Steve Austin – Stone Cold – No, it's the Rock The Rock, he's got a shirt on that says the Rock If he's wearing– – Yeah, but– – But you know, you have any idea how many times when I do autograph signings and people just wear other people's shirts and I'm like, you're at my autograph signing

You could wear my shirt, I got a bunch of them – He's got a Rock shirt on but that could be a Miz-direct – Good one – Miz-direct – This was in, I think, 1999

– Wow – I was probably about 15 years old – I just graduated high school – An aspiring wrestler – Were you? (crew laughing) – You can't tell? – How'd that work out for you? – Well, um, it didn't really work out for me

– But you're here – I'm here – And you're taking pictures with him – I am Alright, you guys ready? – Ready

– Let's see it – [The Miz] Wow, prototype John Cena – [Kevin] Prototype, that's right – [Ellie] The hair – [Kevin] This was an event in Lancaster, California for UPW

– I used to wrestle for UPW That's where I actually started That's where he started – Yep, he was, I think Yokozuna was the finale but he kind of stole the show – He was the prototype right there, huh? He stole the show? – He did, yeah

– Even in UPW? – Yeah, he did – What was so great about him in that? – He was just electric – Really? – Yeah, you couldn't take your eyes off him, he was great – But the Rock is the most electrifying man in sports entertainment – Good one

This guy, he just keeps coming He just keeps coming with them, huh – Alright, last one here is me So I was Comic Con 2002 when could just pay seven dollars, walk in, and see a WWE Superstar getting a cookie from Mrs Field's cookies

(crew laughing) – So when you said you didn't bother them– – Was it a protein cookie? – It was a cookie It kinda plays into this guy's personality a little bit So was it A, Brett the Hitman Hart? – That doesn't play to his personality – B, Rob the Whole Effin Show Van Dam? Or C, Jerry the King Lawler? – Oh wow I would go for RVD

– Plays into his character, RVD – Alright, so RVD – I would have chosen Jerry the King Lawler but since you said it plays into his character – I gave a hint, I showed my hand This is a video reveal, it's not embarrassing at all

Let's play it (all laughing) – [Cameraman] This is Matt and his wrestling buddy Rob Van Dam – No pictures with me though, huh? You guys never met me? Or you never asked for a picture – Can I have a picture with you? (all laughing) – [Link] Head wear? Head there to Mythical

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