Halo Top Ice Cream Taste Test

(rooster crows) (lion roars) (wheel clicking) – Welcome to Good Mythical More – Who You Talkin' About? This is when we're gonna read some comments that you have made– – Oh it's a new one

– Or read a comment that has been made, we've done this once A comment that has been made about one of us and we have to guess– – Oh yeah – Who the comment was about Okay so @merch says, blank is suspiciously good at playing with dolls – I remember this and, but I– – You were playing with dolls? – No

Of course I remember playing with dolls 'cause I play with dolls But I think this is about you I don't know why but I have a vague recollection it's you – I don't have a guess but I am gonna guess you (chuckles) Link is suspiciously good at playing with dolls

– Yeah it's 'cause I play with dolls – Yeah Okay – Dolls are people too I mean

– Dolls were people too (strums guitar chord) ♪ You know what day it is ♪ ♪ It's mail day ♪ ♪ And mail day ♪ ♪ Means mail ♪ – Hello Jen – Hi – How ya doin'? – I'm doing great, how are you? – You got a stack of stuff – I got a stack of stuff

– I'm doing good, I'm ice creamed up – Oh yeah – You know what, speaking of which, we're gonna eat some more ice cream– – [Rhett] We're gonna eat more ice creams – Of the Halo Top variety Halo Top, I've only had it once and we're not gonna know what these are so like this is the first one

– So we're gonna– – I think I already know what this one is – Taste – We're gonna sample it – Because you can see a little bit of the color on the side – I think I've had every– – Don't look at that

– Oh so you're like a Halo Top expert – I know a lot about Halo Top – What is the deal with Halo Top? Not a sponsor – Basically it's like one of those protein ice creams so you can eat the whole pint and not feel bad about yourself It's like between 200 and 300 calories a pint

– What do you mean, high protein? – It has a higher amount of protein than a regular and lower amount of carbs and lower amount of fat – It's like gingerbread cookie That's my guess – Huh, wow – You should let him guess second if you think you know

– I'm drinking a weird flavored tea over here and I think it's really impacting– – Oh excuses excuses – I mean it's good – It tasted weird I'm gonna say pumpkin spice Pumpkin– – Uh-uh

Ain't no way that's pumpkin I think it's speculoos – Pumpkin pecan spice Pumpkin spice pecan mix time – The waffles one

– Oh, oh, yeah waffles – You may strip it – Let's find out, waffles – [Stevie] I'm not gonna give you the answers, I'm just gonna say you may strip it – Oh yeah

– Pancakes and waffles, they couldn't decide? They just put 'em both in it, maple syrup, it's very Canadian of you – If you breathe out right now like slowly– – I don't like to breathe out – You can re-taste it – I only breathe in Jen – I'm tasting it, Jen

– Sorry – I haven't breathed out– – He only breathes out through his butt hole – Since I was in first grade – It's just a filter – Yeah

– He's constantly letting a silent fart – Like a fish and gills What are you looking at your time for? – I mean I just got a call – (laughs) I just got a call, might be important All right what's in our mail? – How many of these do we have? Let's taste another one and then let's open the mail

– Okay so like the mail is the half-time show – Half-time show yeah – Yeah absolutely – I was real bad at that, I said pumpkin something – Do we need more new spoons? – Yeah let's do a new spoon

– You want us to use new spoons? – This one looks burnt by the freezer – [Link] Yeah let's get away from that Let's go get that top film off and then– – [Rhett] Fix it – Go down in there The consistency's pretty fluffy

It's almost like– – Yeah 'cause it's less fatty so it's like not gonna be as creamy – Yeah it's a little icy This one's icier than the last – It has those fuzzy bits – [Stevie] Jen, what's that competitor brand that was trying to advertise itself like a Halo Top? – There's a lot

– I know what you're talking about – There's one prominent one and it really tastes like just ice – Arctic Zero? – Yeah, yeah – Yeah, they suck – I mean Halo Top tastes so much better

– Sorry – Arctic Zero sucks, you heard it here – Hey this is, I think this is cinnamon buns which is my favorite type of Ben and Jerry's – It tastes like that I'm gonna agree with that

– There's a cheesecakeyness to it – I feel like that's probably the icing – Oh yeah cream cheese icing on a cinnamon, okay cinnamon bun, I'm gonna go with that – Oh we're in agreement – Strip it

– Grab the top there – Oh, cinnamon roll – Cinnamon roll, yeah – Oh I didn't know they had a cinnamon roll but Ben and Jerry's cinnamon roll– – [Rhett] They got good flavors – Is my weakness

– See look at the great, great carb situation – Oh there's five grams of sugar alcohols though That'll make you diarrhea like there's no tomorrow – I mean five is lower than normal – Some people will

– Well if we're gonna look at this, there's four servings per – Mm-hmm – So– – The whole thing is only 360 calories – So 360 calories – There's a lot of carbs but– – That's not bad for a pint of ice cream

– You also get 20 grams of protein for a whole pint of ice cream – Yeah that's pretty good, and you're gonna get 12 grams of fiber – There you go, plus the sugar alcohol – Which is 48% of what you need for the day – I wouldn't recommend eating the whole thing 'cause the sugar alcohol

– That's 20 grams of sugar alcohol – Yeah sugar alcohol– – It'll mess you up – That's diarrhea – Turn you into a– – That's explosive – [Rhett] Brown faucet

– Oh yeah – Slide that in there Okay so let's go for this, you wanna read? – So this goes like this – Okay – Hello Rhett and Link and Jen

My family and I are big fans of the show We watched you grow from the garage to where you are now This is still a garage (Jen chuckles) It has been fun viewing you become professionals We were kinda profession from the beginning

– Becoming professionals – You even stuck with your one rule very well Outside of the Will Its, I enjoy the mail song and seeing Jen pass out your goodies (chuckles) – Remember that time you passed out? – Oh yeah, totally – Inside the box you will find a brand new superhero of you three

Each framed drawing comes with a dossier so the character has a history – What? – I grew up loving comic books and I am 52 now I have this talent to create heroes that fit ordinary people I believe everybody has an inner light that makes them great These drawings are a reminder of what that person can be, a reminder of what makes them extraordinary

– Wow – Last year I started designing heroes for my friends to help make ends meet I'm hoping it will be the start of something good for me and my family We decided to honor you with our own superheroes I combed the internet trying to find out little tidbits to make them personal

I also took some guesses too, hope you like them – All right so Rhett – Can we say who this is? Thank you for making our mornings happy ones Can you say hi to Leo and Angela? Hey! – Hi– – [Rhett and Link] Leo and Angela – They would get a big kick from it and my wife Alice would too

Hey Alice – Hi Alice You just got kicked – From Kenneth Pawlak, superherodrawercom

– All right Rhett so first off, we're looking at yours which is, hold that up Introducing the Wood Pecker, alter ego Rhett McLaughlin Other known aliases: Rhett, the tall one over there Marital status: married, YouTuber, Good Mythical Morning is his group affiliated Do we have a– – [Rhett] That a good shot of that? – [Link] There's a whole history and then powers which I just feel like I need to read

– [Jen] Pfft, you're gonna read all of it, all right – [Link] Oh you didn't want me to, it's a lot Maybe I'll have to skip around I mean the whole history – It's so cool

– In the mid 1980s two seemingly ordinary first graders meet for the first time They carry on a friendship that goes on to this day Rhett McLaughlin towered over all the children and half the teachers With his every step people knew he was destined for greatness – Well I was there so

Okay this is fiction – Actually you're right there – Once he received his degree in civil engineering, his life changed, he found boredom He gathered his best friend and ditched the nine to five job to be YouTubers Oh man there's a whole thing

– Like a story – Yeah I kinda gotta keep going Just before stardom found him– – Well now you have to, you gotta stop short so you don't have to do that for all of them – I wanna know where, I mean, there's lines like alpaca lips What's that? No, apocalypse

All right he becomes the Wood Pecker – This is very cool – We'll read it all – As you can see, I'm holding my wood two by four I do take a little issue with the word pecker being in my name but you know what, that's the only issue I take because this is my favorite detail

Link still has yet to see it 'cause I don't think he's looked closely enough at the picture yet – [Jen] That looks cool – [Rhett] He's still not listening – I'm reading this If you're gonna degrade me

– I'm not degrading, it's just our pictures are connected in a way – Oh all right so let's see who I am Read about me – The Punster Otherwise known as Linkster, Linky Poo, he's married, he's a YouTuber

His hobby is trying untried things to eat In the mid 1980s two seemingly ordinary first graders meet for the first time and carry on a friendship that goes on to this day Lincoln Neal III was a quiet, shy boy who made people laugh He would do anything to impress people – Anything

(Jen and crew laugh) – From eating dog biscuits to worms Once he received his degree in civil engineering, industrial engineering, his life changed He found boredom He gathered his best friend and ditched the nine to five job to be YouTubers – What are my powers? Go to my powers

– Your powers, with the absorb pendant, Link has the power over sound He can force sound waves from his hands to make sonic blasts strong enough to destroy a two foot thick concrete wall! – Wow – Wow – Also sound waves come from his feet to let him fly His voice has been enhanced to create impossible sounds plus create any sound or impersonation

He can create a sonic force field With Link's imagination, he is always finding new ways to use his power – And your power is whatever type of wood you touch, you gain its powers So like balsa wood makes you light and floatable Quebracho tree, the hardest wood, which can withstand 4500 pounds of force, gives you durable skin and great strength

You become flexible if you touch a palm tree (Rhett chuckles) All right Jen you got one too – I gotta be careful Link you still haven't noticed the detail on our pictures – On you're standing on my head

– Yes (laughs) Yes – Am I standing on your head? – No, I'm standing on your head in both pictures – Oh you're just above me so it goes like this – Yeah that works

– Okay I'm not standing on your head I'm just– – You're floating – Above you – It's an arrangement – And I'm nowhere to be found – Wow, hey Jen

– You're mysterious, you are the Canvas (Rhett laughs) You are a tabula rosa You are the Canvas Your power is to create holograms that look real She can create a simple block on her palm to a room filled with people to complete white out

She can create anything she can think of She has made a floor look like a pond full of alligators She needs to be hydrated or have moisture in the air to manipulate the water – Oh – She can create, oh you have a weakness

– You only fight in– – You gotta be moist – Humid climates – You gotta be moist – Don't get caught in the desert, Jen – Yikes

– All right this is incredible Thank you for taking the time to do this Thank you to the whole family, the whole Pawlak family But especially Kenneth for taking the time– – Yes that is awesome – For putting these alter egos

– Yes that is awesome – We wild have the suits created and fight crime together – Let's taste this last Halo Top here – We got two more actually – Mm, I know what this one is

– Speed round – Oh my gosh, that tastes awesome That's freakin' peanut butter and jelly sandwich – Yep – What? – You may strip it

– Peanut butter and jelly – I didn't know Oh my gosh – I know you get that, but I just wanted to say it again – Keep saying it

– That is so accurate – All right bring in the last one, let's see if we can get this one They got food flavors, I will say, I didn't know a lot about Halo Top but I like what I'm learning – There Oh lord

(chuckles) ♪ Halo Top you'll always be ♪ ♪ Some sweet home to me ♪ This tastes like the cinnamon bun – Oh it's cold on my tooth – Cinnamon toast, don't put it on your tooth – What the heck is this one? It has coconuts in it? – It's similar – It's sunscreen

– It's similar to what we've already tasted – Did we make this one? (chuckles) – I don't think I've tried this one – This is cinnamon toast – It's like, it's– – Coconutty – [Stevie] A cookie that you wanna not pick in my opinion

– A macadamia cookie? – [Stevie] Oh, no – What? – It tastes really good but it tastes cinnamon – Oatmeal raisin? – Snickerdoodle? – Snickerdoodle – [Stevie] Yeah strip it – Oatmeal raisin

– Strip it, strip it – Ha ha – Oatmeal cookie – Oatmeal– – [Jen] That's what the coconut bits were– – [Rhett] You don't wanna pick a oatmeal cookie, Stevie? – It was oatmeal – And my second favorite Ben and Jerry's is the oatmeal cookie dough which I didn't think was gonna be awesome but it is really awesome too

– The peanut butter and jelly one, I haven't had that one and that's good – Very good – I'm into that – [Rhett and Link] Very good – Jen

– [Rhett and Link] Until the next LTAT, keep on BYMB with this new mug available now at Mythicalstore – [Link] F-O S-H-O

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