Heinz Combo Sauce Taste Test

– Welcome to Good Mythical More – Wild Gesturing – All right

This is when you're going on a big trip, and you're on your way to the airport, and then you start to think, oh I know I've forgotten something, and you start going through everything, and then you get to the airport, and you're like oh I'm here and I haven't thought of what I've left, and then you get on the plane, and then you're in the air, and then you realize you haven't forgotten anything – Yes that's it – I love that feeling – Yeah How'd you get that? – Wow

All right, here we go Heinz, not a sponsor, has created some interesting combinations of sauces – And let me say before you get into those, because I see comments from time to time Now most of you guys understand that when we do a taste test, under no circumstances is it sponsored We're not being paid by anybody

Sweet Baby Ray, we don't even know Sweet Baby Ray Never shook his hand It's just unbiased because people are like, great integration guys You think we would do that? No – Go to SweetBabyRays

com now to get yours They're offering a great coupon And you know what? It's got that little hole in it – You like that little hole? – That I like better than the flip top, so I actually do like this packaging better than, than uh, than Head's Correction, not a sponsor

– So again, no sponsors And this, as Link said, Heinz is also not a sponsor of this episode – Mythical chef Josh, why don't you join us as we taste these I'm also very curious what his opinion about our finalists are – I'm always a little bit nervous when I feel like we've made like a really strong culinary judgment, and then you come out and you tell us why we're idiots

– We're just guys who eat stuff, and we're just honest I can't apologize, and you wouldn't expect that – I would expect it, and I'm actually really flattered by it, and like pretty disappointed that you don't feel that same feeling – Yeah, see – I'm not afraid of you, culinarily

– Just as long as you don't like Head Country the best – No I think Head Country was terrible, and I think the fact that it moved past Stubb's is an absolute travesty, but I think you guys are great at what you do otherwise – Now, here's the thing about Stubb's – I thought Stubb's was gonna win

In my heart of hearts, I thought Stubb's was gonna win, 'til I taste the cloves That's what it was: cloves – It's a um, it's very specific It's not versatile I mean you either love it, or you don't

So it's not– you know we're kinda going for just like I gotta grab the every man sauce, I don't think this can go on– it's just too specific – Well, that's not how– I wouldn't evaluate it in the same way I would say it could go on anything, but everything that it goes on, it's going to have that specific flavor that I just don't cloves – No, it's gonna be dominated by– there's a ton of black pepper in that too, and so you taste like a ton of spices, and there isn't enough sugar to like really kind of pound it into that ubiquitous flavor profile that you get from a jar of barbeque sauce For a weeknight barbeque sauce, Sweet Baby Ray's is probably my go-to

But Stubb's is the one that I kind of like enjoy most – Did you say for a weeknight? – Yeah, like a weeknight Like, if you're not out there smokin' meats and you just wanna like pop some chicken in the oven and get some flavor on it, Sweet Baby Ray's is my way to go – Yeah, and I think that for – So? That's his pick – Yeah, yeah, but– – You don't have to apologize

– What I was gonna say is like, so I haven't done it recently, but you know when I moved out here I started learning how to smoke my own pork butt so I could make barbeque Typically, what I do is I just put a rub on the pork, as it's cooking, and then I serve it with no sauce, and then you could put sauce on if you want And this is, you know, aside from sacrilegious to say as somebody from North Carolina, but both Link and I like the mustard based, like the Columbia, South Carolina based Mustard based is so good on pulled pork – But what's your– what's your, um, if you're going to slather a rib, and go all the way, this isn't a weeknight, what's your pick? – Okay, so if I had to pick one from here, I would go Stubb's

– Is this it? – I think no! – So bad! – I was so proud of you guys when you were just like this is an abomination I was like yes! Ruin them! Yeah, it's terrible There's no corn syrup in that though? Maybe there should be Because I mean it could really help 'cause that's terrible – My mom would fill a Crock-Pot up with this stuff

– Just put like cocktail wieners in it? – Chicken; she'd just throw meats in there – Anything you throw in there will end up tasting like crap – That's a universal sauce of Crock-Pot moms That's a Crock-Pot mom barbeque sauce – It's like food lava

It just destroys whatever you put in it – Right – What's your pick? – Okay, so my official pick is Stubb's That is my official pick However, I, like you, am a no sauce fan

Like you said, with the pulled pork, like I love the what is it, eastern North Carolina does just like cider vinegar and spices So you just get the vinegar, spice, and pork fat – And that lets the meat sing A lot of people don't like that vinegarey sauce, like why'd it do that? But it actually lets the pork be pork – You guys have both been to the Stubb's barbeque in Texas, right? You can do the all you can eat thing? Yeah, that place is awesome, but what's funny is like in Texas, putting sauce on your meat is kinda sacrilegious

And so it's like kind of ironic that they're like not, you know, the Kansas City super tomatoey sugary thing They're just like we're from Texas; no one here eats sauce, but we're a big recognizable name so like please buy our stuff – If you insist on – Let's get into this So Heinz, I mean they released more than these These are the ones we could get our paws on

– [Rhett] What's this? – [Link] Let's start with the mayochup – [Josh] Let's start with the kranch – [Link] Let's start with the kranch – [Josh] That's my bad – [Rhett] I was about to say that tastes like ranch

– So ranch and ketchup; is that what's happening? – Happy Cotton Candy Day, daddies Smells beefy in here today – Interesting, because we didn't have any beef – Well, maybe that's just my deal (laughs) Hey, you wanna hear a sweet nothing? – Yes, Randy, I do

I always do (breathes heavily) – I'm on a special diet where I only eat out of your trash Your wife's been sliding into my DM's (laughs) I don't know who this guy is I don't think the audience can see, but he's wearing jeans and flip flops

That's a weird look, man – Thank you, Randy – What're you guys eatin'? – Fries, with ketchcup and ranch Would you like one? – Yeah, I'd like to try Usually I dip these bad boys in cups of spit or mayonnaise because I studied abroad in Europe for awhile, I picked up a little bit of an accent, Governor

(laughs) – That was good when it went right through there Right in the hole – Yeah, I get it all in the hole – You ever been to Head Country? – No, I've never been to Head Country Sounds like an unpleasant place

– You know what? I'd love for you to have this – Wow! My own crap? Thanks man Eh, you're not so bad after all, I give you a hard time – You're gonna love that – Cool

Well this saves me two bucks All right, good gifts daddies, bye! – Thanks Randy – He's gonna hate me more next time – I've never been that close to him before – How you feelin'? – I always feel weird when he's around, but normally that's from 25 plus feet away

He really does have an aura There's a presence that you feel – Get his mouth right on your ear That's when it really gets weird – His whisper is pretty loud

You notice that? – He's a scream whisperer – It's kinda as if it's for the benefit of someone in the next room – Okay I don't like kranch – I like kranch

This is weird – Mayocue is good It tastes like Chik-fil-A sauce That's all Chick-fil-A sauce is, is barbeque and mayonnaise – Wait is that– 'cause I've heard that it's like three of their existing sauces

– I actually think there is something missing – Well, that's probably true, but I'm saying ultimately it just turns into this taste, which I like – I hate everything that's happening here – Oh, you do? – Yeah, no, universally they're bad Also, we got them shipped, and sometimes when you ship mayonnaise based stuff, the heat kind of curdles it, and that mayocue is not lookin' very smooth

– You're ruinin' it for me – Yeah, sorry, no, if you guys are enjoying it, you guys are enjoying it – This is basically dumbed down thousand island Am I right? – Yeah – That's Big Mac sauce

– Thousand Island if you have like a cucumber allergy That should be the market they're hittin' Cucumber allergy market – No cucumbered thousand island dressing – Their CEO just stepped down, these didn't save the company like they thought they would, actually

Yeah, that's fun That's hilarious I forgot that happened – Maybe he can come be your boss – That'd be cool

– That actually happened? – Yeah, no that actually happened – He thought this was going to save the company? – Well, I don't know what they thought it was gonna do, but it didn't do what they thought it was, so – He can work for you You can be his boss – Yeah, I don't know his name, but also I don't like his ideas so

– Call him formerly high loser – Yeah, I think that's what he prefers That's what his kids call him He's not allowed to see them anymore – That's you being nice

Will it taco? Yes Will proceeds from the will it taco chew toy go to the humane society? Yes Grab one now at mythicalstore

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