High School Sport Matching Game

– ( rooster crows ) – ( lion roars ) Welcome to "Good Mythical More" The wheel comes to a land

"QTMBA"– Question that must be answered "What's the smoothest part of your own body?" You got one? You got a smooth part? Um, I've got right here at the– you know where your hairline stops, and there's, like, at the nape of the neck, I've got a really smooth– Don't I don't want you to touch it That's a special place for a special person to touch – Oh-kay

– Where's your special smooth spot? What's your smoothest part? – Don't– I'm– – Post that #QTMBA, but don't say that has anything to do with us and our show – Yeah, like, when my hair was longer– – Just for you and your friends

when my hair was longer, when I had that boyishly playful cut "Boyishly playful" Come on out, guys Now I have this desperately boy-bandish cut, but, yeah, it was– there was, like, a rat tail there that was really soft A rat tail? Welcome, everyone

Alex, Kevin, Matt, and Teresa are joining us – Matt Carney – Hello – And Teresa's last name is – Lee – Link: Lee – Rhett: Lee I'm sorry

I didn't know that No relation To Anyone else with the last name Any other Lees No relation to other Lees

You're totally genetically isolated from every Lee – Okay – Okay, guys Link, break out those two things because the sports that we are choosing from are soccer, marching band, which is a sport? No? Volleyball and cheerleading We're not gonna make any "Is cheerleading a sport" jokes It's all gonna be about marching band, okay? You dodged a bullet, cheerleaders because we have marching bands Okay, there– give Wilson a wig – Okay, high school

– Oh, man So this is high school You didn't have to be good at it to do it, depending on your high school Well, I mean Okay, so she takes pride in what she did – That's a big assumption – That's good So whatever you did, you were really good at

I mean, you have to, you know, make a team Right? You had to try out, huh? Yeah, it does really depend on what school you go to When we went to high school, like, you could– if you made a decision to do it, you could pretty much do it Well, the basketball team certainly had a cut There was a cut, yeah

The soccer team did not have a cut I was on the soccer team The soccer team didn't have a cut? Soccer team didn't have a cut They kept everybody, and I don't know why he did that I guess they just had that many uniforms

Because it would be cutting, like, just a few people, and it's really bad for them And there was no JV So maybe that was a factor It was all one soccer team for all four years of high school, so– you had a JV basketball team, – and it kinda– – Right Less players on the field

– It's real – Uh And it's not a field

It's a court You know what I mean? There's lots of differences But what did these guys do? This is very difficult because, first of all, volleyball– usually– most high schools around here, it's just for females, right? I mean, like there's n– most of the volleyball teams at local Southern California schools, there's not any guys on those teams Right, so let's just toy around with letting Teresa hold that Maybe just feel– – Oh, did you see that? – That was good

But she didn't hit it back to you She didn't set it up for you because– Oh, okay Okay, all right Okay Now– Now, again, I mean– we're not being sexist here

We just saying, traditionally, there are more females who are cheerleaders, but there definitely are males on the cheerleading squad, and they usually are the bottom of the pyramid Put that up so elegant You know? And so it's gotta be a dude– – I thought we've talked about this – What? I thought that we knew that this was Alex Is it– Or somebody

– I feel like it's– – Before– – I feel like it's– – Before Matt joined us – I feel like it's Carney – No

I wanna get into that Why? – Uh – You wanna get into that

– Why does he– – That's a fair question No, I'm gonna compliment you because you look– you have a physique you could hold a woman up in the air And I can see you doing one of those standing back flips and, like, landing in exactly the same spot, like you've got the body type to both flip yourself and hold a woman And those are the two requirements for being a male cheerleader You don't think I could hold a woman? I think that all three of these guys are kind of small

The people that I see holding up women are, like, buff guys – No – Like Look at– I mean, look at that Yeah, I can bounce my pecs – All right, do it – He's got a V neck – That's a formation

– You ready? For my shot? You know what those pecs are good for They're good for a little No, no! No

I believe that Carney is the soccer player – Really? – And you think he's– Well, who's the cheerleader, then? I thought it was Alex I don't know why We can change them in a second I think Alex would have wanted to be a male cheerleader

Marching band You saying I got cut from the cheerleading squad? I think you would've signed up for it – 'Cause I think– – I'm not saying no can I see how this looks on your head? You sure can Kevin seems like the marching band choice

I will say that Are we talking woodwind? Kevin's a piccolo if I've ever seen one That's a woodwind No, no, I would think– I can picture him in the back, the guy that just hits the bass drum every once in a while, just boom – Just waiting for it

– Yeah Measure after measure, just waiting for it The wonderful thing about a marching band is that you don't get a drum kit You just get a piece of the drum kit – Except for– – So you're just the guy with the symbols, and you're just the guy with the bass, and you're just the guy with the snare

– Think he's a snareman – You think he's a snareman? I think he's a big drum man I can see him with that big mallet Big mallet So you wanna switch Alex and Carney

I do I mean, he also could be a soccer player Yeah, I could see that as well Oh, this is tough I'm glad there's nothing at stake

– You're an athletic guy – I'm so athletic You can really do it all All right I– First of all, whatever– I feel like– as long as you guys have been here, we should know this about you

– You should – Yeah And I think– And that's why for some– Something tells me that there was– there's been a male cheerleader in our midst for years Don't you think we– You're p– You might be right, but I feel like if we knew that Alex was a male cheerleader, we would've probably said that at least a dozen times in the last week Good point

Now that we know what Carney was Now that you know– Okay Teresa, let's start with you

Just give us an– Oh, it's sticky It is very sticky They tried to paint off the Wilson I mean, this said Wilson So, at a certain point, it's just not worth it, guys

I mean, we painted No free ads, man Okay, and the way– And the sad thing is Wilson is paying us for this

Volleyball So Right from and everything

You almost smacked yourself Okay, the way we're gonna reveal whether we're right or wrong is we're actually gonna see photos from high school So let's see our first photo ( Rhett growls ) – After all of that – All of that

– I bounced my pecs for nothing – Man Oh, gosh, okay – Who's– Who's– – That's Matt, right? I'm just kidding All right, so, Teresa, what does that say? "Funn" with two Ns on your– It's Gunn, the name of my high school

Gunn-n-n-n Now, what was your specialty? Were you a high flyer? I was the back spot because I was the tallest girl on the team She was the back spot Did you ever have to catch anybody? I did I never dropped a girl

You never dropped a girl No accidents Good for you because a lot of trust involved in that Okay, so somebody plays volleyball Who's next? Let's see another photo

Man: Whoo! Whoa, he's Matt the sax man – Yeah – Talk about a twist You got some saxy pecs Yeah, I bounced my pecs a lot to get that– the first chair

First chair saxophone We were so wrong The ladies couldn't get enough of that guy – Look at that – We were so wrong

– Yeah – All right Okay, all right, who's next? Link: Oh, whoa! Rhett: Oh, my goodness Oh, my goodness! What are you hiding in those warm-up pants? That was the smallest outfit they gave us The coach designed this outfit

– You're so gangsta – It's the worst uniform ever Look at that thing Rhett: Hold on You wore those pants to play volleyball in? No, those are warm-up pants

I had short-shorts on under that – So you and a bunch of girls? – Was it– Hold on Was it a coed team? No There was a guy's volleyball team It's big on the West Coast

I thought guy's volleyball was bigger on the West Coast Give me a spike I was the starting center Yeah, that was the only place where volleyball That was a set Give me a spike – Here's the thing, though – Okay

My coach told me– I was really good at volleyball I played for five years – He told me that – Alex: Really goodI could've gotten a full-ride scholarship if I was about four inches taller

– Yeah, but that's– – I paid for school That's diff– That's difficult Four inches could change your entire life I was too short You look like a juggalo

Rhett: Yeah, you– ( laughs ) Alex: Was your coach Fred Durst? ( overlapping chatter, laughter ) Rhett: Did you have highlights or is that just the lighting? Uh, I did have highlights But not there, though They came later You saw that picture and like, "I need highlights" So let's see Alex

– Alex as a soccer man – Soccer man Rhett: Ooh! Sweaty, pensive soccer man Yeah, I helped produce it, so I picked the coolest photo for me Wow, what's– hold on

Did that go in the yearbook? Did that go in the yearbook? I think it may– It could've I don't know Dude, 'cause if that picture went in the yearbook, that was a good year for you – Were you smelling something? – Could've been my best year I think I was just asserting dominance over something

All right, so you were– you were a left wing – I think I might've been

– Really? – Yeah – Look like a left winger Why, 'cause he's looking to the right? He's looking to the center of the field? That's right Didn't have to black out that Adidas? – Link: No ( others laugh ) Link: It's not Wilson

We're looking for that Wilson We're holding out for Wilson, but no Adidas Why are you just accepting that that's Alex? It doesn't look like Alex at all

Yeah, that looks like your older brother, kind of a situation I used to be cool – "I used to be cool, guys" – Your neck was so long That's when you peaked

Uh, well, okay We were completely wrong, right? In every way – Yeah

– Sorry, guys Sorry for all the things we said Did my neck shrink? – I think so – Yes

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