Hot Wings Ice Cream Taste Test ft. Sean Evans

(rooster crows and lion roars) – Check your voicemail – Check your voicemail? Alright– – We have a mythical voicemail and it's time to check it

What's the message? (mumbling) – I'm sorry? What did that young man just say? Can we play that again? – [Narrator] Penis! – That man's saying Penis, John – He is! I thought he was saying, "David!" – We both went different places – It's the new blue dress gold dress – Play that for your friends, tell me what they said I don't know how to get to ice cream from there

– There's no wrong way to get to ice cream – That's a good point – Bring it out, bring it out – And this is blue cheese and habanero? – This is actually blue cheese hot wing There's a little bit of ghost chili in there– – What? – And a little bit of scorpion hot sauce

– He left that out– – What? I don't need to tell you everything – You can get it, I'll slide over – You said– – Well, go ahead – What were you saying? What were the three things? – So there is Frank's red hot 'cause that's where you get the buffalo flavor, the classic– – Classic – And then there's a Trinidad scorpion hot sauce that has a little bit of papaya in it

So I figured the fruit marries in with the ice cream, right? – Yeah, what about the other part? – Yeah, just like at on of ghost chili powder I'm not sure why, and so Tyson (mumbles), not a sponsor, chicken chopped up in there – So did you, is this the first time you've given it a go, was there a trial and error process? Or are we just having the guinea pig right now? – It's all error, this is like an error and error process – I saw him making this 15 minutes ago for the first time – Yeah

(laughter) I'm just walking around the office trying to feed it to people and no one wanted it, so cheers (laughter) – If I just ate a chunk of something, what was that? – It could've been blue cheese, could've been chicken How much chew was there? – I was able to crush it against the top of my mouth so I'm pretty sure it was blue cheese – That's a cheese nugget Did you like it or not? – Or not

– This is not the best ice cream I've ever had – We're on the same side I don't like what I do (laughter) – You like what you do, you don't like, it's not always nice what you create – Yeah, correct

– It's like a cheesy, spicy, cold smoothy – Yeah, it does stuff – What's ice cream missing? Bad stuff And then you put that in there – I'm not gonna lie, I think the vinegar started to curdle the cream

So there's some not good stuff going on – Every bite I take has a little surprise It hasn't been the surprise yet – Try and grab some chicken, you'll see the breading on it – I think this is a chicken bite

– Get a good chicken bite, you'll like the chicken bite – I don't know if I like the chicken bite (laughter) – Surprising – [Stevie] Have you guys ever wondered how hot you are? – Yes – Every day

– Yes, I have – [Stevie] Because I have a quiz that will let you know just that – Thank God because I just don't want to eat this ice cream anymore I'll do anything – I'm stuck here

– It's your creation – Yeah, you have to finish it – [Stevie] I'm gonna read some questions, also some of these are just statements – Do we each answer? – [Stevie] Yeah, you each answer separately, this is not a collective hotness quiz – Okay, but as a group we'd be pretty hot

– [Stevie] Pick your favorite sea creature Sea turtle, dolphin, octopus, clown fish, seal, shark, polar bear, orca whale, or penguin – Ha, what? – That's an easy question – What's the sexiest fish? Okay – I think a polar bear would be my favorite of those animals

– The question is what sea creature is it – [Stevie] Pick your favorite sea creature, not which sea creature is the sexiest – [Both] Polar bear – I don't know if that's of the sea – Clown fish, they're lead by a female and then when she dies the dominant male switches gender and takes over, that's sexy

– There's a fun fact for you – Was there a seal option? – There was a seal option! – That's for me – [Stevie] Okay, pick a state to live in Florida, New York, Texas, North Carolina, Michigan, Wyoming, Oregon, California, or Washington – California

– Easy, California that's the correct answer – From a New Yorker Michigan It's the least sexy state there is, but that's where I'm from – You're the big fish in a little pond

Like a Michigan nine – I'm the coolest guy from Michigan, I think It's me and Kid Rock, that's it (mumbling) Yeah, that's it – [Stevie] Wait Josh, what'd you pick? – I picked California, me and Sean

– We're aligned on that one – They're sexy guys and I'm, I don't know – [Stevie] Here's a question that also makes sense What is your favorite salad dressing? Oil and vinegar, raspberry vinegarette, Greek cesar, balsamic, thousand island, ranch, something homemade, or Italian – Thousand island for me

– Wow, on salad too? Not just for other stuff? – No, just straight (talking over each other) – I like ranch, but I also home make my own ranch, so I don't like the insinuation of that question – So what was your answer? – Ranch is ranch – I'll go with a nice balsamic Was that an option? – Yes

– Hell yeah I'm feeling kind of sexy Who do you think the sexiest guest you've had on hot ones is? – Probably Burt Kreischer (laughter) – Rebecca Maine was on like two weeks ago and you went with Brut Kreischer I don't know who Burt, yeah I do, (mumbles)

– Shirtless all the time, he's quite a sexy man – He's a sexy man, okay – [Stevie] Okay, ready for the next one? Who do you think was the sexiest guest that Sean had on hot ones? – Oh! Is this real? Really? – [Stevie] No, just kidding What do you do when someone hits on you? This is a quote, "Wait, they're hitting on me?" Smile, I'm not really sure, stand up straight and flex my muscles, giggle, flirt back, introduce myself and get to know them, talk to them, "I usually hit on someone first" – You know what, I introduce myself and get to know them

– Wow, sweet guy I hit on them back – You've got to flirt back It'd be a disservice to not – I like that only one of the options is talk to them

– Everyone's like you've got a game going, which angle? – I talk to them – I'm gonna talk to them, yeah – [Stevie] Okay, what's your best feature? My personality, I mean your personality in this case, you're independent, your style, you're a hard worker, your abs, you're intelligent, you're resilient, you're friendly, or your smile – I'm a friendly guy I think that's at the top of the list for me

– Okay, I agree – I appreciate that I think you're a friendly guy – Thank you, buddy – We're going down the line down here, my man

– What do you think I am? – What do I think you are? – I can't, I don't know – Probably your abs (laughter) – We'll go with abs I'll show you after – This is shooting myself in the foot, but personality, that's basically saying like you're not sexy

Like you try hard, but I'll go with personality – [Stevie] Okay Pick a topping for your burger I said burger weird – Burger

– [Stevie] Burger Ketchup and mustard, cheese, bacon– (laughter) I hate this as an answer, please do not pick it "Is it a gourmet burger?" Avocado– – That's Josh 100% – Mark me down – [Stevie] Fried egg, "What about fries?", protein style, or caramelized onions? – Who wrote this quiz? Is it like a Bulgarian person who doesn't know english

The toppings on burger – You're gourmet for sure – I don't think I am, I think you're misappropriating where I lie as far as burgers go – I think I'm gonna go with cheese on that one – It's got to be cheese, yeah

You can have a two ingredient burger and it's good – That's true I'll go with ketchup and mustard because I'm a meat and potatoes kind of guy – That's a Michigan boy right there, that's a Michigan boy right there – Welcome to the midwest

Ketchup and mustard – [Stevie] What's your favorite ride at Disney? Tower of terror– – You're a serial killer if you pick that one – [Stevie] Buzz Lightyear's space ranger spin, "I'd rather be at the beach", splash mountain I don't think these quizzes were meant to be read aloud – No, they definitely weren't

– [Stevie] Splash Mountain, Jungle Cruise, Pirates of the Caribbean, It's a Small World, Space Mountain, or, "I just want to meet Mickey" – To me Splash Mountain is a classic – I was gonna go with Splash Mountain too – I really like Tower of Terror, I've never been until like six months ago I think it's the Guardians of the Galaxy now

A little raccoon comes out and he wise-cracks at you And I like that so I'll choose that one – It was better before, though – Yeah? I never went – Tower of Terror purist

– Yeah, big time – [Stevie] Okay pick a TV show Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Downton Abbey, House of Cards, Girls, Friday Night Lights, The Real Housewives, or The Walking Dead – Pft – I hope we find out if we're sexy or not soon

– (mumbles) full hearts, can't lose – I was gonna say Friday Night Lights and it would be an unpopular choice given that there are so many great shows in there, but Friday Night Lights is– – (mumbles) you got to follow me, man – I like Mad Men 'cause I'm a tortured soul and it's a good show – [Stevie] Okay I think this is the final question How do you stay active? Trying a new sport, crossfit, spinning, pick up basketball, yoga, running, going for a walk, hiking, or gym time

– Gym time – [Stevie] G-Y-M – Oh, nevermind then (laughter) – Jim time – I run around, that's about as good as it gets for me

– I got hoop dreams – Pick up basketball – Still waiting for my call, my league, but yeah I go pick up basketball – [Stevie] Okay guys, your results are in – Please be sexy, please be sexy, please be sexy

– I need this – We're going through a lot – I have to be as sexy as Alex, that's all I care about – [Stevie] Sean, you are an all star hottie – I knew it

– [Stevie] Fine, fit and fierce is your look You look equally as hot at the gym in workout clothes or in formal wear at a party – It's not just an online thing In real life he's this good looking too It's incredible

– [Stevie] You may not be (mumbles), but you're a hall of fame hottie I just want to say I'm gonna read Josh and Alex's, but I'm just reading off a piece of paper, please do not think that I'm telling you this directly, I just want to state that on camera – This is gonna be pretty cool (talking over each other) – I'm taking it as gospel – Could Chase read mine, actually? – [Stevie] Yes

Actually no, I have to go down the line, yeah of course Josh I can barely say yours on camera, but we can bleep me because I'm off camera You got really (bleep) hot – Duh Where have you been? – [Stevie] There's no getting around it, you are one sexy mother(bleep)

I'm having a lot of fun saying this part Oh wait, they just deleted, oh here it goes Even when you're doing something boring like washing the dishes or reading a book, you're a total babe Congratulations, you're a rare breed – I have a request, could Davin read mine? – I'd like Davin to read Alex's as well

– [Stevie] Okay we're bringing Davin in – Can Davin re-read mine? (laughter) – Okay Alex– – Yes! – [Davin] You got all american hottie – Preach Davin, preach – [Davin] You've got a classic clean cut look that– (laughter) That's why you're in spring form You're the boy or girl who everyone wants to bring home to mom

First of all you've got an easy outgoing personally to match – Oh Is there nothing erotic for Davin to say in mine? Okay, that's fine This has been fun, Sean, thanks for coming and hanging out man – I feel great walking out of here

Hall of fame hottie over here (laughter) – [Narrator] Hot tip, get some hot pins like these mythical and GMM pins available now at mythicalstore

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