Ice Cream Sundae Mac And Cheese Taste Test

(rooster crows) (roaring) – Welcome to Good Mythical More, season 16 – What's the word? This is when we hear a random word and we assume its definition

– Lemme hear it – Inspissate – What? – Inspissate Inspissate – Inspissate

– Inspissate – That's when you're, you really gotta go but you hold it for so long that it goes away and you're like where did it go? – I musta ate it I musta inspissate it – Is that it? Nope – No, it's to thicken or congeal

– Inspissate – Inspissate – Okay – Inspissate – I learned something new

– You know what, I'm just gonna keep using congeal – Everyday Yeah, that's much, much better Thank you for clicking through and hangin' out with us We're gonna eat another amazing mac and cheese creation that Josh is going to join us for in just a second but we have another friend that we wanna invite on

Hey, Hannah, why don't you come on over? – Welcome Hannah to the show (applause) – Hannah is six years old and she came all the way from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania How ya doin'? – Good – What do you think about being here on the show? I know you and your dad watch it a lot – Um, it's I don't know

– Kinda average It's like, I mean, I'm just kinda takin' it in guys – You know – Yeah – I'm often speechless on this show but somehow my mouth still works and I just embarrass myself so you're smart

– Yeah – To think before you speak I can, I could learn somethin' from you there We wanna give a shout out to Make A Wish for making this meeting happen – Yes, thank you

– And Josh, why don't you come on in and show us what treat you've got – Are you hungry? That's the real question – Um – It depends on what we give you? – Yeah – I think she thinks we're gonna feed her a cockroach

– Oh, do you want us to feed you a cockroach? – No – Okay, all right – How 'bout this? – I mean there's nothing wrong with this This is just mac and cheese and an ice cream sundae all together – You're right, are you a food critic? That was dead on, you got it

– Now, Hannah, you've met mythical chef Josh earlier when he was sittin' on a couch – Yes, this is me in my professional capacity but you saw me as just a normal guy on a couch – Right, he looks exactly the same – I was supposed to be working at the time Instead I was sitting on a couch

– You looked way too relaxed – Oh yeah – Right It's okay – But you more than made up for it

– This looks like it has the chocolate noodles from the other dish – Similar, so we were kinda debating between the hot fudge sundae mac n cheese and the Kit Kat mac n cheese and we decided to save this for the more so this is actually a hot fudge and mascarpone cheese sauce that we've baked with the noodles so you should get some of the hot noodles, the hot fudge, with the ice cream and all the garnishes together It should be good I think it's gonna be good I'm excited for this

– Better than Shoney's? – I've never been to Shoney's, again, we've been through this multiples times You keep tryin' to talk to me about Shoney's, I've never been – We've gotta take a special, we gotta take a pilgrimage to Shoney's – I'd like that You never take me anywhere nice anymore

(laughter) – Have we ever taken you anywhere? – No – (chuckles) No – No, hold on When we met Kobe Bryant – Yeah

– We took you – That was really stressful time for work, I had to make like eight different dishes – Yeah, that wasn't like a dinner out, like, that was still his job – You asked me once – Yeah that's true

– You asked me once if I wanted to walk to McDonald's with you and that was it – You said no – I said no – Hannah, why don't you do the honors of the first bite Now there's strategy in, like, getting a little bit of everything

– Oh yeah – Oh she's doin' good – You started from the right place – Oh, see – Yep

– Don't be shy now, don't be shy, get some more of those choc – Yeah, get some of those chocolate noodles Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah – Totally just, you like chocolate? – Yeah – You like ice cream? (laughter) – A little conflicted it looks like

– Is it good? – It is good? – It's good, okay – I'll take it – It's good – Don't lie I know he's a big guy but he's nice

Let him have it – I'm very sensitive – I love it – Oh, she loves it! – High five – She loves it

– Okay, well, we'll see if I love it – You wanna try the Kit Kat one as well? We're gonna load you up full of sugar You wanna try that one? (laughter) Bring that one in So, we'll try some of this first – All right, Josh, it looks like the nearest Shoney's is in Texas

– You got any Southwest points built up? – San Antonio – It seems nice We could do other, we could go on the river walk They have gondolas there – What is the, hey, listen, what does the west coast have against Shoney's man? Why can't Shoney's cross the, they have crossed the Mississippi

Why can't Shoney's cross the Rockies? Maybe Shoney's afraid Don't be afraid, we'll love you over here – What are these noodles made out of? – So the noodles are store-bought macaroni noodles 'cause – Okay – You know, I get lazy, really

That's my fault – But this one – How'd you make – But the noodles in this one are chocolate infused Hannah why don't you dig right into the middle

You like Kit Kats? – Yeah – They're perforated (laughter) You share with your brother, Ben, over there Oh, that's a – Yeah, I like gettin' a healthy bite

– Oh yeah – I believe in that – It's very chocolatey Very good – The noodles on this one are next level

– [Stevie] Okay, I have some Shoney's information – Oh, I love Shoney's information – Okay – All day – [Stevie] So when do you think the first Shoney's was opened? – 1941

– I think, I think they open at like 4:00 am Stevie (forced chuckling) – No, probably 1940, 1947 – [Stevie] Are you kidding? – 1947? – [Stevie] Are you looking at this? – Yeah, they brought it up

(giggling) But when I guessed '41, I was seriously guessing – [Stevie] But it was called – Bob's Big Boy – [Stevie] No – Or somethin' Big Boy

– [Stevie] Yeah, you saw the Big Boy part but it wasn't called that – No, no, my parents used to talk about this They were like – My parents – We were growin' up in Georgia

They were like the so-and-so Big Boy is the same as Shoney's and then they, like, fused at some point – [Stevie] Yeah, so it was, the first one was called Parkette Drive-In in 1947 and it was a licencee of Big Boy Restaurants and then it was changed to Shoney's and it says, "and aggressive sub-franchising followed" – You should try that one right there – [Stevie] 30 years later, having outgrown its Big Boy territory – Yeah, it was so big

– [Stevie] Shoney's dropped the Big Boy affiliation – They didn't need that – Dip some of that in it – They didn't need the Big Boys – Yeah

– How 'bout that – That's the ticket That's best bite – How 'bout that In-N-Out? Is In-N-Out over there? I'm wanna try some of that again I mean, that was, was revolutionary

I need somethin' savory to balance out this sweet – You know, I've actually started a petition to make a new In-N-Out menu item There's active GoFundMe They call it, to make the Frying Starchman, I think they should make a veggie burger just out of a brick of their french fries and put it in a bun and they wouldn't do it and they refused to acknowledge that – Here's some forks if you wanna start clean

– And you did a GoFundMe? – Not a GoFundMe, a Changeorg, that's the one – Hannah you wanna try the In-N-Out burger? Now when you're here visiting Los Angeles, I do recommend, you guys were askin' what to do for lunch, I think you gotta, you gotta check out In-N-Out before you leave town – If you haven't been to one – You like a good cheese burger? You like onions? Nah

– It's not as good as Primanti Brothers – You can take it or leave it – Yep, you don't have to order animal style – Yep, I see you – What's Primanti Brothers? That's in Pittsburgh? – [Hannah's Dad] Fries right on the sandwich

– Fries right on a sandwich? – You get a hot capicola sandwich with a handful of fries and some slaw in there – Do you have, like, a food facts about every American city? – I sure do – Des Moines – Des Moines is actually famous for their over-sized pork tenderloin sandwiches so they'll serve a fried pork tenderloin but it's, like, three times as big as the bun It's a great point of pride for Iowans

Not to be confused with the Indianapolis fried pork tenderloin Iowans think that Indianapolis kinda copied them – That's a very detailed lie, Josh (laughter) – It's not a lie – Kennebunkport

– What, I don't know? Gotta stick to major exporter cities – I don't know if I said that right – You got a fileted lobster with a butter drizzle but it's, then it's put in the fridge and the butter drizzle solidifies like chocolate shell, what's that stuff called you put on a ice cream? – Magic shell – Magic shell But it's like the butter version of that

That's what they're famous for in Kennebunkport – That was a lie – And I believed it for a second – Birmingham – Birmingham, Alabama white sauce, I imagine is probably really big in Birmingham

– Oh, now you're just imagining – But Food and Wine Magazine, Food and Wine Magazine just moved their headquarters to Birmingham, so I imagine we're about to find out – Really? – What? – A lot more Yeah, mmhm So we're about to find out a lot more about the scene in Birmingham

– Hannah do you have any questions to stump Josh? (giggles) – She's smart She knows that she can't stump me so she's not trying – Right I think, who's your favorite, me or Josh? Good (giggles) I didn't wanna bring Rhett into this because I didn't want this to be, that to be a risky question

– Yeah, he's win, he has – Obviously she doesn't like you at all – No, I'm generally unlikeable – [Link] Do a blind taste test in your sleep with our Mythical sleep masks, available now at mythicalcom

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