Ice Puzzle Challenge

(rooster crows) (lion roars) (wheel clicks) – Welcome to Good Mythical More – Superpower, hey, we're superheroes, and our names are the Iron Toe and Nurse Piranha

– That's right, I am Nurse Piranha (crew laughs) – I like to treat people medically by biting them repeatedly like this I help the society – I'm the Iron Toe, I kinda got roped into this because it's technically not a superpower, it's a medical condition, it's from an old tennis injury and it's locked, basically my toe is literally frozen like a frozen shoulder, it's really, it's kind of embarrassing, I walk a little bit funny – Don't be embarrassed

– And I don't know why I got roped into this, I thought I was going– – Well because whenever you're around I nibble your toe Make it less iron – I thought I was going to the podiatrist – Gimme that toe, give it to me – No Nurse Piranha, I'm not doing that again

(Link laughs) You already made me take my pants off (crew laughs) – Oh gosh Uh, we have puzzle pieces locked in ice – And we've got Matt and Will coming out, y'all come out – So we are going to participate in

– Yeah – The ice puzzle challenge, have you heard of this challenge? – Never – That's 'cause we invented it – Makes sense – We haven't shared that invention with anyone until right now

– So the idea is to get the puzzle pieces out of the ice and put together the children's puzzle First team to win, wins (crew laughs) – So I guess we're going tall boys against– – Hey, that's my tool, man! – Sir – Cool guys – You guys sure I can have this? Me and Link are allowed to hold these? – Yeah I'm pretty nervous about us

– Don't put your hand on the table too hard – I think this one is worse than that one, yeah – Oo, oo, depends – Yeah, whatever you do just make sure that you don't hit the table – It's fine

– We also have these – What is this supposed to do? – You can just, that's communal, you can all use those – Smashball? – A book – Or we can just read instead of the game, that's fun too – I'm a millennial, we don't do that

– Nine lies about work – Nine lies about work – Alright, I've got a theory, are y'all ready to go? – No, I've also, we've gotta do some strategizing – Okay, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah – We'll just, strategy is part of the time

– How do you feel about ice? – I think it's really cold – I'm gonna use my mouth – Yeah, you should, yeah – Do you like to touch it? – I do like to touch ice – Oh good, I hate to touch it

– I don't want to put it in my mouth – Okay, three, two, one – You don't want to bite it? – No – Me neither – Go

– First let's just bite it – Yeah (ice crunches) – Oh gosh! We ain't biting nothing – Wait, so we're supposed to smash? (book smacks) (Will laughs) – Alright, I got a theory, I got a theory – Oh that's smart

– Okay, this is not gonna work (laughs) Uh uh (paddle smacks) – That's smart (ice smacks) – This is harder than you'd expect – Okay, alright

– I got one, I got one – We gotta go on the floor – That totally works – Okay – Come back here

(ice smacks) – Whoa! (Will squeals) Why is it so hard? – Get some of the cloths – Do you need to get the pieces all the way out? – Get some of the cloths? – Yeah I think so, you work on those – I'm gonna dry this out – Oh, this one's– – Let's use their technique – No no, don't let them use our technique Matt, attack them! – [Matt] Stop! (crew laughs) They didn't listen

– Is that a piece? – This is a piece, this piece is out, this piece is alright – Okay Matt, you start putting the puzzle together – Oh, alright – Alright, so we got one piece – [Rhett] You put the puzzle together

– One piece (ice smacks) Why is this so hard? – Do this – Do that, put it in the thing? – Yeah, make like a sack, like a cloth sack – [Rhett] Okay, there's two more – Cloth sack

– Oh yeah – [Rhett] These are frozen together – Here we go, here we go, here we go – [Matt] Alright, I'm trying to get the edges – See, our advantage is that we know how to do puzzles

– Edges, edges – Yeah, yeah, this is strategy – Wait there's one more right? – If we can ever get to that point, then we'll beat them, oh (Will laughs) Oh my goodness – [Rhett] Hold on

– [Will] This one's ours – [Link] Alright, Will – [Matt] This might go in your drink really Rhett – [Link] Will, take these pieces, you start building the puzzle – [Will] Okay

(laughs) – [Link] Take those (ice smacks) – Okay, okay, here we go – This is like National Treasure – In what way? – I just feel like I don't know what I'm doing at all, but I'm acting like I am – Like Nick Cage in National Treasure? – Like Nick Cage

(crew laughs) (ice smacks) This ain't happening – [Matt] There's still little bits of ice on it – [Rhett] Yeah, yeah – [Matt] It's hard to hold – [Rhett] You kinda just gotta force through those

– Will, how's it going? – Not well – What, all it is is a kid's puzzle – Then why is it so hard, this one needs the back off of it – That's a pinch of genius (ice smacks) If there's little pieces of ice, use the water

– [Link] Okay, here you go – Oh, good call – Yeah, look – This is not gonna work – Alright

– This one snapped in half (laughs) (ice smacks) – How, how does? – Will, here's two more pieces man – Two more pieces – Kid's puzzles used to be a lot easier – There's the other piece

Okay – Hold on, where does this go? – Uh uh – Right there? – That looks close – [Link] We can do this, make a confident face – [Rhett] This is what I did wrong here, this is right

(Will breathes heavily) – [Matt] There we go, there we go – [Link] Make a– – This looks like a mouth of a elephant – It's not charades, just make the puzzle – [Will] This is so hard, the pressure right now – [Rhett] Okay there we go

– I don't know where this one – Alright, I've got four pieces in this one, we should've busted this one first – I think this is a trick, none of our pieces go together – No that's looking good Okay

– This is a lie – Alright – [Matt] My pants are wet (Will laughs) – [Rhett] Oh, I'm looking at the wrong side of the– – [Link] Alright, here we go – [Rhett] There we go

– [Will] This is not happening – Look at that, hey, hey, Will, look at me – No no no no no no no no – Make a confident face – Matt, you gotta do something bro! – I'm scared, I'm scared

– We can do this – We can do this, we can do this, we can achieve this – We can do this, we can do this, we can achieve this – We can do this, we can make us win, we can win – We can do this, we can make us win, we can do this

– We can win, we can make them lose, we're gonna make a win – We're gonna do it, we're gonna make a puzzle – We're gonna make a win, we're gonna have a lot of wins – We're gonna put it together, they're not gonna win – They're not gonna win

– [Matt] Uh, oh, yes – [Link] Alright, I'm exhausted – Make a confident face You see these things don't go together – Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

– These don't go together – Okay, it's an elephant, you know what an elephant looks like? – No – Me neither Okay, okay – Okay

– Wow, I'm so freaking winded – (laughs) You should be They do not go together – [Link] Okay, hold on, wait – [Rhett] That's it, and then that one

– [Link] Let's just take a breath – [Rhett] Team tall boys done! – [Link] We can do this, we can do this – [Matt] We did it, we did it – [Both] We can do this, we can do this, we can do this – Team tall boys done! – We can do this

– On our own time – Look, look, look – On our own, on our own time, later on tonight – Later, later – Later on tonight, I'll come over to your place

– We can do this, yeah – We can do this, we can do this, you smell nice, we can do this – I have kids – You have kids, they'll go to sleep at some point – There you go guys

– No, they're invited, don't make this weird – We gotta do it alone, you and me, no wives – (exhales) We got it – This was a trick, our pieces don't go together – (sighs) Man

– You ripped one in half – Yeah like– – That was Link (laughs) – Like this is, I mean– – Oh, wow – They're clearly all pieces of an elephant, but not the same elephant – You know what, that could really be a sport

– Yeah – It's not a game – These don't go together – It's like a, I'll tell ya, you burn more calories doing that than curling – Yeah, I think I chipped a tooth

– [Rhett] Sick stickers bro, where'd you get 'em? – [Link] Mythicalstore bro – [Rhett] So sick bro – [Link] Totally bro, I just put 'em all over my board bro – [Rhett] So sick bro

– [Link] Yeah

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