Inflating Airplane Life Vests

(rooster crowing) (lion roaring) – Welcome to Good Mythical More – Mind reading

Link, write something on that You know what, let's reverse it I'll write something – Okay, okay – And you read my mind

– Okay, take your time You done? I knew that You're thinking about how a, really? – You surprised? – Yeah, it's a little odd You're thinking about how a cylinder is just a bunch of circles stuck on top of each other (laughing) – No, I was thinking about daffodils

(laughing) – Daffodil, so what I picking up on then? Cylinder daffodils – The cylindrical daffodil – Well, what is the Venn diagram of daffodils and cylinders? – Is that how you spell daffodils? Probably not – I think that's, dafo, I think it's D-A-F-F-O – [Man] Yes, O

– O, everything else is right though? – [Man] Yeah – It passes, that passes for me – I may not be good with maps, but I'm good with how to spell daffodil All right, so I've always wanted to do this We have before us plane flotation vests

And you know, I've never had to use, well, maybe I should take that back I've always wanted to use one of these is not something you want to say (laughing) I've always wanted to use one of these in a completely safe and not water or plane-related situation You know, you see the flight attendant puts it on, and then it would be nice to practice So I'm glad we're doing this

So you– – This way, right, okay So there's more of a light on the outside – Here's the thing that always gets me is that they do this You know what they do? They don't actually blow into it Now, of course the person who's standing in the aisle in real life before you is not gonna want to blow in it, because the thousands of people before them and the thousands of people after them, you don't want to

You're not, they're not even blowing out They're just faking even blowing out – Well, you don't know that You close enough? Can you hear it? – Yeah, yeah, I always Look closely next time and listen

They're not even blowing, they're just – And you can call that out Hey, you're not blowing! – You didn't blow! You're not blowing No, but I respect that But on the plane video, when it's a video orientation, they still don't put their mouth on it

It's a video, wash the doggone thing, and then put your mouth on it You could be saving lives I hereby would like to start a petition that in the flight videos– – We want real blowing in videos – I want the lips wrapped around the thing And then I want blowing

– We're no longer accepting fake blowing – Isn't it ridiculous? – Yeah, it keeps me up at night – They're directors – Okay – There's a director for these things

The director should be saying, "Well, we have the luxury of you "actually blowing this thing up" And it's starting to inflate I've never seen anyone actually blow into it and I've never seen it inflate And you know what, you probably haven't either And if you have, then you were in a difficult situation and I'm sorry

But for the majority of us, we're gonna learn something We're gonna see something for the first time We're gonna see lips go on it, and I started blowing it – How do you– – There it is – But that's only if the ripcord doesn't work

– What do you mean, the ripcord? – Well, I've got a CO2 pack on mine – Oh, crap – Oh, you didn't get a CO2 pack? Oh, too bad – Okay, so I'm gonna blow mine up, you wait – How do you get your light to go though? Is there a button on the light? Isn't this a light? You shake it? – [Man] It activates when it's submerged in water

– Oh, it activates when you go underwater – When this thing gets water in it, oh wow Well, I'll put it in here – I'm way ahead of you, brother – I need a, where's? I need more water, where's, oh, here we go, thank you

– Is my light on? I'm gonna die – Here we go (rhythmic shrieking) Just kidding (laughing) Is it? Is the light on? Where is the light? – Right there on your right hand Maybe it's gotta be ocean water

You can't crash in a lake – It's gotta be salt water – Maybe it's gotta be a certain amount of pressure Oh, there it goes See the bubbles coming out? Is my light coming on yet? – Maybe it's gotta be inflated first

– Okay, let's try that – All right, so grab the, what does it say? Grab the red thing – Let's see who can do it faster, okay? – I want you to wait on yours, 'cause I want to watch that happen I want to blow this up first (puffing) See how easy it is? Just do it in a video

– Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah – Like people need to know, it's like two big breaths, not enough, I gotta keep going (puffing) That's four (puffing) – I think you've, I think that's adequate – Look at that

Now, I didn't tie this around my waist I should've done that first There we go, look at that – Yeah, look at that, you could survive anything now – It's amazing to think this could keep you afloat, but of course it would

– Am I supposed to circle which one I think you are, adult or child? Okay – All right, so I did it – I don't believe this is gonna work I don't have any faith in this – I do

– Should I close my eyes? Here we go, give me some last words, like the last thing you'll ever say to me – Daffodil (laughing) (gas hissing) (laughing) (choking) – And then he choked to death Oh, it's so cold Feel it

– That was quick – It's not that cold – I got scared I thought it burned me – That part right there especially, feel that

– Oh wow, oh wow, that's cold – Mine's tighter than yours I'm gonna live – Yours is real taut You're gonna be floating a little higher

– What happens if I do this? (choking) (laughing) – Now, it took me, how many good lungfuls? – A good five breaths – And then that was just instantaneous You could save your breath What are you gonna do with those five breaths now? – I'm gonna blow a shark away – Why? Go away, go away! – That's how you get rid of sharks

Discovery Channel says that you should punch them You just blow them Blow the sharks – Go! – Blow the sharks, that'll get them away real fast What? – I just pulled mine to see what it would feel like

(laughing) Wow, you know what, this is bringing me back to my show and tell days You know, kindergarten, you remember show and tell? – Yeah, I wonder if I could get a shirt over this – My dad gave me a life vest from an airplane He stole it How do we get this off? I think they gotta cut it off of you

– I think it's the jaws of life – Oh wow – Yeah – They gotta cut it loose – Bring in the jaws of life!

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