Is Anybody In This Photo? (GAME)

(rooster crowing) (lion roaring) (metal door slamming) (wheel paddle riffling) – Welcome to Good Mythical More – Check your voicemail! We have a voicemail, let's see what it says

– [Caller] Hey, can you guys stop giving Rhett blood? I feel like every time you guys give him blood, he dies a little bit more inside You guys should stop that – Stop using what? – Stop giving Rhett blood? Yeah, stop giving me blood Every time I get blood I die a little bit inside Which is ironic, is it not? – It is ironic

Alex! – Why am I the one that's dying inside? – Since you're here – Aren't we both equally dying inside? Speaking of dying inside – Alex Punch is back in the zone Look at that – So

– Hey! – Your legs okay? – Yeah – Your head feels okay? – The head is worse than the leg weirdly enough – Now, when an egg hits your head, it makes a very specific clicking sound, (laughing) almost as if it didn't actually hit a normal human skull – Well – I was trying to, I was like what? – It bounced

– It was so consistent though I was actually picturing David with some kind of egg launcher that made a (mimics clicking) sound as if, but I still went with it because of the – It's just my head That's weird – Your soft

– We all learned something today (laughing) – You may not remember Alex used to work here (offscreen laughing) – Yeah, right, = And now he can't be here 'cause of those eggs to the head (laughing) – Oh, man, it's good to see you

I usually only see you now on like weddings or if you tweet something snarky that people wanna talk about – What's my Twitter again? – Hold on, you go see him after he does that? (laughing) – I gotta go see Alex (knocking) – You gotta stop that, Alex – You want me to promote your Twitter – Yeah, maybe, if you want

(laughing) I didn't get paid for this, so – Okay, @punchale – That's it – Punchale – Punchale

– At Twitter – That's it That was quite a game – I love that – You were saying before we spun the wheel that you don't think there's anybody else out there playing, Is anybody there? – Right

– We're the only people playing – Can I say how it was pitched to me originally? – Yeah, please do – Kevin goes, okay so it's a game It's just a door and they have to guess if anybody's there or not (laughing) Sometimes there is, and sometimes, and I said yeah

I'll do that, and then I got a followup text I was like, well – Once you're committed – There's a few other changes, like a stun cane involved (laughing) and some eggs I was like yeah, that's not very nice at all

– Yeah, we live in a world where we're constantly trying to find something that someone hasn't done and there might be a reason no one has done it – Well, listen, I live in a world where I'm constantly trying to find out if somebody's there – Right, yeah, (laughing) and we're gonna continue with that theme right now We're gonna be looking at stock photos that may or may not have had someone there – All right, now so we're competing

Alex, you're, you're just gonna, you're here as a consultant – As usual, yeah – [Rhett] Why would you take a picture of this if there was no one there? – [Link] Well, because you're getting ready for people to be there – [Alex] Or you could just Photoshop yourself in and say you had a way better wedding than you did – [Link] Right

– Well, here's also the thing – Consultancy nailed – When you do these kind of beach weddings, you typically dress down a little bit, you know what I'm saying? It looks like the guy might have big, white linen pants on 'cause they're kinda big at the bottom, but would she wear a veil that was that long at the beach? Am I overthinking this, yes – And what is that big freaking clamshell washing up on the beach over there? – [Rhett] That's a coconut – [Alex] Sea beaver

– [Link] Oh – That's a coconut I'm gonna say – It's a sea beaver (laughs) – I'm gonna say that there is nobody there

– What happens when I see beaver – Yep – You would think that somebody was there, but I'm gonna say nobody's there – Ain't nobody there We don't even need your help, yeah

– No, you're good – There's nobody there, 'cause of the veil, you're right Yes! – [Alex] Nailed it – Now my dad got married on the beach When it's your fourth wedding, you just do it on the beach

– Right, and you don't even invite anybody It's just a walk on the beach (laughing) – Right, it just kinda happens – Right I think we're married

– I was there, I was there He was also there – Did you sing? – Uh, no (laughing) – We had to sing at a wedding one time, you remember that? – I don't want to talk about that – I'm getting married

– Oh look, here is a man – Yeah (offscreen laughing) – Oh, that's right – You get Yeah, that's a good segue

Maybe that was supposed to happen – Can we sing at your wedding? – Alex is getting married – Yeah, I'd love for you to sing at my wedding – We'll sing The Cornhole Song (laughing) – How's that one go again? – You don't know our songs

– No, I'd love to hear it – That's an old one – Okay, we'll talk later – All right, so here we have a middle age man proposing to a boy (laughing) – I miss you so much, man

– On a golf course – I think he's playing catch, actually – [Link] He's a little close to be playing catch – What is that thing, (laughing) under his knee there? I will, that does raise some questions – It's his belt

– Well, Kevin made these outlines, I know that – I don't know what that is, but it tells me that it's real – Yeah, it's gotta be real – He's gotta cover – No one would have a shadow like that

– Is he breaking the neck of a rabbit? – If Zack is adding shadows like that – [Alex] You're sick, man – To the pictures, we need to send him to HR – What do you think? – I think it's real I think it's a baseball bat between that man's legs

(laughing) – [Link] Ain't nothing there – [Rhett] What's wrong with you, Zack? Oh my god, dude – What was it supposed to be? – It was a bat, okay – What do you mean? It wasn't, there was nothing – You made it up

– It was all in your mind – You made a silhouette (laughing) All right, so we both got that one wrong – That sucks – Why would nobody be there? Look at it

I love this game – [Link] Somebody should be there – How, I mean, man (chuckling) – I love this game – Is anybody there? Oh yeah! – [Rhett] Now is that a baseball bat? (laughing) Coming out from his throat? – This is real for sure

– Hold on, but why would the tie be that straight if he was in that kind of motion? – It's a business – I think he's been impaled on a sword – You know what, guys? I think that this is all a big prank on us – Ain't nobody ever gonna be there – Ain't nobody ever gonna be there

– No one's ever there – Nobody's ever there Nobody's there – Someone's there – Nobody's there

– Alex thinks someone's there – [Rhett] Oh, no! – [Alex] It's Mike Paisley! There he is (laughing) – Now, that's dude's back – Back in his business days – I hope he didn't have to hold that position long because that's bad on the back

– It could be a mid-action shot – I mean, we would have asked you to come back and do that, but I wouldn't have asked that guy to do that – This is cheap stock photography though, because they didn't even tie a fishing line to the tie You gotta simulate some motion (laughing) – Yeah, photography

Oh, god! We got parkour happening – [Rhett] Now this would be an odd picture if no one was there – No, it wouldn't (laughing) It would actually, it would actually just be an outdoor photo – No, but no, it's emphasizing the gap so much

– [Alex] Something strange between the legs I think that's Zack again (laughing) – There is a little bulge – That's his thing – No, that's shorts

– Oh, copy that – Is this the motion? – But they're down They're not – They're down? – His shorts are down, like, his buttocks is defined – Bulbous

– You really are getting married – Yeah, what does that have to? – It's really happening – We'll see (laughing offscreen) – I think somebody's there – I don't think they're in that position

Nobody's there Oh – [Alex] Yay – [Link] It's really anticlimactic when someone is there, because it's like – [Rhett] He's barefooted, that's

– [Link] What is it? – [Rhett] That is bold – What is he doing? – He's jumping – I think he – That is awesome – I think he's jumping down in between the two into a

– You think this is into a body of water? – A waterhole – I think he's trying to make it to the other side – Who's winning? – I think he is going to make it to the other side – [Offscreen Female] Rhett's winning – That's Michael Phelps

– Back when I was in charge of that, I would just make something up I would be like, yeah Rhett's for sure – Right, yup That's probably the way they still do it – Okay, so this is a silhouette of a woman on her phone looking out of an airport window

– [Alex] Little presumptuous – Yeah, that's true, that's true – I almost feel like the luggage is silhouette, but it's not (laughing) – You can tell that it's not – [Link] No, it's not

– [Rhett] If no one is there, we need to call the TSA, (laughing) because this is unattended – [Alex] Yeah (laughing) That's a great point – [Rhett] Unattended baggage – That's a great point

– So, I don't think you could take that I think it's illegal to take that particular picture This photo might be illegal just to have, but the cushion, the cushion is not scrunched (giggling) – You're Sherlocking this thing, man – Yeah, I'm a detective, man

– Sherlocking it – That thing's scrunched, brother – It is – She's there – All right, I'm going with Alex

She is there – Look at her, there's a shadow – Yeah, she's there – Hold on All right, she's not there

– No, she's there – She's not there – [Rhett] Ohh! – [Alex] Unattended baggage – [Link] Violation! – I'm not sure what your guess was – Ain't nobody in the, it's an abandoned airport

– Everyone here is under arrest – That's not good – It's clinging to, oh my goodness – [Rhett] Whoa, okay – [Link] What is happening? – [Rhett] I think

– [Alex] Yowza – [Rhett] First of all, this person has on heels but is doing a crazy suspension thing, like on their hands – We do this at my new office, all the time (laughing) – This is kind of – You have a lot of fun there? – Yeah, no

(laughing) Not like this – Not like here I'm really comparing your place of work to here – Yeah, yeah Way less eggs, I'll say that

– Okay – Way less stun canes – What is happening with the hands? Do they have their hands in other, in other smaller shoes? – Hands for feet (laughing) Classic – I don't know

– [Rhett] I think they've got their hands – [Alex] They do – [Rhett] On to smaller shoes – [Link] What's that nipple-looking thing? – [Alex] Go on (laughing) What do you mean, where? That's her hair

– [Link] Well, I'm lost big time (laughing) – Hold on, you are seriously lost? – She's like this – You don't know how this person is oriented? – No – They're like this with their legs back – Or

– And their hair is in a bun and they have on heels – And they have their hands in little children's shoes Are you thinking the head's on this side? – You can think whatever you wanna think – I think this is a sculpture, man – I think it might just be a large shrimp

(laughing) – All right, there's definitely something there – Yeah, yeah – If it's not, I'm gonna be very pushy – It's a person, they're there – [Alex] Wow

(laughing) – [Link] Why is she doing that? – [Rhett] Because she can – [Alex] Focus – [Link] Man, she's straining – [Rhett] You want me to do my thing where I look at my laptop? – Yes – Just on my hands

– What is that, what kind of computer is that? – I think we're looking at this too long All right, so we're tied now, right (tapping desk) – That's right All right, we got this last one – [Rhett] Ooh, tiebreaker, tiebreaker

– [Link] We got a dude on a skateboard – [Rhett] He's bald – [Link] He's bald, he's got a big watch – [Alex] Gym clothes – [Link] He could be, he could be wearing two watches

– [Rhett] This Casey Neis? – Yeah, this is Casey Neistat – Going Boosted board, just so you know – I'm just, balded I'm saying he's not there That's my guess is that he's not there

– Whoa, and you got nothing to back it up, huh? – Yeah, I don't have any reason for it I just don't think that that guy would be there – Why would he be there? – Oh, that's a great point – I don't think he'd be there, know what I mean? He'd be somewhere but not there (chuckling) – Street surfin'

– Why is this the last one? – Yeah, there's very We should have gone with Janet earlier with the – He's not, he's not there – He's not there? – He's not there – I'm gonna say

– How do you know he's not there? – 'Cause why would he be there? – Yeah – To skateboard – So you gonna change your answer? – No, he's not there – He ain't there Oh, he is there! – [Rhett] Dang it

– [Alex] That is not what I thought that guy looked like – Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Now that I see it's that guy, yeah he's definitely there – He's definitely there (chuckling) He's 100% there

– Right, right, right, he's there – He's in the moment – Yeah, and of course that skateboard is not moving Ha ha ha, you know, without dodging – Ha ha ha

– [Rhett] That skateboard is not moving – [Link] Alex, this is your future – [Alex] You think so? – This is you in about four years – Step one is getting married, step two – Once you get married, man, it put age on

– Step two is getting an American flag skateboard – Sure – Wristbands and then the rest just kinda – He's still got, you were right about the watch He's got a chunky watch

– Alex, before we go, a lot of people have been asking questions You know what they are, you know what the most common question people have been asking about you is So just go ahead and answer it – It's yes (laughing) – [Link] Attention Mythical Society members

– [Rhett] You can now re-up or replace select items through a special password protected page on mythicalcom

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