Is This A Secret Flask? (GAME)

(rooster crowing) (lion roaring) (wheel clicking) – I think we should read this, Will – Superpower? (both laugh) – I think we are meant to read this

– Let's see – All right, Will Don't tell anyone, but we're actually superheroes, and our names are, well, should I say the names? Our names are Superjerk and Low Blood Sugarbob (Will wheezes) And our power is what? Who do you want to be? – Oh, I'll be Superjerk – You're gonna be Superjerk? I'll be Low Blood Sugarbob

My power is I can give anyone a blood sugar test – Anyone? – At any time, and I can accurately tell their blood sugar, but nobody really wants that – And as Superjerk, my power is to pinpoint on what makes you the most insecure I have like an eighth-grader's level of what you don't like about yourself, and I'm Superjerk to just say it – You nail what they are like

– It's actually more of a problem for me, like, I walk by people on the subway and I can't help but see the thing that they hate about themselves, which makes me realize what I hate about myself the most – Okay, but that's not really a superhero That's more like a villain – I mean, that's where they're going with superhero stories today We need a little bit more realistic

I'm writing DC – Can I give you a little bit of a revision on your character? – Yeah, give me a revision – I think Superjerk was once a super jerk, but now he's using his powers for good in the sense that he'll go to you and if you have like a bully, or like an Internet bully or something, he helps you come up with the best things to say to that person – Insult, yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah

– So that you can, like, take care of that bully – I'd hire him a couple of times I be getting into it online – Right, so Superjerk can help you get into Internet feuds – He doesn't use it for evil anymore

– No, no, not at all And my guy will just, imagine me walking up to kids in the street Let me poke your finger and check your blood sugar level! – He's a sidekick It's like he's working He got rejected by Avengers Tower

– I want a scene where we're attacking the villain and the villain's like, you've broken into my master kingdom Now what are you going to do? And I'm gonna go, can we just hold off a second here? Yeah, your blood sugar level is really low, dude I don't think we should fight, 'cause you're gonna pass out if you don't have some sugar Maybe eat a candy Maybe a burned Starburst

– Maybe a burned Starburst – Oh, man We couldn't avoid this – I swear to Gandhi I'm not eating this – Is this gooey? Give me this

Let me handle this – You want this – This is, of course it's like the worst Starburst, too – Which one is it, the yellow? – It looks like yellow Is this the yellow Starburst? Did you guys purposefully pick the grossest Starburst? – Do we have to lick it? – No, no, this is like, wow, we can't even, like– – Is it melted on there? I thought I was gonna– – Hang on, let's chisel at it

– Oh my goodness We're gonna have to lick on that, Steve You're gonna cut your finger off – Let's just give it some licks – All right, I get one side and lick

You get the other side – Can we get like a little hammer to just like – I have to chisel it off

And break the plate – Hang on, let's see Will, do you want to try to get like a little chunk? Get some like chunks – Get some chunks? How do I get a chunk? You want me to bite this plate, Steve? – Bite the whole plate – I'mma give it a lick

– Give it a lick Not safe for work – I got a lot of prac, it's actually not bad – I mean, you're licking the not burned part – All right

– You've got to lick the burned part Ugh, I can't watch this – A lot of people dig it when I do this (Steve laughs) I can taste the burned You lick that other side

This might be one of the too-much things that we've done My mom's not gonna like this one – The problem is that it's not bad, but everything still smells like fish over here – Ah, goodness – And it's just like– – It actually has a smoky taste to it

Like, a s'more, it's like a s'more of a Starburst, so I'm actually not mad at it – If you could somehow break that, I would chomp on a piece of that burned there – Licking it wasn't bad – No, no, I just, I think it's the smell of fish that really kind of – The fish smell is still here – Here, let me plug it up and I'll give it another taste – I'm not plugging, that hurt my nose – Here, give it back to me

I'll give it another taste No, no, give me the treat – You want to give this another taste? – Yeah, yeah Here, I'll give it another lick – Do you remember which side was mine? – I mean, it's just not bad, it's not bad

– It's actually not bad – I think if we had to chew it, then it would be bad – Then it would be bad That black side, but licking it, it just tasted a little bit – Get this thing away form me I never want to see it again – This, on my back – What do we have here, Will? What does this look like? – Wait, we're not supposed to touch it

– [Off-Camera Woman] No touching, no touching So, guys, remember, you're going to look at the thing – Oh, that's right, is it a flask? – [Off-Camera Woman] And then, yeah – That's right – So, some of these are actual, like, flasks you can buy, and some of them are not, so you guys can play

If you want to play on a team, you can, of if you want to go against each other, you can – Uh-uh So, secret flask is for a person who has a problem

(Steve laughs) Like, 100% – Or just like someone that's like the coolest person at the party, because this liquid wasn't allowed where you went – [Will] Ammonium lactate – You could be, like (laughs) I mean, so we can't touch it We're not allowed to touch it? – We're not allowed to touch it until we guess – Is this a flask? – Is this an actual bottle of ammonium lactate 12% or is this a flask? – I mean, if this is a flask, then whoever made it is a genius – Is a genius, because I would never touch this I would never want to It looks like somebody's nasty mistake

– I'm gonna go for, just for the fun of it, and say, just to be, because I think we should be on both sides of the coin Do you think that this is a flask? – Honestly, when he first put it down, I was like, that might be a flask, 'cause I would never pick this up, and I don't know what ammonium lactate is – So, let's both say– – Ammonia? – So, we're both saying that it's a flask – I don't think this is real – I think it's a flask

– [Woman Off-Camera] It's not a flask – It's not a flask Well, let's test it out Um, I'm glad it's not – I'm glad it's not, too

– Because– – Where would I take this to? Where would I be like, where is it normal to have– – I need my ammonium lactate, damn it – Okay, so you're a house cleaner, but you really have a drinking problem – I mean, if I had this in my backpack and someone was searching my backpack for drinks, they would not suspect this – You can't bring this into the party, either, though No bodyguard is gonna– – Are you kidding me? I'm at the party going, does anybody need any ammonium lactate? How's your skin doing, kids? – No one in the club is gonna let you in the club with some ammonia lactate

(Steve laughs) Oh You're kidding me You're kidding me – This is messed-up if it's a flask – Not being able to touch it just makes it so much

– I don't think there's a corporation evil enough– – I don't think so, either – To make this happy-looking thing a secret alcoholism machine – If this can squirt some stuff in your mouth, I'mma be a bit upset

I'mma say no – [Steve] I'm gonna say no as well That's not a flask – [Woman Off-Camera] It's not a flask – Oh, I was like, please

Please, it's not a flask Okay, we got it We got it All right, so we got one right (laughs) This

– Oh This – Okay, this is a little too thick for a brush

– This is – [Steve] She thick – [Will] This is a flask

– This is a flask – I could see it – You can see where the thing screws off – You can see, you can drink out of this – I mean, but who knows? There's a lot of brushes that screw off, there, so you can clean them up

– Does it really brush, though – I think this is 100% a flask – 100%, this looks like an alcoholic bottle – It's just too thick to be a real brush Damn it, it's not a flask

– [Woman Off-Camera] This is a flask – Yay! – This is a flask This is a flask – All right, well, can I? May I? Ooh, and it's got a little mirror – And a mirror on the back so you can check to see how drunk you look

– Oh, look, my nose is as red as it can be – Brush yourself, see if it works – All right, here we go Oh my goodness, it's filled to the brim Here we go

Ooh, wow (laughs) – Brandy – I just love that I'm like out here going like, yeah, I'll be there in a minute, guys (crew laughing) Okay, here we go – But the mirror, though

The mirror, I feel like the mirror is 100% to be like, all right, do I look like I am drunk or high? – Yeah, I mean, I think the mirror is more for sending signals with light To tell people where you are Oh, this is a feminine product – A tampon – So, so this is clearly a feminine product

– But it has tampon written on it – [Steve] Okay, but here's the deal – [Will] With an R around it – [Steve] Here's what I think – [Will] Who owns the word tampon? – Tampon

Tampax, or– – Tampax, but see, Tampax doesn't say tampon I don't think the person who owns tampon, or is that one of those words that you can't get? Because you cannot, you legally cannot put a little R next to the thing if you really didn't copy, actually, let's just shut up We do stuff – I mean, I think I think what we're looking at here is, so I can't touch it, right? – Can't touch it – I think what we're looking at here is a clever sleeve for a flask I think it's a flask sleeve, but here's the thing, man You're right about that copyright

– Yeah, there's a copyright, even though the R is really small – They'd get in big trouble – It's not super clear, though, the printing But honestly, if I walk by this, I would not think this was a flask, or I would think this is a tampon (Steve sighs) – I mean, you slap that logo on anything, and I am not meant to touch it

– Yeah – It's not for me, unless I'm doing someone a favor Uh – I think it's a flask – I think it's a flask

I think it's a flask I think it's a flask – I think it's a flask – A flask sleeve – A flask sleeve, inside is just a regular flask

Do you think it's a tampon? – [Woman Off-Camera] This Is a flask – Hey! – It's a flask

This is a flask – Go 'head, Will Imbibe, will you? This is great This is genius – Can I open it? Can I open it? – Yeah, open it, man

Take a look Genius Genius – All right girls, I know we're gonna get there Before we go, I gotta change my– – Dude, if you were the guy, okay, hold on a second

Can I just say (laughs) If you were the guy that showed up to a party, or like to the beach– – At the beach! – And you were like, you have these in your backpack First of all, I think there'd be a lot of ladies that would appreciate that I think first of all, there would be an immediate appreciation from the ladies, and then you're like, oh yeah? Why don't you have one? – Why don't you have one? – And then they look at it and it's booze You're the king of the party – You're the king of the party

– You are the king of the party – This is a cool party move – If you were a dude and you have this on you and it also has booze in it– – It says Booze Tube – It's a Booze Tube – It says Booze Tube on it

All right – [Both] Oh – [Woman Off-Camera] This is the last one – I don't know if Beach Tropics is a brand – And these active ingredients look fake as hell

– It certainly does It looks like, those don't look like real ingredients Does it say nutrition facts on it? – Yeah, nutrition facts! No, it doesn't say nutrition facts It's drug facts – Drug facts

– And active ingredients – This is a flask I call flask – I call flask on this – I call flask

Final answer – This is A flask

– Yeah – This is a flask This is a flask – Wow, I– – How do you pour this in your– (Steve guzzling) (crew laughing) That's definitely a flask (Steve growls) – Woo! – Woo! – Yeah, this is great! This is a good flask

– That's a good flask – This is a very good flask – It's a good flask – Honestly, too, like, I think there's watermelon, this is watermelon juice – Not brandy

– I am drinking watermelon Like, I would fill this with watermelon juice and just walk around with it, and just be like hey, guys, what's up? I'm just a little thirsty – That went right in the back of your mouth – Anyway Like, I just want to drink out of this

Can I get a drink out of this? – That's a good move – This is wonderful What a wonderful game – What a wonderful game – I can't believe how many things are flasks

(laughs) – And it's stuck in my– – Ooh, okay There it is – [Announcer] Two mugs are better than one Get a discount on Dink It & Sink It diner mugs set now at mythicalstore

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