Is This Dog Famous? (GAME)

( rooster crows ) ( lion roars ) Welcome to "Good Mythical More" Don't Google That

Don't you do it Whatever you do, don't Google It doesn't sound that bad

Mm, but you just wait, when it's Googled, mm Well, we're not gonna Google it – Oh, gosh – Oh, gosh Davin Googled it

– Don't Google "burnt gnome" – Don't Google that, guys – Ah! – Oh, wow – Eh Oh! Eh! – Oh, whoa! Eh, oh

There's some gnomes that they're bent over and they're mooning someone who's entering the garden The mooning gnomes

And then if the moon is burnt, – ooh, that's really depressing -Yeah Okay, we're gonna be presented– we're gonna work as a team We're gonna be presented with photos of dogs that are either– am I right in saying "Instagram famous"? Man: Yes, mostly – Mostly

– Just internet famous dogs Internet famous dogs Not the dogs of famous people These are dogs that are themselves famous or they might just be a normal dog Let's do it

Oh, that is a good picture of a Siberian Husky Rhett: That's just a beautiful dog Link: Is that wild wolf? Rhett: I don't think it's a– I mean, maybe, but I don't think it's an internet famous dog because that dog would be like in a more human environment, I believe Don't you think? I don't know, I could see this being like an Instagram account where somebody travels with their dog, but then they have a whole account dedicated to all the places the dog "has travelled" Yeah, but don't you think you'd get, like, the dog looking at the camera? This is like a stock image pose Where I think you're onto something is– I think the first dog is perfectly photogenic, but the second dog is not in a good pose that's worthy of Instagram So for that reason, I'm saying this is not a famous dog

Not a famous dog ( buzzer ) Link: It is a famous dog Rhett: Loki the wolfdog "Breaking hearts since 2012 Let's inspire each other to get outside with our pups

" He's got 17 million followers – Good gracious – What are we doing wrong? What about the other dog, though? – Does he have any followers? – Just Loki's friend Okay, let's see another one

Okay, my whole world has been turned upside down Link: Aw, look at that dog coming out of some denim Rhett: Now, I see what you guys are doing, you're misleading us because this is not an internet famous dog This is just somebody who's like, "My dog's head is in my underwear and that's cool, I'll take a picture of it" Oh, that is underwear

Not famous – Not famous – Well, it's a square photo Yeah, it's from Instagram, but it's not famous Oh, it's an un-famous Instagram dog

Yeah, it's just somebody's dog All right, I agree – Rhett: Not famous – Link: Yes Rhett: Oh, it's Vivian's dog

Link: Vivian, that's your dog? Have we met your dog? Vivian: I don't think so But that's not underwear, too – Oh, thanks, thanks for clarifying – Oh – What is that? – Not underwear

If it's not underwear, what is it? – Just a T-shirt – Just a T-shirt – Just a T-shirt – Okay, what's your dog's name, – "Vivian's dog"? – Girdy – Girdy

– Girdy Girdy could be famous Not, though – But is currently not – Girdy's famous now

Holla! – All right – Give another one Ooh, these pugs Rhett: Pugs have a head start on being famous You know, what they don't have in snout, they have in potential for internet fame

I don't think I'm pug potential Like, I just don't see it – You don't like pugs? – I'm not hating on pugs, I know that they're super cute for people who find them cute, but it's just not my style "They're super cute for people who find them cute Not me, of course

" Any They make weird noises, don't they? Well, they have trouble breathing because of the breeding Which is sad

Yeah, but you're about to find out this is, like, somebody who works for us dog – and now you're gonna feel real bad – No, this is a famous dog – There's a lot of famous pugs out there – There's a lot of famous pugs – This is one, famous

– Lets just go with that because – Famous dog – ( ding ) – Rhett: Yeah

– Link: Yes It's Doug the pug 32 million followers? Dang, Doug See, man, Doug's over there having trouble breathing, but totally living it up

Doug don't care Yeah, he's happy, he's eating ice cream – in his profile pic – Doug's on the beach! Dang, all right – Yeah, Doug's got it good – So we were right

Link: Oh, look at this one Rhett: Mm Mm Link: Nothing special about this dog ( laughter ) No, I bet this is– Yeah, see, I baited you

Somebody's dog here It's is a Mythical crew dog Too much underbite to be super famous ( crew moans ) I'm just– hey, guys, I'm kidding Come on, underbite's good for the internet

I think that famous dogs, they just wouldn't be in this environment It's too raw It's just a sidewalk and the grass is patchy – Yeah – I got no qualms with the dog, but the environment is not a famous enough environment

Not a famous environment Yeah, not famous This is a normal, but lovable dog – ( ding ) – Rhett: Matt's dog Oh, wow

Matt's dog Matt in here? Crew: No Okay, then we can talk about his dog all we want to He's not in here What's Matt's underbite-having dog's name? – Woman: Humphrey? – Humphrey? – Humphrey

– Okay – Humphrey – All right He's cute Link: Oh, look at this one

Got a lot of depth of field on this one Rhett: Now, I would've never said that this was a famous dog based on, again, it's just like – Not a famous dog

– But, hold on, but now, based on that Loki shot, it's like I think people whose dogs are internet famous, they, like, they go all-out to get, like, really professional-looking pictures of 'em And the pattern on the face of that dog is, like, "Phantom of the Opera" mask We've just given all kinds of reasons – to believe that it's famous – It is, it's a famous dog – Famous dog

( ding ) Famous Yes Stevie: Oh, ABC show star Oh, he's on an ABC show – He's an actor

– He doesn't know it, though – His name is Ned I'm being told – "Downward Dog" is the name of a show? – Man: It was – Stevie: Was ( laughs ) – It was, it was

– Exactly Well, it's a good title All right, give me another one Aw! Terribly-lit photo of an over-aged dog Oh, God

Wow, this is somebody who works here, I'm telling you, man – Not famous – Again, it's just an intimate photo that's not meant for internet consumption Yeah, not famous Not famous

( ding ) – This is Darren's dog – Darren, this is your dog? Your dog is old, man How old is your dog? Darren: She's very old She's almost 13 – Aw

– Oh, wow What's her name? Zoey, and that is her headshot She is available – So – ABC's got an opening ( laughter ) What can Zoey do? She can hump her pillow Oh, wow Okay, does the pillow have a name? ( laughter ) I mean, if you're gonna be that intimate with it, it should have a name

I'll work on that Okay, let's see another one That's it, man – That's it – Hey, five out of six

We could do this for a living Just guess dogs

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