Is This Dog Pooping or Doing It? (GAME)

(rooster crows) (lion roars) – You gotta be patient, Barbara What's the word? – Welcome to Good Mythical More

– Okay, we want to expand your vocabulary, this is an educational show We're going to be given a word, and then randomly guessing its definition That word is funambulist Funambulist Funambulist

– Funambulist – That's a person, that's an EMT who's just real fun – Hey, man, let's hop in a ambulance and have some fun – Yeah man, let's go find some let's find some trauma man – Oh, you're bored already? Yeah that's exactly what it is

– The funambulist – Uh okay, I'm getting word that the actual definition of funambulist is a tightrope walker – Oh – Funambulist – You might need a funambulist if you don't walk your tightrope very well

Okay Link, you lost which means you need to put on the dog cone of shame – I will do it – But we're gonna be playing a game, we're also gonna be demonstrating some of the new Mythical products for pets Now, Barbara is currently wearing the collar – As am I

– [Rhett] That is styled after the Ear Biscuits intro – That's nice – Ear Biscuits colors – So we have um, we have a size for smaller dogs like Jade and Barbara, and then we have the larger size for a larger dog, so get yourself one of those – And that's why it's called the Mythical pattern for pups collection, is that how, (cone Velcro opens) is that how we're saying it? Because these are all Mythical patterns, Barbara calm down, this is the splat mat that you can put under your bowls, that's of course the LTAT intro, and then we've got our bowls that you can put water or food in that is the Mythical kitchen pattern from over there where we, where Josh does all his stuff, and uh, what else do we got? Oh, what is Jade wearing Link? – Um, she's got the uh, boy this is- – You sound great

– This is, this is odd – Can you wear that all the time? – This keeps me from licking myself – Yup – Licking my wounds or biting my wounds What are you looking at Jade? Looking for an exit? You know, connect with the, connect with the mythical beasts

Yeah she has this, the Mythical outdoor wall pattern hoodie – [Rhett] Mm hmm – [Ellie] The dazzle – It dazzle – Better than a blindfold

– There, we call that the dazzle hoodie? Now Barbara, because team McLaughlin won that game, we're going to enjoy this birthday cake together, okay? You get started and I'll pitch in where I can – Alright, let's see the first picture – Now, schtupping is apparently a Yiddish word for having sexual intercourse – [Link] Let's say mating – Well sexual intercourse is the technical term

Mating – [Ellie] Oh, I guess it literally means to push in – Okay, well that's part of mating (crew laughs) So uh, we're gonna look at a dog's face and decide if it is pooping or schtupping That's a pooping face if I've ever seen one

– You wanna try some of this Jade? Um, that is a pooping – Oh, we have paddles I'm saying pooping That's not a schtupping face, that's a pooping face Yep

(crew laughs) – That dog is definitely pooping – He didn't look like he was enjoying himself enough, okay Next, oh, that's, (crew laughs) that's a schtupping face, I've seen that before in the mirror (laughs) I mean (laughs) – No, oh, I was gonna say, alright I'm saying pooping

– Oh, so you were saying pooping? – Yeah, I got it – Okay, so you, so Link was right, I was wrong Okay that's a schtupping face (crew laughs) – Oh my goodness – Yeah, that's a schtupping face

– They're schtupping – Zoom out (Rhett laughs) Wow, you could've shown either one of those faces Hey Barbara, you gotta, hey, hey, Barbara, pace yourself – You gonna let her eat that whole cake? – You can't eat this whole cake or you know what'll happen to you? Do you know what happens to you when you eat too much too fast? You get the pooping face

(crew laughs) – She's over here trying, looking for, looking for some more – Barbara, fresh from the groomer, you look so fluffy today Her hair was, show your butthole to everybody (crew laughs) Show what you poop out of She was as fluffy as she's ever been I think, up until today, but Jessie found out she was gonna be on camera and she said well we gotta get her groomed

We've gotta keep impressing those people out there – I think this is the first thing that Jade has eaten on camera so it passes that interesting test – We'll give her another piece so Barbara doesn't eat so much – Alright let's see another photo – [Both] Ooh

– [Rhett] That could be, wow – [Link] That kinda looks like someone from like, Jade's distant grandfather – Either way, this dog knows that it's been seen (crew laughs) You know what I'm saying? – Yep – It's been caught

I think it's been caught pooping – I think this is a bottom schtupping (crew laughs) – Oh – Yes! – Oh, you were right! How did you know which dog it was? – Two points right there – I'll give you three points for that

– Bottom schtupping – Yeah – Alright, let's see another one, I'm on a roll – That dog is ashamed Oh god

– Oh – I just feel like I should give up now, you guessed which dog it was – I don't think you can lick your lips while pooping I gotta say schtupping – I'm going pooping just to mix it up here

Oh gosh – [Link] I didn't say bottom one, but I wouldn't have guessed bottom one – [Rhett] And that's on the beach of all places – Wet schtupping – Okay Barbara, I'm gonna hide the rest of this from you

Okay uh, oh – [Link] You got those white walker eyes – [Rhett] This is, this is unsettling, regardless of what this dog is doing, it's unsettling – I think the poop is settling – I'm so far behind I gotta just do the opposite answer, I'm going schtupping

Oh wow – Look at that posture, I mean this is like an Olympic event now Oh wow, one leg forward, one leg back – Okay, there's one more – One left

Alright, oh, there's not a lot to go on here – [Rhett] I think that's a top dog personally I think that's a top schtupper – I think that- – For three points – I think this is a middle schtupper of three

(Rhett and crew laugh) – Hey, listen man, if you're right about that, I'll give you my dog (crew laughs) – [Link] Let's see it Ah – Ah yep, top schtupper – [Link] What is this, some kind of Kmart portrait situation? (crew laughs) – [Rhett] Yeah, hold on, what is that, is that a stain on the wall or is that just like

– I think that's the Kmart background I've had enough of this – This must be the schtupping spot – I'm never putting this on a dog (Velcro opens) It's just, it's maddening, I feel like I'm in my own world of self thought, doubt, and examination

– Barbara the rest of your birthday cake's over here, bud – What do you think? – But I'm gonna keep it – What do you think? – Uh is that, is there, oh also, did we, did you pull this up, did you show this? – I didn't show the leash – So the leash is also, uh, does that come in two different sizes or is that just one size? We just have two of them Is that just one size? One size, and uh, but will work for a multitude of dogs, and this is also the same pattern that, the Ear Biscuits pattern

Mythical patterns guys, put your pups and other pets in Mythical patterns – Who knew when we got these doggies that we'd be selling stuff so that they can, they can uh, you know, they can get a college education, that's really what this is about – That's right, Barbara can be anything she wants – Support their college education by buying from the puppers collection – [Rhett] Need some new accessories for your pup? Look no further than our Mythical pattern pack for pups, available now at mythical


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