Jello Carving Challenge

(rooster crowing) (lion roaring) – Jiggle, jiggle, jiggle, jiggle, jiggle, jiggle, jiggle – Welcome to Good Mythical MORE

– New selfie face Okay, I don't think we've done this one before Selfies are fun and important and we want to be on the cutting edge Today's new selfie's called, flaccid lips – Okay

Flaccid lips You gonna take it? We gonna take a selfie I guess we're just like I did like, flaccid eyes I did flaccid face too I think that's pretty good (mumbles) (laughs) (mumbles) – This is as flaccid as I can get – All right, we've got carved all of our– – How flaccid can you get? – Chalk

Now we're gonna carve some Jell-O, because even though I don't anticipate it's gonna have the satisfying sound– – It's gonna look satisfying – At least it might feel and look satisfying – This one's a very basic Just basically a Jell-O loaf It's a little bit dark

I'm just gonna do some nice Zoop! Oh, wow, whoa, whoa And

Zoop Oh look at how, look how it falls, Link Do you wanna slice it? Oh, I think, you need to a slice of that

I think you need a I think you, I think – What? What? You think what? – I think you need to just slice at this, but I can't get it out

You want in your mouth? – No – You want in your hand? – Yeah – Okay (giggling) – Okay, thank you, Rhett I've got a

Let's see, I've an ice cream scooper here Oh, now this is a thing – Oh, you know what you should run that on top of this, 'cause it's so flat

What if you peel just like the corner off? Just nice and easy Just nice and easy That's not as satisfying as I thought it would be – Nope it's not Here you try it on that corner

– With this? – Yeah, you try it You had a vision for it, Rhett – I can't really get an angle – Use your left hand – Gotta come like this

– [Link] Oh, yeah – [Rhett] Oh! – You just, you rubbed on top of it – Yeah, I think you gotta just come in here with this You gotta just Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh – [Link] Stop with your noises – No, that's– – You really gotta You really gotta

– That's what sells it No, no, no, listen – You gotta develop a habit of being quiet when you're doing the thing – No, but Jell-O doesn't, Jell-O's perfect for us, because it makes no noise All the noises come from us

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh – What about this? I've got (giggling) What is this? What is this used for? – Smashing things, man

– This is like a potato masher – Yeah Or a brain smasher Is that a brain? – 'Cause I don't Oh – [Rhett] Oh, that's nice That's satisfying Little bit

– Take that right to you Boop, boop, boop Shh! – I wanna try to get a spot A piece that will fit right into my meat grinder – Oh, that's a good idea

What about this? Just get a little Downward motion Oh, yeah

– Kinda made a Jell-O snake here – Now that feels satisfying to me, I dunno how it feels to you (farting) – First of all, this is what we pulled out of the meat grinder That's the chalk Ramrod would– – It's a meat pop – Wrapped in ham

See it ends right there You wanna taste? You could sell these on the corner, man On a hot summer day (laughs) – Only if you own the block You know what I'm saying? It's gotta be your block

– Yup – Can't just go up to somebody else's block and start selling meat stick You'll get You'll get put in your place All right So I've totally destroyed This Brain I have got a blue dome of Jell-O over here and I'm gonna bring it in, but I'm gonna wait until you're done with the grinder

– I don't know I'm gonna try to hold this together – Look at this – I'm just gonna try to hold it together Oh, it's so emotional, I gotta hold it together

Oh! (giggling) (meat grinder whirling) – A lot of meat chalk's coming out Oh! – The Jell-O is coming through That's Jell-O I think I might be able to get this whole thing of Jell-O in there There! There we go

Having fun now! You see that? Do you like that? Do you hear that? Do you feel that? Do you want that? You want it? You want it? – What do you mean, you want it? – I'm selling the channel, man! I'm manipulating people You You want it? Do you like that? You like the way that looks? You like the way it tastes? Look at it jiggle! Look at it jiggle! Did you see that? Did you see that? Did you see the way it jiggles? – [Link] Look at that

– [Rhett] Did you see it jiggling a little bit? – It's got a lot of residual jiggle – I think we've done something here, but, Link, I think the most exciting part of this whole video is the fact that you've got garden shears (laughs) And a big old ball of Jell-O Just clip, just clip, clip Yeah, yeah

– Just the top of the dome – Just clip the top Just clip the top Just act like you're doing surgery (laughs) (gasping) (laughs) Gotta warn me, man

– I'm gonna throw it your way – Okay Like a dermatologist removing the bad parts of a mole (laughs) – Yeah! – You've got a blue mole It's benign, but I'm gonna have to take it off piece by piece with my large kitchen shears, my large garden shears

Do you like that? Do you feel that? Look at that I caught that without looking Do you like that? You want some more of that? You feel that? (giggling) – Look Lean this way It's on your chair, man

– Do you like that? (giggling) Do you like that? Do you see that? Did you hear that? – That's a pleasant sound – Comment below if you want our channel to turn into this full time – First video with no comments (laughs) – Wow That's pretty cool, Link

We also made this All that work – Well it wasn't, it was a mold It wasn't crafted by hand – Oh, good

– It wasn't carved It was just a mold It was just a mold It's okay Oh, it just fell on my butt

(lighthearted music) – I thought you were gonna catch it – You see that? You want me to sit on this? These mugs won't be around forever Hurry up and grab the set at mythicalcom

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