Jelly Bean Breakfast Taste Test

(rooster crows) (lion roars) – (giggles) – Welcome to Good Mythical More – Oh, a 10 word story! All right, all right, this is one where you just create a 10 word story, You know, Link, you start

– Please – Help – Me – Go – To

– The – Bathroom – So – I'll – Succeed

– Wow (clapping and laughter) Incredible (clapping) – Please help me go to the bathroom so I'll succeed – If you don't, I feel like if I poop first thing in the morning, I'm off to a good start – Yeah, man

– I did, I pooped this morning – I did not – Yeah, I didn't either I used to when I had my morning coffee That's actually one of the reasons I stopped doing the morning coffee because it made that happen, but then it made it happen too much

– My nose is still running from the– – That was a great way to start my day Maybe I should go back to that, and evacuate right at the beginning of the day, Mother – I like to poop, then I like to eat toothpaste, hot peppers, earthworms, but not stinky sock – What is the story with that video, though? – Mother was supposed to say in unison (laughter) And she never did – We don't typically rank those videos, but that's the best one there's ever been – I agree – I was like, "Mom's back there

" I just wanna acknowledge, before we get into we're gonna take the How Well Do We Know Elle Mills online survey – Yes – And then there's also a How Well Do You Know Rhett and Link survey, which we will administer to you – Yes – But the new trivia answer to the question, "Who's the guest that gagged the most "on Good Mythical Mornings?" is now you

– Me? I'm honored (clapping) – You have taken the, what's the thing, cake? – The cake – The cake – Yeah – I can't really think staight

– Watching you eat that worm, I could do that every day (laughter) – Your mouth was shivering – Yeah, it was the worst thing I've ever done (laughter) – Yeah, come back any time you want – All right, what's our first question, Elle? – Okay, question number one, when is Elle Mills's b-day? Is it, shall I just say the answer? – Sure

– Give us the choices – Option one, July 17th, 1998, November 17, 1945, April 7th, 1990, June 14th, 1996 – Well, I wasn't a math major, but – You're not 29 – I do know that you just turned 21, so I'm gonna say A, July 17th, 1998 – Gave that away to you too – That's true, I'm going to agree July 17th, 1998

– That is correct – Whoooh! – We were sophomores in college (laughter) Oh, and I win something, right? So, is this my first course? – [Off-Screen Woman] Mm-hmm – What is this? Pancakes and maple syrup – Oh, that's cute

– Look at this – Oh, so they took all the jelly beans in that flavor and made them into the thing that they are – [Link] I this my entire breakfast, or is this the first? – [Off-Screen Woman] They didn't come out– – Oh, yeah – So creative Link, Link, would you be willing to share just a little bit, considering that– – I forgot you won

– I won three of the five rounds – I would love for you guys to try – Just to taste it – It's kinda like peanut brittle Except peanuts, this is jellybean

It tastes good, though – Oh, hard! (crunching) – That's some good stuff All right, Elle, give us the next question – Okay Where was Elle Mills born? Ontario, Canada, Boracay, Philippines, Manila, Philippines, In a hospital

(laughs) – Okay Were you a home birth? Where you one of those babies that was born underwater? 'Cause you know those exist – I know In the bathtub, right? (laughs) – Yeah, like women spread their legs underwater – Babies swim out

– Some women do it in a stream – Like trout, are you talking about trout? – There's a woman on YouTube, you can watch a human woman have a baby in a stream on YouTube – Okay – (laughs) – Stop everything That's now what we're doing

– Yeah Well, I mean, nevermind – I'm gonna say in the hospital, 'cause I don't think you were a stream birth – Well, I know you live in Ottawa, that's how you told me to say it, right? – Yes, that's exactly how I told you to say it (laughs) – Ottaw is how she said it, so I only know it's Ottawa

I'm gonna say Ontario, Canada – Okay, well, there are two correct answers, I guess – And in a hospital – In a hospital in Manila, Philippines – You're correct

– Yeah, I was born in the Philippines Ontario, Canada, that's the province Ottawa was in Ontario So – I knew that I knew that – Just some Canadian facts for you – So, Rhett, you got one right

When did you move from the Philippines? – When I was line one – Okay, oh, so now we got smoothie blend – [Rhett] What's your favorite memory from the Philippines? – Being born (laughs) – All right, give us another question And this is, this jellybean smoothie? Okay

– Yum – What's the next question? – Oh, sorry Elle Mills favorite drink, Water, Cherry Coke, Coke, Pepsi, or Sprite? – Wow, this is good! That is a thick beverage I'd let you try it, but I'm – Yeah – A little under the weather – Gotcha – Okay, so favorite drink

Something tells me that you like Sprite – I think you're a Cherry Coke gal – Okay, both wrong Yeah, Cherry Coke's my least favorite drink – Mine too

– It's Coke – Oh, just straight up Coke? – Yes, just straight up Coke – All right, next question And this is the final one, so Rhett, you got one right I gotta tie you with this

– We both got the first one right – Oh, we did? – I love the wording Which would Elle Mills prefer? This one is easy McDonald's or Wendy's? – Well, it says Wendy, first of all – Oh, sorry, Wendy

– Is Wendy the same thing as Wendy's? – Look at this, guys – Grapefruit, oh, cute – It is an actual grapefruit made out of jellybean – Oh, my God! These are all made of jellybeans? – Yes – (laughs) – Oh, my God! – Yeah, that's kinda been the theme

– Here, taste it Break it apart, take some of it – McDonald's or Wendy? – See, you can tell that's jellybean Do you wanna try it? – I'm just tryna figure out has your Canadian sensibility informed this answer? – I don't know, I guess – Boy, that's a good jellybean

Grapefruit jellybeans are good! – I think I know this about you – Oh, you do? – It tastes just like grapefruit! – Yeah, I'm pretty sure I know that the answer is McDonald's – I don't know, so I'm gonna go with someone who does know McDonald's – Okay, you are both wrong

It is Wendy (laughter) – So, you don't know? (laughter) – I said I think I know (laughter) I didn't say I do know – All right So, now, Elle, you're gonna take a Rhett and Link quiz

– Okay, cool – What is Rhett's favorite food? Baked beans, candy, pizza, ice cream, lolly pops, um – This is amazing, by the way

This one right here is good – I feel like, right now, in between baked beans or pizza I say baked beans because, I don't know, it feels You're Southern, right? – Yeah – So, is it not very Southern, or am I wrong? – You're right – Okay, let's just go with that, let's go with baked beans – Wow, I am known for really liking beans, yes That's crazy

I actually have a top 100 foods that everything is, there's a big rotation, but if I had to be pinned down, I'd be pinned down with baked beans Correct – Yay! – If you know Rhett and Link, what is Link's favorite food? This one's phrased a little differently So, when you get a question too, their like, "If you know Rhett and Link, "what is Link's favorite food?" – What's my favorite food? Is it baked beans, lolly pops, cereal, something, Who careds, pizza, of course? Who careds – There's not much of a screening process for creating one of these quizzes

– Not really I'm gonna say the safe answer is 'something' – Yeah – So, I'm gonna go with 'something' – Okay, what's your

That's not correct – (laughs) How about it's between cereal and pizza for me, for some reason I'm gonna go cereal

– Wow – Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding – You're good at this – That's right – You're good at this

– Check this out, guys They have made bacon out of jellybeans, and eggs out of Oh, gosh, rotten eggs

– [Elle] Oh – You can have that, I'm not interested – I know what bacon flavored stuff tastes like, it never tastes like bacon – Yeah, no thank you – Oh, wow

You gotta try the bacon I really think Take it, each take a piece of that You don't even have to chew it, it just kinda like – I mean, yeah, but

– It gets worse the longer– – Yeah (laughs) – It's got that just liquid smoke – For that original

– All right, what is Rhett and Link's morning talk show? CBS News, Good Mythical Morning, I don't know, or Today? – That's a tough one I'm gonna go with Good Mythical Morning – Ding, ding, ding Oh, you're three for three And the last one, hold on

– Second to last – Second to last? There's two more? – I have to recommend this I know that it says that it's rotten eggs, but it actually tastes really good – I quit trusting you a long time ago Oh, gosh

– (laughs) Horrible – That's real bad What is Link's real name? Bobby Joe Neal, Michal Leanna Scoot, Charles Lincoln Neal, Rhett Something McLaughlin – This is such a haphazardly pieced together quiz – Bobby Joe Neal

– It's like they even gave up, and started putting somethings in there It doesn't matter – I'll fill it in later – I'm gonna go with Charles Lincoln Neal – Would you say that I'm a senior, a junior, a third, a fourth? – Well, I'll go with a junior

Or no, senior! Wait, what? (laughter) Neither, can that be an answer? You're your own person – Well, thank you – (laughs) I got deep – I'm actually the third in a line of four – Oh, really? – I just totally blend in when you factor the lineage

– Damn – The French kings Who do I like better, Rhett or Link? – Okay, so you gotta get in the mind of the survey creator – Okay, this person – Link, Rhett, I don't know, who cares? – I think just because they wrote Rhett Something McLaughlin, is that how you say it? – You can't even say it

– Yeah, I know – It's McLaughlin – (laughs) McLaughlin – McLaughlalaland – I'm gonna go and say Link

– Yeah, and they also put Link as choice A, so I think this person prefers Link – I think Who Cares is the most honest response, though What's the answer? – [Off-Screen Woman] Who cares! – Oh! Dude, I love that – Who cares, I got that – Okay, four out of five, not bad

You know what you win? You can eat that some more of that rotten egg – Orange slice I bet will replace the taste of the bacon and the rotten egg Isn't that cute? – That's good – Amazing! – What's your middle name? – Janet (laughter) – It's my mom's name

– What's wrong with Janet? – I like Janet – I don't know, it's weird, Elle Janet Mills And then my brother's name is my dad's name And my first name's Elle because my dad's name starts with an 'L' It's all very just that

(upbeat music) – Janet, there should be more Janets – Elle Janet, Jackson if' you're nasty (laughter) – [Rhett] So many snotes, so little Snotebooks, unless, of course, you venture over to mythicalcom and pick up a bunch of Mythical Snotebooks

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