Kansas City Style Hot Dog Taste Test

(rooster crows) (roaring) (drum booms) – Welcome to Good Mythical More – Win Face, congratulations Gabby, you win a GMM poster! – With that Win Face! Look at you, winning with that face! Yeah, did he say, "Devil's punchbowl"? – Punchbowl

– Or devil punchballs Devil punchbowl – I think that – The Devil's punchbowl – Um, Wow

– We're gonna sample two more dogs here – We got some new dogs here – 'Cause we're about to determine, once again ♪ Which hot dog is the top dog ♪ – Between Kansas City and Maine – It's just the speed of sound – Oh – That's what the delay is, it's speed of sound – Davin was right on cue, it's just

– It's gotta get through – It took a while – It's gotta get through – It took a while the computer, and what

– It took a while So the main hot dog comes on a lobster roll bun, a lot like that Is this what you call a New England bun? Basically what the Fenway Dog was on? – [Lizzie] Yeah, yeah, exactly, a lobster roll bun – Which is a nice, soft bread They've got another red hot dog

Very much like the Bright Leaf hot dogs from North Carolina – Yup Now I wanna– – With only mustard, so it's super simple – And as far as the Bright Leaf hot dog goes from North Carolina, there was a rival hot dog that I preferred growing up, which was a light light pink, as pink as your knuckle – Jesse Jones? – A Jesse Jones hot dog

– Yes! – And those were my favorite – It's funny how that just came right back to me, can see the grocery store – Jesse Jones Even at the North Carolina State Fair every year, I would know which places sold Bright Leaf hot dogs and which ones sold Jesse Jones I always want to say Jesse James, but it's Jesse Jones

– Was it a familiarity thing, or is there a legitimate taste difference? 'Cause they're like, it's a low quality hot dog – Yeah – It's like the lowest rung – It seemed grosser to me – on the wiener ladder – It seemed manipulated, which this Maine, hold on, no, this isn't the, this is the Maine, no

– No, you're right – The Maine Red Snapper – This is the Maine – Is, I mean, – I just explained it – the food coloring

– But it also has a special mustard, Down East Schooner Is that the correct word? – [Lizzie] Yup! – Which is some kinda boat, right? – [Lizzie] Raye's Smooth Down East Schooner – And then, the Kansas City Dog, man, for as much as the like to do with their barbecue up there, you would have thought that they would have there'd be something red on here They put so much barbecue sauce on their frickin' barbecue up there – Yeah, I mean, this is a grilled or griddled Um, I just read the wrong one No, this is just a sesame bun with melted Swiss and sauerkraut So you got some cheese– – Melted Swiss! I mean, that's not just cheese That's a certain process man I can't believe that I haven't put melted Swiss on a hot dog before

– Which one do you wanna taste first? To determine ♪ Which hot dog is the top dog ♪ – The speed sounds a little bit faster that time – Well, it changes

– Yeah it depends on the weather – Later in the day – Later in the day it gets – Temperature Right – Sound moves faster – Its the position of the sun – You want to try melty cheese first? – We can dink and sink these because we each have our own

(cups clink) – Dink it – I should have said dink it because that's what mine says Dink it – And sink it This is different

The sauerkraut and the cheese – The cheese get a little lost on me Smell it – I don't get enough of the sauerkraut – I didn't get enough of the cheese We're both not satisfied

Have to take another bite – When it's the sauer let's whisper about this, I don't know why, but we are

This is becoming an ASMR video When you – No – When you combine the Swiss and the sauerkraut that's an interesting combination

The dog itself is very complimentary It's not bad in any way It's a little bland – Yeah That's what I'm thinking

Interesting Interesting – Let's go up to Maine Is there any lobster in this dog? – There's not They took the lobster out and put a red wiener in there

(laughing) – I wonder if the wiener was blue before it was cooked – Lobsters aren't blue before they're cooked – They're not? – No their just like a dull brown and then become a bright red once you boil them – Well, take my statement from earlier and just swap them – Say a light, dull brown – Yeah

– I mean I don't know Are there blue lobsters? There's crabs that do that, right? Maybe? – I don't know Dinky What are you guys whispering about over there? Tell me Josh – [Josh] I think there was like a super rare blue lobster found a couple months ago

– Yeah I've got it – [Josh] I'm gonna Google it; I'll get back to you – I'm the one who found it – [Josh] Oh

– I also found an albino lobster And I found on that's split right down the middle half brown and half albino – [Josh] That's – Split right down the middle You can see 'em that way – [Josh] What'd you do with them? – On the internet I ate them – Put them on a hot dog

(laughing) I see why you left these out of our competition They're like this left over dogs Because What you're spitting it out? – Not because it's bad, just 'cus I can't put anymore hot dog in here I've eaten so much hot dog – I bet you I could Give me a rubber glove I can probably get three or four more hot dogs down your throat – Thanks for the offer – You want to try? – It sounds exciting

There's nothing I love more than – Anybody – You're going to get a rubber glove so you can shove your fist down my throat? – Any time somebody says I don't think I can eat anymore I always think "man if I had a rubber glove" (laughing) I could really show you something right now – What is wrong with you man? And incidentally this is a tough call actually – Which one's worse? – Cause thisyeah Which one is worse? – Yeah cause they're both bad – I think the main one is just so uneventful – Yeah, it's worse

– But the Kansas City dog is at least bringing something to the table – Yeah, they tried something – It's kind of bland Sometimes you just want to lay back and eat a bland dog – Maine missed a huge opportunity when they excised all the lobster

– Right – Should've had something a – Some lobster on top – Some drawn butter or something on there – Yeah so we're going to give this one to to Kansas City, but you know that – But you're not good, you're just not as bad as Maine (laughing) – And Christy – She doesn't like hot dogs

– My partner – 2018 man (laughing) – Good for you – Thank you She does not eat hot dogs Period

Never has – She doesn't – Never has eaten a hot dog – You just give me some time with her and a rubber glove (laughing) Orange you glad you can buy our GMM mug online at mythical


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